Doing SFA For Fair Play

Prior to the main thrust of this article I take pause to reflect on yesterday’s football results. Hibs win at Ibrox by a one goal margin is analagous to their win by a similar margin at The Sectarian Speakeasy on match day two. They wiped the floor with Lite at Easter Road and had it not been for an ‘honest mistake‘ would have shared the points. This would have been cold comfort for their attractive and expansive play which deserved all three points.

Celtic’s loss to Kilmarnock was unexpected. The disadvantages of losing Boyata and Ajer to injury in the first half could have been counteracted by some inventive play up front. There was no spark. Musonda failed to ignite them. It was probably too much to ask for in his first game.

Aberdeen cut the gap to Celtic to eight points with a commanding 3-0 home win against Hamilton. They also stretched the gap to Lite to six points. Lite’s game in hand at Firhill on Tuesday will be instructive as the superior Hibs are breathing down their necks. Should Lite lose this game their third rate perch will be up for grabs.

The tussle between St.Mirren and Dundee United for the automatic promotion spot could well have been decided when the Buddies stretched the gap to fourteen points on Saturday. The latter have two games in hand but even if they prevailed in both they would still be looking down the barrel of an eight point deficit. Morton’s win against play-off rival Dunfermline puts them in the box seat for one of three berths. They have been in a rich seam of form of late. Long may it continue (I wear my love of this club on my sleeve).

Paul Gascoigne turned up at Ibrox looking like Father Abraham of Smurfs fame, which in the circumstances was uncannily apposite. It must have been a bittersweet moment for Leeann Dempster in the Directors’ box to watch the team she supports go down to her current charges. One hopes that she did not pack her knee-high boots to wade in Fenian blood. Old habits from twenty seasons of sectarianism die hard.

LNS, EBT, Resolution 12, players abandoned in airports, draw debacles and an incestuous relationship with Doncaster and his ‘Continuation’ imperatives have damaged the SFA beyond repair. Abolish it!

Which seamlessly leads me to my thesis apropos abolishing the SFA. An independent and respected body, the Tax Justice Network, published a 19 page report viz Doing SFA For Fair Play which took the SFA to task.

This report poses the following question:

” Is the SFA an organisation capable of fixing itself and adopting the required standards of transparency, accountability and fairness that fans of Scottish football deserve?”

The report concludes:

The evidence does strongly suggest that the SFA is unable, if not actively unwilling, to ensure fair play.”

Which begs the question why should one allow it to continue? Why not make strong representation to one’s member club, with the threat of a season ticket boycott, with a view to dissolving this odious organ?

If it cannot ensure fair play it should not govern our game. The Tax Justice Network looked at two instances, both involving former club Rangers, which highlight the systemic failures of this anachronistic organisation.

The first of these is Rangers’ use of employment benefit trusts (EBT). The authors of the report asserted:

In order for EBT to work as a tax avoidance scheme the payments from the trust needed to be independent of the club. If HMRC could see that Rangers players were being paid to play then they could tax any payments as if the players were being paid directly by the club. To get around this problem, Rangers’ contracts registered with the SFA did not include the EBT payments.”

To compound matters:

The club issued “side letters” to the players, guaranteeing payment. These letters promised payment but the terms and existence of the agreement was kept out of the players’ contract and away from the eyes of HMRC and the SFA.”

In 2005 the club denied the existence of the side letters to HMRC. By 2007, a dawn raid by City of London Police on an unrelated matter, revealed that the club were lying. By 2009 a ‘visit’ by HMRC to the SFA revealed that the EBT and side letter agreements had not been revealed to the SFA.

The predecessor to EBT, the Discounted Option Scheme/Value Shift Scheme, had been determined to have been an unlawful tax avoidance mechanism on the precedent established by an HMRC test case against Aberdeen Asset Management. Side Letters were also issued. These side letters were also concealed from HMRC and the SFA.

On ‘The Wee Tax Case‘ a HMRC Inspector wrote:

I have decided to make these assessments as it is my view that the amounts reflected in the assessments arise due to the deliberate failure or fraudulent behaviour of the company.”

At this juncture the police should have been contacted. Wilfully lying to HMRC and making false HMRC returns is punishable by imprisonment. But not in Scotland where the Rangers head of security was a former Police Superintendent who had clambered up the greasy pole with the assistance of his Freemason brothers.

The Failure of the SFA to govern and the failure of Strathclyde Police to uphold and enforce the law is unconscionable.

Strathclyde Police are no longer with us. There was a recognised need to reform. The SFA, which is incapable of reform should be abolished.

One man is singled out in the Tax Justice Network report. Campbell Ogilvie, a liar’s liar, stated in person to the LNS enquiry:

Nothing to do with the contributions being made to the Trust fell within the scope my remit at Rangers.”

Ogilvie claimed that his first contact with EBT was his severance payment of £95,000. Which leads to the scope of the LNS commission which excluded DOS/VSS from its considerations. Was this due to the unseen hand of Stewart Regan to conceal the fact that the President of the SFA executed a payment to Craig Moore via The Montreal Trust? I published this letter. It was seen by my readers. It was not seen by the LNS commission as the timeline of the commission was changed.

Regan, Ogilvie and Doncaster subverted the LNS enquiry. Regan should have been dismissed for this imbroglio of deception. Ogilvie should not be a UEFA match day delegate. Doncaster’s time will come.

When it was revealed that the substantive part of 55 Rangers players’ salaries had not been registered with the SFA, this odious organ sent in the clowns in the shape of Sandy Bryson who declared that:

‘the players were imperfectly registered but eligible.’ 

I rest my case. This organisation is incapable of reform. They sacked Gordon Strachan, with a conspicuous absence of succession planning, leaving the National Team rudderless. They have failed to qualify for the finals of any tournament for 20 years. Their Scottish Cup draws, covered live, descend into farce when the frozen balls break open.

This organisation is unfit for purpose. It must be subsumed into the SPFL.

The SFA have lost more than Regan and their sponsor. They have lost the plot.







10 thoughts on “Doing SFA For Fair Play”

  1. The forces of evil will regroup and find a way to block truth and reconciliation. They must not be allowed to. Regan knows that Sevco are going bust this month and does not want to around to be put under the microscope when it happens.

  2. If Leeann dempster gets the job the corruption won’t stop how can she get it 20 years as a season ticket holder at liebrox everything will just go back to normal clean the sfa right out top to bottom Doncaster McRae should be next to go I just hope that this time if the sfa doesn’t change hope all Scottish football fans boycott all cup games and away games especially us celtic fans.

  3. Obviously all TRFC cup ties need to be televised and honest mistakes switched on to full to give them a chance of reaching season end financially. This idea might work too though as they are c £500k short each month.

    Open auchenhowie for £18.72 world class all day breakfasts , the gullawilliams will “jet in ” ,with say 100 covers and a 6 to 2100 hrs 7day opening that’s £150k per week income or c£600 k per month. They might even be able to close Sundays.

    For obvious reasons eggs Benedict would need to be off the menu but eggs Lee Wallace sounds just as good.


  4. The corruption will only be stopped if the bloggers continue to highlight it and keep it in the social media world. The MSM can’t be relied upon to carry out basic journalism and it’s up to all of us to keep shooting down their narrative. The SFA will only be fit for purpose if those in positions of power have no links to any top flight club. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

  5. The only question I’d like to see anwsered, did Leeann Dempster sing to proscribed songs of hatred, which altered her minds view naturally, due to the true nature of zealots in the bigot domes take on things. PS. she might also be cheap date. If true that see was a season ticket member, to SEVCO she already needs to go.

  6. Still laughing at the BBC sportsound pro-sevco broadcast today (Sunday)….

    Firstly.. Their main guest was Craig Brown and he was joined by the usual continuation and ‘Rainjuurz’ preservationists including chic ‘I luv love street’ young.

    First up was the ‘Dempster Campaogn’ and the usual spin was out on how she would be the best (wo)man for the job. So predictable.

    Mr brown lamented the current lack of leadership at the SFA ( not prepared to point out the la k of leadership for last 12 years or more)… But get this!

    Oor Craig stated that if “Jim Farry was still in control at the SFA , the whole rangers saga of 2012 would never have happened.”

    Hmmmn! Thinks mr Tache to himself. Maybe Craig is about to say that there would gave been no UEFA license, no transfer of titles, no ‘slotting’ of a new club into the league structure.

    Alas… Craig lets himself and all of Scotland’s genuine football fans down with his next gem…

    ” Jim Farry would have made sure rangers weren’t relegated”
    “He would have just fined them a million pounds and left them to get on with it.”

    Ahhh! You are thinking to yourself….The good mr chic and co didn’t let this pass without correcting mr brown on the issue of ‘relegation’ and the ‘previous’ conduct of Mr Farry, did they?

    What do you think?

    1. Just one wee problem with that one, the didn’t have a million pounds to pay a fine.
      Farry isn’t at the SFA for a reason, one which no one wants to dig up.
      Bryson should have gone with him as he was providing the bullets for Farry to fire.
      Apart from his imperfectly registered but eligible crap he also gave his opinion on the Legia Warsaw and Swiss team’s wee problems concerning Celtic in Europe.
      Called both of those wrong as well.
      Perhaps he should stick to spotting a missing date on a form or a 2nd signature missing on a document.
      Bryson knows better than anyone that there are only two registration criteria, eligible or ineligible.
      Funny how the same media that’s dancing on Regan’s grave after the fact didn’t make a big deal of that.

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