Beware The Ides Of March

Regular readers will have noted that I was of a mind to cut Keith Jackson some slack in 2018. Left to his own devices he can occasionally rise above his colleagues whom continue to be in the thrall of Yuanker Traynor. A point in case is Gary Ralston who thinks that buying Yuanker lunch keeps him close to the new club, when all it actually does is highlight the fact that he is a Level Five lickspittle and a peddler of fake news.

Yuanker’s influence on the SMSM has never failed to amaze me. Traynor was not a journalist in the true sense of the word. He was a member of the original Laptop Loyal, recruited for his support of Rangers and the Huns without the bus fare of Airdrie. Sir Bribe & Lie sent him succulent morsels of PR Pishery on a regular basis which he pawned off as exclusives. Traynor grew fat on Murray’s skewed narrative. A journalist would have unearthed the $1,000,000 cash bribe by the latter to secure Lawrence Marlborough’s equity in Rangers. It fell to your humble correspondent to  reveal this exclusively on this site. I have been assured that Sir Bribe & Lie is an avid reader of The Sitonfence Speakeasy. I do not anticipate a writ for libel as my narrative is one hundred per cent accurate and true.

Jackson has now confirmed that Regan was sacked despite the best efforts of the bumbling Alan McRae and the odious slime bag that is Rod Petrie trying to save his scrawny neck. His immediate resignation was demanded. It was not optional.

McRae quite incredibly has slithered up the greasy pole from Cove Rangers. The Tax Justice Network authors could not understand how someone as bumbling as McRae could be elevated from Cove Rangers to be the President of the corrupt cabal who are incapable of fair play. The hard-line Hun that is McRae baulked at presenting Scott Brown with the Scottish Cup. Had he worn the white gloves of his Orange Lodge no-one would have been surprised. How far has this fuckwit travelled on the basis of a knuckle shuffle!

Move – on Petrie does not want us to know what part he played in the corrupt 5 Way Agreement. Too late Regan lickspittle as I published drafts 1, 2 and final draft 6 which exposed your briefing of Charles Green on the QT.

McRae & Petrie were outgunned by Mike Mulraney of Alloa; Partick Thistle chairman Ian Maxwell; Scottish Amateor FA supremo Thomas McKeown; and non-executive directors Gary Hughes and Ana Stewart.

I am assured by my most valued source and confidante that my blogs influenced their thinking. However they won’t like what I have to say next:

Why are the chairmen of minnow clubs and the amateur game the big swinging dicks of Scottish football?”

I have campaigned tirelessly to have the SFA disbanded. If the best they can muster is Cove Rangers, Alloa and Partick Thistle then I’m pushing against an open door.

McRae and Petrie should follow Regan out the door. They alone have maintained his power base for the best part of eight years. They have been complicit in every back room deal that Regan brokered. Did Regan get his Yes Men to buy in to a controversial series of friendlies in Peru and Mexico?

If one dines with Caesar one should perish with Caesar.

Jackson’s colleague Scott McDermott evidently thought that a quick polish of the arch criminal’s knob would stand him in good stead with Yuanker Traynor. Traynor has been holed below the gout line by the Morelos fake news. He is as odious as his paymaster Dave King.

There could be a grain of truth in the prospect of King spending more time in Scotland. I’m indebted to CC for the following which he posted on my Twitter site (@sitonfence):

It’s important to note that King is not appealing his Company Law transgressions. His  shell game insulted the intelligence of the City Watchdog and some of the real big swinging dicks in the square mile who had to sit through a spurious appeal in the company of King’s consigliere, the bent brief that is James Blair.

King, quite incredibly, is appealing the right of The Court of Session to give the City Watchdog teeth. The Takeover and Mergers Executive have never encountered a criminal like King before. They will soon be making an example of him. Should King remain the chairman of RIFC, the holding company is finished. Even Metro Bank will shun them.

We might not have to await until the 28th to see King  grubbing in the dirt. He has until close of business today to present grounds for appeal and eight days later his counsel will have to identify the case law which supports this appeal.

I read Lord Bannatyne’s thirty-page judgment three times. He crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. He covered at length the only bone of contention tried on by King’s Counsel.

The Ides of March will soon be upon us.












20 thoughts on “Beware The Ides Of March”

  1. I note with increasing dismay that 24 of my recurring donors have been suspended having missed three payments, and that 49 others have missed one payment or more and are following suit. From the vile responses I received yesterday it’s evident that many of the lurkers would like to be up to their knees in my blood. Even though they hang on my every word they want it to be my last. They might not have long to wait. Beware The Ides of March.

    1. JJ,
      Have just made a donation ID xxxxxxxxV4174722. Apologies for the delay as I promised you a donation for Jan.
      Hope it helps, keep going.

      JJ: Thank you.

    2. For clarity, John and subsequent to reading the above, I have cancelled my monthly donation and have reinstated it with an increased amount. This should be reflected in this months payment. I personally think you made the correct decision regarding editing yesterday’s post and should the SFA go down the Walter Smith path then your revelation will become self evident to the detriment of Scottish Football.

  2. JJ

    with the impending cold shoulder facing The Honest Chairman and the Lite board ie Metro Bank shunning them if he remains, is administration inevitable?

    just wondering as The Honest Chairman doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

    1. Shouldn’t the sfa and spfl (as organisations with financial connections) revoke sevcos memberships and effectively end them as a going concern?!.

      At the very minimum…. Other clubs should be obliged to do no business with them – selling ticket allocation, gate money splits, player deals. TV companies and broadcasters couldn’t deal directly in any way. Would sponsors withdraw contracts?

      There’s a lot remains to be seen as Mr King is sailing HMS Sevco into previously uncharted waters. Will the other officers make him walk the plank first?

      Is there a way of knowing if the appropriate papers have been lodged by end of today?

  3. Monthly business as usual from my Paypal JJ. Now is the time, for those in a position to do so, to contribute in return for the extensive insights and exclusives produced here. Free journalism like the Metro, etc, only exist and survive with their advertising revenues. Otherwise, they would be required to charge daily.

    The debate raises its head again – voluntary contributions commensurate with affordability and value of output , or a standard subscription process for access. There has to be balance and fairness for all, but most of all for the author.

    Think again people or we might just find that we’re left with the “national treasure” that is the SMSM


  4. Additional contribution made. Keep up the great work. The Laptop lapdogs, The SFA and the Establishment Club are a Corrupt Cartel of manipulation, skullduggery and self preservation. Since John McBeth it has been of the utmost importance that the head of the SFA be a RRM to continue the Great Scottish Football Swindle. The appointment of Regan, an outsider (who either quickly became an insider, or was an insider already) staved off the cynics as he was an outsider after all 🙂 That this corrupt incompetent lasted so many years is to the credit of the Corrupt Cartel. The SFA themself makes the Wheeltappers and Shunters Club Committee look like a Global Conglomerates PLC Board! No wonder that SIR Bribe and Lie and CCK know they can get away with their skullduggery. Even if the SFA and the Laptop Loyal werent all brothers in gloves their IQ doesnt allow them to breathe and speak at the same time and their self interest knows no bounds. Feed them a blazer and some social standing in the best RFC tradition and they are ecstatic. This, unfortunately is Scottish Football. Look no further than the heirs in waiting, McKays, McGlennan, CEO of the PFA ( as well as pundit) etc. All of a specific hue to continue the continuation. If we are awaiting the imminent demise of CCK and RIFC whilst the SFA scramble around to shield themselves from scrutiny whilst desperately protecting their rabid self interest then we can but hope that right minded people win the day. Its time for all good men to come to the aid of the party! The appointment of the next Scottish Manager and the next SFA CEO will be telling. Same old, same old as Scottish Football preserves their black lagoon of self interest or new brooms to bring them kicking and screaming into the Modern World? Keep shining a light….

  5. Lurker donation made JJ. Keep.on doing what u do, progress is getting made. Cheers

    JJ: Thank you. Welcome to the Sitonfence Speakeasy.

  6. John,

    This isn’t for publication,although it’s your call.

    It may be that some or all of the recurring donors who have pulled out have done so due to not being given a password for the premium articles. There have certainly been a large number of people who have mentioned this.

    It may be coincidence,it may not. You know I wish you well,indeed every success,but if you have alienated appreciative customers for no reason-and,remember,that need only be THEIR perception,then the financial well-being of the site is at risk.

    In fact,it may well be that the loss of these recurring donations,and the loss of other less-regular but not-infrequent,donations outweighs the income derived at £1.99 a go.

  7. We shall see how this plays out very soon-looks at least that its the end of the beginning to coin a phrase.
    Sent a modest top up today having regard to your comments about the fall out from your last post-I suppose re the dementia comment.
    Was planning to send the top up on March in honour of my twin grandnephews birthday but clearly the need is now

    JJ: Very kind. Thank you.

  8. It’s been reported, but shurely shome mistake, that tubby traynor chose Leipzig and Beijing for his transfer fairy tales because these cities don’t follow the i before e rules like good old Airdrie and might fall for the ruses.

    The mini car company have agreed that the old how many students in a mini maxim can be replaced with how many kherridine idsans can u get in a gym trainer.

  9. Just catching up on your terrific articles after a sabbatical. The corruption in Scottish football runs deeper than the Grand Canyon. It is utterly shameful that this doesn’t merit a column in the Scottish media. You have hounded Regan from the inception of this site and you called it right. You have also hounded King for years and (from the old LSE share site days) called it right. Regan was incompetent and compromised. He also lacked integrity in his pursuit of pursuing the myth that Rangers were still a viable club rather than the business which is currently existing as a folder on a desk awaiting liquidation. King is a convicted criminal who will leave Ibrox soon. He will claim a legacy of saving that club from rogues and the spin will be that he has left the club in the good hands of RRM. The reality is that he has driven that new club into the ground. It is shameful. He has failed in his fiduciary duties on a grand scale. And when he leaves, the club will, yet again, be on the brink.

    Donation on its way.

  10. For those confused about the latest saga in the Sevco deal let me lay it out.
    Sevco have no money. They are skint! BUT if they can survive till May then season ticket money for 2018-19 starts to come in. They need enough money to pay wages in February, March April and May. Enter Close Brothers (note Andy Cumming).
    If an overdraft of $6,000,000 is offered for a period of 3/12 and $8,000,000 of the first tranche of ST money repays it in May then Sevco survive to May. Close Brothers in such a scenario make a 33% profit and bow out having pocketed a cool $2,000,000. If it cannot be repaid in full then Edmiston House and the Albion car park change hands. This ruse merely kicks the can down the road however. The problem arises in season 2018-19 especially if no progress is made in Europe again.
    Season ticket money in 2017-18 ran out in November 2017 and Sevco have been living on emergency loans ever since since then. The loans cannot be converted to shares (Cold Shoulder) and cannot be repaid. Now you might think that with an overdraft that could be used to pay off the loans but that will never happen. Expenditure is still outstripping income and the former has to be curtailed and the latter increased. Vulture capitalists swoop on carrion to carry off with a meal. It will take a miracle to keep Sevco going. Who would offer a loan next season knowing that it will be lost? If this was ordinary club then austerity measures would be put in place immediately and everything thing that could be sold would be sold including all the current playing staff.

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