A Slow Boat From China

For the president to come out and introduce the new manager as a mate for years, and having been the chairman of his testimonial committee, is just staggering. The lack of awareness in that organisation is beyond belief and I’ve never been so angry, and it’s not Alex McLeish because I hope that he goes on and does a good job. Where is the strategic planning? They’ve now effectively said that the chief executive role is almost immaterial because they’ve made the big call without them. Let’s be honest, we all hear the chat, we’re all in the industry. And the talk is that we know there’s a split board at the SFA. The chat is that Rod Petrie and Alan McRae have got their man, and in return the other faction are going to be allowed to get the chief executive. That’s not for the betterment of Scottish football. That is politicking. And it is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.” Michael Stewart on Sportsound.

McRae and Petrie – The Little and Large of the SFA – fought tooth and nail to retain Regan as they knew he had their backs. If Michael Stewart is to be believed, and I see no reason to doubt him, they will have a say but not the final say in the appointment of a Chief Executive. Moribund McRae is a small man with a small mind from a small club. The most apposite epithet for McRae is that he is a homunculus. As we saw from the fiasco of last season’s Scottish Cup draw McRae could not organise a piss-up in Stewart Regan’s brewery (Coors). I do not anticipate that any new chief executive would agitate for his removal. It would not take much to provide him with the occasional bowl as one might do with a stray cat that has formed an attachment to your doorstep.

However the new SFA ‘dynamo‘ may have a difficult call to make on Petrie. Petrie chaired three meetings of the licence committee which gave Rangers a green light to participate in UEFA football whilst ignoring the elephant in the room of a £2.8m overdue payable. Alastair Johnston in an interview published in The Daily Record on 1st April admitted the existence of this liability and expressed concern about how it would be paid. Surely this should have raised a red flag at the SFA who made the final submission to UEFA fifteen days later? It did not. Did the licence committee hide behind the 31st March cut-off and ignore Johnston’s revelations.

Was Petrie kissing Ogilvie’s arse to ascend the greasy pole? It is my firm conviction that Petrie was cozying up to Ogilvie and Dickson and conveniently looked the other way when Rangers pulled a fast one.

When Regan rocked up at the SFA almost eight years ago he took on one of the most vile bigots to ever wear black and had the cojones to eschew his offer to call off a strike by Scottish if he were to be reinstated. Will the new SFA chief executive have the cojones to take Petrie to task?

Petrie needs a RRM at the helm of the SFA more than most. One can but hope that Michael Stewart is correct in his analysis. As for Alex McLeish EBT I just don’t rate him. There is a reason his last position came to an end in sixty-five days and that he has been out of the game since May 2016. He is just not good enough. As we saw with Scotland and Birmingham/Aston Villa, he has no loyalty whatsoever. His only concern seems to be his next pay-day and how much he can evade in tax. He was not even good enough to make a return to Ibrox, so why on god’s green earth is this unemployable coach in charge of the Scottish team? If he panders to Ibrox and attempts to cap their players to boost their resale value he will fall on his arse. One can but hope that he does and burns McRae and Petrie in the process.

Someone who is pleased with the McLeish EBT appointment had the following to offer on Ibrox Noise:

If the stories over the past two or three weeks have highlighted any one thing, it is genuine fear from the rest of Scottish football that Rangers are slowly creaking back towards the summit of our game. For one, we now have a good bluenose as Scotland manager again, and believe you me, 99% of Scottish football is not happy at all about it. Mostly, the ‘he left us in the lurch’ nonsense is used as their case against him, despite the fact he is technically the most successful Scotland manager in history with incredible wins over the best team in the world and an all time high ranking with FIFA. Trust us, if he was a Celtic man, the game north of the border would be absolutely happy with him regardless of any ‘history’. That he is likely to Make Scotland Great Again has absolutely no relevance to these people.

But that is only part of the story; Scottish football is absolutely falling all over itself to claim the Alfredo Morelos saga is absolute fiction, that Rangers have made up a bidding war for reasons unknown to themselves, and that there is simply no way a free-scoring 21-year old Colombian who is top scorer here could possibly be worth £11M even though transfer fees have absolutely catapulted since the days when Celtic’s 23-year old free scoring Gary Hooper moved south for around £6M.

Even some of our own fans believe the story to be hogwash, as if the board is pulling the wool over our eyes. And guess what – all the doubters may be correct. But is it not funny that this story must be fiction but every other player who moved to China for £stupid is perfectly above board? Is it not odd that immediately so many think it is all fabricated but did not have the same instant dubiety at the £9M for Craig Gordon, the £6M for Hooper, the £13M for van Dijk and the same for Wanyama?

No, because it is Rangers Scottish football immediately calls foul, lies, misdemeanours et al simply because they are genuinely concerned beneath the faux mockery that Rangers are actually starting to get somewhere and lo and behold we have a few assets on our hands?

This entry is not saying ‘we are back’ – we have a long way to go and we well know this. But it is comical watching our enemies fall over themselves to cry foul at the first step on our road to recovery because they do not want us anywhere near the second one.

My simple point to them is this;

In response to their issue of claiming Morelos cannot possibly be worth £11M and the story is fantasy, I suggest this;

How can, in this day and age of transfer fees going into the hundreds of millions, a free-scoring Colombian 21-year old NOT be worth £11M?

If Rangers sold the kid for £5M rival supporters would be laughing at woeful mismanagement and mocking the fact we sold our best asset for peanuts, kind of like they did with Barrie McKay.

We learned. And Scottish football will just have to deal with that.”

Is Morelos having his hair cut by a greenkeeper at Glasgow City Council?

The latest to jump on the Morelos bandwagon is The Scotsman, which is hardly surprising given that even a dead cat bounce would be welcome at this failing title.
In Q3 & Q4 of 2017 its average daily sales declined to 17,700. How it’s beleaguered owners Johnston Press can maintain this title must be an affair of the heart and not the head. In the second decade of its existence it had revelations apropos Burke & Hare to tittilate its readers. Now the best it can do is rehash Yuanker Traynor’s latest wet dream.

The Morelos Squirrel is important to the rogue board who have pawned the car park and Edmiston House. It is a fiction that was created to deflect attention from the insolvency at Ibrox.

If the Ibrox Noise correspondent put down his Union Jack tinted spectacles for a moment the reality might just hit home. Close Asset Financing is a lender of last resort.

Rangers Lite is in a death spiral. There is no upside. It’s all downhill from here. When King eventually departs and is on the lam south of the Limpopo the Sevco project will collapse. The prospective share issue, which would have provided temporary relief, will be stillborn. However even if it went ahead Club 1872 would be more than a dollar light and a day late.

Scoring against the worst defence in Scottish football viz Hamilton Academicals does not add zeros to Morelos’ fee. As we witnessed with Barrie McKay the rogue board are adept at inflating the anticipated fee, only to be brought down to earth with a realistic £500,000 bang. Morelos is a greenhorn who should command no more than £1.5m in the close season.

There will be no Chinese New Year purchase of Morelos. He won’t be an offering in a Red 32 envelope. The slow boat from China will be scuttled at sea.



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22 thoughts on “A Slow Boat From China”

  1. Homunculus ? I can see your intention but I regard *incubus* as rather more apposite since they are believed to kill the objects of their desire. Homunculi are usually merely small and ineffectual

  2. A terrific piece and full of killer lines. As you know, the Chinese New Year festivities started on Friday. This is the Year of the Dog and kids throughout China and beyond will be receiving that red envelope stuffed with cash. New year celebrations in China represent joy, enthusiasm and optimism. I frequently shuttled between Kowloon and Shanghai and was always hugely impressed by my hosts’ hospitality and generosity at this time of the year.

    I would like to than you for posting that article from Ibrox Noise. Now, that was very, very funny. Delusional or what? I don’t contribute to other sites other than this site of excellence. Nor do I read the articles. But I shall look up Ibrox Noise. I may have some fun there before I get hammered for being a Tim, papist, fenian, or, in the one and only foray into FollowFollow many, many years ago, a Jewish faggot. But Ibrox Noise definitely is now on my radar screen.

    What on earth are these people thinking of. Rangers have gone to a pawnbroker, the lender of last resort, and borrowed money to see them through till the end of the season. It has been tarted up as a great deal. It has been portrayed as a sign that corporate institutions have renewed confidence in the Ibrox club. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a desperate loan from a desperate club. Close Brothers are the meanest of the mean. If Rangers default on repayments, Close Brothers will shut them down. (CW used them as an emergency loan to keep the hospitality kitchen ovens going.)

    And this is Dave King’s legacy. An empty war chest, broken promises, no transparency, a very cold and frozen shoulder: and finally going to a pawnbroker begging for short term loans on hideously onerous terms. King has pawned off the assets before leaving the club and leaving it in a state of carnage.

    Rangers were in a better state before he turned up as chairman of the holding company. The Rangers fans who read this site should digest that statement. Dave King has come close to destroying Rangers. For the second time.

  3. Other than for the amusement value, I pay no attention to the p@sh on sevco fan websites, or equally the crap produced in the SMSM, much of it at Jabba’s behest. What I do find incomprehensible though, is the arrogance with which this tripe is churned out. It is with the complete confidence that their target audience is thick as pigsh@t, without the acumen to recognise bullsh@t when they see it. That, coupled with the sycophantic and desperate willingness of sevco fans to believe any tripe being pedalled. If anything, it speaks volumes about how media marketing targets specific population groups, and also highlights how uneducated large sections of the population are. It’s unfortunate, but huge swathes of society are so mentally lazy, that they present themselves as willing participants. No only are they a push over, but once “informed”, many then lift the torch and carry on the message. It’s easier just to accept, than to challenge and ask questions. That’s one perspective. The second, peculiarly a Scottish dimension but not exclusive; not only locks the door but ensures it’s barred also. When a brother rallies another brother to their collective cause, then all will help, no questions asked. And that’s also what Sevco and Jabba most assertively capitalise on. Scotland on the surface, presents as an all embracing multi-cultural society. But scratch the veneer, and you’ll find the old prejudices are still a barr to progression for the non-initiated. I believe that it is this “tactical advantage” that the sevco suits hold and which is being used to push-up the transfer valuations of Morelos et al. The power of persuasion, assisted by a like-minded media, supported and believed by a receptive audience, is all that’s required. In a sense, it’ a form of cheating. It’s a slide of hand attempt to rig a market. Often I read commentators posting on this site, who have a go at JJ and others for “obsessing ” on what’s going on at sevco. But what they fail to realise, is that if this institution, supported by a compliant SFA and its subservient media are not challenged, then they will ruthlessly attempt to getaway with anything they like, to the disadvantage of other clubs and their supporters. History will repeat itself. Those critics from other clubs are no better than “move on” Petrie. Scottish football is run like a drug cartel. Effectively, it is greedy and self-serving and there is always one in charge who receives the largest slice. In this case it is sevco – the establishment team. So JJ, keep shining the spotlight. You and other excellent bloggers provide the only avenue open in Scotland to many of us who have never experienced a level playing field.

  4. Once King can’t kick the Takeover Panels decision any further down the road, how could it affect this loan?


    Surely the rest of the board must have checked.

    There’s a lot of singing from the same song sheet across Rangers forums/blogs regarding the loan and Morelos. Questions or dissent seem to be moderated out or dismissed by other contributors.

  5. If I may steal a phrase from author and commentator on US politics Paul Craig Roberts (his book ‘How America Was Lost’ is a must read) I think we should refer to the Peepil as the ‘Sheeple’ since they seem intent on forming a queue and trotting blindly to the slaughter. (Again)

  6. JJ: ‘Alastair Johnston in an interview published in The Daily Record on 1st April admitted…’

    Can we believe anything written in the Daily Record?
    Well, if it’s published on the First of April…?

  7. When watching Mcleish being unveiled with his scotland strip on the pitch Mcrae went in with a 5 knuckle shuffle, before realising he was exposing it to the world he quickly pulls the covering left hand away but please if anyone has access to it please watch.
    You couldnt write the script even if you were the worlds best fiction writer.

  8. The myth that a Chinese club would spend $22,000,000 ($11M+100% tax) on Morelos when they cannot even sign any foreigners was invented to obscure the penury at Ibrox. The myth of an overdraft was invented to hide the rapacious interest bill from a lender of last resort. They are heavily in debt and that debt is getting larger every day. They are borrowing to pay off day to day bills in the hope that the future will bring massive revenue. All the creditors will lose everything. Lenders have lost everything. Club 1872 have lost everything. This is indeed a death spiral.

  9. It’s reported that McRae had his tie in his soup again at last night’s lead swingers ball in Cove,an amazing feat as it was a black tie affair. The chef made sure Al got Pea Soup while all other guests had cream of asparagus.

    Al and his pals are in a real mess of their own making.

    Somebody somewhere in sfa or spfl woke up one morning and punted the idea we have to deal with trfc’s cheating mid stream before the ebt outcome is decided.Their position is equivalent to giving say Albion rovers promotion now before the season and final placings are known.

    To do this they had to find willing conspirators step forward LNS with dos are ebt and ebt are dos and his no unfair sporting advantage from what he clearly must have known was a tax ruse.Heidi poon told us all that rfc had claimed a player’s ebt contribution from the sfa as well as the non side letter part of ‘salary’ when injured on international duty.

    Brysons farcical imperfect but eligible haunts these rogue clowns for immorium time .


  10. I have seen some speculation on other websites that the GLIB one could be using some of his far eastern contacts to fabricate this crazy bid simply as a vehicle to get his money into the UK. Although nothing would surprise us regarding King, surely even he could not pull off such an audacious feat

    1. Why would he want to put more money in at this point. The whole show has limited value as assets are already quoted at a premium and debts must approach net worth . There is little prospect of a share issue, and even if it did happen it would only convert debt to equity without putting more money Into the coffers. Other than this I see little appetite for Corporate or even small investors to participate. It will still be a business running at a loss lnd hence a poor investment vehicle. I just don’t get the end game for King.

  11. Should we be surprised that those in the higher echelons of decision making at the SFA are trying their hardest to preserve their positions and livelihoods by installing individuals sympathetic to their cause? Of course not! However this is not the time to wail or lose sight of the prize – an exorcism of Rangers’ toxic influence. This whole sorry episode is a last gasp attempt to pretend that they are in control, relevant, and in command of Scottish football’s destiny. This is a short term, aggressive power play of desperate pawns. Those who play the long game are patient, allow the opposition to show their strategies, and expend their resources. Their single minded purpose to preserve the old power base are up against power brokers whom they have never fought before. Their game was lost before the first move was made. Patience and determination reward those who know they are in the right. The laws of economics will always win out in the long term: Rangers have debts that need to be paid back in the future thereby depleting future cash resources for current obligations. Concurrently, or should that be concomitantly, the SFA have fatally mortgaged their relevance with those of a dying institution that needs to de-leverage. All cornered animals lash out. Time is on the side of all football fans who want to see Scottish football run by those who who can properly administer the game professionally – and it will. However, it will not be as quick as most would like. But it will happen. Although the collateral damage may be significant, and Scottish Football may be in the doldrums for a while (I hope not), Winter is coming for Petrie and McRae. And King and co are about to be check-mated.

  12. I see Flemings best prospects showed their real worth at the weekend.
    Beaton….. How did he ever make it to the top? He’s clueless.
    Son of Dallas….. Watched an Aberdeen player brutally assault a Hibs opponent right in front of him yet refused to show what would have been a second yellow.
    McLean…..what more is there to say? With a clear view of events he failed to award a stonewall penalty as a player was rugby tackled in the opposition box…. No surprise there as he has plenty of previous yet he still gets the gigs.
    Even with sponsors hard to find by the SFA did no one blink an eye at signing up with Specsavers.
    I’m amazed that they haven’t created an ad yet taking the piss out of our officials.
    God knows it wouldn’t be difficult.
    Whilst Regan,Petrie and McRae are quite rightly lambasted for their contribution to the game in Scotland, others like Fleming and Bryson seem to fly under the radar.
    Is it any wonder that it’s proving difficult to line up a sponsor to replace Vauxhall?
    Who would want to be associated with an organisation mired in allegations of corruption and cronyism?
    At least McLeish recognises that the Americas trip might be a step too far for the players whose clubs will be involved in European conpetition next season and is talking up the opportunities which will open up for others as a result.
    Only a matter of time before one of his bosses takes him aside and points out that the contract signed by Regan clearly states that Scotland will bring their first team to the Americas and not a hopscotch of players none of whom will be familiar to the host countries.
    There’s a lot of mileage left in this story before the blazers pick up their summer attire from Slaters.
    Club v country debate will ramp up the minute Scotland’s European club participants are confirmed.

  13. Another incisive article. Michael Stewart makes some very good points, scary and sad but good points all the same. The SFA is indeed the Wheeltappers and Shunters Club. The lengths to which they will go to astounds even me!! I always seen the Scotland Manager going to one of the boys. Petrie and McRae have their RRM and someone who will maintain the best traditions and practices of World Football’s ( 🙂 ) most corrupt cabal. Scotland is indeed world leader when it comes to Governing Body Self preservation! How many decades have the SFA been able to maintain their corrupt practices? As for the point that the commitee members against the appointment of Big EBT will get to choose their own CEO, the mind does indeed boggle. The pool / black lagoon of vested interests and brothers from which they will choose is a small one but I expect they will get their right man!
    As for the fairy story of the £22M man at Ibrox do our thoughts now turn to the summer and how, with insurmountable debt, no more soft loans and no share issue on the horizon and season ticket funds already spent what price that we are indeed reaching the beginning of the end?

  14. What has Alan McRae done to ascend the greasy pole at the SFA and become President?
    What talents and achievements has he brought to the table?
    Here we have a guy who can’t make a cup draw without messing it up and can’t be trusted to leave the building without a minder, nor is allowed to answer any questions from the media in case he embarrasses himself and the SFA, as if.
    Apart from being a master knuckle cruncher, as amply displayed in his handshake with EBT McLeish, exactly what attributes does he bring to the table?
    It seems that the Tartan Army is less than impressed by the McLeish appointment and the upcoming Pittodrie friendly will result in a major financial loss for the SFA as the fans vote with their feet.

  15. Here is the best two fingers ever to Thai Soup Man McRae. Celtic win the league pre split beat TRFC post split and lose the other four to make sure TRFC can’t embarrass Scottish football again with a Luxembourg type exit.a strong falkirk will help to edge towards a close brothers default.

  16. The figures being bandied by the SMSM remind me of the Qingming Festival when Chinese honour their ancestors. Families burn ‘hell money’, joss paper resembling legal tender bank notes. Perhaps there has been some cross-cultural confusion?
    The Ibrox board have been burning money for a number of years. Unfortunately for them, it is the genuine stuff, although they have mitigated the waste by tapping into sources (some of which have dried up) including board members and supporters. Could the SFA, now that RRM are being levered into the positions of power, be next to be tapped?

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