One Down, One To Go

Prior to my postscript on Stewart Regan’s ill-starred tenure at the SFA, I take pause for an exclusive on the Morelos behind the scenes manoeuvres. One of the beleaguered Lite board, on the balance of probability Stewart Robertson, instructed Morelos’ agents to punt him to the highest bidder. ‘World in Motion‘ did his bidding. Their first pass was their contacts at English Championship clubs. There were no takers. They then created from thin air some interest from Chinese clubs, who were completely in the dark about Morelos. The plan was to smoke out a higher bid just prior to the end of the transfer window. Their plan, with Yuanker Traynor playing his part with private briefings of his Level 5 lickspittles, came to nought. This will come as a surprise to the Dim Sum Loyal  who believe a move will be made prior to the close of the Chinese window at the end of this month. They are dumplings caught in a bubble of spin.

My pursuit of Regan has been relentless. I had his measure when he was the Chief Executive of Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) and ran up an unprecedented loss. This guy literally could not organise a piss up in his employer’s brewery (Coors). When Regan went off-piste to India with a view to offsetting his record losses by introducing 20/20 cricket, his feet did not touch the ground when the Coup D’Etat was uncovered. He was the ‘Guy Fawkes’ of the YCCC who plotted to blow up test cricket.

I buried the ethereal entity here in 2012. We need to dress it up as Rangers for the Gullibillies. Look harder Stewart.”

Regan spent just north of seven and a half years fighting fires, many of which were started by himself. His first controversy was a decision by Dougie McDonald to rescind  a penalty award to Celtic. McDonald had capitulated to the vehemence of the Dundee United protests. The one-eyed bigot that was referees supervisor, Hugh Dallas, concocted a story which alleged that the assistant running the line cried ‘Dougie Dougie‘ into his radio mike to alert McDonald to his mistake. It was a blatant lie. The assistant refused to confirm Dallas’ lie and immediately resigned.

Dallas was exposed as one of six SFA individuals who forwarded a cartoon depicting The Pope as a paedophile on the SFA intranet. All six were sacked. The Scottish referees, whom had made a slew of ‘honest mistakes’ to the detriment of Celtic, decided to go on strike. Dallas offered to head off the industrial action if he were to be reinstated. Regan told Dallas where to get off.

The appointment and subsequent dismissal/resignation of Wotte, Levein, Stark, Strachan and Mclair passed without incident. Darryl Broadfoot, who had ‘kept goal‘ as Communications Director since October 2009, kept a tight rein on the narrative. However Broadfoot was caught with his pants down, and horror of horror was wearing a pair of Michelle’s soiled panties, when Malky Mackay was appointed as the third performance director in five years. One wonders what part of calling one’s employer ‘A slanty-eyed slope‘ escaped the SFA’s notice? Regan defended his decision by asserting that Mackay had engaged in Diversity Training. The sense of cognitive dissonance was palpable in a man who regularly dismissed individuals as ‘homos.’

The fact that Scotland have not qualified for a major tournament under Regan’s watch should not be underestimated. His failure to seduce O’Neil should not be overlooked. However my antipathy was piqued by his engagement in a joint enterprise with a corrupt cabal of football governance executives to exonerate a club from cheating on an industrial scale and to subvert a commission which concluded that Rangers’ executives had not acted dishonestly. Fifty-five players received EBT. Many of these player had side-letters. When Mike McGill responded to HMRC that there were no side-letters he was lying. When Rangers were awarded a licence to play in Europe in 2011, Alastair Johnston, Ali Russell and Andrew Dickson were all lying about an overdue social tax.

Rod Petrie chaired the committee which awarded the 2011 UEFA licence. Andrew Dickson was a leading light in this committee. There can be little doubt that Dickson and Campbell Ogilvie influenced Petrie’s committee to give the bent application a green light. One awaits McGlennan’s findings with a sense of heightened anticipation.

Regan’s frantic attempts to shoehorn Charles Green’s basket case of assets into the SPL and SFL first division failed spectacularly and exposed him as someone who would sacrifice the SFA rules and sporting integrity at the altar of commercial expediency. In the first two drafts of the Five Way agreement, 15 titles, including five Championships, were identified as unsound. Regan and his corrupt cabal attempted to pass off a new company as Rangers PLC. They were prepared to confer all but 15 of the titles that had been won by the former club/company.

In the final analysis all titles were conferred and a new metaphysical construct of an ethereal club was created. Sevco Scotland would be the operators of this immortal entity. It was a clusterfuck of a carve-up. I exposed every last grubby detail of it.

Was I instrumental in Regan’s departure? That’s for others to decide. According to one of my most trusted sources – with six decades in the media behind him –  I informed the cognoscenti of his many failures with the press eventually falling into line.

No-one should ever underestimate the power and reach of this site. My contributors and I are at the vanguard of the narrative. Regan might not be as odious as Lord McAlpine – who interred a young boy in a coffin in a shallow grave to bend the boy to his evil will – but his slipperiness of shoulders when not fronting up the horse-trading with Green is indicative of his cunning.

Steven Thompson; former Scotland assistant coach Peter Houston and BBC Scotland  football reporter Chris McLaughlin analysed Regan’s departure on BBC Sportsound. The latter contends that Regan was pushed. They then looked at a short list of potential replacements.

Hibs chief executive Leeann Dempster, a Hun of twenty years standing, would be well-received by the blue horde at Hampden and play well with the gender inclusive agendas at UEFA and FIFA

Neil Doncaster was also considered for the position. I suggest they keep their powder dry. Doncaster’s Monster Myth (refer to CQN) needs razing to the ground. I won’t rest until I burn this corrupt bastard’s house down.


16 thoughts on “One Down, One To Go”

  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your relentless pursuit of Regan has played a big part in him getting his marching orders. It’s barlinnie prison the bastards needing marched to. Right through the spores by the scruff of the neck and into the doghouses. Just like all the other criminal fraternity. The fight goes on though until justice is done. The titles are stripped, Sir Bribe n Lie has his title renaged and he’s. Also marched in beside Regan. With the amount of scumbags involved in their scam anothe jail will have to built in Glasgow to accommodate them all.Keep up the pressure and we should all be supporting this blog , brilliant work ….👍🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    1. Given Regan’s salary,benefits and obvious brass neck, I strongly suspect that he’s been informally appraised of something coming down the pike…most probably the report from McGlennan which by extension must surely be a slam dunk given the forensic and all encompassing detail spoon fed to him…there is literally nowhere to go on this…no stone to crawl under and bush to hide behind.
      The crucial thing thereafter will be that these findings are used as a crowbar to all other injustices and corruption- it CANNOT be allowed to be subverted and marginalised by our equally odious MSM

    2. Ibrox has always had that ‘staunch municipal penal’ look to it.
      How about just converting it to a prison for those dedicated to its survival! There would be some ironic justice.

  2. I’m sure that I’m not the only one appalled that he was allowed to walk of his own volition.

    The man came in to do a job… on the integrity of the national game. Can anyone be in doubt that he was hired to be the ‘impartial’ face that smooths the way for Rangers to ditch their debt and be back at the top of the game as soon as humanly possible. Everything he did falls within that remit – from the title stripping olive branch to the first division blackmail.

    He came in from the storm at Yorkshire’s cricket to be the palatable face that Ogilvie and Gordon Smith couldn’t, when they knew in 2010 that the shitstorm was inevitable.

    If in any doubt look who was filling the top roles and heading up recruitment.

    His final act will be as sacrificial lamb with a big payoff. Bought and sold twice over. The cabal at the SFA will escape censure and nothing will change. No lessons will be learned and our game will keep suffering.

    It isn’t even close to enough.

    1. My solution:
      Appoint Alex Ferguson to the role and make sure he has the clout to rip the whole damn organisation apart and start again.

  3. It’s funny, watching BBC Sport Scotland live just now, neither Thommo or Jonathan Sutherland have the balls to reply to any questions being asked that are surrounding Rangers or their finances, or the fake Morelos bid. Truly have their pockets lined by the Masonic Mainstream Media.

  4. BBC Scotland seem to say his failure to appoint a manager,Scotland team shirt sponsors and next seasons Scottish cup sponsors ect ect no mention of the biggest cheating in British sporting history if this was one of England’s leading clubs the media would’ve been all over it like a rash 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😄🇮🇪

  5. Does anyone else think that ‘Regan the Football Pagan’ was told to “Skedaddle” from the SFA Board, for the serious implications of endangering OUR National Stadia. The Man was a unfunny JOKE morning , noon and night, with no end in sight. We can’t stand off as yet and let The Sfa run another recruitment policy that starts and ends with the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

  6. The evidence that the UEFA licence application was fraudulent is overwhelming and incontrovertible.
    This was further rubber stamped by testimony at Craig Whyte’s trial.
    So what’s the Compliance Officer going to come up with to shift the blame from the SFA licencing committee 6 years down the road?
    Surely not that Oldco lied when they ticked the box confirming that there were no outstanding taxes?
    Oh dear, a big porkie, how will we tighten up the process in future so that it can’t happen again?
    Oops got it. The SFA can be given permission by the clubs to double check with HMRC, in the unlikely event that a club lied in the application process,
    There we go, fixed.
    Needless to say Regan’s former Hampden mates will be quick to point the finger of blame in the direction of the former CEO for every piece of shit that crawls out from under the carpet.

    1. ‘The SFA can be given permission by the clubs to double check with HMRC…’
      I seriously doubt whether HMRC would reply to such a request for information;
      or even whether they are legally permitted so to do.

    2. Clubs already give SFA permission to check with HMRC under FFP from Oct 2010.
      The change will have to be an overhaul of domestic club licencing with some independent oversight. Borrowing will have to be limited to ability to repay from income over a set period so that survival does not depend on sucess in qualifying for Europe.

  7. Somewhat surprised you think there is only one more to go. Maybe it would be a start but there are more then one need to be removed for Scottish football to get the clean up it needs …….

  8. Dim Sum Loyal…..pmsl…..Now that Magic Morehairloss is apparently being offered a “new” deal at Liebrox,hence no millions in transfer fee,how are TRIFC managing to keep operating? Show me the money…..

  9. JJ, well said. Corrupt to the core, both the SFA and Newco.
    Then, now, forever!
    Just imagine any other Scottish club involved in the Newco fiasco.
    Sine die immediately from the blazers.
    How in the name of justice is Ogilvie still working in football, a lying bastard of the highest order!

  10. As per usual when one Rangers favouring official is forced to resign they will simply be replaced by another Rangers favouring official. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

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