Traynor is a Yuan-ker

My agent contacts have informed me that a concerted effort to punt Morelos to English Championship clubs has had no takers. His current salary stymied any interest.  ‘All reasonable offers considered’ was how he was pitched. The only proviso was that the lion’s share of any fee would be paid upfront. Running on fumes is a precarious business.

With the beleaguered board desperate to drum up some interest for him and get him off the payroll, Traynor stepped up with a fake bid from a club in Guangzhou. The two clubs in this South East province of China are the inordinately successful Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and the Sevco of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou R&F.

To add authenticity to his fake news, Traynor apprised his SMSM lickspittles that a bid was tabled in Chinese Yuan. At the current exchange rate a figure of £7m was agreed upon. Ralston could not believe his luck as he moved at light speed to print.

If he had just demurred for a moment he would have discovered that as of this year teams can only use three foreign players at most in any match, and that the number of foreign players is no more than the number of U-23 players. A maximum of four foreign players in the squad is permissible, as long as this does not exceed the U-23 players on the books.

Both of the Guangzhou clubs have their full allocation of foreign players.

This bid is as fictitious as RB Leipzig’s £6m bid for Barrie Mackay. The idea of King turning down £7m for a player for whom Caixinha purchased for £1,080,000 is risible.

This is a doubled-edged PR sword by Traynor. Player stays, Rangers Lite  are rich and ambitious. Morelos goes the offer (duly inflated) was too good to turn down.

With individuals as eager to please as Ralston on the case like a wet kiss on a dooby, Traynor thought he had pulled another fast one, but in the final analysis:

Traynor is just a Yuan-ker.


















11 thoughts on “Traynor is a Yuan-ker”

  1. JJ you need to do a compilation of fake headlines printed in the daily ranger over the last 5 years you couldn’t make it up (or could you) chairman Mao’s wee red book

  2. It’s funny how Mr Tranny;) Fat Bhoy SLIME came up with the same figure that the auditors said they’d need to find to see out next season. I posit that the figures need to be rearranged with the signings made and the European License procedure approaching rapidly. Will they have a £7,000,000 asset sitting on the books. The books are well and truly “Cooked”. Any truth in the rumour Mr King is smuggling blood diamonds, that there has got to be someone who works for customs who fancies giving him an anal probing. 🙂

  3. The distress signs are getting more frantic, they must be very close to the edge. One ring fence attempt would be one too many. Recurring donation due tomorrow.

  4. In early 2012 a team called Rangers was signing players and boasting of Champions League glory. On Feb 14th they began the liquidation process. The current team has no money to sign players and no money to pay the wages of the new loanees. They are spending more than they earn. They are spending more than they earn. How many times do I have to write that! They need mystery cash to be able to pay wages in four weeks. I hope they have paid tax on the January wages. They are insolvent. Trading whilst insolvent is a crime. Bus trips to Dingwall and then Fraserburgh means that they did not have the money for a Highland hotel. Do not believe the fake news of them rejecting a $7,000,000 bid from a team that was unable to sign a foreign player. Without a mystery buyer with deep pockets and money to burn they are doomed. They are merely a company and when companies run out of money and cannot borrow then they go bust. They are hoping for a mug to pony up $500,000 to meet wages. Why would anyone be that stupid? Spin and BS and fake news cannot hide the fact that there is no money. They are going bust.

  5. I wonder what Chinese club will be named tomorrow as the latest to bid for Morelos?
    This is a club running on fumes, dependent on loans and each month someone digging deep to meet payroll.
    However when the question of Newco’s financial situation came up on SSB last night the journo pundit quickly swatted the question aside by pointing out the business done in the transfer window, ignoring the fact that not a penny had changed hands in transfer fees, the embarrassing change in the Murphy deal from permanent to loan because they couldn’t make an immediate downpayment and somehow persuading Accies that a downpayment in August with the balance of Docherty’s fee being spread over 3 years was good business.
    You have to wonder what, if any, influence the Park family with a foothold in each camp had on negotiations.
    Is it permissible under SFA/SPFL for an individual or group of individuals to hold significant shareholdings in two clubs competing in the same league?
    If so I’m sure Regan and Bryson will be all over the matter, the SFA’s very own Batman and Robin.
    Hampden or Murrayfield it is then for future national and cup semi/final matches.
    No brainer for me as I was sat 6 seats from the front at the Moubt Florida end of the stadium at the League Cup Final and had no idea what was going on when play was at the other end of the stadium.
    Hampden is a shithole, one new stand and seats stuck on the old terracing.
    It needs knocked down and a new national stadium built.
    If the SFA decamp to Murrayfield then Queens Park will not be able to afford the upkeep anyway and the site will be sold for development with Queens decamping to Lesser Hampden.

  6. If Alfredo does become a Chinese takeaway then presumably dck will be paid loans back and he can then make the 20p per share offer.

  7. Chinese market open till end of February.
    By that time the valuation of Morelos could be £20m plus.
    It’s a shame that the Scottish media is being lambasted for their fair and balanced reporting of all things Newco.
    There are no money issues, just look at the business done in the window and the rejection of the miserable £8m bid for the Colombian hitman.
    King has tied the TOP and Court Of Session in knots for months to come and if the latest appeal falls on deaf ears there are other avenues to explore.
    With no external debt and a queue of investors awaiting the opportunity to put money into the club things are definitely on the up.
    Common sense tells you that if last seasons points gap can be cut by 50% then Going For 55 is back on the agenda next season.
    How could it possibly go wrong?

  8. Johnson press also printed this total high Level garbage regards Sevco refusing a 7m bid. Shame on them all. Just speaks to the same corruption that says a club that unequivocally died in 2012 is somehow alive and well with 54 titles to their name – 5 of which were won by false player registrations and £70m of unpaid social taxes by the now deceased club. Third Lanark benefited from no similar malfeasance when they were wound up in 1967. Dead was dead for them. Funny that.

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