A Glasgow Derby

For many deluded Rangers Lite fans a game against Celtic is a re-enactment of The Battle of The Boyne. The prosaic facts of this battle, a defeat for The House of Stuart led by the deposed King James II of England, has been subverted to fit a narrative of Protestant ascendancy. The fact that the morbidly obese pederast that was William of Orange was an ally of the Vatican is conveniently overlooked. The fact that the Eindhoven Dutch went into battle under a Papal flag has been airbrushed from the WATP playbook. The fact that William of Orange was wont to stay in Catholic convents as a guest of the Pope is best ignored.

The Vatican and Holland were allies at that time. Their bitter enemy at that juncture was King Louis XIV of France. The ‘GodGiven‘ as he was known refused to accept the supremacy of The Vatican and was waging a war against the Dutch. The Vatican wanted King Louis XIV brought to heel and were happy to assist in a skirmish in Ireland.

James II was opposed to The Anglican Church. He represented both Catholics and non-conformist Protestants.

These historical facts have been altered to fit the anti-Catholic, No Popery, rhetoric of The Orange Order. An order with traditions that are predicated on lies. If one acknowledges that Rangers continuation is a lie one should take pause to consider the grandmasters of mendacity in The Orange Order.

The Orange Order is an anti-Catholic sect. Rangers 1873-2012 was an anti-Catholic club until 1989 when they were threatened with UEFA expulsion. Those whom revere Bill Struth venerate an unreconstructed bigot. Struth may have not been the founding father of sectarianism at Ibrox but he was a pivotal figure in its proliferation. Harland & Wolff which opened a shipyard in Glasgow (1912 -1915) had a no-Catholics employment policy. They were the harbingers of hard-line sectarianism.

When the Irish Famine forced destitute families to flee for their very lives to Scotland, the Orange Order whipped-up their anti-Catholic brethren to do everything  in their power to crush them. Jobs for Irish emigres were like hens’ teeth. Poverty was widespread.

Celtic were formed as a charity to provide school meals to the underprivileged kids in the East End of Glasgow. Many of the hardships these children endured had a causal link to The Orange Order.

In the 1930s Billy Fullerton and his gang would attack, maim and often kill Catholics for sport. The Billy Boys is sung by upwards of 40,000 at Ibrox as Fullerton is an anti-Papist hero.

Rangers 1873-2012 were not a Protestant club. They were an anti-Papist association football club forced by UEFA to hire a high-profile lapsed Catholic.

A mutation of Rangers 1873-2012 now plays at Ibrox. The fans of the new club have a huge chip on their shoulder. They actually believe that Rangers 1873-2012 was demoted. They rail against the SFA for allowing this to happen. They are as deluded as their Orange Order brethren.

This faux sense of injustice has been exacerbated by an SMSM who coin phrases such as Engine Room Subsidiary to add fuel to their fire. This fire will burn at its most incandescent when Celtic visit Ibrox on Sunday.

There was a time when Celtic and Rangers 1873-2012 were the top dogs in European football. The majority of the Celtic team that won the European Cup in 1967 played against the holders of the 1972 UEFA Cup Winners Cup. Sandwiched between these two triumphs was a Celtic defeat to Feyenoord in the 1970 European Cup Final.

Willie Waddell stated that Rangers were a big club because they thought ‘big.’ When they were banned from UEFA tournaments for a year ( a two years’ suspension was reduced on appeal) due to the hooligan excesses of their supporters they should have put their house in order. But they had no moral high ground from which to preach to the masses as they held firm to their no-Catholics anti-Papist traditions.

Jock Stein during Celtic’s 9 in-a-row pomp – won fairly with no EBT additives and irregular registrations – asserted that without Rangers and Celtic Scottish football would be a part-time backwater as was and is the case in Northern Ireland.

The Celtic fans who turn up at Ibrox on Sunday know that the spiritual forebears of the new club cheated to win 17 titles. They also know that a corrupt stitch-up by Ménage A Trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir – aided and abetted by Regan and Doncaster – resulted in the new club being ‘gifted’ with the honours won by Rangers 1873-2012, including the titles won by cheating. They also know that Rangers 1873-2012 lied to the SFA to gain a licence to play in UEFA tournaments in 2011. The Celtic fans also have a grudge to bear.

As we fast forward from the late 60s and 1970s preeminence we arrive in 2018 with a Celtic team that is ranked 46th in Europe and a Rangers Lite team ranked at 297. They are no longer top dogs.

Satellite broadcasters have moved the goal posts. The UEFA glory days of a sepia-hued past will never return. When Paris Saint Germain bought Neymar from Barcelona for £200m the paradigm shift in the fortunes of the leading European clubs moved from the back pages to the front pages. One will probably see a player change hands for £300m in our life time.

Scottish football has lost much more than the Glasgow plutocracy that was The Old Firm and European preeminence. It’s Corinthian spirit has been sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency. If Neil Doncaster can squeeze out a few extra millions of pounds on a Continuation ticket, he will unashamedly do so for the greater good of Scottish football. This artifice pays well. £352,000 per annum in the most recent SPFL published accounts.

The Glasgow Derby is no more than a local skirmish. Celtic will win their seventh successive title irrespective of the result. Rangers Lite will probably want it more but in the final analysis their appetite will not be enough to be Champions.

Lite fans, who now celebrate draws, can delude themselves all they like. They are good at that. But the league flag’s inexorable progress to the East End of Glasgow will not be abated.

Celtic have the options on the bench to achieve the desired result. They have players in their squad of 18 that can change games. Lite can call upon Miller, Holt and Doodoo to their anticipated starting eleven of Morelos, Cummings, Windass, Candeias, Docherty, Goss, Halliday, Alves, Bates, Tavernier and Alnwick. The average value of their starting eleven is 641,000 Euros.

Not for the first time I have revealed the Rangers Lite team and on this occasion I don’t require a tip-off from a source.

I watched a lacklustre Celtic prevail against Morton on Saturday. It took the Scottish Cup holders just north of an hour to breach the Morton defence. This should come as no surprise as the average value of the Celtic starting eleven was 2,700,000 Euros.

However the big picture is the SFA and their skewed misinterpretation of their own rules. Rules that should prohibit Graeme Park playing any part in the transfer of Docherty with no fee upfront to Rangers Lite.

The Orange Order with a skewed misinterpretation of historical facts will be watching a team on the park with a skewed misinterpretation of their history.

The blind lead the blind in a Scottish game where the Corinthian jig was up in 1988 when David Murray paid a $1m cash bribe to acquire a controlling interest in Rangers. This bent spiv and his acolytes have ruined the beautiful game for all of us.

As one watches the game we are all complicit in the SFA’s ‘move on’ mission statement. I urge my readers to turn off their TVs and portable devices and attend a Juniors game. For those who value Scottish football’s future £5 is a small price to pay.








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21 thoughts on “A Glasgow Derby”

  1. I count myself very fortunate to have witnessed the rise and fall of the Lisbon Lions, then the emergence of the Quality Street Kids (Dalglish, McGrain, Macari, Hay, McStay, Connelly etc.). Hampden in 1970 when north of 137,000 (I got ‘lifted over’ the same as countless thousands of other kids) watched the decimation of the seemingly invincible Don Revie’s Leeds Utd.
    Halcion days indeed, I have in the fairly recent past witnessed Celtic beat Barca, Man Utd, Juve, Lyon, Ajax, draw with runaway EPL winners Man City etc. but you are 100 percent on the money, the rubicon has been crossed.
    I have not renewed my (2) season books since the commencement of our battle over Resolution 12, I gave Auldheid and Co my shares as proxy. I wonder if we will ever see the Compliance Officers report.
    Until then, I shall enjoy the AFC Fylde journey through the lower league’s of the EPL pyramid with my grandkids. The surroundings are magnificent (google Mill Farm). The SFA will get not a penny more until the crooks, spivs & shysters get some porrige.

  2. An excellent piece! Let’s apply some context to this odious institution. These are not my opinions; this is information freely available and is referenced by legitimate sources.

    This Masonic-esqe brotherhood / cartel is sworn to maintain their so called Protestant Ascendancy. It is headed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland; a British conservative unionist organisation vehemently opposed to Scottish Nationalism and the break up the Union. This “Order” has, allegedly, housed a number of questionable characters; supporters of murder by UVF / UDA factions. None more so than William McGrath.

    McGrath was a senior Orangeman, a preacher, a political activist, an Ulster Unionist party member and an acquaintance of such dignitaries as Ian Paisley, who married two of his children.

    McGrath created an organisation called Tara; a political movement hell bent on “cleansing” the Province of Catholics and Catholicism and infecting their followers psyche with sectarian propaganda. 1930s Germany anyone?

    An Orangeman and alleged whistleblower for MI5, he was also responsible for some of the worst paedophiliac atrocities in modern times. A housemaster of the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast, he participated in and oversaw the systematic torture and sexual abuse of children in his care. He also, allegedly, pimped children to other Orangemen, to high profile persons connected to Westminster and within the Royal Family sphere. He was charged and sentenced for crimes of paedophilia. Once it became official, and in the public domain then, and only then, was he expelled from the Orange Order.

    The original Beast from the East. Could he really have committed these atrocities over a sustained period without the Orange Order knowing? Without the Masonic establishment knowing? Was he merely a deranged rogue member or was he one of a number of deviants whose crimes have been covered up over the years? Answers on a sash.

    Their very existence is concomitant with a history of violence, torture, racial hatred and ethnic cleansing. From Billy Fullerton’s band of racist, fascist woman beaters who ultimately joined the Orange Order, every walk, lodge meeting and ditty from the Ibrox song book is reflective of these aforementioned horrors. In the interests of parity, perhaps Orangemen should keep their own house in Order, when they are pointing fingers of blame elsewhere.

  3. The derby game is almost upon us and my brother will be working that night in a West of Scotland A/E dept. He,like me, is a Celtic supporter. His heart wants a win for Celtic but his head knows that would predictably bring a torrent of domestic violence to his door. Surely it is no surprise that the impotent Loyalists come home from the match and take out their frustrations by beating their wives and partners. The correlation between a Rangers loss in a derby game and recorded domestic violence is huge Interestingly there is no such correlation if Celtic lose. Any theories as to why this is the best kept secret in A/E ?

  4. sevco will be even more hamstrung next season unless they can renegotiate and extend the close terms, which I suspect they may have to or look for a similar loan/ Ahem overdraft facility! If they are short of £4m this season (at the very least) it will be double that next season.

    Fans gullible following is only 3 or 4 bad results away from melt down. 3rd in a league finish to Hibs and knocked out of the cup may dissuade some of their most fervent followers of sevco traditions away then relying on walk in business.

    High staff costs, exorbitant interest short term loans, relying on director goodwill/blackmailing, HOPING for Euro football Millions or a Chinese takeaway is not a great business plan.

  5. Just hearing the term ‘Old Firm’ has the action of an aural emetic at this time of year. It doesn’t matter if it is the blissfully ignorant broader uk media, the compliant Scottish media , or the deluded Sevco fans desperate to associate themselves with a greater club…

    The term gets put into full circulation by all with a cultural or financial interest.

    To hear the term used in connection with Rainjuurz is sickening enough, but to hear it applied to the dubious (parentage) offspring club in order to associate them with Celtic is truly vomit inducing.

    All part of the ‘continuation mission’ I suppose…

    Luckily , I have a strong stomach…. But what takes me beyond my desperately low peach schnapps threshold is when I hear Celtic supporters talk about ‘Th£ @ld F!#m’.

    Let them have the term, but Celtic supporters ( and the rest of Scottish football) please stop using it! You are only giving them not only the oxygen of publicity, but are allowing them and their ideals to be associated with YOU and YOUR CLUB !



    1. Totally agree with you, I actually think the phrase is used as a calculated insult to Celtic fans by the media and should be challenged at every turn.

      Excellent history lesson JJ, I often wonder why this sect find the sign of the cross offensive? Why do they idolise the queen who no doubt takes communion every week from a priest or bishop decked in robes?

      Why does this sect believe that their representative football team is about to challenge the Champions when they share with Hamilton Academicals the ignominy of being the only clubs in the top league to have won no major honour?

    2. Correct Tache,good Tim Raman Bhardwaj used the term on STV last night,couldn’t believe it.Tried to phone but couldn’t get through,wonder why? Remember,the Barcelona Billys only won the Cup Winners Cup after not winning a cup domestically that season.In through the back door courtesy of Celtic,still waiting to be thanked to this day……

    3. Spot on statement
      Riles me no end hearing or reading CELTIC fans or blogs using outdated and defunct terminology.

  6. JJ, you constantly refer to 17 titles but by my calculations 20 trophies have be won since the DOS/VSS arrangement commenced with Flo, De Boer etc from 1998 onwards. 7 League titles, 8 league Cups & 5 Scottish Cups – have i got this wrong ?

    Disagree with your Buns line-up, assuming certain individuals are fit – i expect Foderingham, Tavernier, Wallace, Martin, Alves, Goss, Docherty, Murphy, Candeias, Windass & El Gruffalo.

    I fully expect a Celtic win & to put these delusional Buns back in their box until the Semi.

  7. since the implosion of oldco i never watch these bitter toxic games nor do i place a bet on the outcome.i will never put penny into scottish football, stay safe keep up the goodwork

  8. Great piece JJ 👏 superb to have you back in song with your view of all things football
    Recently I’ve left a few msgs asking you to return to the auld JJ back the guy who got the blood pumping juices flowing the guy who always left me wanting more and more and today JJ you have done that a flawless piece it was an absolute pleasure to read it although I can’t take part in your call for the tv to be turned off JJ I have to see Sevco being placed back into the box anyway it was a pleasure JJ great having you back bud HH ✌️

  9. ‘William of Orange was wont to stay in Catholic convents as a guest of the Pope…’
    I expect the virtue of the Sisters was in little danger from him.

    Extra donation for Java ‘n’ Baklava. Kali orexi!

    JJ: Thank you buddy. Always stepping up when I badly need a fillip.

  10. JJ, you do yourself no favours by continuing to insist that King Billy was a pederast. There is no evidence to support this. There’s a world of difference between a ‘homosexual’ and a ‘pederast’? He was a morbidly obese and a homosexual but there’s no shame in either of those labels these days.

    This is the kind of slip that will give your enemies their in, the little scab to pick at and try to discredit your whole argument by association.

    Keep it tight.

  11. “It’s Corinthian spirit has been sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency.” One line that truly sums up why this site is head and shoulders above all others.
    Magnificent writing.
    Donation made.

    JJ: Thank you. Very much appreciated.

  12. B hell Notts Forest rumoured to be offloading Cummings to China for 800k following rehne having sent a spy to the trfc v falkirk game Sunday . Beijing ducked perhaps.

  13. JJ – as an avid junior footie fan i feel obliged to point out that the going rate for entry these days is £6 – still an absolute bargain.

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