The Antichrists : Lennon,Whyte & King

Subversion (Latin subvertere: overthrow) refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed, an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and nor. Subversion is used as a tool to achieve political goals because it generally carries less risk, cost, and difficulty as opposed to open belligerency.” Wikipedia

I would have preferred to have published this article ‘free to air’ but donations are following the same worrying trend established in January which puts the entire site in jeopardy. The premium piece at £1.99 will include an as yet unconsidered pre-trial subversion apropos Craig Whyte:

Did the subversion of Scottish football predetermine the COPFS and Police Scotland response? What influence did Dave King have on the indictments faced by Craig Whyte?

I will also reveal why Walter Smith will not be the next Scotland manager. This will be the first piece of information that will only be available to my recurring donors with a minimum of a £20 monthly payment or those whose significant contributions have kept this site alive. Publishing this private information would be in poor taste. I also have another nugget on a former legend of the Scottish game which I will never publish.

As I write I’m listening to the talking heads on Sportsound. There is no need to have a highly-paid executive at the SFA and the same at the SPFL. The Ross County Chairman Roy McGregor, in conversation with Jim Spence, introduced what I have proposed viz one body with the SFA subsumed into the SPFL.

The SFA is unfit for purpose. This out of touch organisation should be abolished. There has never been a better time to take this odious organ down.

Craig Brown on the panel poured cold water on the prospect of Leeann Dempster being the next SFA Chief Executive. He failed to mention her belting out ‘The Billy Boys” in ‘Pleana Voce‘ for two decades. Not really surprising given his own rendition of that ‘ditty’ down the telephone to a paramour.

Chick Young uncharacteristically made a very good point. He highlighted that the SFA and the SPFL compete for the same sponsors. This is preposterous. The SFA’s remit includes the appointment of a referees supervisor and the development of match officials; the National Team and The Scottish Cup. They also claim to represent the interests of The Highland League and Junior football. The SFA actually delegates the oversight of both.

The first part of their remit could be easily subsumed. Just take down the placards on the 6th Floor, give Fleming an SPFL contract and he would be good to go. As for The National Team would Doncaster be stupid enough to arrange a tour of Peru and Mexico when up to eight of the first team squad emanate from Celtic? At the very least he would have called up Peter Lawwell and solicited his feedback. The most powerful man in Scottish football would have vetoed it and the idea would have been stillborn. I will be inordinately surprised if any of the Celtic squad ‘float down to Peru’ at season’s end.

In England the job of National Team manager is highly sought after and is perceived as the pinnacle of one’s coaching career. When the FA comes calling clubs give them their blessing to recruit their manager. It’s a longstanding tradition that is observed to this day.

However Craig Brown from his position as a Non-Executive Director at Aberdeen would be loath to see Derek McInnes in the National Team dugout. I believe he would make an excellent Scotland manager. My enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by his inability to shake the Rangers Lite monkey off his back.

A Neil Lennon / Leeann Dempster ticket was proposed on Sportsound. I invite Tom English to expound on the former’s eligibility. Lennon has an excellent CV. He had a successful spell at Celtic where he coached his team to qualify for the knock-out stages of the Champions League. He has done a wonderful job at Hibs. On merit he would be most eligible.

However the SFA, drawn from the bowels of Ibrox, would perceive this Catholic son of Ulster as The Antichrist.

This organisation will never get it right. Finding someone who Swings The Lead and is adept at a knuckle shuffle should not be uppermost in their selection criteria. If the SFA were subsumed into the SPFL would the supporters be given a football coach they deserved or would the Blue Horde celebrating the death of The Lisbon Lions hold sway?

That’s a discussion you won’t hear on BBC Freemasonry’s Sportsound. Perish the very thought of hearing this discussion, or anything remotely meaningful, on Kenny Mac’s Blue Velvet on a Monday evening. The on-loan Pena used his Rangers shorts as a makeshift handkerchief as a GIRFUY statement to the beleaguered Lite board. Rumour has it that the producer of Kenny Mac’s magazine invites so many former Rangers players on the show so that Kenny can sniff their RFC shorts. Apparently those with an EBT are particularly pungent. Dennis Hopper comes readily to mind:

Baby wants to fuck.




9 thoughts on “The Antichrists : Lennon,Whyte & King”

  1. John

    Craig Brown’s punishment for that was exactly what?

    Exactly diddlysquat.

    Was it worse than Glenn Hoddle’s statement about disabled people? Possibly not,but it was within the same plane.

    Compare and contrast the reaction to them by every right-minded person,the appropriate sports journalists,and the regulating authorities.

    There’s yer problem,right there. Say what you like about people you consider to be Catholics,especially Irish Catholics,get a lifetime ticket to the SMSM. Speak truth to power in EVERY other democracy in the world,win an award. Do it here,lose your job.

    1. Were these two examples you give from Scotland and England really “within the same plane” ?

      One was a private telephone conversation, context unknown, released by a bitter ex-lover, and selectively edited for the slavering readers of a now-defunct sewer rag.

      The other was given openly in a an exhaustive and long interview with a top sports writer from The Times, where the individual in question expounded on his philosophical outlook on life.

  2. Isn’t it the case that without the clubs… There would be NO SFA ?

    In theory…
    If… At the end of the season, Celtic and other top clubs resigned and a wave of similar action rolled through Scottish football then the SFA would effectively cease to exist due to zero membership.

    The clubs simply form a new SFA, which is basically an association of clubs rather than a physical entity so very little infrastructure required. Gaining membership of UEFA and Fifa would seem like main tasks but why would they not accept a new body and its members if created via democratic means?


    May 28th 2018 – put SFA into administration.

    May 30th 2018 – elect to liquidate by administrators.

    June 2nd 2018 – all employees and member clubs allowed to leave.

    June 4th 2018 – Scottish clubs consortium buy the ‘assets/intellectual right etc ‘ of SFA.

    June 6th 2018 – SFA renamed SNAFU (Scotlands New Association Football Union)

    June 8th 2018 – Scottish clubs admitted to SNAFU

    June 10th 2018 – neutral (honest, really!) board elected by member clubs , changes every 2 years.

    June 12th – membership of UEFA and Fifa transferred.

    Scottish football survives…

  3. Rather than dissolve both the SFA and the SPFL, a simple and elegant solution to the problems both cause for us would be to stipulate that no member of a secret society be eligible to hold office in either. These would include the deeply disturbing Scottish Rite (or any other) of Freemasonry and the Knights of St Columba or Opus Dei — simple. Indeed, such a stipulation in every area of Scottish life would make for a more open, transparent and egalitarian society. Which is why it will never happen and why Scotland is destined to remain an ineffectual, corrupt backwater whose people are led to believe they, alone of all the peoples of the earth, are incapable of ruling themselves.

    What has happened with Sevco is the story of Scotland in microcosm — a small but influential group of secretive people with an agenda have acted in concert to twist truth beyond recognition and browbeat the majority into believing their lies are the truth and those who can see through their lies are “haters”.

    Leeann will fit right in. I wonder who will have the balls to ask her if she sang the proscribed songs. Not Tom English, I’m sure.

  4. Nothing is going to change…see the Old Tax Cheating Cardigan is being touted for the national team job…God help us or hell mend us!

    1. If you look where the story is sourced then a quick conclusion as to the purpose and integrity of it quickly becomes clear.

  5. Bit of a contradiction here I fancy. So the S.F.A. won’t consider Neil Lennon for the post of Scotland manager because he is a Catholic son of Ulster. This follows the same organisation’s protracted pursuit of Michael O’Neill, who is, er, a Catholic son of Ulster.

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