Going Nuclear In Dunfermline

Rosyth Naval yard’s proximity to Dunfermline has no bearing on this article. The ‘Going Nuclear‘ of the title comes from a tweet by Barcabhoy.  However as we avidly awaited him blowing the lid on match fixing in Scottish football he evidently demurred. Paul Brennan is also apparently ‘in the know‘ but won’t open the football with the codes.

I have the highest regard for Mr. Brennan. I also hold another peer James Forrest in high regard. James described me as a Conspiracy Theorist Par Excellence in one of his pieces. However I’m not a flat-earth advocate living in a lead-encased room with a direct line to a lunar base of my imagination.

I contend that the Apollo Lunar Landings were an elaborate hoax and that the astronauts who engaged in this hoax never left a lower Earth orbit. The Russians tracked their orbits and were quick to dismiss the U.S. Cold War triumphalism. However the truth was subsumed by a much more seductive rhetoric. Those who wrapped themselves in The Stars & Stripes and chanted U.S.A. had no idea that they had been hoodwinked by the CIA and Stanley Kubrick. The former assassinated JFK from a building adjacent to the School Book Depository and from a vantage point behind a wooden fence on a grassy knoll. It was a triangulated ‘turkey shoot.’ When the FBI uncovered the ‘death squad‘ that had been assembled to assassinate foreign leaders, with Fidel Castro at the top of their hit list, they coerced the members of Warren Commission to pin the blame on Oswald. The ‘Home of the brave‘ had to be shielded from America’s foreign policy realpolitik.

I look at the facts and piece them together. I pierce the corporate veil. I deconstruct the sophistry of Anglo-American foreign policy. I don’t accept anything at face value. I don’t accept accidents of convenience. MI6 assassinated Diana Spencer as she represented a clear and present danger to the House of Saxe-Coburg. A threat as credible as the anti-Germanic sentiment in The Great War which prompted King George The Fifth to change their name by Royal proclamation to The House of Windsor in 1917.

It is my firm conviction that Dunfermline FC conspired with Rangers FC to subvert the result of a football match so as to provide the one goal advantage which gifted the title to Alex McLeish and his EBT All Stars on the final day of season 2002/2003. 

My assertion in yesterday’s article, which was rich in factual insights on what passes for the media in Scotland, was challenged by the following comment:

Proof JJ?
You’re suggesting it was a fix but where is the proof? 
I’m not for one minute claiming you are wrong JJ but your claim of a fix needs to be backed up by proof surely? Otherwise you are just giving the anti JJ folk a reason to mock your articles.”

The anti-JJ folk include those who state that my nine-years old daughter is a child prositute who is going to be brutally gang-raped in short order. She is then going to be kicked to death as they engage in an impromptu ‘Bouncy Bouncy.’ I could contact Police Scotland but all they would do is pass on her details to the Orange Order paramilitaries. Just as they did when passing on my details to same.

Police Scotland are at the forefront of these evil sects and work hand in glove with the most vile in society. In my adopted country the general rule of thumb is not to call the police under any circumstances as all they will do is mug you. Police Scotland would mug you while singing The Billy Boys.

The estimable Mr. Brennan of CQN fame wrote:

CELTIC PARANOIA? All in the mind? A developing story.

Imagine what would be discovered if you were to pilfer through an old shipwreck of an East Coast football club that had somehow managed to make it back on to dry land?

Discoloured, creased and unframed pennants of a bygone era when your beloved club was a European force.

Old stained photographs of legends who would turn in their graves on account of the underhand dealings that brought their club to its knees.

Frayed, unwashed, matchworn jerseys, embroidered with famous Scottish Cup final appearances under a crest that once graciously adorned the chest of 1960s icons.

And piles and piles of incriminating paperwork.

Well, this is Scottish football after all. In going through the remnants of a once-proud bastion of community spirit, the new captain of this vessel has unearthed damaging evidence that would, without question bring the Scottish game into disrepute.

This admission was the subject of a CQN Magazine exclusive last week, and it was our initial intention to blow the story wide open. Until the SFA got in touch and not just the once. The governing body wants to know more. And we had plenty to show them after the work done over the past few months by a senior investigator with a decade of experience at s senior level.

Today, taped interviews and emails have been seized by the powers-that-be at Hampden, and a formal period of preliminary investigation is now underway.

This case is now live, and, as such, we are duty-bound to refrain from providing any further details that may prove prejudicial to the ongoing SFA enquiries. What we will say at this stage, however, is that whilst five-way agreements may well prevent title-stripping, the potential outcome of these paranoia-busting revelations might leave our game’s guardians with no other option. No other option could also be read as no other alternative. And this is only the beginning of what is a developing story.”

Mr. Brennan chose his words carefully. Much has been made of the word ‘seized.’ One might reasonably conclude that some of these documents originated at the SFA or SPL. Nothing came of the SFA investigation. Is it not high time that Mr. Brennan put his findings in the public domain? If he has irrefutable proof of match fixing he should publish and be damned. I personally would not hesitate. I would burn the cheats at the stake given half a chance. A fate some have in mind for me, albeit with a burning tyre around my waist twist. Last time I checked I was a social media commentator, not a Mexican Cartel drug mule gone rogue.

Mr. Brennan was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist by the Chairman of Dunfermline  FC who wrote:

“Tuesday, 8th Aug 2017

Club Chairman, Ross McArthur, would like to make the following statement.

I am extremely disappointed to have to release the following statement, particularly as the subject matter below has proven to be an unnecessary distraction today on the eve of a very important cup match at Ibrox Stadium tomorrow evening.

However, as ever I wish our own supporters to be fully aware of the facts, and put to bed some of the ludicrous accusations that have been put to me today by the wider media. Like most other SPFL Clubs, we were contacted a couple of weeks ago by a number of supporters asking for our club to make a public statement following the review of the recent Rangers Tax Case.

Myself and my fellow Board members took the decision not to do so, as our business practice since taking over the club from the administrators, has always been not to comment on any matters that do not adversely affect Dunfermline Athletic Football Club today. As a club, we still have a lot of bridges to rebuild. However, out of courtesy I believe you should always take the time to respond to someone who has written to our club. Therefore, I liaised with my fellow Board member (and Supporter Liaison Officer), Drew Main and we individually responded to each person who wrote to us.

Most of the emails we received were from DAFC supporters, some were not. In our reply, we tried to be honest as we could and to make the point that we felt it would be entirely hypocritical of us to try and make any mileage by commenting on another Scottish football club, as our own club had itself already brought Scottish football into disrepute, when it went into administration in 2013, and we had to be mindful we were in no position to take the moral high ground.

Without spelling that out, clearly if DAFC could not pay its own staff, players, other clubs and HMRC then most reasonable people would understand that you have brought the game into disrepute.Last week I was then contacted by the SFA, as one of the recipients of the email had clearly not been satisfied with our reply, or was attempting to create an issue, and had asked our governing body to investigate further.

I can confirm that the SFA sent me one email, which I fully responded to the same day, explaining that the recipient was either attempting to make mileage in some way, or had taken our reply out of context. There has been no further dialogue between DAFC and the SFA.

I can also confirm that there was never at any time, reference to former managers, other clubs or previous matches ‘“ this is totally spurious. There are a lot of positive things happening in Scottish football, and there a lot of good people within our respective clubs and at our governing bodies who are working very hard to promote and showcase our national game, and it is disappointing that everyone cannot focus their energy into looking forward, rather than trying to constantly undermine the credibility of our game’.

Ross McArthur

Would Mr. McArthur like to confirm or deny reports that each and every Dunfermline board member would ask one what school one attended prior to a contract offer being made?

A cynic might conclude that the SFA ‘seized’ the documents on the pretext of mounting an investigation, or that an honest engagement was spiked by Regan and his corrupt sidekicks McRae and Petrie. All the more reason for Mr. Brennan to go to print.

The Rangers EBT All Stars of the 2003 vintage were £80m in debt to “EBTs and $1m bribes ‘R’ Us” aka The Bank of Scotland. RFC were under no pressure from the bankers who like to ‘swing the lead.’ However the same could not be said about Dunfermline who were in financial peril.

It has been alleged that SDM would keep the Bank of Scotland wolves from Dunfermline’s door if Mr. Calderwood did him a solid. Sir Bribe & Lie was pushing against an open door with Hun’s Hun Jimmy Calderwood. The latter is Orange to his very core. His very complexion has a fake-bake orange hue. Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Mr. Orange

There are several reports that DAFC player Derek Stillie is a member of a flute band.


As I have not heard the Netherton Road Flute Band’s rendition of  The Famine Song I cannot comment on its efficacy as a motivational tool. Perhaps Derek Stillie could shed some light on the matter.

One eagerly awaits the day when all the available information is in the public domain. What are you waiting for Mr. Brennan?













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28 thoughts on “Going Nuclear In Dunfermline”

  1. As much as I value JPG’s £1 per month donation and others of £2, they won’t put a dent in this month’s bills as they fall due. Many of my most valued contributors are conspicuously absent this year. Time is fast running out on this month. Please give some thought to our site’s continued existence. Don’t stand idly by and let it die.

  2. Absolutely explosive writing JJ.
    If this doesn’t put the cat amongst the mice and flush them out of their infested dwellings, then these lowlifes will bury whatever they have for a soul into the cesspit of lies and deception until they die.

  3. Hopefully the truth will out however Alan Thompson did miss a penalty that day to my horror which would have given Celtic the title on goals scored im sure that was the case. But I wouldn’t put it past being a fix after all Rangers deid/sevco are allowed to brake every rule then and now

    1. Had Thompson scored, both teams would have been even on goal difference but Rangers would still have taken the title having scored two more goals than Celtic.

  4. I watched this game live on BBC. I’m just saying what I saw and that was a Dunfermline side who played pretty well for an hour or so (didn’t they equalise?) Rangers ran over the top of them towards the end which can happen to teams away to the Old Firm. On the same day that Rangers won by five goals at home, Celtic won by four goals at Killie. Did Killie lie down too?

    1. Considering they were wasting time from the kick-off and Ally Mahood put Shaun Maloney out for a season with a leg-breaker in the first few minutes, I don’t think so. The biggest time-waster was former Celt Gordon Marshall who, along with his teammates, celebrated liked they had won the league at the final whistle. Yeah, they sure lay down that day.

    2. They did equalise. And within 3 minutes had hit the bar and were denied by a world class save from Klos. Rangers went up the park minutes later and made it 2-1.

  5. Jusy last week I was thinking what has happenned to the Dunfermline papers seized by the SFA so I’m glad you raised it in this article. With Regan gone, and the compliance officer MIA it might never be seen again. All the more reason that those who have copies(as they will have) to rattle their sabres. Small mid month donation made, sorry it can’t be more .

    JJ: Every little helps buddy.

  6. John contributed before under a different guises and I’m sure I will again but ive honestly not been enjoying your stuff in the last wee while. It’s seems to me Sevco are not going burst and now it’s back to ETB’s and the like and it’s a bit of a waist of time in all honesty. I would take a break from this kind of whole thing for a while and come back refresh with some of the humdingers of anti Hun and Glib stuff you did before. If I see a good yin don’t worry I’ll spend but not a regular one I’m sorry.

  7. This is one big conspiracy theory unless their is evidence for us all to see to prove this. It seems JJ the high profile conspiracy cases you tend to push and believe the far fetched theory. I note there have been several moon landings and there are independant photos from other sources still showing the remains of all the moon landings today.

    We need you to keep pursuing the SFA on their investigation and delivery of their report on the Rangers stadium UEFA registration, this is where they will have no where to hide. Once this is in the public domain and SFA are found culpable, this provides leverage to pursue the other issues based on cover ups and corruption. Keep up the good work JJ.

    1. The Stereoscopic Parallax shows that the mountains on the supposed first moon landing (ha ha) were no more than 300 metres away; not the far distance as NASA imply.
      There are no independent photos when it comes to the moon and space, just one organised cabal that pull the strings of the various agencies, corporations and politicians.
      To continue believing “their” lies just dooms us as a species and accelerates “their” long term plan for the sycophants and the deluded.
      Welcome to Enki’s Machine Kingdom.

    2. “Independent photos from other sources still showing the remains of all moon landings today” – Really John? Don’t think so – where are your links? The only people to put out photos of the supposed landing sites was…….NASA – and here these “photos” are being shown as being the usual NASA pathetic crap quality considering they were using the same Google Earth quality cameras from much closer down to these “landing sites” than Google Earth does for their images and yet the NASA images were pish in comparison. As Mark Twain said “It is easier to fool the people than convince the people that they have been fooled” and the people have always been getting fooled from the day they were born to the day they die because they would rather live in a world of drivel than actually run their own lives or think for themselves :

  8. The ongoing Investigation by the Compliance Officer should tell us everything we need to know about how the SFA will be playing this. If it takes them over 5 MONTHS to arrive at a decision on something so blatant and obvious as the 2012 UEFA licence application then its fair to say that something like this will be buried for ever.
    Refer also to the WiFi case.
    This corrupt mob are Teflon coated.
    If PB has this silver bullet then it should be thrown into the public domain…it’s far too convenient for the authorities to cite all this shite about “may prove prejudicial” shite as they try to throw a blanket over it.
    They’re weak and under pressure so get it out there and flush them out;-make them actively address and defend the allegations in a public forum.

    PS – small as hoc donation made.

    JJ: Much appreciated buddy.

  9. The word ‘seized’ startled me too. I concur, Paul Brennan should have made his findings public. I can’t think of one single reason why it would affect the ultimate outcome and actuality of it all. And, what lawful powers does a sports organisation have to ‘seize’ anything from an independent commentator/observer/investigator?

    Brilliant writing again JJ. I particularly like James Ellroy’s take on Kennedy’s assassination in American Tabloid and in The Cold Six Thousand. Recommended reading if you haven’t already done so.

  10. I’m such a jaded cynic as a result of witnessing the goings on ….

    .. that I’m not beyond thinking that not only have the ‘seized’ recordings and documents long since been deleted/shredded… But … That the people who could and should have published at first opportunity have been ‘got at’ in one way or another to indefinitely delay any further ‘noise’ on the matter.

  11. It seems logical that if a third party (PB) had this information, then CFC must have had it too (or at least been aware of the fix).
    Apart from Chris Sutton’s understandable raging in the post-match interview, not a lot was said at the time by CFC.
    Are CFC part of the cover-up?
    Like on many, many other occasions, why don’t they speak up ?!?

  12. The only player that I was suspicious of was Stillie. And clearly the team weren’t set out to contain Rangers as should’ve been the case, but I don’t think anyone could suggest the rest of the players chucked it.

    End of season, nothing to play for and had their flip flops in the team bus as they were straight to Shagaluf after the match, and they were up against an EBT loaded team and 50000 fans screaming them on. Any team in that situation would’ve been humped (as shown by Killie). I believe Calderwood did his bit to ensure the humping, his record against the Old Firm shows he knew how to lose a game heavily to them.

    I also don’t see how SDM could keep Bank of Scotland off our backs. We were owned by the Bank’s former chief Exec. It was him bankrolling SDM.

    1. It is my contention that up to five players were not trying that day. As much as I agree that the EBT All Stars could have run up a cricket score against Dunfermline on any given Sunday, Sir Bribe & Lie and Calderwood would not have left this to chance. RFC needed a five goal advantage and this was delivered in injury time. Had Celtic scored with the penalty that they missed it would have been 7-1.

    2. Rangers: Klos, Ricksen, Moore, Amoruso, Numan, Ferguson, Arteta, Caniggia (McCann 45), de Boer, Mols (Thompson 62), Arveladze.
      Subs Not Used: McGregor, Malcolm, McLean.

      Booked: Ferguson.

      Dunfermline: Stillie, Bullen, MacPherson (Walker 70), Scott Wilson, Grondin (Dempsey 45), Dair, Nicholson, Mason, McGroarty (McGarty 77), Brewster, Crawford.
      Subs Not Used: Ruitenbeek, McNicol.

      Booked: MacPherson, Scott Wilson, Bullen.

      Referee: S Dougal (Scotland).

  13. Scottish football at its best Arbroath and peterhead left their cities before Barcelona left theirs for tonight’s games.

  14. To fix a game you need 22 players and the management in on the fix or it is a bit of a lottery. So I doubt any game in Scotland has been fixed.

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