Raking Over Old Coals

You may have had your ear pressed to the TV but I was watching and working. Question though: would you like sports journalists to highlight every offensive song sung at a game?”

The quote in bold italics is from a tweet by Chris McLaughlin of BBC Freemasonry in response to The Clumpany. No-one needed to press one’s ear to the TV. The wading in Fenian blood and the celebration of dead Lisbon Lions, through the medium of song, left a bad taste in the mouth after an otherwise entertaining game of ‘harem scarem‘ football. Is it any wonder that most right-thinking fans want the latest iteration of offensive fans to have no outlet for their sectarian bile. No Rangers Lite no rancour.

When McLaughlin formerly pointed out the rancid Hibernophobia at Ibrox in his post-match analysis, he was duly banned from The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive. BBC Freemasonry, in a rare flash of integrity, decided that if it was one out it was all out.

What McLaughlin failed to mention was that arch criminal Dave King dropped by the BBC on Friday for a bigwig knuckle shuffle and some custard creams. Chris would not have caused offense to a backdrop of Masonic detente. The time-worn tradition of swinging the lead still holds true in the upper echelons of BBC Freemasonry.

One would not be surprised if McLaughlin was told that should he write a syllable highlighting the hyenas’ Hibernophobia it would be a career limiting decision. Jim Spence’s accurate statement that Rangers were ‘deid‘ in a radio broadcast was never going to end well.

Ross County were no match for the Loan Rangers with Cummings finding the net on his loan debut. County were not aided by a blatant hand ball offense in the box not being penalised by a Lite-facing referee. However one does not necessarily have to be Lite-facing to deny a stonewall penalty as was the case when Willie Collum denied Hearts at Tynecastle.

I watched the Celtic v Hibs game with eight Celtic fans. My new china Left Side Red was watching West Ham go down to Wigan. Given January’s brutal lack of donations I could only afford one pint of the cheapest local provenance. A more appealing draught of something dark and bitter from St. James’s Gate was not in my gift.

The game was settled by a defensive error which was pounced on by Griffiths, who had missed a pincher when he tangled his legs earlier in the game. This was as nothing to Sinclair’s miss of an open goal from three yards. He was so close that he could have taken out his John Thomas to nudge it home. Celtic were never really troubled. Their 3-4-3 formation easily prevailed. Lustig, who continues to stink up the defence when selected, was dropped from the squad of 18. Had it not been for the injuries of Gordon and Griffiths it would have been a perfect day at the office. Dembele who replaced the latter looks as if he could lose a stone. He continues to be leggy and a yard short. Brighton’s written offer of £12m may not have been impudent on this showing.

Today is pay day at Lite. One wonders who stepped up with the ‘readies’ to pay £140,000 to Alves? They could always try not leaving his boots out at Murray Park and hope he takes the hint. I doubt he will as long as he remains ‘quids in‘ at Ibrox. Who other than Lite is prepared to pay this quantum to a player who will be 37 in November? He is better paid than Scotland’s best player, Scott Brown, who was imperious again on Saturday. One of the Celtic fans in my one pint milieu noted that Brown has never been player of the month. He has been my player of the decade.

Regan – up to his neck in sophistry.

The standard bread and butter of Scottish football fare is as nothing to the SMSM brouhaha that is brewing apropos former brewery executive Stewart Regan. Jackson was first to go over the ball when he wrote:

We’ve hit rock bottom under Stewart Regan, for god’s sake just go.”

Waddell then waded in with a ferocity that he normally reserves for Celtic FC. Regan  who in the past had Darryl Broadfoot working his fly suddenly cannot piss straight. If one thinks he has no friends in Scottish football it’s as nothing to the antipathy of the estimable gentlemen of the England Cricket Board at Lord’s in London. Regan participated in a junket to Delhi on the 31st March 2010 at the behest of Lalit Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League. No expense was spared. The wining and dining on gold platters was so lavish that had it been served to King Henry VIII he would have blushed. Modi was purporting to sweep away the blazers at Lord’s and introduce twenty overs cricket to the home of leather on hickory.

Regan as Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cricket Club was seduced by Modi’s offer of $3m-$5m per annum and a $1.5m staging fee.

When the Chairman of Yorkshire County Cricket Club got wind of Regan’s complicity in a Cricket Coup D’Etat, he moved at light speed to distance his club from the scandal. Regan continues to have The Mark of Cain in cricket circles. If Regan had not shuffled off to a backroom appointment at the SFA, YCCC Chairman Colin Graves would have expedited the termination of Regan’s contract. To say Regan left YCCC under a cloud is an understatement.

I have long known that Regan with his degree in American Studies would have been out of his depth at the SFA, but it would appear that Eric Riley and Peter Lawwell (who had been a colleague at Coors) thought otherwise. Are they happy with his handiwork as a Rangers Recreationist? Is any Rangers better than no Rangers to Riley and Lawwell? Who needs sporting integrity when the bank manager is laying out fondant fancies when you drop in for tea: “How about another million Peter? Driveways don’t heat themselves.”

The SMSM want to hang Regan for the theft of a lamb when he should be hoisted for a sheep. The failure to net O’Neil is not a termination offence. There is no defence for his other indiscretions.

This point is not lost on Auldheid who has written a lengthy blog on this topic. He inquires whether Regan is a DIDDY – Disingenuous, Incompetent, Dishonest, Duped? You decide.

Auldheid’s thesis is compelling. His evidence is culled from a 2015 missive by counsel acting for Celtic shareholders and the written exchanges with the SFA that Celtic initiated on 27th July, and continued on 18 August, 21 August, 4th September and 7th September of 2017.

Counsel for CFC Plc stakeholders wrote in 2015:

Our information in respect of this £2.8M in unpaid tax is that Rangers PLC had been alerted in November 2010 by HMRC that they would be pursuing payment of this exact sum. From that date onwards, the Directors of Rangers PLC should have known there was a potential liability to HMRC for back taxes specifically relating to payments made to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald De Boer. These sums became an accepted liability in March 2011. Matters had been brought to a head on 23 February 2011 when HMRC presented Rangers with a written case for payment of back tax owed in respect of Flo and De Boer. As your department may well be aware, that case for payment involved hitherto undisclosed side letters which were found to be an adjunct to their declared and disclosed contracts of employment.
Those contracts of employment were, of course, disclosed to the Scottish Football authorities (including the SFA) as part of the necessary compliance procedures followed by all clubs and demanded by both the SFA and UEFA.
Additionally when replying to the initial enquiries by HMRC in 2005 regarding these alleged side letters and ancillary agreements, the then Group Tax Manager of Murray International Holdings (MIH) acting for Rangers PLC on tax matters, apparently advised HMRC that no such agreements or side letters existed.

It ultimately proved that these representations to HMRC were completely untrue and without foundation. The tax Inspectors concerned in turn saw these false misrepresentations as being an attempt to simply hide the true financial position and an attempt to avoid paying the taxes which were lawfully due on the contracts of the players concerned.As mentioned earlier, Rangers PLC accepted liability on 21st March 2011 for unpaid tax having taken legal advice on the matter. In turn, HMRC then chose to formally pursue payment of the back taxes and penalties in relation to these two players, all in terms of HMRC’s debt recovery procedures under what is known as regulation 80. Prior to 31st March 2011, there was clear knowledge within Rangers Football Club of the liability to make payment for these back taxes and, as can be seen from the attached documentation, by 20th May 2011 HMRC had served formal assessments and demands on Rangers PLC for the sums concerned.”

There is nothing in this missive that can be refuted or contradicted. However this would not discourage Regan. He conveniently overlooked this missive to assert that the first time the SFA were aware that there might be an issue on granting a licence was in June 2017 as result of testimony at the Craig Whyte trial.

Regan was of course lying through his back teeth. The hollow man of American Letters took his mendacity to a new paradigm when he wrote that Celtic had been satisfied with the UEFA Licence Issue. The implication was that the stakeholders’ missive was irrelevant and that the SFA had satisfied the club. The SFA evidently do not answer to mere stakeholders

Celtic Plc demurred:

On the matter of the Licensing Decision in 2011 it is not accurate to describe Celtic as having been “satisfied” at any stage. Like everyone else we were in a position of responding on the basis of information available to us. In correspondence, Celtic raised continuing concerns as did a number of Celtic shareholders.

Broadfoot, who often had his hand up Regan’s kilt, has evidently advised his boss to lie. Broadfoot has departed stage left leaving Regan in the Frame. Regan argued that the sanctions available to the SFA were not fit for purpose. Not fit to punish Ménage A Trois Ballantyne for conferring the historical titles won by Rangers – 17 of them knowingly bent – to Charles Green’s basket case of assets. Since some of these ill-gotten gains were Scottish Cup titles, Ménage A Trois evidently had Regan’s buy in.

Regan should be crucified for this offence, with Bannatyne on an adjacent cross. Mount Florida in the guise of a modern-day Mount Calvary would be as good a setting as any. I would even settle for The Gorbals in the guise of Golgotha.

Auldheid continues with the following extract from Regan’s correspondence:

The reality is that the final decision in “The Big Tax Case” signalled closure for many involved in the game. It is hard to believe that a “wide review” no matter how well intentioned and how wide ranging could ever bring closure in the minds of every Scottish football fan and stakeholder.”

The final decision by the Supreme Court signalled that Rangers had used EBT as a disguised form of remuneration to avoid tax and with the use of side letters entered the realm of tax evasion. Given that Rangers ran a coach and horses through the SFA’s and UEFA’s regulation imperatives, Regan’s position leads to slack-jawed astonishment.

There is no closure. The SFA, who oversaw the industrial cheating which came home to roost with an HMRC visit apropos Rangers in 2009 were fully aware that they had a clusterfuck of a scandal that had to be swept under the carpet. Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie duly obliged.

If there is no review this cabal of self-serving fuckwits will continue to subvert the game with impunity. There are more skeleton’s rattling in Regan’s wardrobe than Burke & Hare could lay their hands on.

As Auldheid points out Regan’s position is outlined in his email to the then Rangers CEO Ali Russel. Regan relies on a letter from Ranger’s auditors Grant Thornton describing the wee tax liability of £2.8m as a potential one with the implication that it was subject to dispute, an implication carried into the Interim Accounts of 1st April 2011 signed by Rangers FC Chairman Alistair Johnson.

Did Johnson, chairman elect of Rangers Lite, engage in sophistry? He and every other member of Sir Bribe & Lies’ board knew that there was no dispute about the HMRC demand. It was final

Regan blatantly lied that it had not ‘crystallised.’ Regan was trying to cover the arses of McRae and Dickson who were on the committee who awarded a licence to the Hun-loving criminals, and the unseen hand of Campbell Ogilvie.

Regan, Little Bo Peep turned bad, should be hung for a sheep. The lamb that is the O’Neil debacle is barely worth considering.



11 thoughts on “Raking Over Old Coals”

  1. There was a lot of work required to edit Auldheid’s excellent blog to a more palatable 2159 words. This blog is free to air. I would earnestly implore the vast majority of my readers who have not stepped up this month to carefully consider making a contribution at this critical juncture. Thank you.

    1. “Raking Over old Coals”…and SFA’s refusal to do so. The irony here is that in instances of suspected wrongdoing this is standard procedure ofFire Services in order to establish EXACTLY what happened.
      Monthly payment on its way JJ

  2. The letter on the 23rd February was missing one very key element. The agreed terms on which the payment was due and when it was to be paid by. The terms of payment were only confirmed by HMRC on the letter dated 20th May 2011 which allowed Rangers 30 days from date of letter to pay.

    Due to this erroneous admission from HMRC then, in accordance with UEFA Rules Annex VIII, point 1, the payment met the “Overdue Payable” criteria when Rangers failed to make the payment on 19th June 2011. It was not an “overdue payable” on the 31st March, as per the strict wording of the rules.

    Prior to that letter on the 20th May, all letters were part of the investigation process.

    Its like an undefined loan “payable on demand.” It cannot be considered as overdue, until the demand is given in writing setting out the terms of repayment.

    1. It’s not HMRC’s responsibility to make sure a PLC company pays taxes when due. The TAX was OVERDUE at the point of non-payment. Nice try 🙂

  3. Calvary, JJ, Mt Calvary.

    As the joke has it, there’s a special place in Hull for the man who invented auto-correct!

    Once again you have nailed these criminals. The truth WILL out, the trophies WILL be stripped, and Sevco Scotland WILL be recognised as the new club it unquestionably is.

    Keep chipping!

  4. It’s amazing how some folks will argue over the semantics of an outstanding tax amount that was over ten years overdue!

  5. Tried to listen to Sunday’s game but gave up after start of second half… Tom English had to talk with an accompaniment of the IBrokes People’s Choirs favourite ditty. This continued before the game, during the first half, the break… And no doubt the second half and post match as well.

    Bad enough it being confined to Govan…. Broadcast nationally and beyond by the BBC via the ‘normally fresh air’ of Dingwall is quite repellent.

    Close to giving up on Scottish football altogether.

  6. Hi guys, what’s your views on Celtic taking more loan players on board. Thought their was more candy in the biscuit tin.

  7. Graeme Murty has met with Dave King tonight. King is presenting his ‘vision’ for the club. Well, this was the headline in today’s Times and an article, run by Michael Grant. The article is a hoot and worth reading because it is utterly baseless and, like Rangers, running on fumes. Grant’s article is poorly written and baseless.

    Apparently (according to Grant), Graeme is expecting a “lovely dinner,a nice glass of wine…..and the Chairman is going to tell me his vision of the club going forward”.

    Now then, yours truly was at a nearby table.

    This is what I overheard……..

    DK…….now then, which lodge are you in?

    GM……I currently stay in a hotel but do you have a recommendation?

    DK……your lodge! Where is your mother lodge!!

    GM……she has a bed and breakfast in Lincolnshire.

    DK…….well, let’s move on. My vision is for this club to be back at the top of the perch. Winning trophies, and putting that lot back in their box.

    GM……..do we have funds to buy players, Mr King?

    DK…….of course. We have always had funds and when I was a director of the club under SDM we spent a fortune on players. Apparently some wigs think that this was done illegally.

    GM…..well, you are a top businessman and everyone at the club is ready to embrace your vision for the club and your investment plans. We are all so excited. £30m? I can do lots with that Chairman.

    DK……..well, get on with it. I have key players lined up. Harry Kane is on my list as is Eden Hazard. Just knuckle down. Let me do the hard work. Daniel Levy at Spurs is soooo difficult. I will sort it.

    GM………I just got a text, chairman, from a guy called The Mensch to say that you are a crook. There are idiots out there. Non stop.

    DK……..social media bandits. Now then, I need to rush Graeme. Cab is here and kindly pick up the bill. Charge it to the club. I shall pick up the bill as I always do at Ibrox.

    GM……But Chairman, Douglas Park won’t pay another invoice. Not one more!

    DK………..well, I shall give him the cold shoulder and cancel his bus contract. We don’t need his fumes. See you soon.

    ……….GM…..can I have the bill please.

    Waitress……..he never pays for anything. Apparently he is a bit dodgy.

    And that was my night at One Devonshire Gardens.

  8. Hi jj I think you are a very clever man ( I like you a lot 😋 I’m not so good with the written word .
    I feel for you been persuceted for your views .
    As for Rangers or sevco I think you should let it go
    The world is corrupted and your not going to change it in the places where your blood is blue
    But I think you can help people with there problems 😎 such as council tax (rip off ) parking finds land lord management charges etc – ( please help ) happy to pay you to help the vulnerable
    From these parasites
    All the best stay safe
    Martin McGill

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