Pawning The Family Silver

One wonders how much silver is contained in Rangers Lite’s only trophy viz The Petrofac Training Cup.

I think it’s fair to assume that it would not be a makeweight at the Pawnbrokers of Close Leasing Limited.


Close Leasing PLC was incorporated on 20 September 2007. In its companies house listing the following is instructive:

Nature of business 

64999 – Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified

Is it just me or is there something extraordinary about this company that carries the Close Brothers name but does not do business in the square mile? It’s Asset Finance Division has its Scottish office in another well known financial hub viz

2nd Floor, Orbital House, 3 Redwood Crescent, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 5PR

Having read and re-read the terms and conditions in which Albion Road Car Park and Edmiston House have been pledged, one might be excused for thinking that The Cold Shoulder is already in place. Close will flip both assets if the rogue board engage in a discussion about administration.

How many season tickets have been pledged? There is nothing else of tangible value. Intangible assets, such as players, are difficult to monetise as they can only be sold at certain times per year.

A cynic might suggest that the inflated and entirely fictitious value of Morelos did not entice several well-heeled RRM to part with their hard-earned. The rogue board had no other recourse than to visit the pawn shop.

Of course there is one source of income just under the radar. It could net a cool £1,000,000. Just £5 – £18.72 per month soon adds up.

Has the corporate rapscallion that is Dave King used James Blair’s Club 1872 as an additional pledge?

Season tickets or Club 1872. Devil or deep blue sea. Close Asset Finance don’t do overdrafts. They don’t provide money to give a vote of confidence to boards. They provide money on pledged assets.

You are being had Gullibillies. Stewart Robertson is lying through his back teeth. It might be more prudent sending one’s hard-earned to an escrow account to buy Murphy and Cummings because as things stand their tenure at Ibrox will be inordinately short.

Think of your kids Gullibillies. Cash for kids. Try not to think about Dave in his mansion in Johannesburg and his daughter holding 75% of MMI ordinary shares.

Dig deep!



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20 thoughts on “Pawning The Family Silver”

  1. Chris Union Jack was giving this free advertising a few weeks back urging the gullibillies to part with their hard earned.

  2. Yes JJ , the truth be told, but don’t you know they are the best supported team in the world ? You really would need to be a rangers supporter to ignore all the sensible warnings that have been given regarding Glibbys tenure at ibrox and it seems that they are just ignoring the fact that the cold shoulder is just around the corner. O’ NO IT ISN’T comes to mind.

  3. Where is there any mention of Close Brothers? Is it not just Close Leasing?
    Really? A company in effect passing itself off as another company? Would that be allowed to happen???

  4. JJ

    Is the Cold Shoulder almost in place for The Honest Chairman?

    I find it strange how Tavernier has signed a new deal with Lite when they are running on fumes and are now going into troubled waters with Close Brothers with this onerous agreement.

    1. A certain irony there methinks…people who use Close Bros (lenders of last resort) aren’t exactly in a position to boycott are they?

  5. B hell gies yer fivers whatever happened to for every fiver we are a tenner.

    With *£30 million plus in the bank surely Celtic could hav e lent them the 3mill and gone in at 25% int rate and saved trfc 150k.

  6. Looks as if EBT £1.6m Eck is the chosen one for the SFA to replace Strachan.
    What if he can’t repay the taxes due to HMRC and does a Barry Ferguson and declares himself bankrupt?
    Fit and proper or what?
    It would be hilarious if Eck’s new employment with the SFA allowed him to do a deal with HMRC to pay off any tax demand over the length of his new contract?
    Not only did the EBT/DOS scandal go under the radar of the SFA, they would now be assisting one of the tax cheats to settle his debts.
    Just wondering what other currently unemployed tax cheats will join his coaching staff?
    Before you know it there will be more EBT recipients on the SFA payroll than there is on the BBC’s….and that’s saying something!

  7. Lol why would anyone club turn down 8 million quid for a player that cost under a million the same club who said they don’t have to sell any player then turn to the chuckle brother’s for a sub you couldn’t make it comedy gold

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