The Perfect Fix

Yesterday’s Scottish Cup draw was the perfect fix for the SFA. As I predicted Rangers Lite were drawn at home against a lower league club viz Falkirk. Those of a Celtic disposition would also be pleased as they also have a home tie against lower league opposition, in this case my team Greenock Morton FC. On my last outing to Celtic Park prior to my enforced exile – due to credible death threats by paramilitaries who formerly engaged in Ireland’s Dirty War and now live in Ayrshire under the protection of Special Branch – I joined 3,000 from Inverclyde in a surreally empty Celtic Park. Only 11,000 of their number chose to turn up for a Sunday lunchtime kickoff and a game played on a lush park in perfect Spring sunshine. Celtic prevailed 3-0.

All is now set fair for Lite’s home draw against Celtic in the Semi-Finals. Rangers Lite are just one game away from a money spinning final. Honest mistakes will abound as the last thing Moribund McRae wants is an unprecedented back to back treble. Presenting Scott Brown with a trophy makes McRae’s skin crawl.

To make it easier for Lite to win this year’s cup, notwithstanding the money-spinner of a semi-final against Celtic, Aberdeen host Kilmarnock with Hearts travelling to Motherwell. Only one of these teams, Motherwell, would prevail against Lite in the final should the new club navigate a passage past the champions.

A money-spinning semi-final and final is perfect for the SFA. By throwing in a home tie against lower league opposition for Celtic the cries of fix will be muted. But not from your humble correspondent who has witnessed more Scottish Cup fixes than he has received in donations this month. Had it not been for JC I would have yielded only £21 for two strong pieces this weekend. If readers are not prepared to support my efforts at the weekend should I revert to a Monday to Friday service and not publish exclusives on weekend days? Are my weekend pieces best ignored?

Sporting integrity has been sacrificed on the altar of the SFA’s commercial imperatives. If Falkirk and Morton were pitted against each other it would be the jewel in the QF crown. However they have been served up as fodder to the Glasgow clubs. Lite have had the easiest ride imaginable to the Semi-Finals. Fraserburgh, Ayr United and Falkirk. Why not just hand them the cup and be done with it? Just like they did when conferring 33 Scottish Cup titles to Charles Green’s basket case of assets.

Ralph Topping who knew how to play the game – keep your head down and avoid controversy – had a foot in both camps of Scottish football governance. He did not spare the horses on the clusterfuck of an omnishambles that’s going down on Hampden’s sixth floor. In an interview in The Times Topping highlighted the loss of patch-up merchants Darryl Broadfoot and Scott Lindsay. Ripping off their plasters has left gaping wounds. Topping warned that if the SFA lost Andrew McKinlay they would be up shit creek with the corpulent blazers searching for a paddle. Within twenty-four hours of The Times hitting the doormats McKinlay was on a canoe to Scottish Golf. He had spent one week as de facto CEO. He was asked to polish a turd. He could do nothing with McRae’s and Petrie’s diarrhoea, which was oozing out from all their orifices.

Gordon Waddell, who gained his foothold in the Laptop Loyal via nepotism, thinks Fraser Wishart should be the next holder of the SFA’s cludgie stick. Wishart informed the players of Rangers that as their employer had gone bust they were free to go, much to the chagrin of Charles Green. Concatenate business and trading assets with my Aunt Fanny for a more accurate take on his basket case of assets.

In sixteen months or so Pathetic Petrie will be measured up for the President’s blazer and the impetus to ‘move-on‘ will carry all before him. If a wet behind the ears Wishart was in place it would be easy for Petrie to bury his leading role in the 5 Way Fix under the sixth floor shag pile. Wishart would have no stomach for disturbing sporting integrity’s shallow grave.

Pathetic Petrie must be taken out prior to McRae passing the baton. The buck stops with the former apropos the fix that gave Rangers a UEFA licence in 2011. Five months have elapsed since the compliance officer was tasked with investigating the matter. However if Rangers made a fraudulent application as seems highly likely will the new club face any sanctions? If nothing else it would behove UEFA to penalise the reconstituted board.

We could have a scenario where the entire Lite board are up on UEFA charges while King is frozen out south of the Limpopo.

It’s just a matter of time before the roof falls in on The Wonga Wastrels.

I digress. A new broom at the SFA won’t make any difference. The blazers who know where the bodies are buried would soon bend the new incumbent to their will. The only solution is to dismantle this self-serving anachronism and hive off its trading assets to the SPFL. What better blueprint for change than Rangers Lite?

Almost six years have elapsed since Peter Lawwell remitted the following missive to Regan:

Dear Stewart,

You will already be well aware of the BBC Scotland programme broadcast on Wednesday 23rd May relating to various events at Rangers, and other media coverage in a similar vein.

The situation at Rangers has clearly attracted a huge level of exposure and comment over a number of months, none of it favourable.

The SFA has already conducted one inquiry, with a subsequent Judicial Panel Hearing and Appeal. The SPL is attempting to investigate issues associated with the Rangers EBT, although I gather is still trying to obtain all the relevant information.

Wednesday evening’s programme and other media articles have now placed the affairs of Rangers in relation to payments to players under even greater scrutiny. The BBC and others now appear to have access to detailed documentary evidence to support the statements made.

If the allegations of “double-contracts” for players are true, and a breach of SFA and/or SPL rules is established, the eligibility of those players to have competed in domestic league and cup competitions will be called into question, in turn, the integrity of the football results achieved by using those players would by necessity also fall into question.

Any wrongdoing then established would have to be subject to fair and proportionate sanctions, including retrospectively, if appropriate.

However, at a higher level, in our opinion this whole affair is causing lasting damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football. We have, to date, supported both the SFA and the SPL in their efforts to deal with the situation. We appreciate fully that this has not been an easy task for either body. But the interests of fairness and Scottish football now demand that the SFA act decisively.

The initial inquiry should now be reconvened, or a new independent panel led by a judge or senior lawyer should be formed, to investigate and report upon the Rangers EBT issues and consider whether there has been any further breach of the Association’s rules, including those on disrepute.

The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined. This should take place as quickly as possible, irrespective of the SPL’s own investigations.

I look forward to hearing from you with confirmation of the SFA’s intentions.

A copy of this letter is being sent to the Chairman of the SPL [Ralph Topping], the Chief Executive of the SFL [David Longmuir] and to Uefa [Gianni Infantino] as these issues may be relevant in the context of Uefa Financial Fair Play, the eligibility of players participating in competitions organised by these bodies, and the wider responsibilities of these organisations to protect the integrity of the game.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Lawwell.”

The  LNS supervisory panel goalposts were moved to avoid the ill-starrred DOS/VSS  enterprise which proved Rangers’ guilt. The conclusions reached by Nimmo Smith would make the ruling junta in a Banana Republic blush. Lawwell called it right. All games featuring these illegally registered players should have resulted in 0-3 reverses. Seventeen titles should have been stripped.

When Hugh Adam maintained that Rangers wrongdoing went back to the mid-nineties, Stewart Regan promised to investigate. It was apparent that the SFA President was “heavily conflicted” in the matter of a Rangers investigation and would take no part. Did Ogilvie do the right thing and fall on his sword at this juncture. Of course not. He maintained that there was no wrongdoing. Sir Bribe & Lie had his back and concomitantly had Petrie by the short & curlies.

UEFA licence Sir David? Consider it done.”

As soon as Sir Bribe & Lie throws his big swinging dick around the SFA drop their pants and bend over like hookers during Fleet Week. Hugh Adam is dismissed as a senile old duffer and in the space of two weeks Regan has had his legs cut off at the knees. Sir Bribe & Lie had hobbled him.

This spectacular failure to act should result in a cri de couer to dismantle this odious organ.

In the final analysis Waddell poses a loaded question:

What does anyone think Petrie actually stands for when it comes to the greater good of the game? The answer is no one would have the first clue because he refuses to engage. He’s a PR hermit who hates the media and barely acknowledges the existence of supporters.”

A cynic might contend that his are the prefect traits for an organisation steeped in obfuscation and where transparency is taboo. Unless he’s stopped he will ascend the throne in June 2019. At which point Scottish football, not to put too fine a point on it, will be fucked.




23 thoughts on “The Perfect Fix”

  1. The draw is the draw, lets stop saying its fixed all the time. Check the history….Celtic have had more home ties than anyone. Again, it just gives fuel to the “Internet Bampots” brigade. The disgrace for the SFA is how they have handled the Tax cheating and registration issues via LNS. Yes the titles should be stripped. Yes Rangers/NewCo* should be declared a new club. But if everything is corrupt we are better off not following the game at all.
    If Celtic don’t win the treble it will be because they have not invested enough. 10 in a row is on, you can’t do that if everything is against you. Big Jock proved that with 9. The team that lost at Kilmarnock had more Brendan signings in it than any other Celtic side he has fielded. That is worrying. They were poor. Armstrong and Griffiths need to play more. And I am astonished at the centre halves that have been purchased this window. I hope I am proved wrong.

    1. Big jock had a very gòod team. So good, in fact, that they won the European cup. They were also beaten finalists and lost in two semi finals. One defeat was under the most controversial of circumstances and the other they lost on penalties.

      1. The dressing rooms are virtually identical. Rangers and Celtic are assigned their dressing rooms so that , upon entering the field, they can warm up in front of their massed supporters.

  2. Absolutely murderous review of the corruption of those involved in this odious organisation, JJ. Respect! So much for Peter Lawwell’s alleged influence in the running of Scottish football.

    This verminous rabble must be dispersed — I’m talking about Sevco! — as must be the loathsome organisation which enabled them to come into existence.

  3. JJ, with regard to your comment re the 5-month timeline upon which we await the Compliance Officers determination on the UEFA registration, why (in your opinion) would Celtic not be chasing the outcome of this with the SFA? Furthermore, why aren’t the media looking for an answer (sorry, stupid question). The fact they can sit on these broadcasts the past 2 weeks or so and go over the tenure of Regan and the SFA (faults, failings and future) and not even mention this matter it its utterly disgraceful. It is almost as if we all imagined this review was promised and/or is ongoing.

  4. Ahem……
    Celtic drawn at home to Morton..
    Celtic at home to Partick….. Celtic at home to Brechin….

    Rangers away to Ayr
    Rangers away to Fraserburgh
    ‘And your point is caller?’

    1. We are beating an empty drum as far as fixed draws are concerned over the past two years. I think someone at Hampden thought it was becoming too obvious. Things certainly have changed and we do ourselves no favours by continually banging on about it.

    2. The point is sevco only had to spend minimal amount of other people’s money to help them out in January. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

    3. Have you not seen the draws prior to this years cup draw ? at least 15 home games for Sevco while Celtic had away ties so dont use this years cup for an example They (SFA) have been found out with their diabolical cheating all to the pandering of one club so they are trying to make it look like they are not favouring Lite They have been getting away with it for years Now thanks to the Bampots they are being found out and its squeaky bum time for the lot of them If we waited for the SMSM to report the truth we would be dead and gone

  5. I’m unsure as to under what circumstances Regan left his post.
    Was he sacked, did he just tender his resignation?
    All Scottish football fans should be privy to the full details of any pay off to the odious CEO, including pension provisions.
    Where is the transparency?
    Regan knows where all the bodies are buried and who put them there.
    Does he have the rest of the gang by the short and curlies?

  6. Hugh Adam’s “obituary” in The Herald actually Heralded the demise of that odious organ.

    Graham Spiers called out SDM c2004,SDM went public,calling him a liar and telling the loyal to stop buying it.

    The Herald sacked him.

    Btw,I don’t recall any of his colleagues supporting him either.

  7. I am intrigued that the Scottish press have not pursued the link between Rangers and the corporate lender of last resort, Close Brothers. Charles Green used them as a finance vehicle through his company, Kingsbridge Holdings. That was in 2000, prior to the Rangers collapse. But he knew them well and pointed CW in their direction when the club, under Whyte’s ownership was financially stressed. CW sold £2m plus change of future sales at Ibrox from match day catering and hospitality to pay for new kitchen equipment which he couldn’t afford to pay for. Further, a key contact from Close Brothers and who has taken an interest in this distressed business at Ibrox is boardmember Ray Greenshields. Mr Greenshields was also chairman of Octopus ((VCT3) who own Ticketus.

    The relationship between Close Brothers and Rangers has history and I am aware that SDM kept them warm in the event of a banking collapse.

  8. The fix will definitely be in if Trfc v Falkirk is televised live ffs fraserburgh and Ayr games embarrassing us again as a nation . All these televised cup games keeping the breakfasts going. Ridic
    Progress that Murty has come out as a new club man and he is desperate to be the manager that delivers a first major trophy to trfc fans.

  9. Can someone explain to me how they “fix” the cup draws, taking yesterday as an example. The two making the draw must be in on it, who else? Not saying it has’nt been done just would like a clear explanation of how.

  10. The fix is indeed perfect. The corrupt cabal which govern and rule Scottish Football should have no hiding place, really Fraserburgh, Ayr and Falkirk. what are the odds? Only in Scotland! Setting aside SIR B&L manipulation and crooked dealings whilst utilising his RFC Chairmans calling card I think today is the day that Edinburgh Council approve his contentious plan to build over 1200 houses on the Green Belt, raking in more ill gotten gains for this Knight of the Realm who was knighted for his services to business. When you have the goods on some people and you have the Media in your pocket there are no laws or regulations you need to pay heed to in any walk of life you wish to get involved in. SIR David Murray – his family fortune grows by the year………

  11. That’s the first time that I’ve seen Peter Lawwell’s letter to Regan and it leaves no doubts about the need for an enquiry and consequences. Lawwell is not simply going to let this die away. He is tenacious. Watch him flex his muscles.

  12. Is it any surprise that those who initiated the licence application for season 2012 have never been brought to book?
    Some of those involved have actually climbed the greasy pole in Scottish football.
    The truth behind the fraud and subsequent cover up will never be revealed as the truth would shake Scottish football to the core.
    Lawwell and Dermot Desmond have let down Celtic shareholders as the club should have taken Oldco’s place in that seasons CL qualifiers with a chance of CL riches.
    Speaking to someone from Police Scotland recently thr fraud squad would only get involved if someone affected by the fraud, a Celtic shareholder at the time, lodged an official complaint.
    There is no time bar on fraud charges in Scotland so there is still hope that those involved will some day face the music. Fraud is a serious offence and Scottish courts take a hard line with perpetrators.
    Only the rule of law being enforced will prevent a repeat of the chicanery that has riddled Scottish football over the cheating years so come on Peter/Dermot pick up the phone to the polis and put the frighteners on these clowns.
    I see Jacko is reporting that Regan walked with a £250k pay off for a near decade of failure.
    By signing a confidentiality contract as part of the deal the SFA has ensured his future silence!
    Begs the question what exactly does Regan have in his memory bank that his former employer would rather stay locked away?
    Quite a lot I’m sure. Lots of talk about transparency in the SFA mission statement but none at all in reality.
    They have no shame and the blazers will continue to traipse along to Slaters to be fitted out for the summer jaunt to the Americas.
    A jaunt which will pull Scottish football apart as the clubs quite rightly tell the SFA to stuff it and withdraw players en masse.
    At least that will free up plenty of leg room for the blazers and any other hangers on who fancy the trip.

    1. “Speaking to someone from Police Scotland recently thr fraud squad would only get involved if someone affected by the fraud, a Celtic shareholder at the time, lodged an official complaint.”

      So you’re saying that Police Scotland say they will only investigate a fraud if someone affected by it makes a complaint?

      1. Who or how else will it be brought to their attention?
        As sure as night follows day the SFA won’t be calling in the police.
        The Compliance Officer, as far as I’m aware, has been charged with reviewing SFA licencing procedures and not finding evidence of fraud to pass onto Police Scotland.
        5 months down the road and counting. The current disarray at the SFA will be used as an excuse for the delay or perhaps whoever is currently in charge of the circus has called a halt to the review for the good of Scottish football and we all must move on.
        The last official response we had from Regan was that the tax bill had not crystalised at the appropriate UEFA cut off date.
        We know this to be a bare faced lie but it’s still the SFA’s official line.
        Who, if anyone, provided Regan with this text?
        We know that Whyte had not been shy to inform everyone that without a UEFA licence the game was up and a licence duly followed despite the overdue wee tax bill.
        At best the CO will report back that there is inadequate checking procedures in place to verify that an applicant who has ticked the ‘No Tax Overdue’ box has been truthful.
        But given that the Wee Tax Bill had been kicking around for ages a big red flag should have been waved in front of the licencing committee and the true status of the unpaid bill revealed.

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