When The Levee Breaks

There are many readers who step up month after month to support our site. Since the turn of the year those few good men and women have not been joined by the lurkers who read this site every day. Some have even taken to lifting my work wholesale to provoke debate on a rival site. A site where my antipathy to two of their members is well known.

I have therefore decided to password protect my articles until the end of this month and if it’s not a logistics nightmare roll it out in March and beyond.

I have done my best to be all-inclusive, but some individuals have no shame.

Passwords will last for one month. If one has paid a basic subscription of £5.55 or a £5 or more recurring donation, all articles will be free. There will be no additional charges.

I will be compiling a data base of my most valued readers and if I can master the technology send out the passwords by block e-mail.

This month has been a disaster. A 60% dip in receipts. But no corresponding dip in visits and hits.

Those of you who have donated £20 or more will have my e-mail address. Please drop me a line to join.

Others can join by making a 1p donation, assuming that they have subscribed.

The levee has been breached.


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47 thoughts on “When The Levee Breaks”

  1. Been coming for sometime now – hardly a surprise.

    Would be interested to hear how many are in the same boat as me – contributed at your password threshold level (£20) and have zero to show for it. From the comments you do let through – I would say quite a few.

    “Lurkers” may not paying their way but – perhaps inadvertently – are you doing yourself out of some well earned rewards also….?

  2. Hi jj, I would like to stay, and password access will not be a problem. Sorry I cannot increase my subscription, but my PIP Benefits can only go so far. I enjoy your posts, and they certainly keep me interested.

    All the best,


  3. Sorry to hear there’s a continuing lack of support. I think my recurring payment should be with you yesterday or today. Sounds fair to me that the site becomes a subscription service given the time you put into it.

  4. JJ, usual donation sent. Hope this helps you out. PayPal transaction ends 6722.

    Best regards, brooklyncharmer.

    JJ: Thank you.

  5. Hi JJ,

    I suspect that like many like myself who have been regular monthly subscribers with donations more than £10 for the past year have become frustrated that they have been unable to access your earlier password protected content.

    I personally, left a message on the blog which you published and also send you a message via paypal without a response.

    Like many I am loathe to withdraw my donations as I value your efforts, but how else does one draw your attention when 2 attempts at contact have received no response.

    Can I suggest again that a trusted administrator would help in separating
    editorial content from house-keeping and help provide a better service while maintaining your revenue stream.

    Best regards


  6. I have enjoyed your articles for some time.
    Unfortunately my employment status does not allow me to budget for any luxuries.
    I will miss reading your insights, but I want to thank you and wish you all the best.
    Regards from Jakarta (a place you know well).

    Bule Gila

  7. Apparently the Melbourne sons of strewth have cancelled their 18.72 standing order over st Benedict’s loan and its virtually an all Catholic X1 anyway that rocks up to playeach week

  8. Sorry to see you go, JJ, but you lost more than a few of us the other day with your ‘Going Nuclear In Dunfermline’ piece.

    Bear in mind that it was only through your own investigative efforts that you realized the ‘Moon landing’ was a hoax, despite your prior assertions to the contrary, but the Moon landing hoax is now so passé that it’s no longer even a debate.

    I urge you to expand the horizons of your research so that you may see the full picture of what powers the secret societies have been wielding over us down these past five centuries.

    We’ve long admired your fearlessness in calling them out in Scotland but once you’ve seen how far they’ve got with their overall agenda you will be astonished, and probably not just a little bit awestruck, at their sorcerer’s reach.

    But your persistence in giving kudos to men like James Forrest & Phil Mac will weaken you in the long run, for not only have they have no time for you, they have no time for their readers either:
    For both men are careerists and, most likely, trumpeters for the Celtic PLC board, as demonstrated by their reluctance to examine why it costs so much money to run Celtic, 76 million pounds in last year’s accounts, with a further 20 million gone inexplicably missing and hidden under the guise of ‘Operating Expenses’, with no further questioning nor explanation necessary.

    Phil Mac was once again brandishing his NUJ card this week and advising his readers to pay to watch a wholly fictitious movie about the Nixon era and, once again, one of his readers told him the truth, that the entire plot was fictitious, that Tom Hanks’ sole job in Hollywood is to distort and rewrite history, as such men always do.

    Nothing is how it appears or seems to be, that the stories we are told about society and govt., etc are just that, stories, fictitious charades designed to keep our eyes from where the ball really is, the old classic conjurers trick which has our eyes everywhere else but where they ought to be.

    I fully understand your need to live but also understand why people might not be able to pay.

    You’ve been a hugely inspirational voice in the debate down the years and I admire your ability to have used your savvy and your ken to escape a working class background but I’m sorry to tell you that you must try harder, because you’re steadfastly missing the one key detail behind it all, which is NOT that ‘The Fix Is In’ but that, in this world, EVERYTHING is a fix.

    Understand this and your world view will change for the betterment of all of us.

    If it’s in the media, on tv, in the cinema, it’s a lie, often mixed with a sliver of truth to muddy the waters, at best.

    In fact, they hide the truth in plain sight in cinema more than anywhere but I still wouldn’t pay them 10 pounds or more to go and watch mere hints of it, would you?

    Not when you understand what’s really going on in the background.

    Fare thee well, JJ.

    You’re a brave and courageous and righteous man and the world truly needs more like you.

    Keep up the good fight and peace to yourself and your loved ones.


    1. I wanted to retain your post as you make a number of good points but some of your comment smacked of ad hominem attacks, of which I do not approve. I edited sparingly. I have been told by several sources that half the Dunfermline team were actively participating in subverting the game and that some were on the beach. Two or three were actually trying.
      Rangers were racking up £30m – £35m losses year after year and were £80m in the red. This game could not be left to chance. Calderwood executed this fix with aplomb. Not withstanding the fact that 10 in the Rangers squad were illegally registered, including Neil McCann EBT (£500,000) whose introduction sealed the deal.

      1. No offence intended, JJ, it was clumsily rushed to a finish and I cringed having immediately read it back after sending.

        You edited sparingly but precisely, removing the same parts I would have edited myself.

        I appreciate your printing it very much, although this was not my initial intention, as I recognize your curiosity and thirst for greater understanding awakening from it, and can only send you strength, courage and wisdom in your continued research into the fraud being enacted upon humanity by the ancient occultist, and wholly undemocratic, secret societies.

        You are now peerless in this field, to the others’ great and eternal discredit.

        May your research lead to knowledge even further beyond that which we currently know is being kept from us now.

        All the very best, JJ.


  9. JJ, completely understand, I was a regular subscriber of £10 per month but had to stop that. I am on the bones of my ar$e with no income at all, but when I do get back in the black I will be back to be kept informed. Thanks for all previous work.

  10. Hi JJ. I have made a recurring donation of £10 on my payday for the last 3 or 4 months (which I am happy to continue) and several adhoc tenners before that but do not have your email address. I have also previously made the one penny donation. I really enjoy your site and do not want to lose it. Please let me have your email address or just send me the password please and keep up the outstanding work.

  11. My subscriptions were recurring by credit card and last year totalled £250.00. When I requested passwords you responded asking had I donated £100.00 in the year. In addition I paid several fees to obtain passwords but then decided that I had subscribed enough.

    Sorry JJ, I have appreciated your work but I too feel exactly like GreenandWhyteInc and believe you have overlooked your main Financial supporters.

    I wish you well and once again thank you for your unsurpassed insight

  12. jj I am also a regular monthly payee to your good self and simply cannot afford to raise any extra you require to keep yourself going. over the past year I don’t think I missed a month of paying my contribution. I do not have your email address so should I consider myself left out of the loop? You have my email perhaps you could send me what is required to keep myself online so to speak.
    I admire all your efforts in whatever the subject may be , I may not agree but that’s what the point in bringing forth the revelations you have and debating them if that is your choosing, keep safe and please continue with the site as long as you possibly can.

  13. Sorry, what do you want me to pay for access to your articles relating the rangers fc. The requested amount is not entirely clear to me.
    I’m not interested in other subjects, in all honesty.

  14. Email from PayPal this afternoon that my recurring contribution has been processed last 4 digits….. 67P7. My personal £1 a day. As ever keep up the good work.

  15. It pays to advertise close brothers Lob in a few quid to advertise on the back of livvi strips and end up with a 5m piece of prime govan estate.

  16. James Password is a superb idea..I’m in the same position as Jt boyd I’m on Sickness Benefit And at times it’s quite tuff to get by..Would £5 a month be Ok as I could go to that..Your and Phil are our only means to getting to the Truth..Please let me no if this is Ok..

  17. JJ I made a recurring monthly donation, last four numbers 7820. Posted several hours ago and am still in “ awaiting moderation “. Let me know what’s up so I can continue to enjoy your amazing writing. I did donate to the virtual table just before I got deployed for a year. All the best.

    JJ: Thank you.

  18. Hi JJ

    Monthly donation should have just gone through ending 6455. BTW – is King’s “appeal” going ahead on the 28th? If so and, hopefully, he loses – as I understand it, his only option then is the Supreme Court. Can he just appeal to them or would he have to provide legal grounds before such an appeal would be heard?

  19. Hi JJ. I’ve been a regular reader of this site almost from its inception. I made the odd ad-hoc donation in the early days, but for the past year have subscribed to a monthly £10 donation.

    It’s unfortunate that you’ve had to take this stance, as I’d imagine if even a small proportion of the regular free readers would make a fairly modest regular donation, you’d not be in the position you are now faced with.

    I have your email details, so will contact you in due course to receive the password to future articles. In the meantime, I’ve made an additional one-off donation ref xxxx272A.

    Keep up the good work!

    JJ: Thank you.

  20. Your documention of the final months of Sevco will make a book one day. They are the product of their hubris and assumptions of rightful success. The last time a team from Ibrox won a major trophy fairly was nearly 20 years ago. Their chairman is a criminal with a penchant for deception and malfeasance. There is a potential movie to be made “The Lying King’

  21. Hi jj my recurring payment ending 7131 went through on the 22nd. I’m an old fart with limited social media so can you tell me if I need to do anything else or am i automatically included in your emails? Keep fighting the good fight. PTP

  22. Hi JJ,

    I send you a recurring donation of £15 on the second of every month. Occasionally I’ve sent a one-off payment of £10 when I could afford it. I’ve sent an additional payment of £10 today – transaction number ends 6803.

    Check out Operation Chaos.

    JJ: Yes John your largesse is known to me and is greatly appreciated. You are in the first cut of the data base.

  23. Morning JJ. I have a recurring PayPal payment of £5 p/m, I’m disabled and unwaged so that’s about my limit at the moment. I’d rather give what I can on a monthly basis rather than one payment of £5-55. How do i obtain a password.

    All the best.

  24. Hi JJ

    Don’t know if you’ve started to issue them yet but if so can you drop me a password please.
    I sent email yesterday – just in case you’d missed it

  25. Hi JJ
    I have a recurring £10 monthly payment on the go for around 18 months. You have already sent me some of the early McCann stuff – some time ago – so you have my details. Just ensuring I am included on your data base. Could you send me the more recent subscriber pieces please? I will check my spam this time for your info and my password.

    Keep up the good work

  26. JJ I used to love coming on this site getting my daily news of goings on in Scottish football but I stayed away for a bit there see if you could sort your shit out and return on top of your game again two articles in and in both opening paragraphs you have mentioned money/subscriptions or fee’s whatever way your putting it JJ and maybe it’s just me but it’s turned me away again, I get the predicament you find yourself in but it’s all your own doing JJ you chased the story which was fantastic work and in turn for the great work done people shared retweeted ranted and raved about John James site which got the juices flowing but now I feel like I’m getting lectured or down casted for not subscribing to your “premium” package I fear you have made the wrong turn JJ if it’s all about money then more power to you JJ good luck, but if it’s what I believed it to be when I first read this blog with excitement and anticipation waiting for the next piece hot off the press if it’s exposing truths then sadly you will miss your target & be left with an echo chamber if yes men back slapping trumpet blowing “JJfanbhoys” a limited crowd without the audience the piece may have deserved for the work anyway JJ like I said good luck all the best and power to you bud hope to hear the second hand tails of great blogging in the future JJ 😁 ✌️🍀

    1. First of all thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I am 100% in agreement with you. The Premium pieces at £1.99 were a commercial failure, but were critically well received. The new site will be all-inclusive. I will announce in a separate blog that anyone who has ever made a contribution to this site will have indefinite access for one pence. A one pence donation via PayPal buys access. I won’t be checking but if any individual is a hater then he/she will be diverted to my burgeoning spam file. After a few words, I know where it’s going and quickly cut and paste the email and IP address to my askimet filter. Job done. I will go even further. If one has never made a contribution, a donation of £1 will also buy access for one year. Occasionally I will produce a free-to-air piece, for those not prepared to venture £1. Love all, Serve all.

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