Two Birds With One Stone

In another exclusive for our site which is to many the go-to-site for the informed, word reaches me from an impeccable source that Alan McRae sat down to dinner and drinks with Duncan Fraser and Derek McInnes at a quiet hotel on the outskirts of Aberdeen on Sunday evening.

Could this be Moribund McRae’s last gasp attempt to shore up the SFA with two credible appointments? As I pointed out in yesterday’s blog Duncan Fraser is made of the right stuff. However the ‘Move-On Mission Statement‘ would no doubt be inculcated in the new incumbent by the mannequins wearing blazers.

Would Pathetic Petrie be delighted to put Rangers Lite’s nose out of joint by signing a manager who jilted Stewart Robertson at the altar?

One can but hope that they tell McRae to sling his hook and leave him to scurry back to Glasgow with Alex McLeish on speed dial. The latter ticks all the SFA boxes.

1. Ex-Rangers – Tick!

2. EBT – 1.7m – Tick!

3. Corruptible – Tick!

One could cogently contend that Fraser and McInnes are too good for the odious organ that is the SFA. Surely it’s high time that these self-serving committee chumps check their blazers, company car keys and SFA issue brown brogues at security on the way out of Hampden?




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10 thoughts on “Two Birds With One Stone”

  1. Sounds like panic stations at SFA Central. Are the RRM-facing officials trying to divert attention from their dis-functionality and incompetence by rushing to appoint. The SMSM will be expected to lap up a new ‘messiah’ for the national team. The longer the debacle carries on, the more one has to question the decision making around sacking Strachan without any forward planning for appointing a successor.

    MacInnes, for all his qualities, isn’t ready for the Scotland managerial job, and gave the Ibrox hot-seat the body swerve after the Board failed to address his pertinent questions. If he consistent he should ask the same questions of the SFA and be very concerned that the body lacks a Chief Executive, is shortly to lose the acting CE, and has nincompoops such as MacRae and Petrie in senior positions.

    The post that needs filled is that of Chief Executive who needs to be given a free hand to clear out all the detritus, hold-overs and conflicted corrupt individuals embedded at Hampden, and whose removal is essential to meaningful renewal within the governing body. If Fraser is being genuinely sounded out for the post, he has serious bargaining power in setting the terms and conditions of his appointment. Once appointed he will find it very difficult to implement renewal, given the politics.

  2. The best Scotland manager outside Michael O’Neill is Gordon Strachan ,but for a no man’s land goalie and a hoof into row z he would at a minimum hav got a w cup play off spot.I may be wrong but think he got a Scottish club out of the group stages of the champion lge.when you appoint two Morris dancers to the top of the tree in your national game you get farcical decsions like this “sacking’ of WGS and ‘imperfectly elligible’and no unfair sporting advantage from tax cheating as things currently stand,AND WE AINT PAYING PEANUTS EITHER,maybe Confucius he say, pay pistachios you get Morris dancers not Wong.

  3. The only reason anyone would take the Scotland job is for the money and perks and depending on your loyalties to a particular team the facility to bury bad news.
    You would not take the job thinking you can turn around the failures on the park, the players Scotland has at its disposla is not up to the rest of the best. Only Celtic are producing talent and this is due to the requirements and business model to produce and to sell on after development, there is no interest been generated in other Scottish football teams from investors in the game, Scotland is mince and it it is clear it has been an old pals act that has fucked it. When will they realise the talent is on the deprived areas streets and in the deprived schools and talent is been wasted due to neglect, bring in pro football as a choice in the curriculum and let all share in the success. Most players in the game are cousins,uncles,sons,granddchildren of ex players. Too much greed to keep it in the family, same in England the family players represent England and they are shite, Academies open to the select do not work, they have to be open to all.

  4. Picture the scene. Alan McRae looking to sell the SFA CEO and Managers job to the two candidates. As AR tucks his napkin into his shirt collar and then into his trousers behind his buckle and ecstatically views the Minestrone Soup option which is his and Morags favourite! Brian Potter eat your heart out! Comedy Gold 🙂 Surely that situation is worthy of one of your comedy pieces?
    It is imperative for the continuation of The Closed Shop Corrupt Cabal running the SFA that the new appointments are of the correct persuasion, or at worst, at least malleable enough to bend to the will of the current Crooked inhabitants that the new appointees preserve all things and all secrets of the SFA. Anyone with any credibility whatsoever would avoid the association like a plague and should have enough intelligence to know that it is a completely corrupt organisation. For the same reasons as RFC attract a certain type of person to be Chairman as will the SFA look to insert a RRM or a corrupt individual into the positions vacant. Step Forward EBT McLeish who is so desperate to get back on the gravy train he is like the famous hooker of Sauchiehall Street referenced so many years ago by AFC CEO. For CEO I still expect the PFA CEO / Agent / Pundit etc etc. Think EBTs, “imperfect registrations” – Why wouldnt the PFA have pursued these EBT recipients from a Professional Union Body perspective? Were these members of the Scottish PFA ever penalised for flagrantly ignoring rules and regulations of their Union? Were these EBT recipients in 80’s parlance Scabs who operated for themselves in defiance of their collective body’s standards of membership PFA CEO? Ahhhhhh, keep quiet and carry on? As you say, its all about ticking the boxes and those are the boxes you mention….

    1. bawsman the front is vacationing in the Far East looking for some further the 8 million the Huns turned down for their striker hehe HH

  5. Sounds like the mckinness talks came to nothing as the word is that they are about to appoint ‘Walks Away McLeish’ to the role….

    How forward thinking to go for a man already renowned for leaving when a ‘big club’ job arrives.

    My participation in any Scottish national team support will end there I am afraid.

  6. RIP the Scottish national team. Utter contempt on the part of those responsible for the McLeish appointment. What chance of addressing the EBT years when one of the recipients is at the heart of Hampden.
    This is a disaster; for the SFA.
    Of course the SMSM will love Big Eck. The Tartan Army, not so sure?

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