Sir Bribe & Lie Rides Again

The SMSM never fails to amaze me. Scott Burns’ and his editor have the audacity to publish the following as an exclusive:

The former chairman stepped down and sold his Ibrox shareholding for £1 to Craig Whyte in 2011. But it’s understood Murray is weighing up a move to buy back into the club. He could buy out existing shareholders or try to muscle in on the upcoming share issue – if the current board give him the go-ahead. Rangers are set to announce a share issue but it is unlikely to be a public flotation.

The move was passed at the club’s last AGM, but shares would only be offered to existing shareholders and preferred purchasers. Current chairman Dave King may be reluctant to allow Murray to buy into the club again. The pair had an uneasy relationship when King lost millions when he initially invested under Murray first time around. It could all come down to the level of investment Murray would be prepared to offer.

The 66-year-old’s time at Rangers was tarnished by the way he departed. The sale to Whyte saw the club go into liquidation in 2012. Rangers had to start again in Scotland’s bottom tier before being taken over by Charles Green and his consortium.Many blame Murray for selling out to Whyte in the first instance although he claimed he had been duped.”

I exclusively revealed this months ago. Has it taken this long for Burns to scroll through my articles? He evidently did not learn anything in his voyage of discovery. Is it any wonder that Trinity Mirror are eyeing up Burns’ beleaguered title and that his P45 will soon be in the post?

Rangers are in the final throes of liquidation. They did not start again in Scottish football’s bottom tier. An entirely new club was formed viz The Rangers Football Club Limited, formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd , and was shoehorned into the SFL. There is no Rangers. Burns is more than a dollar shy and a day late. He is the mark in a Continuation three card trick.

Sir Bribe & Lie misses the limelight. He paid a $1m cash bribe to be the big swinging dick at Ibrox. It was a personal triumph for the boy who was sniggered at when his tax-evading father was sent down for two years and he had to leave Fettes in humiliating ignominy.

Murray misses his calling card. What true blue mason could resist a free nosebag and a skinful of malt from the comfort of an Ibrox box? If one needs planning permission Murray just passes the port. Need to get your leg over? Leave it to David as being the Chairman of Rangers Lite is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Gold-diggers will form an orderly queue in Royal Exchange Square for a bite at Rogano’s and afters at Malmaison or One Devonshire Gardens.




So who is going to stop the modern-day David Van Horne from subverting Scottish football one more time? Our ursine chums in the guise of The Witches Of Eastwick? They are in over their heads. They would be afternoon pussy in David’s hands.

What about Career Criminal King? Having paid £5m for the privilege of Sir Bribe & Lie laundering £20m of the South African’s exchequer’s money, he knows that Murray drives a hard bargain. It would be the perfect out for the cold-shouldered and contemptible spiv. I am of course referring to King although one could understand any confusion as they are both cut from the same cloth. A cloth infested with bacillus anthracis.

The criminal spiv is dead! Long live the criminal spiv!

What about the SFA?  Would their faces follow their ties into the soup course as they ducked out? Indubitably. He only cheated his way to 17-20 titles but there’s nothing lost that is lost to a friend, right?

If this mendacious criminal bastard is passed fit and proper by the SFA, Scottish football is finished. If you thought appointing a tax-evading cheat, Alex McLeish EBT. (£1.7M) as Scotland manager was as low as the SFA could go, get ready for the bends should they welcome Lucifer Murray back to the table.

Anyone for a rack of succulent lamb?


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37 thoughts on “Sir Bribe & Lie Rides Again”

  1. Bring the Godfather back,Dave GASL is boring.Murray Park could be called Murray Park.The SMSM would be falling over at his feet.Scottish football would be fun again,new tax evasion schemes etc…..maybe awaken Celtic from their slumber and realise the fight has to commence and finally kill off the Sooside abomination…….

  2. True to form you were right again jj. I pointed your previous comments out to my brother this morning after seeing this headline .

    It all smacks of sell to whyte ( the patsie) whyte does the nasty n gets rid of the debt . Once the new team is back in the top flight ? He comes in on a white steed like the saviour .

    However , the only flaw in the plan was the witch hunt of whyte , which laid bare in the highest courts , all the illegal goings on that the mssm refused to report on .

    Keep up the good work

  3. Unfortunately, as the puff piece from the SMSM demonstrates, he will be welcomed back with open arms.

    All norms of a civilised society are postponed. Anything goes when it comes to halting the ’10’.

    Scottish football is finished.

  4. He was in charge during the EBTs, one of scottish footballs destructive episodes, and they are going to let this guy just roll back in? I appreciate that we arent talking about him joining the club, but the company which has the club as an asset, so there is no need for the sfa to perform a fit and proper test, but this makes a mockery of the entire 6th floor and scottish football.

  5. The article is utter bullshit. Every pound invested in the club gets swallowed up by reimbursing the loanees who would otherwise be shafted. The story is the typical good news story meant to deflect from the missing $2,700,000 needed to add to the $3,000,000 from Close to get to next season. The accounts have still not been published as they contain far too much red ink. This club is a financial black hole that continues to spend more than they earn. There is no saviour for carrion. There are only scavengers looking for morsels of glory. Borrowing under usurious circumstances is a death spiral. They have moved beyond the event horizon to use an astronomical metaphor and not even light can escape. The bullshit seeks to obscure the inevitable liquidation.

  6. Is this the final stage of the plan coming to pass?
    Rape the club for every conceivable penny, introduce two tax scams both later found to be illegal, dupe Mr Whyte into taking the toxic entity off your hands then step back into the limelight as the latest saviour?
    This explains the SFA’s failure to declare Murray persona non grata despite his crimes against Scottish football which makes Craigy boy’s misdemeanors look tame in comparison, yet has earned him a sine die sentence from the most corrupt football authorities in the world.
    Exit stage left King, enter David Murray, a self made millionaire who ran his empire into the ground leaving HBOS with £700m of unpaid debt plus another couple of hundred million of worthless equity in MIH.
    Not content with that the ‘Newco’ family business has emerged from that disaster and somehow found itself in possession of the best bits of the former companies.
    It makes a joke of corporate laws in the UK.
    Never mind Murray being banned from Scottish football, how is he and his fellow directors at MIH not been banned sine die from involvement in any UK limited company?
    If anyone was in any doubt as to there being one law for the rich and another for the poor then look no further than the shenanigans around the demise of MIH.
    Despite everything he still clings to his SIR moniker granted to him for services to UK business!
    One might think that having built a company using other people’s money, HBOS, then burning it to the ground might have resulted in him being stripped of the title, but hey, this is the UK, can’t be seen to admit to having made a grievous mistake can we, especially one of our own?

  7. You have mentioned the return of SDM several times JJ. Each time, I have checked this out with an impeccable source who is close to him (you know who he is). He continues to tell me that he would be astounded if Murray returned in ANY capacity to Ibrox. He was trying to get rid of the club for ten long years before his patsy appeared on the scene and his family have no interest in the club. I can only imagine that if he IS interested in returning, it is in some way an attempt to salvage his trashed reputation coupled with his insatiable need for fan worship and media adoration.

    He and King are the best of enemies and the same applies to Alastair Johnston. But if this shining knight does return, expect Martin Bain to be back with him. The only person missing will be Walter Smith to make it a ‘full house’.

    Desperate times for a desperate club.

  8. The Gullibillies should be asking themselves why Mr Sir Brother Murray wasn’t knocking on the investment door for the last 6 years!?

    But then again.. They truly are the most gullible with a goldfish memory and astonishing double standards.

    If Harvey Weinstein offered investment in return for a coaching position on a sevco women’s team they would jump at it.

    Scottish football is in its death throws. The irony is that the media wanted us to believe it was dying 6 years ago due to the lack of a Rainjuurz… When in fact, it’s the persistence of a phantom club pretending to be Rainjuurz that is killing the game.

    I feel that not just football either. Sport in general is ruined for me.
    Money has ruined football world over. My first love in sport – ( I was a successful amateur Time trialist) cycling – is ruined through the infection of corporate giants able to operate teams that would pass as pharmaceutical testing labs but have the gall to condemn others and preach about their perceived clean tactics. Rugby has too many distasteful club traditions and associations for my liking, plus the ball us the wrong shape. Athletics, which has never much interested me anyway is riddled with drugs to the point where it should just be stopped until fair participation can be guaranteed.

    The saddest thing ( even post McLeish reappointment ) is that we all know SDM being allowed back into the game will be the pinnacle of blind eye turning, rule bending and downright corruption by the SFA to date…..

    ….. But there’s no MAYBE about it! We all know it WILL happen!

  9. Chapeau JJ; yet again you and your sources have been ahead of the game.

    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party”, which originated as a 1912 typing drill, comes to mind.

    It can come as no surprise to readers of this blog that a big beast, in the form of SDM, is circling the dying iteration of the Ibrox club. Clearly there must be something in it for him, even in the form of glowing SMSM eulogies, before he does walking away (again). Perhaps he fancies himself as a latter-day Charles Green, able to make a killing (again!) from the ‘basket of assets once the inevitable administration occurs?

    The whole farrago gets more and more weird by the day. A home defeat on Sunday will only ratchet up the pressure on, and within, the Board.

    1. Would it matter if he did? The gullibillies in and outwith the press have bought into the ‘saviour’ myth.

  10. If Charles green can get a big house and race horses, out of rangers without the tax man noticing, and craig wyhite leasing Ibrox each year, David Murray will need to get his hands on the close brother’s deal to be able to be the big swinging dick,to then put the bite on Craig and wavetower, as no car park no rangers revenue. For them.

  11. Over at the Bears den they are calling minty everything under the sun but we all know with some £s mentioned as investment, some key phrases, No surrender, WATP and a statement mentioning stopping Celtic’s march to 10IaR that things can change quite dramatically among the Klan.

    For the reasons the Mensch mentions I cannot see Minty going back in as well as the fact the finance are truly fukd not sure what the appeal would be for the elderly man to motivate that interest other than his face in the paper, pretty much like the glib one enjoys when there is a good news story that he can try to make his own.

    “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes”.

  12. Could the notion being peddled that SDM may make a return be a ruse in making future shares appear to be more valuable and hence make them worth holding on to at the moment?

    i.e. An attempt to minimise the take-up that DCK has to offer.

    Nothing surprises me with this lot.

    My favourite scene from the movie Shooter

    “World ain’t what it seems is it, Gunny? You keep that in mind. The moment you think you got it figured, you’re wrong.”


  13. As mentioned by Highland Bear, it is indeed time for all good brothers to come to the aid of the establishment club. The Laptop loyal lapdogs are following their instructions. I see the SIR B&L piece as a timely squirrel in the best traditions of Old Firm games of yesteryear. Floating pitch and casino anyone?
    SIR B&L is of course an egotistical maniac and, perhaps in his mind, having let the dust settle somewhat ( 🙂 ) could see himself as the saviour on his white charger. I can’t see it. Comparisons with before would preclude his custodianship. Unlike previously he has no source of free money, his own money will of course be off limits. The revenue streams he so adeptly milked dry to trouser his estimated £150Million during his stewardship will be scant reward and questions may be even asked ( By the media in Scotland? I think not! ) To me the only interest for SIR B&L would be to save the company /club and hastily sell on and take an honorary role ( Chairman for life, Murray Park anyone?)
    RIFC is all in this season. There is no cash, ST books income has been pawned already, if a further shortfall exists with Cold Shoulder in April then liquidation beckons. If the cupboard is bare of cash and silverware then the game is a bogey. I expect RFC to win one of the Celtic games, needs must, The Corrupt Cabal will not desert their favourite club and reason for being. Probably the cup game, better to lose the league game, even at this weekends Carnival of Bigotry and revive for the Cup. Cup games are a one off and a MIB can always come to the rescue if BR’s team is still in the doldrums. BR should have reinforced from a position of strength in January, even to the extent of signing up Summer recruits then also. If RFC win this weekend then CFC will have a point to prove at Hampden in front of the Self Preservation Society. CFC this weekend, RFC in the cup.

    1. I disagree. By the time the cup game comes around Roberts and Griffiths will be back. Celtic will be a more potent threat in the semi-final. Sunday’s game is the best Lite can shoot for. Rodgers will play it tight at Ibrox. No need to be Gung-Ho as a draw will do. Celtic will be more expansive at Hampfden.

      1. I don’t agree.

        I believe Rodgers will send Celtic out to quickly demolish the hopes and dreams of those who frequent the sectarian speakeasy. The crowing from the SMSM and the hoards needs to be silenced quickly and ruthlessly.

        I expect Celtic to be 2 up by half time and 3 of the 4 stands to be empty by the hour mark.

  14. Part of the disposal of the unwanted asset (Rangers) to CW was an undertaking by Whyte to make SDM President of the club for life. SDM also wanted a statue and a stand named after him (now the Sandy Jardine stand). CW agreed to all of this.

    Then they fell out. SDM’s ego knows no bounds.

  15. Ok then. Just sent £25.00. If its a draw this weekend and Celtic win in the cup, you win. If RFC win in the cup and draw this weekend, the money is yours to keep. If Celtic win this weekend and win in the cup you win. If RFC win this weekend and lose in the cup same goes. If Celtic lose this weekend and win in the cup you keep the money. If Celtic win this weekend and lose in the cup then the money is yours to keep. Keep shining a light

    JJ: Thank you.

  16. Have to admit,whilst all my instincts tell me that even the gullibillies could not POSSIBLY be stupid enough to accept Murray back at ibrox,history does tend to indicate otherwise.Every time I think they have hit rock bottom something else comes along to prove me wrong,having said that,I just can’t see what’s in it for him,we all know he cares only for his own interests and wellbeing,can’t imagine him returning to the scene of the crime,donation sent as per instructions,will await password when you get around to it,keep up the great work and,most importantly,stay safe.

  17. Surely, as Former Rugby player, Murray would be better to invest his Gains into Glasgow Warriors or Edinburgh. He could have the prestige of winning team filled with internationalists. The SRU are currently looking for buyers

    1. The SRU should steer well clear of any overtures from Murray. His track record would suggest an initial investment followed by major scale asset alienation, leaving a shell of an organisation.

  18. JJ do you think the close brothers. were Duped into loaning money on the strength of el Buffalo’s, 11 million, price they are dealer’s in players and maybe they now hold his registration

    1. First of all you’re confusing the merchant bank with what is best described as their pawnbroking subsidiary. The rationale behind the inflated value of Morelos, where a digit was added to his actual value, was to lure others to pony up as the Close Asset Finance quantum is not sufficient to keep the lights on.

  19. Celtic have the opportunity to beat Sevco twice and end any hopes of a League or Cup win. That would cripple season ticket sales and make default far more likely. Default would soon be followed by liquidation. Moussa- une Oddsonne- deux. Ncham- trois. I predict.

  20. Hello JJ ,
    Hope you are well
    Sent you a couple of replies which were awaiting moderation ….Was wondering if I was moderated yet …..
    I was looking forward to your take on this weekends game …..
    best regards
    Once a Tim

  21. Hi JJ.
    I hate to be part of a “MeToo” movement..
    .. but can you please send me the coveted password?
    I was a regular donator last year, a bit less this year due to new situation..
    Thanks, keep up the great work & watch yer back!

    1. All I asked for was a one pence message and it would have been taken care of. But no-one is listening. If any of my £1/1p readers want out I’ll happily refund your donation. This is not a con. It’s a process.

  22. And still not a squeak from the Compliance Officer 6 months down the road.
    He either must be a very busy man or having a problem in putting a spin on the fraudulent licence application which stops short of it being anything other than the criminal act that it was.
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the person making the fraudulent application on behalf of Oldco was also on the SFA licencing sub committee?
    Although if that were the case no doubt the gentleman in question would follow the example of the revered Ogilvie who we have been told recused himself from all things Oldco during his tenure at Hampden.
    Good old Campbell, walked away with a tax free £96k in his pocket from his former employer and didn’t raise a finger to help them through their difficulties.
    Now that’s real integrity, the man should get a medal or a cushy number with UEFA…..oops, he already has the latter, silly me.

  23. Morning JJ, yet another new article that I cannot access due to not having a password, I am a wee bit disappointed, that is at least 5 I have been unable to read despite my small donation, only 20 pounds monthly

    1. Do you know how difficult it is to extract your password from this comment? When I attempt it, it reverts to the e-mail that I used setting up WordPress. An email that gives away my identity. Not to put too fine a point on it but there are people trying to kill me. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! If you are a recurring donor I will get round to you. Why did you not help me out with a one pence prompt?

      What about the four free to air articles this week? Were they good value? No comment to make about them? Or are they in some way inferior because they were not password protected?

  24. Hi jj, hope you are safe. I dropped you the penny you asked for wrapped in a tenner. If im due a password for the protected content please send it to my log in here, you may have sent it to my papal email but im locked out just now. Thanks and keep shoning the light.

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