A Streetcar named Clusterfuck

Is Celtic a top 50 European club? Yes they are ranked 46 by UEFA. However had they prevailed against FC Zenit St. Petersburg who are ranked 19, it would have been a major shock. One can look at the weaknesses in De Vries and Lustig and the revolving door central defence pairings but in the final analysis they were not expected to win on aggregate. Even if Ralston and Kompper had been fit it would have been a big ask. As Celtic fans pack away their passports for another season they should not be despondent. The cricket score losses to PSG and Bayern Munich need to be addressed as the squad’s morale was decimated by these reverses. A successful club pursuing unprecedented back-to-back trebles will not have to wait more than seventy-two hours to remount. They will be back in the saddle on Sunday in a game that could define the ensuing 10 game run-in to the title.

The one trick pony that is Hearts will capitulate to Rangers Lite faster than a 15 minute trick hooker in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The financial carnage off the park is not reflected in the squad that are training for a tilt at the title and a Scottish Cup double. Make no mistake about it. Murty and Red Hand Nicholl are planning to take out Celtic this season. One slip at Pittodrie and there will be a run on fishermen’s waders and and the heist of a blood transfusion unit after its tenure at a Catholic Teacher Training College.

This season could be the last hurrah for the Sevco project. They are going to hell in a streetcar named Clusterfuck. Murty’s minions may have the desire, but they are being led by a career criminal wielding captive bolt pistols in both hands who is hell bent on putting the Gullibillies out of their misery.

The Cold Shoulder and Contempt of Court proceedings will sap the life out of Ibrox and Murray Park, leaving behind a petrified forest. Should TRFCL default on the Close Asset Finance deal, The Cold Shoulder would be no more than a touch of rheumatism on the 93rd Floor of The North Tower on 9/11.

The Govan Hillblillies are wont to chant:

The cry was no surrender surrender or you’ll die (DIE DIE),
With heart and hand and sword and shield we’ll guard old derrys walls,
When james and all his rebel scum came up to bishops gate,
With heart and hand and sword and shield we’ll guard old derrys walls…

However they would need more than a sword and shield to defend against the Close attack dogs. Stones Ashford engaged in a £2.49m loan from the  finance house of last resort. £2.24m was secured on plant machinery and equipment, while another £0.25m was unsecured. Close had their receivers in so fast that the shop floor resembled a crime scene. They auctioned off everything, including machinery that had been nailed down, for 10% of its value. The liquidation of a hollow hulk was initiated in January.

When the season ticket money begins to trickle in the smart play would be to pay off CLL immediately, and send Murphy & Cummings packing. If the rogue board wait until the eleventh hour and let this deal expire on the 2nd of February 2018, there will be more blood spilled on The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive than on Derry’s Walls.

Close Leasing Limited will not be taking prisoners.




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5 thoughts on “A Streetcar named Clusterfuck”

  1. The result last night was no surprise with Zenit always favourites.
    We live in interesting times. This weekend will, I expect, see CFC lead cut to 6 points. Lawwells famous January parsimony might yet wield a nail biter but CFC will prevail. HOMFC will provide no barrier to RFC. A club whose financial structure allows annoymous seven figures donations ( Where else would this be allowed?) are trounced by a club who have cashed in every perceivable chip and are allowed to do so by a compliant Corrupt Governing Body. (Where else would this be allowed?) Bets must be on a penalty award in first 20 minutes to the home side to ensure the game is done by half time. When was there last a penalty to the away side? 🙂 As Big EBT advised privately and publicly, better for RFC to be all in this year to stop the current run of CFC titles than run the risk of Lawwell loosening the purse strings in the summer and beyond to get CFC 10IAR. The pressure is on every brother in every walk of life to assist in every way they can. CCK and his Corrupt Concert Party have strengthened the on field capability, the RFC skeleton which remains in the summer is of no consequence. Murty and Red Hand will be left with no resources in players and cash unless Morelos is indeed a £10 Million man. I am sure Robertson will adequately trumpet the paying back of the “facility” when the settlement of CL loan will be made 🙂 If it aint on RIFC’s receipt of first tranche of ST Ticket money then the writing is definitely on the wall…

    1. How can Douglas park have shares in hamilton and rangers who play in the same league when Mike Ashley was not allowed to increase his rangers because he had shares in newcastle who don’t even play in the same country

  2. John Beaton is the referee for Saturday’s game. If you genuinely think he will be dishing out penalties to Rangers after his shocking performances so far this season, may I advise you to seek psychiatric help.

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