Note to Tartan Army – Stump Up For McLeish’s Advance Payment Notice

Prior to plumbing the depths to expound on the latest howler by the SFA I take pause to lift my hat to Celtic who did Scotland proud with a commanding win against Roberto Mancini’s Zenit St. Petersburg last night. The 1-0 scoreline did not flatter the hosts.  Mancini set out his team to secure a no score draw. Having squandered several chances McGregor found the roof of the net with an assist from Musonda. The latter impressed against tired legs when coming on from the bench. Zenit will be more expansive at home. This tie is far from over.

A few short miles away at Hampden there was more shame as the white smoke revealed that the SFA’s fourth choice candidate, Alex McLeish EBT (£1.7m), will take the reins of a seconded Celtic team. Regan, who signed a blank piece of paper when excusing himself from the talks that admitted Charles Green’s basket of assets to the SFL, failed in his attempt to entice O’Neil. The SFA then went cap in hand to Smith who rebuffed them, which came as no surprise to readers of this site. Next up was McInnes at a clandestine meeting with McRae on Sunday evening. He evidently turned them down. As McRae was driven down the A9 by his chauffeur/security officer the following morning he reported that his jaunt to the North East had been a wild goose chase. It was time to make an offer to a man who secured seven trophies with his EBT All Stars.

When he won one of two league titles at Easter Road his entire team were being paid by disguised remuneration. Is a tax-evader with a side-letter rendering his EBT unlawful from the get-go an appropriate ambassador for the Scottish National Association? The SFA have failed us yet again. What an embarrassing appointment. McLeish’s tainted titles were all predicated on cheating. If these seven titles, that were initially identified as unsound in the first two drafts of the 5WA, had been rescinded then he would have nothing to show other than one cup win and a slew of relegations in a lacklustre career as a coach.

Word reaches me that McLeish was sent an APN for £901,000 by HMRC. I am led to believe that he negotiated a repayment plan. The salary from the SFA, paid for by the supporters of Scottish Football, will be used to pay off his overdue tax and NI contributions.

Allow me to emphasise this as the SMSM limping up to kiss his arse are unlikely to report it:

A tax-evading cheat who led a team of tax-evading cheats to seven trophies, when caught bang to rights, will have his tax bill paid by the Tartan Army and the supporters that he shafted in the first place.

The message from the SFA is clear. If you cheated at Rangers by evading tax the body charged with Scottish football governance will indemnify your EBT. First Campbell Ogilvie and now McLeish. Who needs a side-letter from Sir Bribe & Lie guaranteeing cover if it all goes pear-shaped when the SFA will siphon off money to pay one’s outstanding tax and N.I. contributions.

So step up Tartan Army. Dig Deep. You would not want the new Scotland manager to be declared bankrupt? One should not be surprised if McLeish flicks a finger at the Tartan Army when a better offer is remitted to his agent. McLeish does not give a flying fuck about the Scotland job. With HMRC breathing down his neck it’s just a means to an end. Will he beat his Zamalek record of only 65 days tenure?

The bankruptcy of ethics and morals at the SFA take one’s breath away. The blazers have outdone themselves. They have set an inordinately low bar. McLeish can barely slither under it.






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33 thoughts on “Note to Tartan Army – Stump Up For McLeish’s Advance Payment Notice”

  1. Credit where it’s due-if that’s not mixing my metaphors a tad-but at least McLeish has agreed a repayment plan.

    Ferguson shifted his dough to his wife and declared himself bankrupt. Barely mentioned in the SMSM.

    My personal opinion is that APN should target pension pots as well as assets. They should be sequestration at source,and at contemporary value.

    That method of paying for tax fraud by clawing back your legal means of tax-avoidance has a certain ring of poetic justice to it.

    As for his likely performance as manager,I wish him well. Genuinely. But even I wouldn’t take that job.

  2. Petrie and McRae, the SFA’s own Morecambe and Wise but not as funny.
    A unanimous choice of the selection sub committee we are informed, as if this lends weight to the appointment!
    Whereas in reality, after a few knock backs, McLeish was the best of the rest which is a clear indication of the lack of suitable candidates.
    At least he’s had the honesty previously to say that without recourse to illegal tax scams Oldco would not have been as successful under his management.
    If any further proof was needed to show that the SFA is completely out of touch with the real world and is not fit for purpose then this appointment seals the deal.
    McLeish is the recipient of a 7 figure EBT payment, a scheme deemed illegal by the highest court in the land and is being chased by HMRC for the tax payable.
    With interest and penalties the sum owed is around £1m.
    It”s scandalous but hardly surprising given the SFA’s track record.
    I’m surprised they haven’t, yet, called in SDM, mega EBT, to show the SFA how to maximise their commercial revenues.
    Fast forwatd a couple of months and Murty’s Newco is in a fight for 3td place in the SPFL and his current hero status has dropped like a lead balloon.
    What if the call goes out to Eck, will he answer it?

  3. Bhoycott all Scotland games, Scottish Cup and League Cup games – that’s what I do ! Well done to Celtic last night . It would have been 2 or 3 if Griffiths had been fit, however a good performance all round with Moussa getting back to his best. I hope we have done enough to get through but it will be tough.

  4. Recent years have made following my heart and supporting my country very difficult. I didn’t think it was possible for the corrupt sfa could sink any lower, but they have managed it.
    What’s next? The butchers apron replacing the saltire?

  5. As EBT McLeish signs a £1Million contract which will cover exactly cover his EBT liability! Proving yet again that, if you are involved in running Scottish football the contempt for the normal rules, regulations, morals and ethics knows no bounds. The fix is in, well in. Jobs for the boys absolutely. I know I say it a lot but would this happen anywhere else? Think the most corrupt little Banana Republic? Would they get away with this? I am sure Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter are wistful about how they would have got away with it everything if they were in Scotland!! Shocking, absolutely shocking!! Petrie, McRae and the rest of the Corrupt Cabal Closed Shop. Go now!!

  6. As a season ticket holder… I’m sure that a portion of my paid price finds its way to the SFA as part of their membership dues, gate moneys etc..
    As a Scotland fan who has purchased tickets for 7 Seats at matches over the last 20 months ( £180 +) , Im certain that goes directly to the SFA…

    This is the final nail in the pine box for me.

    Leaving aside the fact that McLeish is an out of touch, unwanted by any club dinosaur who ‘walked away’ as soon as a half-decent club came calling….

    There is NO WAY ON THIS EARTH that I will be assisting in repaying the EBT of a man whose only club successes came from CHEATING. My hard earned and tax paid funds will no longer be going to the SFA in ANY way directly or indirectly, no more club football, no more Scotland games, no TV.

    Hope you are reading SFA, football clubs, BBC.

    I’m done! There will be many more.

    1. If only every fan (excluding sevco fans) would do what you and I have done.I gave up my season ticket when mr Lawell said we needed sevco to survive and the way they gave the green brigade everything they wanted including a standing area.I am 75 years old and have supported Glasgow Celtic all my life and will not return till our board grows a pair and reports the SFA to UEFA,

  7. As this discredited cheat is being ushered in the back door by the football association, The Scotsman newspaper in their ‘rumour mill’ are reporting that Sevco have turned down an increased bid of £9 million from China for Morelos!

    As Sevco are forced into payday loans at eye-watering interest rates, this once respected broadsheet actually publishes this shit. Is it competing with The Herald to see who can sink the lowest?

    Stop buying newspapers and tickets for Scotland games. Contribute instead to the bloggers and start to take control of this mess.

      1. Thank you, although I see today that the Super Scotsman has been trumped by the Soaraway Scottish Hun!

        It seems our Chinese friends are becoming frantic in their pursuit of Carlos Moreorless! Despite having their full contingent of foreign players, nevertheless they have upped their offer to £11 million! With 100% levy on that, it seems the club are desperate to part with £22 million to land the guy who missed an open goal from a yard out against Ayr United!

        Don’t despair though, Sevco – with their Wonga loan amassing interest daily, are steadfast in their determination to retain their prized asset.

        Of course we know this is just a means of selling copy to the gullibillies but how desperate/thick/delusional is it possible to be?

        Still it keeps Celtic’s performance against Zenit out of the headlines. They like keeping Zenit out of the headlines. The previous incarnation of the Ibrox club did this by trashing Manchester!

  8. I’m getting to the stage where I fail to see the point in supporting my team, Aberdeen, with all this shenanigans and underhanded tactics to essentially lay down at the feet of TRFC. What is the sense in following a team within the Scottish Leagues when one team gets such preferrential treatment compared to any other for the sake of freemason connections. I think come season’s end, if we finish above the Zombies, then it will have restored my faith somewhat, but it would not surprise me if refereeing circumstances were ultimately to decide our fate over footballing reasons. Anything to give Lite an edge over everyone eh?

    1. The Dons lost 3 times to Sevco in a short space of time as D Mac was, illegally I believe, approached to become the new club’s manager. As always, (in Scotland) the cheats won and, in this case, the Dons lost. Had pure footballing ability been involved, the new club would’ve been humped, AND THEY KNEW THIS. The Dons would’ve been chasing us Bhoys, or even in front of us. It’s a genuine shame, and yet Scotland’s shame continues uncontested! WHY?
      Oh, BTW, ask Milne why Lawwell purportedly paid the Dons £1.3 million for Jonny Hayes when his ‘markt value’ was around half of this and Jonny didn’t fit our professed strategy of buying young, improving, and selling on. Anyone???

  9. Not only have the SFA never punished Rangers for the illegal use of EBTs and the subsequent and sustained use in competitions of unregistered players; they have now actually publicly endorsed the practice by that club, twice in a week!

    Their approach first of all to the cardigan and then, without even blushing at his knockback, the appointment of big EBT Eck is the ultimate GIRFUY gesture from McRae and Petrie.

    These ‘men’ would smile while sticking up two fingers and booting you in the balls. They clearly do not give a flying fuck about what decency demands and care only about their own, small, vested interests.

    This is the final straw, the last nail in the coffin of fair competition and a level playing field in Scottish football.

    When good men do nothing, evil prevails.

    This has to be a watershed.

    Only the clubs can sort out this carnage and they will only do so if the fans come together and start boycotting this corrupt product.

    The mere threat of this was enough to turn the tide in 2012 when clubs were being bullied by the same officials to ignore the rules for the sake of the establishment club. It was the last time I felt any pride in being Scottish and a football fan.

    The SFA have crossed the line. They seem to believe themselves to be bulletproof. It’s time for fan power to remind them once and for all who is boss!

  10. Another great article JJ. Apologies for the lateness of my usual contribution to your excellent site, reference ending 7084 X.

    Thank you. Very much appreciated in a very difficult month.

  11. Surely an opportune time for Celtic to publicly announce that none of their players will be available to Scotland under McLeish and list the pertinent reasons for this decision…….

    1. Rob, I seldom disagree with you, regardless of where we may ‘meet’.
      In my humble opinion, (and it’s not really humble) Lawwell is so entrenched in every piece of money-grabbing, myth-spinning skullduggery that there is NO CHANCE of him inciting anything other than that which ‘creates’ money. I think Lawwell is such scum that if I inadvertently stood on him, I would employ professional cleaners to clean my shoes.
      Check out the BBC regarding his ‘vision’ for Scottish football. He doesn’t even understand that he is the essence of scum. As one Deep-Throated fellow once said: “Follow the money”
      It cost a US president his tenure. Small beer then, a Celtic CEO.

      1. TicToc,good to hear from you away from the infighting.As regards PL,you and I totally agree about his “business ” strategy…….filthy lucre acceptable……

    2. If principles prevailed this might happen…

      Unfortunately there are few principles in football founded on fairness and honesty. Most are based on profit and perpetuation.

      Celtic are as much at fault as any other club for their lack of action, as are the fans who may criticise but yield to their weekly fix of fitba not fully appreciating or caring that the cash is filtering down to the corrupt cartel running the show.

      Drastic action by fans would do the job but there will not be enough from them or their clubs to do damage. The SFA know this.

  12. Prior to any qualis surely the. SFA have to certify all their squad are utd with. their social taxes to UEFA…..big eks sure as he’ll has crystallized so can’t use that one. again…..gonna b real hard to go to hampden pay for your ticket from net income and know the manager is a mill behind with his taxes.

  13. Did you see the presser with Eck and McCrae….? Comedy gold especially at the finish.
    McLeish answered the questions put to him though funnily enough no one asked him if he had repaid the tax due to HMRC.
    As the questions moved to McCrae and the selection process, Eck picked wee Alan up from his seat, said that’s us out of here,and hustled El Presidente off the stage.
    Just confirmation that the man can’t be trusted to leave the building without a minder.
    A complete embarrassment.

  14. It’s really quite unbelievable what is happening with Rangers and Scotland. The whole thing stinks. As has previously mentioned boycott Scotland matches (won’t happen in the same way Rangers fans won’t boycott their teams’ matches) and show you’re not happy with the way the game is abused.

  15. There are 2 meaningless friendlies coming up.
    A perfect opportunity for Scotland fans to convey their feelings about the SFA by hitting them in the pocket and boycott the games.
    Petrie and McCrae have to go, they are completely out of their depth.
    McCrae sitting beside McLeish yesterday then having to be physically removed from the stage before he addressed a question to him.
    A total reddie, a bumbling fool who is unable to draw balls from a drum without messing it up!
    It’s truly shameful if this is the best we can do.

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