Go-Between Petrie’s GIRFUY to Peter Lawwell

The odious Rod Petrie is behind the appointment of Alex McLeish EBT (£1.7m). Petrie is the darling of the sub-committee gobshites. When most have given up the will to live or reverted to a post prandial slumber (crab claws marinated in Sauterne anyone?) Petrie will still be at the lectern boring for Scotland.

Petrie is the president-elect of the SFA. He will take over from McRae in June 2019. To get to the top of the greasy pole he will pucker up and kiss the arse of any corrupt official, including Sir Bribe & Lie’s Montreal Trust mainstay, Campbell Ogilvie.

However it’s what Petrie does behind the scenes that counts. When McRae was in Aberdeen on Sunday evening sounding out Duncan Fraser and Derek McInnes, Petrie was cosying up to Alex McLeish EBT who apparently now lives in Glasgow’s old money enclave, Bearsden. Of course there’s nothing old about McLeish’s money. The majority of it came in the form of a £1.7m tax-evading loan from an EBT sub trust in Jersey. Prior to living in Glasgow’s most enviable address McLeish was to be seen in the West End’s most fashionable watering holes that were no more than a Walter Smith spit away from his palatial apartment. An apartment which HMRC should take a close look at as its provenance might lead a cynic to believe that McLeish was engaged in yet another tax dodge. Capital Gains tax? Surely not

Petrie was the go-between in The Five Way Agreement. In an e-mail written by Stewart Regan, Petrie was delegated with the task of briefing Charles Green. He was charged with apprising the estimable Mr. Green of how they were going to shoehorn his basket case of assets into the SPL. The prosaic fact that the ink had barely dried on Sevco Scotland’s formation was not a factor. The three years of running a tight ship prior to entry to the professional leagues was being waived via a wheeze from Rod McKenzie. Sevco Scotland would be the operator of the quintessential essence of Rangers, an ethereal entity with no legal personality that went by the name of RFC. The former ‘operator’ Oldco had gone bust. The new operator Newco would be entrusted with taking RFC forward to its 141st year. This concept conveniently ignored the formation of a limited company in 1899 and laughed in the face of The Companies Act. When the SFA tried this on at The Court of Session their counsel contended that the law had yet to catch up with this innovation. The judged rebutted him by stating that he only had recourse to the law and had no time for a metaphysical entity. An entity that owes its metaphysical existence to the corrupt cabal that run Scottish football.

When Peter Lawwell suggested that McRae and Petrie should take a long look at themselves, Petrie set about sending him a Get It Right Fucking Up You missive. Alex McLeish with a team of tax-evading illegally registered players had deprived Celtic of the title in 2002/2003 by 1 goal, and in 2004/2005 by 1 point. The latter became known as Helicopter Sunday. The former was the centrepiece of a domestic treble where tax cheats Ronald De Boer and Barry Ferguson EBT (£2.5m) figured prominently

The fact that each and every player in McLeish’s 2005 title-winning team was evading tax and illegally registered was not known at that time. Lord Nimmo Smith would later have us believe that Rangers did not have a competitive advantage as Celtic could have also cheated by not properly registering their players and not paying the tax that was due. The Supreme Court’s Lord Hodge gave Nimmo Smith and his kangaroo court a swift kick up the arse.

McLeish acknowledged that he could not have competed against Martin O’Neil’s juggernaut without recourse to EBT. All seven titles won by McLeish were in the 15 that would have been rescinded from the Ethereal Entity had it been admitted to the SPL. In many ways I wish it had been as the titles would have been stripped and we could all have moved on.

Petrie is rubbing Lawwell’s nose in it. Rangers cheated, depriving Celtic of seven titles, and there’s fuck all that Lawwell can do about it. When the latter requested a review of the procedures that allowed Rangers to engage in systemic cheating he was politely told to go fuck himself.

McRae is a weak man who has trouble keeping his tie out of his soup. He apparently now orders consommé as his blazer and brown brogues have been badly stained. Petrie is the power behind the throne. So suck it up Peter. Rangers cheated and got away with it. If McLeish wishes to appoint Alex Rae EBT (£569,000) Lawwell can but reflect on the cheating that took place on his watch since September 2003.

In other news Murray Foote has been axed from The Daily Record. This title sold an average of 134,087 copies per day in January. In the days when Sir Bribe & Lie was dispensing succulent lamb tidbits they were selling north of 300,000. As a shipbuilder’s son I grew up in a house that took The Record. It doubled as a toilet roll. How apposite.

New editor David Dick has been credited with the ‘strides’ he has made in digital media with Glasgow Live, but surely no-one at this site falls for PR puffery:

Glasgow Live 40,976 visitors per day in January

Mail Online 15,641,619 visitors per day.

Dick is an Aberdeen supporter. This will not go down well with the blue horde that rail against Darren Cooney’s references to zombies in his Twitter feed. Cooney and I once went toe-to-toe on Twitter. He threatened me with legal action. Keith Jackson jumped in to help out his £150,000 per annum Sports Desk editor. One wonders whether Trinity Mirror can afford to retain Cooney. The only guy in his team worth reading is Jackson, other than the occasions where the unseen hand of Yuanker Traynor is up his kilt twisting his meat and two veg. The unseen hand of Darren Cooney on a train has been brought to my attention. Rumour has it that British Transport’s finest were involved. I’m having this checked out as I write. Watch this space.

Meanwhile that other former mainstay of a Scottish Sunday, The Sunday Mail, posted even worse results:

140,743  sales, a drop of 16.31%

Would it be too much to ask if Celtic-hating Gordon Waddell was first out the door from the blood-soaked walls at Central Quay? His father pulled strings to get him the job. However his influence like that of The Sunday Mail has waned.

Who needs The Daily Record or The Sunday Mail when one has access to The Sitonfence Speakeasy where the reportage is additive free?



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21 thoughts on “Go-Between Petrie’s GIRFUY to Peter Lawwell”

  1. As much as I would prefer not to make an entreaty for donations I’m facing an unsustainable deficit this month. I have tried writing premium articles to plug the gap but this has only resulted in more work for me, providing free access to these articles. No-one is prepared to pay for them.

  2. Hi,John.

    They REALLY wanted Sir Walter of Cardigan,but since he was no longer available,they settled for Eck of Feckmeisthatbottleemptyanaw.

    Kind of like the US,settling for Ronald Reagan cos John Wayne was no longer available.

    I’ve had plenty of reasons to ditch my support of the national team,this is the clincher.

    1. ‘Kind of like the US,settling for Ronald Reagan cos John Wayne was no longer available.’
      and getting Donald because Mickey spilled all the water and can’t swim…

  3. JJ, yet another genuine exclusive, just in your opening paragraphs.
    (I dearly wish I could afford to increase my recurring contribution to your costs, and content, but, if/when available, you’ll know)
    Anyway, I had to quit reading early as my blood was racing toward boiling point.
    Your exclusive coverage of Dunblane, Blair and Brown, the McCanns,…….need I say more?
    Suffice it to say, I recognise that filth in what pretends to be ‘society’. As long as I’m made aware, with the help of you, and others, there exists a potential threat to the privileged positions currently held. I am far from alone, and regularly converse, under the radar, with equal minds. Keep doing what you’re doing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. – Nor am I. 🙂

  4. Yogi no chance him and petrie dislike each other.leanne a no go for sfa she’s the buffer between hibs fans and petrie so hes happy with that situation.it was always judises job.

  5. On Thursday before the game I listened to Mr Lawwell the consummate diplomat on BBC Scotland EBT. Unfortunately (in my opinion) he gives the impression that the team from Govan is good for business. Of course he will change his tune should Sevco ever pose an active threat to Celtic in title winning terms. Until such times it’s as you were angry sitonfence speakeasy football fans.

  6. That photo shows quite a motley crew! Brilliantly represents the Corrupt Cabal that together with SPFL and RIFC runs Scottish Football. The SFA is one of the best examples of a Closed Shop. Their first duty and obligation is Self Preservation. Thankfully it is dwindling pool they can draw from. The new manager was always going to be someone they can rely on. Walter, EBT McLeish, now watch Big EBT select every Scottish player RIFC has as he adds millions to their value. Closed shop corrupt cabal – Only in Scotland! 🙂

  7. When the cold shoulder descends on the De Facto Newco Chairman will the SFA banish him from any involvement in Scottish football or will McRae, Petrie and Bryson come up with a ruse to keep him on board?
    Perhaps Bryson will come up with something along the lines of ‘come on guys, nobody’s perfect, this has no impact on the club because I read that in the papers so it must be true.
    Aah the golden years when Bryson and Farry were sparring partners.
    No social media then, so absolutely no questioning of the SFA, they could get away with anything, like delaying the registration of a Celtic player because of what?
    Farry paid the price but the guy who provided the bullets for him to fire is still on the premises, apparently untouchable and given a free hand to rule that the DOS/EBT recipients registrations although imperfect were still legible.
    I doubt if East Fife or Livingston would have been given similar treatment if they had followed suit in their registration business.

  8. McLeish, 48 hours in the job and the Americas trip not yet cancelled.
    Is that part of the deal?
    If so he should resign immediately.

  9. Apparently Scotland are very lucky to have eck the evader in charge as they fought off competition from cove rangers for the evader . Cove a small tax haven south of Aberdeen thought they had secured their man following a tie in the soup lunch at hotel du cove perched above the picturesque smugglers bay last tues

    Gawd knows who will risk putting their name on the national strip now with an ebt bronze medallist in charge of the team, BAR L maybe.

  10. I was more than surprised that Alex McLeish accepted this job. At best, he was fourth choice and is being offered a package substantially less than the deal which was offered to O’Neill. But on reflection, the APN may have forced him into eating humble pie. He had no job offers in England whatsoever and £400k a year plus expenses is very generous for a part time job.

    He will continue to live in Wandsworth which is now his family home and fly up to Scotland for meetings with the suits at the SFA as and when necessary.

    Down here in England, we have that very nice chap Gareth Southgate in charge of the national team. And why is Gareth the manager? Well, he can’t get a gig with an EPL club. It is a fabulously paid job, with freebies, and very little pressure.

    McLeish has taken an easy option and helped out the SFA who ran out of options. They will be thrilled that he accepted to save face.

    This farce of an appointment and a process which has been conducted in the public domain demonstrates just how intellectually and morally weak the SFA really is. Integrity and leadership are strangers within the corridors of Hampden.

  11. Call me out of touch, but what exactly is Glasgow Live? just had a look at its abysmal mix of puff pieces, pseudo sensationalism, and awfully written news stories. If this is the future of the Record, and i am sure there are more shitey listicles etc on the way, then god help them and i would predict an even more precipitous crash dive for its circulation figures.

  12. Obviously attending all these cove rangers midweek games during his Aberdeen years has paid off for Big EBT. Surely he is utd with his social taxes,the sfa can’t play matches with a crystallized tax bill in charge.

    Ah mean if we all had been given a bag of smarties with 1.7million in surely just over 10 years later we would all have just over half of the smarties left to give to great uncle hector.

    Just think wee Nick might not have needed to give Scotland the highest tax rate in the UK if Big EBT and his evader pals hadn’t cheated us all or is she getting ready for TRFC’S next “dump”.

  13. Any Tartan Army fan should be talking to their mates and ensure next to nobody turns up for the upcoming friendlies.
    With regards to the blazers summer holiday to the Americas McLeish at least has recognised the problem this will give the teams qualifying for European competitions.
    Bringing in fringe players will be his answer till one of his bosses refers him to the contract signed by Regan that Scotland will turn up with a first choice squad and not one filled with players no one in South America has heard of!

  14. With regards to people being given jobs in the SMSM, about 18 years ago when Rangers were at their cheating zenith, I knew a chap called Ford, whose daddy had invented the Rangers mortgage (seriously, fans could get a Rangers mortgage with some cash going towards the establishment).

    His daddy was a pal of SDM so he could pull a few strings. He managed his son to get a job writing football reports in the Daily Retard, as the son wanted to break into journalism as he was useless at everything else. Problem was, the son knew as much about football as Lulu.

    What follows is barely believable, but it was my job (as his ‘pal’) to teach the son the offside rule. This was duly explained on my kitchen table using a salt ‘n’ pepper set. A couple of weeks after starting the gig, I asked him how he was getting on with covering the third division for the ‘Winner’ pullout as it was known then. He said it was a doddle as all he done was copy earlier reports and simply replace the names of the scorers.

    Is it any wonder the Daily Retard is in such dire straits now? In the words of Windsor Davies, – “Oh Dear. How sad. Never mind.”

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