Scotland’s Dirty Secret

You have ripped the festering scab of the shameful secret of Scotland. Scotland was my place of birth but for thirty years I have called New Zealand home. I was a refugee. A person who felt obliged to forever leave his native land and wipe the dust from his shoes I did not want to bring up my family in a country that asked not what you can do but simply what school did you attend. I have previously detailed the appalling bigotry that I experienced as a young doctor in Paisley that convinced me that the visceral hatred and contempt for the minority of the population who were of Irish Catholic stock was endemic and irremediable. I was correct. It is clear that this cancer lives on in the Scottish police, media, justice system and football hierarchy. Every two weeks they conclave at Ibrox and proudly and safely sing their litanies of assumed superiority and wallow in their xenophobic hatred. I long for the day that their citadel of shame is forever closed. When this version slips into administration all good men and women should ensure that no other vehicle for continued hatred should persist. Enough is enough. Expose and shame Scotland’s dirty secret.”

Fisiani, who wrote this comment, is a doctor. He is the kind of home-grown talent that an independent Scotland should prize. However his experiences as a young doctor in Paisley convinced him to serve a community 12,000 miles from his birthplace.

My attempts to weed out the haters and lurkers will continue, but I stress the need to write to me on PayPal to solicit one’s password. There were 22,000 hits yesterday. Sadly the concomitant contributions were one tenth of one pence. Yesterday’s piece was free to air. It deserved as wide an audience as possible. Fisiani left a community where years later the local MP was reputed to have opined that she ‘fucking hated Celtic.’  Mhairi Black cannot be dismissed as just a typical Irish/Catholic hating fuckwit spitting invective at Ibrox. This is a respected young politician whom with her wit and  her oh so PC and right-on lesbian credentials has already been earmarked as a future party leader of the SNP.

I have long learnt not to be disparaging of the SNP and to those in pursuit of an independent Scotland as my daily contributions, currently stalled at just under £30, can and will go lower. However allow me to ask one question. What kind of independence would one enjoy when one of the largest groups of Freemasons in the UK are to be found in Police Scotland? What kind of independence would you have where the state broadcaster espouses the continuation of an ethereal entity and openly employs tax cheats? What kind of independence would you have where the real movers and shakers in The  Speculative Society divvy up the capital and labour to serve their interests?

Would it be better than the DUP tail wagging the Tory dog? Probably. But how long will this bastardised alliance last? Independence is for all time.

Advocates for Scottish independence include Phil Macgiollabhain. He has an agenda. He wants to isolate the Unionists in the North of Ireland, deconstruct their power bases and move towards a united Ireland. If this resulted in the restricted movement of UVF/UDA paramilitaries then he would have my vote.

The UVF/UDA are now proscribed organisations. The Orange Order, which welcomes these killers with open arms, is allowed to inculcate their hatred all year round and bring it into the public domain during the parades season.

‘The Famine Song’ will always be a firm favourite in Orange halls.

However when a recent West of Scotland rally was organised, only 2,000 die-hard bigots congregated in Glasgow’s George square.


Ibrox is and has always been the spiritual home of the UVF/UDA and The Orange Order. It’s a citadel of hatred where upwards of 40,000 openly express their antipathy to the Irish/Catholic community. They celebrate a KKK member and sing about wading in Fenian blood.

Let’s be quite clear here. If they tried this on in England the FA would rescind their licence and close them down. Yet in Scotland nothing is ever done about Scotland’s dirty secret. The odious SFA who advocate a strong Rangers have looked the other way since their formation in 1873. The Scottish Executive do the square root of fuck all. When the tax evasion shit hit the fan, Alex Salmond called on HMRC to go easy on the tax cheats as this ‘great’ sporting institution was worthy of a tax dispensation and kid-handling.

Stewart Regan warned of social unrest ignoring the social unrest that can be found at Ibrox on match days . Match days where anti Irish/Catholic invective is an intrinsic part of the match day experience.

If Scottish independence was achieved and the concomitant deconstruction of the DUP power bases followed, the bigots in the North would move to a country where their deluded sense of supremacy is upheld. Each and every disenfranchised bigot and terrorist would make a bee-line to the Larne-Stranraer crossing. They would come with murderous intent and with Special Branch holding their coats.

Scotland is a country where one can be convicted of bomb running and subsequently be appointed as a health and safety supremo. What special qualities did Bobby Baird bring to the job? Did he studiously spend all his leisure time when banged up pouring over H&S statutes? No. He was appointed because he served the cause of terrorism; a cause supported by a construction industry that has long been the preserve of bigots.

Scott Young, the retired owner of Young’s Autos – which is adjacent to Morrisons supermarket in Troon – has the blood of at least 38 civilians on his hands. He is a former commanfer of a UVF unit. A unit which now find a home in the Orange Order.

Young’s first warning shot was to instruct individuals to burn out my car which was parked outside my apartment. They burnt out the wrong car on this occasion but this did not deter four plain clothes detectives, all wearing masonic swivel rings, to visit your humble correspondent the following day.

They impressed upon me the need for vigilance while sizing me up for a hit. These individuals are working hand-in-glove with the criminals that they socialise with in Orange halls and Masonic lodges. They have one joint mission statement:

‘The only good taig is a dead taig.’

As an atheist I can but assume that I have been deemed to be a ‘taig’ sympathiser.

I have no choice but to remain in exile. If I were to return my elderly parents would be murdered in my stead. This is Scotland in 2018. This is Scotland with its own preening MP’s and MSP’s. This is Scotland with its own Scottish Executive.

Ibrox is an incubator of hatred. If this is one of our great Scottish institutions one can count me out. However I did not make this decision of my own volition. This decision was made for me.

If a UVF commander can be murdered in broad daylight during a game at Ibrox, and his murder covered-up as an accident, then it goes without saying that they could take out anyone in the lawless state of Govania. On another occasion they followed a target home from Ibrox and subsequently assassinated him in front of his family.

If one is going to Ibrox on Sunday keep your wits about you as many of the bigots are wearing uniforms.



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34 thoughts on “Scotland’s Dirty Secret”

  1. Our only hope is independence if we can achieve this then we could get rid of the SNP,staying in the “union” has served little or no remedy to our problems for over 300yrs,we need to bring something new to the table,politics/politicians are all cut from the same cloth and are to a man/woman fcuking useless and self serving,JFK quote”ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country” sage words inmo then again he was of Irish/Catholic heritage and of course murdered.There are no easy ways to overcome hatred of any kind man is unfortunately hard wired to hate well a huge number of them.

  2. Dear JJ, another fantastic article which often makes my day. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I have been unwaged for the past couple of year with little hope of this changing.

    I would urge you to continue making your pieces free to air as I believe that charging for them only limits your exposure.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  3. Hi JJ, just made a small recurring monthly donation. Have the paypal transaction ID number if you need or want it for any reason? Keep up the good work!

    JJ: Thank you. Very much appreciated.

  4. I would say that Ibrox on match days is the window to the soul of those institutions whose tendrils go deep and are wrapped around the major institutions of our country. This would not disappear upon being independent and neither would the SNP, can’t think of any political party that would give voluntarily give up the reins of power. It’ll be a long hard road to rid ourselves of the mailign power of the masons etc but Ibrox would be a good starting place. Where we go from there I have no idea, cleverer people than me may know(I hope).

    Great stuff JJ, keep safe.

  5. JJ

    As one who left Glasgow in the early 90’s – many of the West of Scotland’s SoP’s are shameful, they really are. Reading your article today fills me with shame, shame on the haters who hate and shame for the whole region for having to live with this false reality. To allow people to march who promulgate hate and celebrate it openly does beggar belief. The Florida game that Rangers played recently where they took their hate on tour was a vivid case in point. Who would have thought? / Hard to believe that you’d travel 3,000 miles and sing about how much you hate Catholics – pathetic

    But, come “hame” to Glasgow and let it rip



  6. Stirring stuff. I’ve no wish to stir up an independence hornets nest, but it doesn’t really seem that the status quo is helping eliminate the problem either.

    Contribution levels are alarming for such quality output. If you enjoy the output and stay to read it’s worth something.

  7. Wow how deep does this go Is there no way to expose this in the national media bypassing SMS We need to root these animals out
    Also donation sent Rustyaxe is my name not safe to say my real name how sad is that not safe to identify yourself life in Scotland eh brilliant

  8. What you are describing is the status quo, the oresentvsituation fosters by a London Government to divide us and keep us under their thumb. The Orange bigots are their footsoldierscand always have been and they are too stupid to know it. Just like the KKK. Independence is our only hope of ever changing this.

  9. Excelent piece today jj a wee bonus donation made today transaction id 1222
    Recurring donation is made on the 28th if you prefer another date let mee know

    JJ: Thanks buddy. The date works fine for me.

  10. My experience mirrors that of Fisiani’s almost exactly except that I didn’t move as far as New Zealand but settled in the south of England where I have brought my children up in a healthy and bigot free environment.

  11. As you rightly point out, the FA down here would act swiftly to deal with regular bigotry or racist songs. The first step would be a warning. The second step would be to play behind closed doors. And if that didn’t work, the offending club would be thrown out of the league.

    Spurs were on the receiving end of anti Semitic chants for years, particularly from Chelsea fans. That seems to have come to an end, partly because the Chelsea fans are grateful for trophies which have been funded by a Jewish benefactor. But given the importance of the EPL brand and the vast amounts of money which is now involved, all clubs are keen to clean up their act. The bigotry at Ibrox simply would not be tolerated down here and the many top sports journalists would be right on top of such a story.

    By contrast, Scottish journalists seem to regard it as harmless banter. Well, it isn’t. And can someone please explain to me just what relevance a skirmish in Ireland in 1690 has with a round ball and 22 players. Please help me with this one!

    Quite afew years ago, I was invited up for a Rangers CL game. Over dinner in one of the suites, the conversation turned to talking about Bill Struth and what a legend and leader he had been. I politely suggested that he was a bigot who had put in place the very foundations of religious intolerance which to this day at the core of the club. Hey, everyone at the club had to be non Catholic. Waitresses, bar staff, cleaners. The lot. I further suggested to the startled group that he hadn’t created and founded a dynasty. Instead, he had created a monster which had no place in a modern society. Needless to say, my points were scoffed at and dismissed. But I was right.

    Incidentally, in a lifetime of working based out of London, I have never received the ‘grip’ and I know of no colleagues who are Freemasons. The only time that I am on the receiving end of the ‘grip’ is when I visit Glasgow and Ibrox in particular. And the only Freemasons whom I have met down here and who are open about their lodge live in a town not so far from me in Oxfordshire. They are from Scotland. Grandfather, his son and grandson. They often drink in one of my local country pubs on a Sunday. They are terrific company. They are also practicing Catholics and attend Mass every Sunday. I asked them very recently (following an article by JJ and subsequent comments) about Freenasonry in Scotland. They didn’t say much other than “it’s different up there and down here in our lodge we don’t ask someone’s religion nor do we care. Up there, it seems to be a closed shop”.

    And as a regular contributor to this site often says……Only In Scotland.

    1. Great reply and very informative, I have a friend who is a Catholic and freemason and he says he has had a lot of ill feeling towards him being a freemason up in Scotland. He says there are good guys in it but Scotland is overwhelmingly church of Scotland and rangers minded and sometimes wonders if he done the right thing by joining. Not all them are bigoted but a high number are.

    2. Working in the City of London I have experienced the grip handshake maybe 10 times in 30 years.
      I detest the bigotry that emerges from Ibrox. I equally detest when Celtic fans sign about “Orange B******”. It could be heard clearly at Pittodrie last week. As a Celtic fan I am so ashamed of that – it is also bigotry. Finally, I support a United Ireland but IRA chants have no place at a football match. This bigotry and crass chanting is one reason Celtic are not at the EPL table. We should be above that.

  12. We live in an evil world,yes the modern day devil,what can you do!! Just keep saying you’re prayers,one day eh.maybe a champion for all,all,will come along,o the gift o God to gee us,to see ourselves as others see us.

  13. £ 25 donation made.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Keep naming names as outing these bastards is the best way to make them squirm.

    JJ: Thank you

  14. I pity those wingnuts in the photo. What a pathetic little existence they have! The only thing they know is hate. Aw, bless. Deluded cretins.

  15. We all know that on Sunday the massed choir at Ibrox will fill the air for ninety minutes with criminal chants and songs. We all know that this will be ignored by the constabulary many of whom will be silently joining in. The law does not apply to Ibrox. If the SFA will ignore then UEFA have to be involved. 30 years ago UEFA received a complaint that Rangers had a policy of not signing Catholics. They contacted Rangers and demanded proof that this was untrue. They further added that if it was true then Rangers would be ineligible to play in Europe. Rangers held an emergency board meeting and promptly signed Mo Johnston. Please get audio visual evidence of the inevitable clear breach of UEFA rules The only way to bring about change is to have significant consequences imposed by UEFA The SFA will NEVER apply sanctions even when there is clear evidence of 30,000 people choosing to break the law. I have no faith in any Scottish jurisdiction taking action against these out and out racists.

  16. JJ , just a thought on something else that our media is steering clear of.
    Newco has signed a Hamilton player with no fee changing hands, apparently the reported £600k fee will change hands in May, yet something else coming out of the ST monies!
    Accies have recently lost approx £800k as a result of fraud. They are in a relegation struggle at the foot of the SPFL and ‘ selling’ their best player to Newco could seal their fate.
    In the meantime Newco has a player who could help them to European football next season at no cost thanks to Accies generosity.
    The Parks family has significant shareholding in both clubs and has been a major contributor to the Ibrox soft loans and has probably dug Accies out of the hole caused by the fraud.
    They have a major say in the running of both clubs.
    Is there not an SFA rule that is designed to prevent this very scenario or does this only effect the diddy clubs and not the one currently operating out of Ibrox?
    With the King appeal in tatters and, as far as we know, no plan in place apart from Kings pledge to the board members that NOAL will step up to the plate, what if Newco come May don’t have the £600k for Docherty’s transfer fee?
    Even worse Accies are relegated whilst Newco benefit from the prize money for finishing 1st or 2nd in the league ably assisted by a player they couldn’t afford in the first place.
    Would this constitute an imperfect but eligible registration in Bryson speak?
    Or would the SFA take Newco to task for breaching the contract with Accies?
    I’ve given up on the Compliance Officer ever reporting on his review of the SFA licencing procedures, particularly as the process for next season is under way and no one will be shining a light on the murky goings on in the background.
    With losses well north of UEFA limits and no chance of a debt for equity swop anytime soon there are serious doubts over Newco’s UEFA eligibility for next season.
    It’s little wonder that we have heard nothing from the Compliance Officer, 6 months since been handed the task by Regan.
    My money is still on the review having been cancelled by whoever is calling the shots at Hampden, most likely one of those sub committees that they are so fond of so if it goes tits up no one can be held personally responsible.
    Lets see how many turn up at Hampden for the forthcoming friendly…..10,000, unless McLeish fills the squad with Newco players?

    1. A number of good points there Joe. Compliance at the SFA is a joke. The SFA should be all over the Park’s dual interest. Look at how Celtic do business. They bought a player from St.Mirren but allowed him to see out the remainder of the season with The Buddies.
      The SFA are not fit for purpose. If they are not prepared to govern our game they should be replaced by an authority that is not pursuing a Rangers First policy.

  17. I have resisted posting since your previous article such was the feeling of overwhelming despair at the level to which the black lagoon of Scottish Society has sunk whereby criminals and killers activities are permitted and are encouraged by a secret allegiance whose very existence allows racism of the highest order. I know of no other country where the word sectarianism is actually used to describe racism. Anywhere else it is plain and simple racism.
    A former guest of Hairmyres once described Football as war without guns. He had obviously never seen the hatred, violence and killings associated with the 2 largest football clubs in the great little country of Scotland. I wonder if his 2 most famous writings of an all controlling government and a devious autocracy were more a foretelling of Scotland in the 20th and 21st centuries.
    I am absolutely sickened by your situation and the compliance of the authorities in this reprehensible situation.
    You make an illuminating and salient point that should NI drag itself into the 21st Century ( and having lived there for some time I see fantastic promise day by day) then the cave men of the organisations you mention will indeed find a warm welcome in dear old Alba.
    The comparisons of Belfast in the 1970s and Glasgow in the modern day will be there for the world to gawp at this weekend no matter how much immediate editing Sky Sports can deliver to save the worst excesses of the rabid majority being exposed and justice being carried out.
    A footballer being assaulted or even confronted on the pitch in the country’s most watched spectacle would bring the highest authority down on the perpetrator and the host club. In Scotland the cameras switch to another location and a cover up is instigated with no further mention. Shocking
    Apologies for the long and rambling post. Rant over

  18. Reading fisianis story reminds me why I walked away from the corrupt farce that is Scottish football. I can’t remember the exact tipping point but I woke up one morning and realised we are all ( except those playing out of ibrox ) being taken for mugs and I’m out from this point as I have principles and like to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know at least I did what I thought was right and stood up for my beliefs.

    It’s blatent now, not even hidden. The refs , the sfa, the media, other chairmen, must think YOU are a dream,,,and you are their dream.
    They cheat you and not only do you pay for the “privilege” but you keep coming back for more!?
    And fill the coffers of those who are cheating you by packing out their stadiums and taking part in their internationals and cups?
    Mugs plain and simple.

    It’s clear to me now that this Celtic board will not attempt to clean the game.
    The don’t say a single peep about their fans getting shafted because it’s profitable. How fucking tragic for a club who once actually stood for something good and previously would rather have folded ( or rather played GAA at their park) than prop up bigots,,and that’s exactly what they are doing by doing nothing,,endorsing the scam.
    I mean we all seen the cops standing by watching the toilets get trashed by them so sure we shall invite them back?

    Dermot is happy for them to be in our league and says they have a great history,,,if you like them then sell up and buy them Dermot because while other fans think of them as Scotlands shame you see worthy competitor’s?

    Peter says the old firm is dead and the club shall no longer use the phrase.
    Well that’s funny,,why are the ticket prices the same? Why the same allocation of tickets? Why allow someone who trashed your house back?
    Is it not standard practice to exchange penants when Celtic play a new club,,,did you when newco visited that first time?
    Did your clubs program welcome the new club on their first visit? What honours did you state they had previously won?
    His actions don’t match his words.

    The scam will continue indefinitely if allowed.
    I see one option only,,,,Celtic fans boycott,,, EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Vote against the corruption with your feet.
    Make it clear that you will only visit Parkhead or any other ground or buy another season ticket or cup match ticket or merchandise if you feel the game is clean.
    Something will have to give in that scenario,,,and it might even change for the best!
    The board will either fight tooth and nail for your money by demanding reform or they sell up at a reduced price.
    The fans might actually get a chance to own their own club!
    I mean if you know your wife’s cheating you leave but when your league is cheating, ah well let’s just go along with it.

    There will be I’m not hurting the club comments but I hurt myself to get my wisdom teeth and appendix out but it was for the best long term and now I’m glad I did it. Hi
    Short term pain for long term gain is necessary here.
    If you continue to attend then you have no right to comment on the cheating as you endorsed it.
    So PLEASE PLEASE Celtic fans,,,help all of us and future generations enjoy a clean league we could be proud of by stopping participating in the scam.
    It’s up to you now,,it really truly is and to play along with this farce will lead to slow death for all clubs.
    They might have a great manager and be having a record turnover year but the silence has been deafening.

    1. Beppe, I know this message most likely won’t see the light of day, even though done with the utmost respect.
      It takes two to TANGO and that’s why the hatred v hatred continues. Let’s not immediately think but but……..he’s worse than me etc. Two cultures albeit Scottish born Celtic fans adopts a foreign country’s one. As for new club, I implore you to look at latest UEFA co-effeciency over last decade, they have Rangers football as same club since 1872.
      Surely with all respect, that release, once again buries the nonsensical pursuit to change settings that don’t exist.
      Respectfully submitted.

      1. … Camnod …
        But why the need for TUPE of players and employees if same ? State Employment Law (and also insolvency law) overides anything UEFA …. Are UEFA just regurgitating what is feed to them by the SFA (conveniently)… remember Charles Green’s advocate quite clearly stated in esteemed court, he was buying a basket of assets…

      2. Liquidation means death. That was the headline in all the media till Green turned up to buy a basket of assets from his mate Craig Whyte and invented the separation between club and company, a notion never previously aired.
        The corrupt football authorities in Scotland went along with the deception and threw in the titles won by the old club, many of which should be stripped for running illegal tax scams,to Newco.
        If it’s the same club why hasn’t the debts been paid?
        When Newco follows Oldco what then?
        It’s the company not the club that’s gone bust?
        It was a ridiculous claim then and second time round will be equally laughed at.
        I can’t wait to hear the points deduction argument when administration knocks on the door.
        Same club…….of course, except for debt and points deduction, thats got feck all to do with us!

    2. In reply to Beppe’s post at 11.25 pm in ‘Scotlands Dirty Secret’, I would like to add that I couldn’t agree with him more. He has hit the nail on the head. I agree with his sentiments 100% and would struggle to improve on his comments. I would recommend anyone who missed his post to check it out.Well done sir!

  19. Good post JJ (nothing unusual there), having lived Stateside for almost 30 years now one thing I like about Stateside is that if I am in a pub no one asks if I am Prod or Catholic, yet back in the day I can remember going into different pubs in my youth, especially in Glasgow, I had to watch what pub I was in and with a name like Lennon, eegits automatically assumed that I was a Tim Malloy when I was actually a Killie boy. Stateside I have been in both of the old Rangers social clubs as well as the Celtic ones, notably the “Fiddler’s Green” in Millbrae which is a huge Celtic place, I suffered the 3-0 loss in the 2001 League Cup Final and went crazy at the 2012 League Cup Final, there was no repercussions. I also saw Killie gubbing the old Rangers 3-0 and in the first game of the administration another 1-0 win, at an old Rangers haunt, again nothing but banter.Ex Pats seem to suffer everyone when we watch the fitba, heck one of my drinking buddies was a Dumbarton fan who always gave me grief over the 1975-76 season when the Sons beat us 3-0 in the league(a week after they had lost 6-0 at home to Montrose)and also in the Scottish Cup Quarter Final, this being our promotion season !! I think my point is that I don’t miss the bigotry and enjoy watching a game, any Scottish game where all it is is a good excuse for a booze up and banter.

    Anyway, hope the Killie take the Dandies and it’s on to Hampden.

    I know how busy you have been JJ and I’m not one to greet and moan but I was hoping that my password might show up, the issue may be that my recurring is around the 20th of the month and not at the 1st.Anyway, not sweating it, I know it will get fixed in good time.Stay safe and ignore the fuckwits.

    yours in sport
    Gaun the Killie

  20. Another great article JJ . As one of those of Irish Catholic background, and a Glaswegian, I am well aware of Scotland’s Dirty, but let’s face it, Not So Secret. It’s hidden in plain sight.
    Well documented. Well known about. That being the case, why is nothing done? Doesn’t suit, that’s why.
    Whether its money, or power, or both, its not going to go any time soon.
    Even despite the fact that it would change our country in a FAR better way than anything else we could do.
    I despair that we continue to tolerate (and encourage) this way of life, for that’s what it is.
    Haven’t received my password as yet. Grateful if you could send.

    Be safe.

  21. Usual monthly donation made JJ ……0341.
    Excellent output as usual, stay safe.

    JJ: Thank you

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