As much as I would like to offer a 24/7 service the need to sleep gets in the way. Had I  resisted the urge to nod off I would have beaten The Daily Record to their exclusive apropos a bid by Celtic for Motherwell’s Trevor Carson which was sent to me at circa 5pm UK time. In other news Celtic’s loan signing of Charles Musonda Junior will delight their fans and provide a fillip to the Belgian U-21 player who has only featured in 34 minutes of Premiership action for Chelsea this season. He apparently has a similar game to Eden Hazard. His lack of game time as Hazard’s understudy is therefore no surprise. In other news Aberdeen’s bid to relocate to an out of town stadium passed the planning permission stage.

Those who write match programme editorials for Celtic and Aberdeen may have their starters for 10 as it were but I’m going all out for 15 more on Hibernophobia. The rampant and unchecked antisemitism of the Third Reich resulted in genocide. If one turned up in a Nazi Uniform at a Scottish Football game to celebrate, through the medium of song, the attempted extinction of an entire race, one would like to think that the Police Commander would instruct his officers to put an abrupt end to this outrage. However if one turns up at any game wearing a light blue shirt one can chant about wading in Fenian blood safe in the knowledge that the Police will develop selective tinnitus. There is a klaxon going off but it’s being ignored.

The Rangers Lite lickspittle that is Stewart Regan waded into the controversy by stating that the Police cannot arrest thousands. If that’s the only argument to consider should we all just sit idly by should the klan turn up wearing SS uniforms while brandishing Scottish Gas meter keys?

There is a simple solution. Ban the klan from all Scottish football grounds, particularly Ibrox, until they are dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st century. Their social mores may have been acceptable in 1690 but should have no place in any inclusive democracy.

If the Rangers Lite support wish to wear bread wrapping then go right ahead. If they wish to sing the proscribed Famine Song then something has to be done about it.

The root of this problem is an inculcated sense of supremacy in the family home. This ingredient is added to Anti-Irish invective and baked in an Orange Lodge or Rangers Supporters Club oven for a decade or so. When one adds a Monarchist dusting to the social engineering, the end result is what we witnessed at Motherwell on the first game of the season and at each and every game all the way to Dingwall on Sunday, with the hatred at its peak during the visit of Hibs on the 12th August.

This hatred is not on the wane. The proscribed Famine Song which particularly delights the Orange faithful can be heard in any lodge in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Wading in Fenian blood is ubiquitous in Rangers Supporters Clubs. The klan see it as their right to march on the Queen’s highway and intimidate Catholic churchgoers. They celebrate a time when Billy Fullerton’s razor gang went much further than intimidation. Catholics were attacked with impunity. They were hunted down like foxes by KKK wannabes with switchblades.

The previous photo is not a mock-up. It’s an award ceremony for an aspiring bigot. First prize in an Orange Lodge Fancy Dress Party was awarded to the following model klan family:

This ‘enterprising’ family beat someone dressed as the Pope, engaged in sexual congress with the model of a child, into second place. Welcome to The Orange Order in 2017.

In other countries these vile institutions would be closed down, but not in Scotland where they are licensed and allowed to proliferate. Their support of Rangers is part and parcel of their bigots’ charter. They see it as their birthright to celebrate their hysterical hatred of the Irish and Catholics at Ibrox.

The spineless SMSM play down the invective by dismissing it as ‘naughty.’ When 200 thugs set about the celebrating Hibs fans they were heralded for defending their players. According to the odious Janus-faced Jim Traynor ‘it’s the least they could do.’ A caller to Radio Clyde was advised to press the mute button if he does not wish his living room to be polluted by klan chants.

At this point in any discussion of  the Billy Boys bile one expects what has become known as ‘whataboutery‘ to rear its ugly head. What about The Green Brigade singing Irish Republican folk songs such as “The Broad Black Brimmer” which was written by Art McMillan and performed most notably by The Wolfe Tones. To my mind this song has no place in any football ground. The Irish Civil war of 1922 has as much relevance at Celtic Park as the obese pederast’s victory against the Irish landed gentry’s armies in 1690. I acknowledge that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but this is no excuse.

The Green Brigade are often brought to heel by the club. If they go too far it results in a suspension. Nothing is ever done about the Rangers Lite supporters. Is expounding on one’s hatred of the Irish and Catholicism at The Sectarian Speakeasy an important part of the match day experience?

The SFA, humming the tunes of hatred under their breath when not remitting cartoons portraying The Pope as a paedophile, have allowed this canker to fester. One has to look to UEFA for leadership and affirmative action. Had it not been for Lite’s Progrès being short-lived, the klan would have disgraced Scotland on a foreign shore, forcing UEFA to intervene.

If Celtic can suspend The Green Brigade, could Rangers not close their stands to the evil recidivists in their midst? The short answer is no as 40,000 wade in Fenian blood at every home game. However they could write to every supporters club and orange lodge threatening suspension, on a club by club basis, should their songs of hate continue.

Will the Lite board do the right thing? Not likely. Fanning the flames of hatred is good for business. Why throw darts at images of the Pope or representations of shamrocks when you can rain hell on them at Ibrox and be applauded for doing so.






17 thoughts on “Hibernophobia”

    1. Agreed, but I don’t hear songs apropos wading in English blood. If there were they would be quickly proscribed and enforced. However Police Scotland continue to give licence to Hibernophobes.

  1. Armed insurrection….fight for self determination. Tomato tomayto, P.O. tarot, potato. With the British Empire being a tad oppressive some felt there was only one way to escape from it. Ghanaian taught a better way though. But this whataboutery is always brought in by many to justify a horrible song book. I agree about sing No football songs at a football match, a novel idea. But sometimes politics interferes with life. But to sing only attacking another’s religion, ethnic background is out of order. I have never understood why some in our society are obsessed with another’s religion when their own actions show little understanding of the basic tenents of religion. Love thy neighbour. Aye right.

  2. What sort of people sing a song that the Lisbon Lions won’t see 10 IAR?
    What sort of upbringing or education, or lack of, have these people had?
    Glorifying the deaths of some of the players from the greatest team that this country has ever produced and the future deaths of those still with us.
    Every time sectarianism or racism is raised in a football context some eejit will blame faith schools at the root of the problem. Really?
    Having come through a Catholic primary and secondary environment let me assure those people that hatred of another creed or colour is not in the curriculum.
    The hatred is inbred, nothing to do with the schools, everything to do with the home environment and the parents.
    A pitch invasion for a last minute winner at Firhill, a pitch invasion for clinching a win against Ross County.
    They are really setting the bar high are they not?
    From time to time I hear accusations that Celtic fans sing a song about the Ibrox disaster.
    I’ve attended Celtic Park before and since the disaster and have no idea of the nature or content of this so called song.
    Again only morons would stoop to glorifying the deaths of other fans and anyone airing this song in the Parkhead stands wouldn’t last two minutes, not because of police action but by the action of other fans.
    With legislation already on the books to deal with bigotry and racism in the stands, or elsewhere, this shines a light on Police Scotland.
    Having recently turned to them for help in a simple matter of a lost wallet I couldn’t believe the level of incompetence at every level.
    It would appear that Regan, in his claim that the police can’t wade in and arrest thousands participating in ‘naughty’ songs, has actually highlighted the scope of the problem but has no idea what to do about it.
    Here’s a thought for Regan and Police Scotland.
    Forget about mass arrests, thats just an excuse for doing nothing.
    Train up a small dedicated snatch squad of policemen and place them in the stands.
    When the ‘naughty’ songs begin they can quickly pinpoint the source, more often or not it will start from the same area, send in the snatch squad to remove a dozen or so zealots and within a few weeks the problem would be eradicated.
    It’s not rocket science, it’s about the football authorities and Police Scotland showing a will to do something rather than run off their mouths excusing their lack of action.

    1. The problem with the snatch squad approach is that it would lead to a mass brawl as other fans waded in to prevent the arrests. Sit down with Police Scotland. Identify the season ticket holders. Suspend their card for three home matches. Order them to report to their local police station at kick off. Job done.

    2. I have a mate, of the blue tinted glasses variety, who simply refuses to believe that anti – Protestantism is not part of the RC curriculum. Unsurprisingly he was brought up in a staunch home where, as you rightly state, is where the bigotry starts.

      I must admit to being personally nonplussed about whatever they sing as I believe it shows them up as knuckle dragging Neanderthals, however, I find the recently added ‘Lisbon Lion’ ditty to be totally disgusting even for their normally low standards. It’s almost as if they want to provoke Celtic Fans to stoop so low in retaliation.

      One thing that I’ve noticed – When the ‘We hate Catholics’ song reared its ugly head last year moderate Sevconians were up in arms about it. Surely they must find this equally distasteful bearing in mind the health status of Billy and Stevie in particular or does the pain of 1967 and the thought of 10 make this obscenity OK.

  3. It will be a cold day in hell before career criminal King or his mouthpiece Traynor make one utterance against Klan chanting. At least Charles Green had the decency to say he would ban the bigots. The so called RRM are wading up to their knees and at times giving open encouragement to the mindless tykes that pervade their support, no surprise that these lowlifes feel emboldened.

  4. JJ, what about the Sun, DR exclusive, Newco turn down £7m bid from unknown Chinese club.
    And here’s everyone thinking that they are on their uppers.
    I believe someone did mention the interested club by name and some internet bampot did some searching and revealed that the club in question already had their allowed quota of non Chinese players.
    I see Ralston has his name on the exclusive, wouldn’t be his first porkie.

  5. We all know that the smaller clubs can’t resist the allure (or the income) of the ‘blue pound’ when it comes visiting twice a season… But Celtic don’t need it! The club should step out and make a stand by banning Newco supporters, and more importantly stating publicly WHY they are doing it!

    Yes, there will be a Govan tit-for-tat but they will only be highlighting their own infection further.

    Other clubs like Hibs and Aberdeen may follow.

    As with every great revolution…. It doesn’t cone from those in authority but from the ones (hesitate to say people) at the ‘real life’ end of the problem.

    Celtic FC have no reason for not stepping up and taking individual action on this.

  6. I see that Jabba has been busy inventing £7m bids from the Chinese for Morelos. Anything to keep Celtic off the back pages with the loan capture of Mosunda.

    Thing is, it appears the team in question currently have their full quota of foreign Galacticos .

    Still, keeps the hoards happy.

  7. The fake news about a 7 million pound rejection of a bid for Morelos was so ridiculous that my keyboard was splashed by guffawed coffee. If a bid of 7 pounds was offered they would have bitten your hand off to lessen the wage bill. They have added to the wage bill and not been able to sell any players. They have needed to get a sub to pay wages for the last three months. Such largesse cannot continue. This will soon end in tears and the Bears will wonder why they have been liquidated. You can lead a horse to water but it seems you cannot get it to drink.

  8. It is interesting and not surprising that this £7m so called ‘bid’ appears just after King and Murty met over dinner to discuss the ‘club vision’ They clearly now have a new tactic to try desperately to offload players. The GLIB one is clearly on the case.

  9. If you get a chance read “Planet Rothschild” very illuminating very very scary,like all other historical writings do they give a truthful account?even If 10% is true it will turn your head,is the penis mightier than the sword?.good luck in the future.

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