EBT McLeish & The Big Fix

As Celtic short-changed their season ticket holders at Celtic Park with a second-rate second stringer performance, Ranges Lite closed the gap at the top to 9 points which is not an unassailable lead. Those who anticipated a procession to the seventh successive title win will look to Pittodrie for an improved performance and hope there is no hangover from the Zenit game. Hearts have all the efficacy of maroon bollards when they play at Ibrox so a home win will be a fixed-odds banker. Should the gap slip to six points then it really will be game on. Lite outplayed Celtic in the second half of the last encounter and had it not been for some improvised shot-stopping by Craig Gordon they would have left with all three points. From what I witnessed this weekend Lite’s loan business seems to have stolen a march on Celtic. Should Celtic lose this title to a team playing on fumes there will be no hiding place for Rodgers and his team.

I digress. The main threads of this piece will be the media, McLeish EBT, and some surprising developments at Ibrox. The night of the long knives that ushered in David Dick to the hot seat at The Daily Record has led to a serious schism with Foote’s understudies. I’m sure there is no truth in the rumour that some donned silks to jockey for position? The backbiting has been imparted to your humble correspondent. Apparently Dick has a penchant for describing his female assistants as ‘cyber bitches.‘ One can but hope that he does not change his pitch up and smack his cyber bitch up.

In a previous piece I referred to Darren “The Pouncer” Cooney taking advantage of a clearly ‘tired and emotional‘ young lady on a train. A complaint apropos Cooney’s sexual opportunism was followed up by British Transport’s finest. Cooney was suspended by The Daily Record. One wonders what was paid to the distressed young lady to make the charges go away? Any young lady graduating from journalism school should think twice about a career at this failing title. ‘Real Perverts Run The Record’ has a certain ring to it.

The appointment of the unemployable Alex McLeish EBT to the Scotland position and the fact that Sir Bribe & Lie would stop at nothing to win silverware has rekindled my interest in match fixing. Craig Whyte in his prospective book treatment referred to a chairman who was prepared to throw a game to secure a title win by Rangers. He did not name ‘names’ but was he referring to Dunfermline and their team’s 6-1 reverse at Ibrox which delivered the first of two titles to EBT McLeish? Chris Sutton was censured by the SFA for asserting that Jimmy Calderwood’s charges laid down to Rangers however could the prosaic fact be that they were paid to do so?

I remember the occasion as if it were yesterday. BBC Scotland sent its crack outside broadcast unit to Ibrox while dispatching a couple of CFC talking heads, two cans and some string to Rugby Park to cover Celtic’s game. CFC duly hit 4 without reply. Rangers who had cruised to a 5-1 lead unimpeded then slotted their sixth goal home with consummate ease. McLeish’s EBT All Stars won the league Championship by that single goal. Champagne was delivered to the Dunfermline dressing room. The losing team’s win bonuses were secure. It was a great piece of theatre. It was however a fix, scripted by Murray and executed with aplomb by Calderwood. The early goal by Dunfermline from an implausible distance was a squirrel that Yuanker Traynor would have been proud of.

Colour me surprised but the SFA looked away. When one later discovered that the majority of the Rangers team were being paid off the books the SFA continued to look away. On March 19, fifteen years will have passed since Rangers got away with this serial murder of sporting integrity. McLeish EBT celebrated in the Ibrox sun like the result was a surprise to him. Did he have a betting slip with 6-1 in his jacket pocket? Or was Calderwood given the honour as payment in kind?

News from Martin Williams – who will forever be remembered for his Engine Room Subsidiary Lite metaphor – that Stewart Robertson pulled down a whopping £281,000 which included a £64,000 bonus, truly beggars belief. What part of his KPI was triggered by a doubling of Lite’s losses? Was he recompensed for his initiative in finding a lender with an awning consisting of three brass balls?

On the subject of cojones the odious Andrew Dickson trousered £174,000 to partake in a game of rock, paper, scissors with his pockets and zipper fly. He is a man of many resolutions. I don’t need to date an old slapper with a crystal ball to predict that Resolution 12 will take a leading role in Dickson’s future.

As for Robertson will the SFA increase the Chief Executives’s salary to lure him to Hampden? Is Petrie briefing him on the QT as he did with Charles Green?

The SFA would exhume Jimmy Saville’s decomposed cadaver if he could fix it for them.








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23 thoughts on “EBT McLeish & The Big Fix”

  1. Proof JJ?
    Your suggesting it was a fix but where is the proof?

    I’m not for one minute claiming you are wrong JJ but your claim of a fix needs to be backed up by proof surely?

    Otherwise you are just giving the anti JJ folk a reason to mock your articles.

    1. Proof as in a signed confession or an admission in court? No can do. But there were leaks and a report to the SFA which fell on deaf ears. As for the detractors. If they put their balls on the line and create their own award-winning site then I might just pay attention.

      1. To be honest JJ it would be brilliant if you can get your hands on the smoking gun (proof) so these cheating bastards get blew out the water.

        Keep at them.

  2. MacKay shouldn’t have gotten the interim gig on moral grounds. McLeish shouldnt have the permanent gig on moral grounds. The SFA should be looking at its handling of Rangers and any unfair advantage on moral grounds. Slight aside – but claiming the LNS comments on “no sporting advantage” can’t be challenged is BS – he was never remitted to draw an opinion on that and no evidence therefore was ever presented to him to draw such a conclusion.

    What’s clear as day is that moral corruption is pervasive in the SFA and no barrier to employment there. I may well stick a few quid on Cooney turning up as an SFA employee.

  3. There is no doubt that it is time for all good brothers to come to the aid of the Self Preservation Society and The Establishment Club. EBT McLeish is a stick on. A cloak will be drawn over any impertinent questions relating to Tax or Ibrox Team selection and the summer trip to SA will be a definite to prod the CFC players and their club as EBT and the SFA look to exert some authority. I remember back in the day Big EBT bought his home in bearsden, o/o £400k. He paid nearly £1M if I remember correctly. Its easy when yuo have access to £1.7M and are not paying tax! A book on the shenanigans of Scottish football would be a bestseller 🙂 Match Fixing, Tax Dodging, Craftwork, Agents cum Lawyers cum Bent Trade Unionists, CEO’s, Knighthoods, Criminals et all. However would it be believable? 🙂
    You are correct that only 9 points lead brings it into possibility. MIB will of course assist as will HOMFC ( another annoymous doner? Where else would that be allowed?) but if CFC are denied the title then look no further than their CEO and Manager who slept through January despite un heard of cash available. RIFC have gambled the Big House on this season. No money to rebuild in the summer and no cash for a new manager. Its Murty’s gig as cheapest man standing unless the wheels come off spectacularly and Big EBT goes back

      1. Aye and make sure Madden the sevco supporter his own words gets more and more sevco matches.Only in Scotland would you be allowed to referee your own clubs matches and the SFA,FIFA and UEFA sit on their hands and do nothing.

    1. I like your analogy of of the Board going all-in, with the forlorn hope of winning the Premiership or the big cup (as a consolation prize). Desperation breeds warped thinking; a major trophy might leverage more ‘investment’ from board members, RRM, supporters or other investors.

      Surely Big Eck isn’t that dense to head back onboard a sinking ship?

  4. I’ve been told that Hugh Keevins was barred from entering into a Masonic club at a function for making derogatory remarks. about the SFA apparently it was in a newspaper very recently !

    1. I believe he has been barred from his local bowling club, of which I believe he’s not a member.

      His crime?

      Comparing a bowling club committee unkindly with the SFA.

  5. Would’ve liked a win yesterday (obviously) but happy for Brendan to put all the eggs into the Zenit basket and give us the best possible opportunity to progress on Thu. The current injury list was always going to limit the strength of team that was available for yesterday.

    Should we progress in Europe & if the gap ever reduces to 6 points then we may need to prioritize. In Brendan we trust.

  6. This might be a really silly question, but according to the law of club immortality, how exactly did Rangers live but Airdrieonians (1878) die? Is it because one holding company vehicle can’t own the immortal souls of two clubs (Clydebank being the other)?

    Serious question, as I was thinking Rangers may buy op the eternal essences of other clubs to stay the most successful in Scotland.

    1. But Rangers DIDN’T live… we all know that. THEY know that.
      . the present day fiasco is piece of wishful thinking fantasy to appease a large and volatile audience.
      Gretna FC went bust and a NEW CLUB called Gretna 2008 FC are now participating proudly back at their realistic level.
      Rangers 2012 FC should have seized the opportunity to rebuild steadily without all the madness that has occurred over the past six years. But that would never have appealed to the Billy Boy Bully Boy mentality.

  7. When it comes to match fixing and corruption in Scotland you need look no further than Rangers,Sevco and the SFA. How many honest mistakes must we endure? We all know that Sevco will draw Celtic in the semifinals and that the remaining two derby games will be given to the odious Madden. It is as predictable as the sun will set that it defines Scotland as easily the most corrupt country in Europe.

  8. 5 months and counting…. Have dumb and dumber reined in the Compliance Officer’s review of the murky world of SFA licencing procedures?
    Everyone knows that the Newco UEFA licence application was fraudulent due to the unpaid wee tax bill.
    A ten minute investigation would have confirmed this.
    Who signed off for Newco on the application?
    This is a Police Scotland matter. A major fraud has been perpetrated in broad daylight.
    Those responsible and those involved in the subsequent cover up should be brought to account.
    There is no time bar on fraud crimes, just what is the Compliance Officer doing?
    Do the SFA think that because the media has been silenced that the matter will just fade away?
    Has McLeish taken up the poisoned chalice and been instructed to pick the strongest squad possible for the blazers jaunt to the Americas and damn the consequences for any Scottish team involved in UEFA qualifying competitions?
    Would anyone be surprised with dumb and dumber calling the shots?

  9. In light of William Hill being fined £6.2 Million for money laundering, should the SFA drop them as sponsors to protect the integrity of our game in Scotland?

    1. They would have to be firm on where the funding is coming from to support some of the clubs.
      But when you self certificate and tick the No We Are Not Money Laundering box all is well….. Just as is the case with ‘do you have overdue taxes?’ when half the people in the room already know the answer.

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