The Battle Of The Boyd

I can exclusively reveal that Kris Boyd has been summoned to appear before the SFA beaks next week. The SFA are spitting blood apropos Boyd’s latest opus in The Scottish Sun, viz:

“TAXI FOR MCRAE The SFA is in need of radical overhaul – starting with bungling blazers right at the top. What a mess Alan McRae has made of things. He, and his sidekick Rod Petrie, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If I owned the local corner shop I wouldn’t waltz into Tesco and start telling them how to sell fruit and veg. Likewise, if I owned a small car lot I wouldn’t barge into Bentley and point out how to punt motors. So why then do we have someone like Alan McRae calling the shots in Scottish football? What a mess the Honorary President of Cove Rangers has made of things. He, and his sidekick Rod Petrie, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. No chief executive, no national manager and no main sponsor. It is utterly embarrassing. A national disgrace.

Getting rid of Gordon Strachan in the first place was a mistake in my book. But to do it without having a ready-made replacement lined up is nothing less than gross mismanagement. I was surprised to hear Walter Smith was willing to hear what the SFA had to say. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to hear he no longer wished to be considered for the role — fed up with the delay and dithering of McRae and his cohorts. Those tasked with finding a sponsor, a chief executive and a manager four months after Strachan was emptied are not fit for purpose. They cannot deal with big personalities, big names and egos. They shouldn’t be anywhere near the job. But so long as they get to take their pals to all the big games, wining and dining them, shoving prawn sandwiches down their throats, nothing will change for the better.

Having been sold down the river by Michael O’Neill, the only course of action for Stewart Regan was to resign. He did so — merely adding to the woes of McRae and Petrie. As much as it pains me to say it, these guys must first appoint a CEO before they can even consider a new manager. What happens, for example, if they appoint a new boss and — when the new chief executive follows — there is an immediate clash of personalities? I want to know the identity of the new manager like every other Scotland fan, but we must first find Regan’s successor.

Smith telling them to shove it should speed up that particular process. Clearly, O’Neill was the man they wanted but, after he pulled their pants down, moving for someone like my old Rangers boss should have been a no-brainer. The fact he was willing to talk to them should have seen him invited to Hampden during the course of the same conversation.

But this is the SFA we’re dealing with and nothing is as straightforward as that.Instead they let Smith stew for a week before the man himself informed them he no longer wished to be considered.

It’s another huge slap in the face for the beaks. I saw plenty of people opposed to Walter coming back. The same ones who don’t want Alex McLeish near the job either. But ask yourself this. Why did they leave the Scotland job first time around? It was because they had been successful. They had improved performances, driven up standards and delivered results on the park — where it matters most. Walter would never have returned to Rangers in 2007 had he failed in the Scotland job. Similarly Big Eck would never had his move to Birmingham had he flopped as national boss.

To overlook someone like Walter would have been a dereliction of duty. They at least got the part about making contact with him right. But given his incredible achievements in the game, why the hell should Smith hang about waiting for the follow-up phone call that might never come? Do the SFA think that, at the age of 70, Smith has nothing better to do than sit by the phone and wait for their call?

It showed a complete lack of respect, perfectly in keeping with the mob in charge at Hampden. Smith seemed like the ideal choice. He commands the respect of the players, media and the majority of fans. Yet somehow the SFA have managed to b***s this up too.

McLeish would seem to be the last man standing now but I suspect he too will have deep reservations about the role. And why are the SFA only targeting men out of work? A comprehensive list should have been drawn up long before they ditched Gordon Strachan. Instead they put all their eggs in the Michael O’Neill basket.

The whole process has been one major disaster after the next and in any other walk of life those responsible would pay with their jobs. But McRae and Petrie are never going to give up their cushy number with the SFA. Not when they can glad-hand their way across the globe. Not when they have a free ticket for every big game going and not when they can show off in front of their pals in their executive lounges. No harm to the Highland League — or indeed any club in the lower echelons of Scottish football. But guys whose teams play in front of two men and a dog at weekends shouldn’t be charged with making the kind of decisions that will impact on our game for years to come.”

Boyd has been indicted on transgressions of SFA articles 66 & 71, viz:

Bringing the game into disrepute / failing to act in the best interests of Association Football / bringing discredit on the SFA.

Boyd’ registration is with the SPFL, but that won’t cut any ice with the jobsworths at Hampden. The SFA and SPFL identified 15 major areas of ‘overlap‘ and published a document to this effect on 1st August 2014. This document was distributed on a ‘need to know’ basis. A cynic might suggest that there is so much ‘overlap’ that the SFA is redundant. Section 14 is instructive:

a) Each of the Scottish FA and the SPFL Limited will maintain rules in this Area of Overlap

(b) The Scottish FA would have primacy for dealing with any alleged regulatory infraction of its rules.

(c) The SPFL Limited would take no action in respect of any such alleged infraction, except in exceptional circumstances and where specifically authorised by the SPFL Board.

The SPFL board has many critics but it’s truly representative of the power base in Scottish football. The SFA is a talking shop for small men from small clubs. So small that they had to write this document to create unnecessary primacy. SPFL regulation B1 would have sufficed.

So what has so exercised the beaks? Boyd has given Moribund McRae and Pathetic Petrie both barrels. Some might argue that his invective would not be out of place on this site. A pedant might suggest that his invective has pride of place. However regular readers might demur as when I go after a target, as was the case with Regan, my prose is so excoriating that it blisters the paint in their well-appointed corner offices.

It’s a good effort nonetheless, let down by the myth of Walter Smith EBT. Walter received a tax-free bung for buying players from Rangers at top dollar when employed at Everton FC. Why quibble about price when you’re on the take? He did not set the heather alight when plying his trade in the English Premier League. He did not inherit a winning team from Graeme Souness and he was not backed by a tax-evading bribe merchant.

David Murray aka Sir Bribe & Lie, had more strings to his corrupt bow than just DOS and EBT. They are the exposed tip of his iceberg of artifice. I would contend that he subverted the rules of Scottish football from 1988-2012, aided and abetted by the SFA.

Jim Farry was a bigot who would have had a picture of the morbidly obese pederast William of Orange on his SFA office wall if he could have gotten away with it. Ernie Walker was weak and a pushover for Murray. Gordon Smith covered up HMRC having a close look at Rangers’ bent paperwork. Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson ran a coach and horses through SFA regulations to gain Pathetic Petrie’s green light for a UEFA licence, with Regan riding shotgun.

The SFA have been incompetent and corrupt for more than one generation. Climbing their greasy pole is much preferred to a scenario where the chairman’s wife washes the strips to make ends meet and at a club where there are more girls working in the pie and bovril kiosk than there are spectators on the exposed terracing.

In jj passim four days ago I inquired:

“Why are the chairmen of minnow clubs and the amateur game the big swinging dicks of Scottish football?” 

Boyd asks the same question in his piece. The answer is the incestuous selection procedures that reward length of tenure and a good attendance record at the mind-numbing committees. If you are good at talking shop about the minutiae of SFA regulations and swing the lead with aplomb, all you have to is nod approvingly when there are major beaks in the room to be fast-tracked at the SFA.

It does not matter if your club is so small that an array of hot water bottles passes for  undersoil heating as long as you show the utmost respect to your dear leaders.

McRae, who has difficulty keeping his tie out of his soup, cocked up so badly when conducting a Scottish Cup draw on 8th February 2016 that the Scottish Sun labelled his performance as a Shamballs. This clusterfuck of an omnishambles was featured on a live Sky broadcast. McRae, who left Hampden that evening without a word, had Darryl Broadfoot to thank for the following revisionist rhetoric:

 “I made a point of checking all the balls only three minutes before we went live. Everything had gone fine at the rehearsal.But, as always, I made an eleventh hour check to be sure the balls were all screwed tight. They were. Yet, somehow, one of them has popped open between the first draw made and the process of deciding the second tie. At that point there was nothing else we could do. The draw had to be done again. It was flawed. Listen, it’s personally embarrassing. It was a shocker. Just unacceptable and it CAN’T ever happen again. I know how people are reacting to it, how it looks for Scottish football and the SFA. That hurts, but we now have to review the procedure and we’ll do that tomorrow. The organising staff are mortified. I had no option but to go auto-pilot and apologise right away.”

Might I suggest that McRae has been on auto-pilot since taking the chair of this corrupt cabal. Interesting to note how often he checks the balls. He was probably concerned that the frozen balls would melt under the hot studio lights. McRae’s remit today after a Lite romp at Ayr more fitting of the nearby race course will be to pair Rangers with Falkirk or Morton at home prior to Lite’s semi-final against Celtic.

Previous Presidents of the SFA always kept former club Rangers apart from Celtic in the draw to appease sponsors with an Old Firm final. New club Lite are not nailed-down to progress. The SFA therefore maximises its revenue with a semi-finals pairing with Celtic. I will be inordinately shocked if Lite are not drawn at home to a lower league club. It’s what we have come to expect from the corrupt SFA.

Boyd could have gone further by inquiring:

“Is it a prerequisite of all candidates that they formerly managed Rangers and were in receipt  an illegal tax-free bonus by way of an EBT?”

But as someone who has supped at this toxic trough on a minimum of two occasions that just would not do.

One does not have to look far for an SFA stitch-up and concomitant cover-up. Regan was a past master at the latter, but how can Pathetic Petrie survive chairing the committee which approved Rangers UEFA licence in 2011/12? The buck stopped with Petrie. When pushed will Petrie burn Dickson and claim that the latter duped him?

The SFA compliance officer was instructed to investigate the award of a UEFA licence (to Rangers in 2011) on September 8th of last year. More than five months has elapsed. Has he presented his internal report? Is it so explosive and damaging to SFA incumbents that it’s being obscured from public view?

When Regan refused an SPFL request for a review of the SFA’s role in the Rangers debacle it was unprecedented. He and his corrupt cabal would have been exposed.

The Tax Justice Network’s report – Doing SFA For Fair Play – was the report that the SFA feared most. They did their utmost to contain the contagion. It was quarantined in social media.

The SFA will not get away with burying the compliance officers report. If it’s a whitewash along the lines of lessons learned and more robust regulations after the horse has bolted, then the SFA should have no place to hide.

Disband this anachronistic body of jobsworths. To paraphrase a well-known song from Edwin Starr I contend:

The SFA, huh, good god
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing, listen to me…




17 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Boyd”

  1. Boyd should walk into any hearing with a recording of the late Turnbull Hutton’s speech alleging “corruption” on the steps of Hampden in 2012, and ask
    A) why he wasn’t charged with similar ‘offences’;
    B) if he can go home now, given that the SFA disciplinary processes are so obviously an arbitrary joke.

    Regards to you and your readers.

  2. Bringing the game into disrepute / failing to act in the best interests of Association Football / bringing discredit on the SFA.

    The SFA have brought the game into disrepute all by themselves so his article does act in the best interest of Association Football. by exposing the tip of the iceberg of incompetence. The hearing should be televised. I hope he is represented by a great lawyer who should be able to rip the scab off this suppurating wound of calumny.

  3. Dear Gullawilliams,

    On this world class breakfast Sunday you do realise you are being asked to swallow that your new club board turned down 7 million quid in favour of borrowing 3 million quid from a commercial pay day loans high interest shark bank.that means that the parks,Johnston’s,Murray pee,cillit bang man etc are all maxed out on the soft loans.

    If trfc can squeeze a draw down in honest men territory and get thru with an honest mistake replay that would turn the tie into a 400k earner which might covers the ” modest millions borrowing interest payments”. Does uefas fair play regs allow distressed lender sub prime borrowing

  4. I was recently studying footage of earthquake proof engineering within tall structures, and particularly fascinating is the massive inertial dampers in Taipei 101.

    As the havoc, noise and violence of a large earthquake rips through the fabric and structure of the tower, threatening to pull it apart, the damper sits quietly in the basement, tweaking things this way and that, ensuring all of the chaos is contained and nobody notices any wrongdoing.

    This vague analogy fails sadly because the Taipei mass damper works for good, amd not just for itself, and also fails insofar as it doesn’t arrange jolly boys trips to Peru.

    NB I’d love to read Rod Petrie’s actual SFA job description.
    Me: “What do your role entail?”
    Rod: ‘SFA”.
    Me: “I thought so”.

  5. All very good points exceptionally well made.
    Think of the Goodies MCC.
    They are the self preservation society. Jobs for the boys. Think the lickspittle poacher/ gamekeeper CEO of the PFA. Think jobs for the boys boys. Think Dallas, Mackay etc don’t forget the Compliance officer is the son of a Queens Park stalwart . Same Queen’s Park who right now are being puppetted by the SFA regarding the new lease on Hampden. Coincidence that Regan fired that salvo in the aftermath of the compliance office starting the process of the investigation?
    Or I am just seeing ghosts? 🙂

  6. These jokers have a brass neck bringing anyone to book.
    How can Levein get away with trashing the Celtic and Scotland captain, not once but twice.
    What about the odious Ogilvie, a practised liar who should be sine die from Scottish football instead of traipsing around Europe.
    Dickson ditto for his part in the fraudulent UEFA licence farce.
    Now we have a couple of the diddy teams having results reversed by Bryson who apparently has awoke from his stupour which covered the DOS/EBT cheating years.
    Well done Boydy, give it to them straight.

  7. I wonder who Boydies ‘ghost writer’ is?

    I’ll be having a wee bet on a draw being engineered in Ayrshire today… Most top clubs can do without replays , but this is one case where I am sure it will be more than welcome.

    I do recall that Mr McRae DID respond immediately to the ‘cup draw ball farce’ last February ….

    He said.. ” oooh aaahh, eeee, eeerrrrr, uuuum m, ahh,”

    Can’t wait for today’s draw. Would I be a cynic and conspiracy theorist to suggest that other Premiership clubs draw each other while ‘Rainjuurz’ get a home draw to lower league opposition?!

  8. We should not leave Boyd to face these guys on his own. He is only saying what we are all thinking. He should not be punished for telling the truth. Can we crowd a decent lawyer for him? It would be a victory for everyone to see these parasites being forced to face the truth.

  9. Never really been a fan of Boyd or his comments as they generally miss the point or mask the truth. He has hit the nail right on the head with his comments this time and respect must be given knowing that as a registered player he will face some sort of punishment.
    Problem is this highlights the hypocrisy, because the critisism is aimed at them this makes it actionable but when a manager makes defamatory comments about another teams player thats deemed acceptable?
    Another great artical JJ and cant help but feel we are coming to a bit of a climax here with all the ducks getting into line.

  10. It would appear that Boyd’s ghostwriter reads this site, as do most Scottish sports journalists. (I use the term ‘journalist’ loosely. They provide interviews with players and managers. Inane questions and inane answers without a hint of analysis or insight.)

    But this piece captures much of JJ’s narrative. The leadership and integrity which is being provided by the governing body is intellectually and morally leprous with corrosion.

    It is Petrie, McRae and Doncaster who have brought the game into disrepute.

    Boyd should send a decent lawyer to the meeting, question them, take minutes of the answers and publish them.

    1. To add to the above… I also wonder who Boyd’s ghostwriter is. It is rather piercing stuff, quite concentrated bile. The cynic in me would say the first half of his invective owes a lot to this site, whereas the latter bollocks is SMSM safe Blue Pound padding.

  11. 10 years, as least, of players not registered according to the SFA rule book……imperfect but legible according to the registration supremo who should have gone along with Farry.
    Now a couple of the diddy teams have found themselves in Bryson’s sights and hey ho results annulled and 3-0 wins awarded to the opposition.
    You couldn’t make it up.
    Has the Compliance Officer been ordered to desist his review of the SFA’s UEFA licence procedures which failed to pick up the fraudulent licence application waived through by the licencing sub committee?
    Whose currently calling the shots at Hampden anyway?
    If there was any transparency we would know but fat chance of that.

  12. Evening JJ Been a Wee Bit tardy with my regular donation – But, never outta mind Mate!
    Stay Safe Donation Number 141G – As Already Txt – Doubled Up Mate!

    JJ: Thank you.

  13. The Compliance Officer review of SFA licencing procedures should have taken 10 minutes.
    All the information is alteady available to the SFA.
    Not currently in the public domain but within the licence application paperwork lodged with the SFA will be the names of those who made the application and ticked the ‘no overdue social taxes’ box.
    They should immediately, like Craig Whyte, be banished from Scottish football sine die and the CO report handed over to Police Scotland.
    Those involved in the subsequent cover up, we know who you are, should also feel the the full force of the law.
    Letting those who have corrupted Scottish football just walk away cannot be contemplated.
    The guilty must be called out and brought to book.
    Only then will Scottish football be able to move on.
    Yes, no doubt the ensuing scandal will rock Scottish football to the core but without a complete clean out the game will be forever tainted by the goings on over the last 10 years, and thats just what we currently know about. No doubt there are other skeletons in the cupboard.

  14. With close brothers “investing” in Scottish football would it not be wise to sound them out to put their name on the national shirt. OR maybe they are going to replace 32red at TRFC with 32%closebrothers

  15. One doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict Scottish Cup draws. As a number of contributors predicted, a home draw against the lowest-ranked club left in the competition will temporarily ease the cash-flow crisis although I hope Falkirk independently assess the gate.
    The SFA’s prospective action against Boyd is beyond parody (but looking forward to the Clumpany’s take on the matter). One wonder which Mastermind at Hampden initiated the investigation. One imagines, had Regan still been in post, no action would have ensue, as it stinks of rank amateurism on the part of thin-skinned individuals lacking expert advice. One hopes Boyd arrives ‘briefed up’ in which case the SFA may regret an over-hasty decision.
    The comments on the SFA are no more than the paying public have been saying for some time, since 2012 when the chickens came home to roost at Ibrox. Peter Lawell’s reported comments are pertinent to how useless the SFA has been.
    Boyd’s comments on the Walter are no more than bigging up a former colleague who, fortunately, others better placed and more qualified have seen through. The Myth is yesterday’s man and while Macrae & Petrie might have favoured his appointment, others within the SFA recognised the dangers associated with his coronation as the Scottish national team saviour. For a start there was a high risk that he would not take the team forward through qualification for a major championship, which would seriously discredit those pushing a questionable candidate. Smith has no recent managerial experience to speak of, while much of his past successes are now widely discredited.
    Secondly the questions around his EBT have never been addressed by the sport’s governing bodies. How might Celtic fans react if Brendan Rodgers was found to have received a non-contractual payment from a past employer while in his current post? One would like to think that the club would act decisively. A Smith appointment would have led to awkward questions being disinterred and the SFA fire-fighting to protect a toxic appointment.

    Excellent contributions and insights on the blog for which I’m very grateful.

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