Pushing Up The Daisies

Peter Lawwell is the CEO of a thriving football business viz Celtic PLC. The interim results for this enterprise to 31 December show an increase in revenue of 16.8% to £71.5m, and an increase in pre-tax profit from £18.6m to £19.5m. When one compares and contrasts this well run club with the threadbare club in Govan which recently bought a walking stick on tick, one notes that Celtic’s turnover in six month’s is north of 2.5 times that of Lite’s ill-gotten gains per annum.

Graeme Murty, aided and abetted by Red Hand Nicholl ( The Mountie wearing a bowler hat) is tasked with stopping the Celtic juggernaut. He’s a refreshingly honest man who was quick to note that should Lite prevail in this season’s Scottish Cup it will be their first major title. Only those with Ethereal Entity tattooed on their forehead would demur. Tomorrow’s game at Ayr will be no more than a training exercise. Post-match ice baths won’t be necessary. The corrupt cabal that run the SFA will have to find another way to freeze Lite’s ball in the draw. McRae wants Celtic to be challenged. By Aberdeen or Edinburgh’s finest in Leith and Tynecaste? No by his team Rangers Lite. He will bend over backwards and have his arse felt by Rod Stewart to promote his club at all costs. He was present to cheer on his favourites at Firhill For Thrills on Tuesday. He must have been delighted that his ‘Wonga Warriors‘ won the day. He should go all out and join Chick Young at Ibrox For Chills.

I digress. When the most powerful man in Scottish football suggests that those running the SFA should take a long hard look at themselves, he was not pulling his punches. Lawwell asserted:

The problems appear to be significant.”

Lawwell name-checked Mulraney, Maxwell and non-executive directors Hughes and Stewart as being capable. There was no endorsement of Moribund McRae or Pathetic ‘Move-On’ Petrie. Are both looking forward to floating down to Peru prior to a stint on the best seats in Russia? The SFA is run by men who sat through mind-numbing committee meetings with fellow jobsworths looking for a leg-up on the greasy pole.

These incompetent imbeciles bumbled their way to asking Walter Smith to return. I received a lot of flack for revealing why he would turn them down. I won’t make that mistake again but needless to say I was one hundred per cent accurate.

The SFA is unfit for purpose and incapable of fair play.  Mulraney and Maxwell may be competent but they would also shine in an expanded SPFL; and have more time to spend with the real movers and shakers in Scottish football. Moribund McRae and Pathetic Petrie need not apply.

As was proven at Tynecastle and Rugby Park (chapeau to Kilmarnock, formed in 1869 and still going strong) the Celtic juggernaut can be stopped short in its tracks.


The SFA were faced with a burnt out hulk of a club. They thought that they could pass off a Parks of Hamilton charabanc in its stead. They insisted that the coach that we all saw burn to extinction had continued. They may have impressed a committee of 92 jobsworths turning up for a free lunch but the rest of us were so gutted by their failure to govern that we will accept nothing less than  the SFA joining Rangers in pushing up the daisies.





9 thoughts on “Pushing Up The Daisies”

  1. Great article as always JJ. Lawwell has made a statement of intent on behalf of his club. He’s not gone charging in with accusations. I think his initial opening is the correct approach. It is now or never that real change can be effected. I am keen to watch how matters progress.

  2. I read those comments as being a direct barb at the unnamed incumbents. Get the man a broom. Those second rate lead swingers from second rate clubs threw Regan to the wolves to protect their own nest of vipers.

    That they are accountable only to themselves is a travesty for an organisation serving a public interest. So let’s hold them to their own standards anyway… the four pillars of their 2020 plan which is two years away from culmination:
    1. Perform and Win – fail – at national level and in Europe
    2. Strong Quality Growth – you’ve really got to be kidding me.
    3. Better financial returns – Armageddon anyone?
    4. Respected and Trusted to Lead – they should be facing capital offences for the murder of a pillar on this one.

    So an organisation failing at its own objectives miserably that believes appointing a sexy new figurehead and manager is all that’s needed?

    This is the time to demand accountability and a clean slate

  3. JJ,
    Off piste I know, but if you allow me, may I offer my condolences to the sad news of Liam Miller’s death. A very talented football player who at 36 years of age shows us cancer has no respect for age. Thoughts with his family at this time.

  4. The gulf between Celtic and the rest of Scottish football is not just in talent and ability. Not just in financial probity and profitability. The gulf is between reality and fantasy. Champions verses chumpions. I remember a time when they seemed to be on equal terms. A $3,000,000 emergency loan means they are penniless and deferring liquidation hoping for a long run in Europe and selling players for tens of millions and Dave King spending millions. None of these fantasies can happen.

  5. JJ, following some light hearted comments on yesterday’s article I started seriously thinking about whether it’s possible to revive Third Lanark. I believe the late MP Teddy Taylor bought the right to the name from the liquidated shell. Presumably his estate still owns it. If it could be acquired and gifted to Third Lanark amateurs I believe a viable case could’ve made. I’d like to do this and petition the SPFL to recognised the titles. Anyone game for it?

    1. Hi TJ

      I was watching the Third Lanark documentary on Alba last week and thought the same thing. I would be interested in getting involved.


  6. The Scottish Football Association is not fit for purpose. Setting aside Regan, think of the previous incumbents of his office? A list of self interest RRM. Gordon Smith??? Only in Scotland! Long before the debacle of 2012 the SFA was a Closed Shop of Self Interest predicated on the furtherment of Rangers Football Club to the detriment of all others coupled with the obsessive self interest of the office bearers of the SFA. It is actually to their credit that, in this modern world, they have managed to retain their office and organisation in the face of overwhelming evidence of their self interest, their corrupt practices, pre and post 2012 and maintain their very existence. They are a 1970’s organisation in 2017. Stewart Regan, as an outsider was an inspired choice, he bought them several more years and managed to deflect many of the major issues by his blatant manipulation of the Media and the Football Establishment whilst covertly advancing the aims of RFC and the corrupt office holders of the club. Look no further than the conferring of the continuation. It is no coincidence that the post of Chairman of RFC attracts such vagabonds. With no rules and regulations to be observed any corrupt practice is blatantly permitted by the SFA when RFC is involved. A fact well known to SIR B&L, CW, CCK et al. With no governance applicable is it any coincidence that that club adheres to no legal constraints? The Scottish Football Association is not fit for purpose.
    The stark reality is that as long as the SFA and Doncaster at the SPFL are running Football in Scotland the game will never exist in the 21st century never mind progress. Look no further than who the SFA are looking to appoint – EBT Walter Smith- A man who will never work in football again other than in Scotland! EBT Alex McLeish- A man who will never work in football again other than in Scotland and is Walter Smith just younger! Malky McKay – A racist who will never work in football again other than in Scotland. Only in Scotland!

  7. Not a single Scottish sports journalist in today’s (so called) quality papers touched on the two real stories of the week. Firstly, we have witnessed further mayhem within the governing body of Scottish football. A lack of direction, cohesion and an organisation which is run by low calibre administrators. Secondly, we have witnessed the Rangers MD proudly announcing that the club would be able to continue operating until the end of the season thanks to an injection of capital from the corporate equivalent of Wonga. Close Brothers represent the lender of last resort. This deal represents just how precarious finances really are at Ibrox.

    Neither story warranted a mention in the Scottish sports pages. Graham Spiers, forever dull and as sharp and cutting as a blunt knife, chose instead to lead on Walter Smith turning down the Scottish manager position. He also waxed, none too lyrically, why he likes Craig Levein. And that was that.

    Two rather big stories this week. Scottish football in meltdown at the governing level and Rangers borrowing from the equivalent of a corporate pawn shop to enable them to keep the lights on.

    Shameful stuff from the legion of expense fuelled Scottish sports journalists.

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