My Ibrox Assassin

The pairing of Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Cup came as no surprise to readers of this site. What will come as a surprise is that Ibrox on Sunday will play host to those conspiring to assassinate your humble correspondent.

The Ibrox faithful cannot wait to throw lighters and coins at the Celtic players. They might even taunt some Celtic players with what is euphemistically known as ‘monkey chants.’ Someone on the sex offenders register (for exposing himself to a mother and her 11 years old daughter) might choose to attack Lite’s bête noire, Celtic captain Scott Brown. Ibrox is now the home of Scotland’s criminal class. Which is hardly surprising as the RIFC chairman is a career criminal. However some are prepared to go much further.

The criminals in the Ibrox milieu occasionally settle scores at the Old Lady of Edmiston Drive, as was the case when a UVF boss was murdered on a staircase in a frenzied knife attack. My readers will probably not be aware of this incident as there was a concerted campaign by the Rangers security supremo, a former Strathclyde Police Superintendent, and his former colleagues to sweep this under the Blue Room shag pile.

Someone who is coordinating the assassination  of your humble correspondent is an Ibrox regular. His ‘form‘ as a terrorist takes some beating. In his paramilitary pomp he led a UVF unit which killed a minimum of thirty-eight individuals

Stewart Young, of Troon, is named in an Irish Government report as a Loyalist terrorist who helped carry out bombings in Dublin and the border town of Monaghan on May 17, 1974, which killed 33 people.

Young  has also been linked to bomb and gun attacks on two pubs in 1975 and 1976 which killed five. Young settled in Troon in 1977 and opened a garage, Young’s Autos, right under Strathclyde Police’s nose. Which gives credence to the rumours that he is protected by Special Branch.

He is described as a convivial figure. Try telling that to the families of his thirty-eight victims.

He is also a known associate of these two charming Ibrox season ticket holders:

Bobby Baird left and Donald Reid denied being members of the UVF but pled guilty to helping the Loyalist group and plotting to transport explosives for terrorism. Police found a bag of bullets, a ­balaclava and UVF paraphernalia at Baird’s home in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. They also found framed photos of terrorists.

Baird and Reid, from Kilsyth, ­Lanarkshire, were each sentenced to 11 years for transporting enough explosives for ten car bombs. The kind of car bombs that Scott Young specialises in. In the ultimate irony Baird, on release from prison, landed the Health & Safety supremo’s role at a leading hospital building project (former Southern General). You really could not make it up. Only In Scotland.

Currently brothers Dean and Darrell Young operate the business that their father started. One can but hope that they were not inculcated to hate certain individuals with the zeal of their father. It will come as no surprise that Police Scotland officers receive discounts at Young’s Autos.

I am reliably informed by a ‘connected’ police officer that John James is number 39 on Scott Young’s list. Will Police Scotland look the other way as Special Branch protects a favoured son?





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20 thoughts on “My Ibrox Assassin”

    1. Hello JJ
      I am a long time lurker who has just set up a recurring monthly payment via paypal
      I have a technology bypass ,,somewhat ironic for a man who worked for a computer company for 31 years, so will probably have messed the payment up.
      However I admire what you are trying to do ……….Keep going its the right thing to do ,
      Once a Tim

  1. John if I was you I would be sleeping with one eye open. These fks are mentally sick and highly unstable.
    It also seems the Police are as useful as tits on male baboon. Take care of yourself Bhoy.

  2. I’ve heard of Young from a few people. And don’t forget Adair lived there for a while.

    Protected? Definitely,from what I’ve been told locally.

    PS-any chance of this password turning up?

  3. Chilling.

    One can but hope this ‘outs’ these thugs restricting their ability if not their freedom.

    Stay safe JJ

  4. OMG that’s outrageous. Be expecting this guy to be losing his job ASAP. This is why I want independence but the idea of getting it scares me. What kind of country would it be that harbours these lowlifes.
    Keep safe JJ thanks for posting this.

  5. Are you telling us that someone was murdered at Ibrox and it wasn’t worthy of a mention in the Scottish press? Now, THAT’S a story.

    And well done to you for naming these thugs. They represent an odious ‘cause’ and have inflicted misery on countless families in N Ireland.

    I am sure that these intellectually challenged chaps read this site to find out what is happening at ‘their’ Ibrox club.

    But, as an outsider, I continue to be surprised at the dynamics of west of Scotland bigotry and how it is woven into the fabric of a football team.

    These are sad, misguided and dangerous people. But what’s more disturbing is that these threats to you and your family are not being pursued by the police in Scotland. Shameful stuff.

    Chapeau for outing these perpetrators of violence. They should be locked up for a very long time.

    1. The death was reported at the time but in a way that could be interpreted as an accidental death in a fall caused by a bit of a “fracas” following a drunken row. It took a long time for the facts to emerge, by which time the story was easy to bury.

      Another UDA leader was marked and followed from Ibrox by a death squad and murdered as soon as he set foot back in NI. Such lovely people, The People.

      It’s not for nothing that Ibrox is known as the Death Star. Some actual wars have seen fewer deaths than have occurred in that murderous, ramshackle shithole.

      The apogee of the SMSM’s utterly shameful covering up for the criminal classes who have always run Rangers was the burying of the official report into the Ibrox disaster, which found the directors of Rangers responsible through negligence for the deaths of 66 of their own fans just a few years after two others had died at the same spot.

      I think the Record gave the judge’s damning verdict five pars on page seven. You’ll find even less coverage of the fact that Rangers fought tooth and nail to avoid paying compensation to the families of the victims.

      I think you should write a book entitled The Secret History Of Rangers, JJ. It might embarrass the powers that be in Scotland to finally let this criminal zombie conspiracy drown in its own vomit.

  6. Ffs jj having the knowledge that these bstrds are wishing you harm and the fact its public knowledge that they’re more than able would intimidate most. This explains why youd rather exile than jeopardise your family relying on a complicit police force.
    Having lost the ability to be a father what else does a man have to lose?
    Heres hoping the power of your pen is greater than the power of they’re sword.
    Stay safe bud

  7. Jeez, a murder covered up at Ibrox? Could this information be obtained via a FOI request to Police Scotland? How long ago did this happen?

    1. Anthony,April 1999.Blue Mist function at Liebrox.William Taube died of head injuries in the Southern after falling down two flights of stairs in a fight.Guests included prisoners recently released from Long Kesh.Guests threatened into stating it was an accident.Buried in Riddrie cemetery.

  8. Good morning JJ,another interesting article,can’t believe a murder was kept under wraps at a quintessentially British football stadium,shocking stuff,let’s await the fallout from this revelation,on a separate note,still awaiting my password after last weeks donation,I have every confidence you will get to me in your own time,until then,I shall keep my nose pressed against the glass,stay safe.

    1. Edward, there seems to be a misapprehension. I thought I was crystal clear but from the slew of comments soliciting passwords I evidently have not been clear enough.

      1. Any comment soliciting a password will not, I repeat not, lead to a password.
      2. I am not pouring over a PayPal database to provide passwords.
      3. A simple donation of one pence from my regular customers will suffice. No exceptions. Even The Mensch had to go down this route.
      4. If this continues I will disable the ‘Comments’ facility. This has gone on far too long.

  9. Really well done you JJ for outing this nutcase Stewart Young from Troon. I am appalled that you have received threats to you and to your family. I am also appalled that he has spoken disrespectfully with regard to your children.

    I do hope that the good citizens of Troon will drop by his garage with a shamrock on St Patrick’s day and a can of Guinness to brighten his day. (I shall be watching the rugby that day and expect a tight game and the best camaraderie in rugby with the Irish in full voice.)

    I suspect that Mr Young is a paid up member of FollowFollow. Perhaps he and Mr Dingwall are the closest of bedfellows? Surely not?

  10. You have ripped the festering scab of the shameful secret of Scotland. Scotland was my place of birth but for thirty years I have called New Zealand home. I was a refugee. A person who felt obliged to forever leave his native land and wipe the dust from his shoes I did not want to bring up my family in a country that asked not what you can do but simply what school did you attend I have previously detailed the appalling bigotry that I experienced as a young doctor in Paisley that convinced me that the visceral hatred and contempt for the minority of the population who were of Irish Catholic stock was endemic and irremediable. I was correct. It is clear that this cancer lives on in the Scottish police, media, justice system and football hierarchy. Every two weeks they conclave at Ibrox and proudly and safely sing their litanies of assumed superiority and wallow in their xenophobic hatred. I long for the day that their citadel of shame is forever closed. When this version slips into administration all good men and women should ensure that no other vehicle for continued hatred should persist. Enough is enough. Expose and shame Scotland’s dirty secret.

  11. This quite clearly exposes why
    , journalists, sport hacks, in fact just about anyone who speaks out against the bigotry in and around the bigot dome are in fear of their life.

    I had long suspected this, although I think its despicable it is also understandable and this is why our only hope that whatever powers at be have decided to destroy the cabel that roosts there.

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