A West Of Scotland Problem – Prologue

When former SFA supremo Stewart Regan rocked up at Potter Row to make a presentation to the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) he anticipated a puff piece and the kind of soft ball questions that are the norm at Oxford Union. My SFA mole informs me that he would have rehearsed his piece with Darryl Broadfoot whom indubitably prompted Regan to add a slide on how the SFA are promoting women’s football. A bullet point on the conspicuous absence of a glass ceiling in the Capital clubs’ boardrooms viz Anne Budge and Leeann Dempster, would be well-received. The FA might have the more visible Karen Brady but her gravitas is somewhat marginalised by her shagging the players peccadilloes. To be fair the thought of trysts with Anne and Leeann might only appeal to those who had long hung up their boots.

Someone like the estimable septuagenarian John Clark who decided to take Regan to task. Regan responded by asserting that Clark’s obsession with Rangers and Rangers Lite was a ‘West of Scotland Problem.‘ Relief precipitation, a biting south-westerly, a gulf-stream micro climate and a forensic deconstruction of Ibrox Myths, if you will.

When Clark approached Regan at close of play and inquired whether Regan would act if he produced documentary evidence of Rangers malfeasance the SFA CEO demurred. When Clark met up with McRae and Broadfoot at Hampden, the latter stated that ‘I am the SFA‘ while the former did his best not to dunk his tie in his tea with his digestive biscuits. Heaven forfend the possibility of senile McRae dropping a clanger. Broadfoot asked Clark whether he would be attending the game at Celtic Park that evening. It was his way of sneering:

It’s a Celtic problem. Suck it up Timmy, there’s a game on. Would you like some bread with your circus?’


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33 thoughts on “A West Of Scotland Problem – Prologue”

  1. Mr Regan got his handshake lets STOP the rest getting theirs by boycotting friendlies showing them no more .
    McLeish appointment shows no respect for supporters this man is a tax cheat and any money put into the national team will pay what he is due hypocrisy

  2. The response from broadfoot is typical of the man, and shows his total disregard for the people he is supposed to be serving in his capacity within Scottish football. He is just one of the old school who’s time is up and the house is about to fall because the punters are not going to accept all their failings , Taxi for broadfoot and he can let wee mc crae out of his pocket on the way home.

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    1. Thank you buddy. I’m not asking the world. Sadly some get a kick out of getting something for nothing. I have received some push pack which I might publish openly to give a proper right of reply. One of the more interesting angles which I received is that sources who want their information spread to as wide an audience as possible will demur. Others believe the site will die. It won’t. We will still have the same commentators and an informed audience.I think we can take at least 10% of my readership with us and build on this to circa 50%. I won’t have the hits but as our site does not have advertising it is of little relevance. Individuals like Auldheid will be invited to participate. I will be writing for readers who care. The haters will have to find another target.

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  12. Cheezo they are even transferring the honest mistakes to trfc’s rivals for Euro football next season .Clancy’s effort at unbiased officiating at lunch time was appalling and embarrassing at the same time.that killie pitch is a disgrace and needs closed for the rest of the season before someone’s career is ended.

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  14. Your blog, your call. Hope you get a good response. I log on most evenings , early morning for you guys keen to see the inevitable headline. “Rangers Lite go into administration” There will be no schadenfreude but simply a sense of vindication and admiration for your punctilious chronicles. Perhaps the tittle of your book should be “They were the PayPal.”

  15. Not sure if you’ve sent out the passwords yet, but if so I don’t appear to have received. Been a recurring donor since the early days and made several one offs too. Fully support your reasons for doing this too.

    I recall reading John Clark’s accounts of those meetings. The SFA came across as arrogant and sneering in both.

    1. The passwords have not been sent out. I’m busy compiling the data base. So busy there will be no blog today. I don’t even have to check to know there will be no donations. February has been a write off and a game changer.

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  17. Aha now I understand apparently it was Lord nimmo Smith that drew up the pre split fixtures and their is no unfair sporting advantage in playing all five of the top six at home twice for sevco, indeed its only fair as they are a five year old club and all the other clubs have been at the big school for ages,argues the demented lawman.

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