The Good The Bad & The Bent

Prior to representing the Moray constituency in Westminster, Douglas Gordon Ross was a Conservative MSP and dairy farmer. His Tory party is in league with the DUP. Ross is married to a Police Officer.

A cynic might suggest that Ross’ judgement as an assistant referee could be coloured by his party’s alliance with Ulster politicians, many of whom were in attendance at Ibrox yesterday. Did he have one eye on his friends in the stand as he twice mouthed ‘Red Card‘ in his radio microphone. As it was a particularly one-eyed decision one would not have to colour me surprised.

One should also note that his frenzied use of his assistant’s flag would not have been out of place at the Union Bear’s march prior to the match. An illegal march where Police Scotland, being paid by Scottish tax payers, acted as stewards.

If a charge of currying favour with his DUP allies was not enough to flag concerns apropos his impartiality, his marriage to a serving officer of the bastion of Freemasonry that is Police Scotland should also be noted.

Simunovic’s dismissal was a travesty of all that is good in the beautiful game. His elbow may have been swung to get his body in pole position for the ball but it was not swung in anger. It did not connect with Morelos. One could argue that this game vignette played out to a script created by Ross and imparted to Murty’s charges prior to the second half. If this was the case they only had to wait 12 minutes for Ross’ telling intervention.

Morelos went down like a wounded buffalo, despite the elbow making no contact. Morelos is a cheat. My choice of buffalo is apposite. Bison meat sells at $13.50 per pound which is probably his intrinsic worth. The SMSM ejaculating myths of £12m bids for a feelgood Lite story should have a long hard look at themselves. Is Yuanker Traynor paying them in kind for this squirrel; a squirrel which deflected from the fact that the board were pawning the family silver?


Morelos’ haircut marks him out as not the sharpest mammal in the evolutionary food chain. He looks like a stupid punk entertaining tourists in the Harajuku prefecture of Tokyo. Ross’ bent interjection gave Morelos an opportunity to level the game from three yards. He missed the open goal and hit the post, allowing Celtic’s third choice keeper, on loan Bain, to smother the ball on the line and secure Celtic’s win and their seventh successive title. The Celtic fans celebrated by chanting ten-in-a-row. Is it just me or do others anticipate a preponderance of honest mistakes in next month’s Semi-Final?  If Ross gets the gig one will know that the fix is in.

However yesterday’s most corrupt decision was not made by an assistant referee. It was made by an individual with a minimum of three pips on his shoulder, or more probably a superintendent’s crown.

A decision was made not to kettle or disperse an illegal march.

A decision was made to use tax-payers money to pay police officers to act as stewards to this illegal march. Welcome to Scotland 2018 where red white and blue smoke bombs are ignited with impunity as thugs in paramilitary uniforms are provided with a police escort. Police Scotland are not upholding the law. They are subverting it.

Inciting hatred prior to a tinderbox game is clearly on the level as long as one swings the lead. Did Police Scotland join in with the renditions of The Billy Boys?  Why not just be open about a song that is sung by police in orange lodges and their state subsidised clubs?

The Billy Boys washed down with a cheaper lager, brought to you by the Scottish tax payer. Will the real Billy Boys please stand up.




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29 thoughts on “The Good The Bad & The Bent”

  1. Yesterday’s piece yielded £23.02, including two one pence monthly donations. It was free to air. Tomorrow’s piece on Compliance will be password protected. Why should I write for those who refuse to support our site and line up to have a kick at your humble correspondent.

    1. Touche JJ but i have made repeated donations over the last year and requested a password to my login email here, i cant access my paypal email address at the moment so i apologise if you have sent it there. I am one of your supporters and want you to continue. Stay safe.

    2. Your work is outstanding we all look forward to reading it daily. It’s a breath of fresh air.
      I would politely recommend you take one day off writing articles and spend one day getting everyone passwords who is due one. If it is less than 500 people it should take no more than one day. If not, you may risk losing contributors that you do have.
      Your work is outstanding – ensure you secure those who have historically supported you.
      They admire your work and want to see you thrive.

      1. I have gone out of my way to ensure that those who faithfully keep the lights on have access. Others are welcome to a refund of £1 or 1p if that’s their preference. The bar was formerly set at £20 per month for free access to £1.99 articles. Should anyone pay £5 per week and not receive a password then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. hi JJ another ex piece
    I am a monthly donator and also paid £5 and then subsequently tried the1p Still unable to access the password I am in my ‘dotage ‘right enough
    All the best

  3. Hi JJ,
    As a Celtic fan I enjoyed the win yesterday but I don’t think that anybody can complain with the sending off, or the fact that the linesmen shouted RED RED RED.. How many times have we heard that we have 5 people officiating and how can they miss this incident and that decision and now when one of the officials actually help the ref then we complain about that as well.

    Agree with what you write about the march though.. I would like to hear the reasoning about letting that proceed.

    1. Agreed mate elbow shouldn’t have been there a straight arm and Ross has no chance to effect the game… the match is just another encouraging factor for the silly boys to come out in force every second week not just the 12th but when they’re losing all other identities they will hold onto their marching bands for dear life after all they weren’t liquidated in 2012

  4. JJ, small interim payment made. Hope this helps you out. PayPal ends 283G.

    Usual donation will be sent around the 25th.

    Thanks once again for all your great work.

    Kind regards, brooklyncharmer.

    JJ: Thank you. Very much appreciated.

  5. Hi JJ

    Sorry I’ve not been in contact of late. Great series of free to air articles, insightful and brave in equal measure. Given the report of Scott Sinclair being abused at the BA terminal in Glasgow Airport yesterday it seems the bile and hated in not solely the reserve of the Union Bears.

    One wonders if the same level of tolerance shown by Police Scotland and Civic Scotland as a whole would have been on dispay if the same march had been organised by the EDL? I think not.

    Just donated £20 via Pay Pal; hopefully that will give me access to your password protected articles.

    Keep up the fight.

    JJ: Thank you.

  6. I’d dearly love to be able to say that you are going over the top with regards to the police. Given the way they monitor, kettle and arrest the green brigade though it just absolutely stinks of “one rule for them…”.

    It didn’t affect the outcome but Collums second half performance was equally as desperate. He did his part in giving Rangers every opportunity to get a result. If a penalty decision could have been made I’ve no doubt how it would have worked out. Total contrast to the first half where he was happy to let it flow for both sides. The commentators were kind twice in saying he played advantage to celtic. He didn’t he just ignored the fouls.

  7. Just read that complete dipstick Gordon Park’s assessment of Broonie v Docherty.
    Quote ‘ the truth is Brown has been a poster boy for Scottish football’s mediocrity.’
    Quote’ Docherty has his career ahead of him whilst Brown’s in its dying embers.’
    How stupid does that look now as Broonie ran the midfield and Docherty and Goss were both posted missing.
    Well done Parks, made a complete clown of yourself again.
    The continual bigging up of an Accies player on a rental deal at Ibrox plus a guy who can’t get a game at QPR underpins the fact that to beat Celtic Newco need to bring in quality which costs money that they don’t have.
    With the game in hand against a Dundee team in freefall, a 12 point lead looks assured.
    Don’t be surprised if that gets nearer to 20 with an unbeaten run to the line.
    Just a note on the first goal yesterday, gifted by Boyata that none of the pundits have mentioned.
    Forrest had the ball in the corner with Bates clearly tugging at his jersey not once but twice before the Celtic player was kicked up in the air with Collum waving play on.
    No excuses for Boyata’s error but if the ref had done his job in the first place then no error, no goal.
    Back to Parks, how the hell does he get column inches.
    Quote ‘and you can put the kettle on for a battle royale which could well boil over’ ……aye right Parks, I must have blinked and missed that battle.
    Climb back into your box and think twice about getting a line in your column that Brown was once labeled as an energetic headless chicken!
    If Broonie read this crap yesterday morning the writer has succeeded in further winding up the Celtic captain, if possible.
    Docherty at 21 was on his knees for the last 20 minutes whilst Broonie was still full of running.
    Parks couldn’t have called this more wrong.
    I hope he comes up with something equally ridiculous before the cup semi.

  8. Collum & Ross were a disgrace, Collum ignored the constant fouling and a two footed lunge that skimmed the surface like a cruise missile – shocking. Rangers were(in the first half especially) all effort, sweat (although Murphy had a good first half) and long ball but they did make it difficult for Celtic, that said when Celtic were down to ten Rangers had to play in front of a more compact Celtic and were less effective. The fix was in but Celtic survived it and I hope they will do the same in the semi final.

  9. I watched the game in a boozer/coffeeshop in Amsterdam and was depressed at how blatantly pro-*Rangersthe decisions were. The mostly neutral crowd was the same. Lot’s of ‘what’, ‘no way!’, ‘f***’s sake!’, etc.

    Having said that, in the 2nd half Celtic looked more composed and I had confidence in them being able to ride it out. *Rangers were all out of ideas and were beginning to blame each other. Quality always shines. N’tcham was superb for me.

  10. Another defeat in the cup semi will break them!

    It will be season over with 2 hungry clubs chasing them for a Europa slot. Not that Sevco should qualify on fiscal grounds anyway.

    Season ticket sales will take a hit with much of that revenue already spoken for before next season starts and creditors coming out of the woodwork to demand their money back.

    Boardroom going ‘Chernobyl’, debts mounting, payroll too high ( but they can sack the guys who earn in a year what Alves takes home in a week), cold shoulder coming, no transfer pot ( warchest in sevco-speak) to come, no share issue…

    Admin may be the only option for Squinty, but could be out of his hands ..

    Murty will stay manager on financial grounds not footballing ones.

    Interesting few weeks to come.

  11. I don’t have a problem with the red card. Whilst it may have seemed harsh, I can see why it was given . What I do have a problem with was the officials’ willingness to apply the letter of the law to Celtic players, but not Rangers players.

    In the lead up to the first goal of the game, Forrest had his shirt tugged twice and then was fouled, but Collum waved play-on.

    John committed a terrible foul on Forrest, but escaped a yellow card. Goss, already on a yellow card from the first half, cynically fouled Ntcham, but wasn’t given a second yellow card. Tellingly, he was substituted a couple of minutes later.

    Contrast this with the red card, Dembele’s yellow for cleanly winning a ball in the air. Ntcham received a yellow after a Rangers player deliberately hit the ball off him at a free kick.

    also, did anyone else notice that when Celtic scored the third, Collum raced over to try to stop the celebrations? He certainly didn’t do that for either of Rangers’ goals!

    This all made the victory even sweeter. However, it will be ten times worse come the semi-final. I think we can all be sure of that.

  12. Gordon Kraps and Gordon Waffell have regularly popped-up on the Speakeasy for their overtly ant-Celtic rhetoric. I can just imagine Kraps reading over his article’s signature comment about Scott Brown; the smug grin developing and his chest expanding, thinking how he had outdone himself this time. Well you did Kraps. But in fact it was actually your undoing. Such a derogatory article lacking in respect for Scott Brown left you choking on your own words. What a t@sser you are.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. If I was Parks I would make sure I stay well away from Broonie in the future.
      The article isn’t just innacurate, it’s totally offensive towards Broonie and reeks of jealousy and spite.
      Parks, in trying to demean and rile the Celtic captain, has shot himself in the foot as Broonie had both Docherty and Goss in his back pocket throughout the 90 minutes.
      I can’t remember either of them making a telling pass, a strong challenge, a shot on goal, an important block or interception throughout the game.
      Reading Parks article again he is on the cusp of slandering Broonie.
      At the very least Celtic’s briefs should be having a word with the Sunday Mail editor and firing a warning across his bows that a repeat article will see him and Parks in court.

  13. Hi JJ

    Any insights on the reports from CNET SPORT FOOTBALL ref Morelos being attacked after the game AND Rangers player threatening strike action before it due to unpaid wages?!?!

  14. Given that Two Jobs Ross chose a nice little earner in Madrid over representing his universal credit responsibilities it will be fitting when he suffers his own were you up for Portillo moment in elections is striking that he is clearly a failed referee and his singing of keep the red card flying here was farcical ,even dumb and dumber pointed out his antics on’s about take your time have a chat with Willie c.

    Sad thing to come out of the full fixtures at weekend was how good a ref Madden can be.

  15. Good Lord just looked at big ebt’s first Scotland squad .is on loan at rangers a code word or something to get in obviously Sean Goss couldn’t find a granny who once had a p in the Tay to get in. We really need three left backs for two games especially when Robertson and Tierney look so dodgy. 13 midfielders and two forwards .Phillips is no forward apart from the fact he’s finished at top level. Mcarthur stars for the palace Crystal weekly and is ignored. Murphy ffs the Nez bleu in the pub at the weekend left offering to drop him off at Brighton on his way to catch a ferry from Southampton.

  16. I think Martin and Cummings selections are more worrying.
    Neither sure of a start at Ibrox and the former a target for the boo boys whenever he’s selected.
    Anyway should boost the gate for the upcoming glamour game v Costa Rica…… Might just tip the attendance to over the 10,000 mark, and a consequent huge financial loss for the SFA after deducting costs for staging the game and the guaranteed payment due to the visitors.
    Presumably BT or Sky will be showing the friendly live which will further impact on the attendance.
    Not to worry, hasn’t stopped the blazers from roling up at Slaters to get fitted out for the summer jaunt to South America.
    I presume that wifes, children or relatives of any kind on the jaunt are paying their own way and are not travelling at the expense of the SFA or Scottish football fans?
    With transparency at the forefront of everything the SFA do then would it be too nuch to ask for a full manifest of those travelling on the flight and in what capacity are they on board……players, management team, press, hangers in!
    Of course one person guaranteed not to be on the flight will be the Compliance Officer as he continues what by then will be his 10 months quest to find a form of words that will exonerate the SFA and Oldco from any blame concerning the fraudulent UEFA licence application made by Oldco and signed off on by the SFA licencing sub committee in 2012.

  17. With the police presence at the Louden tavern was this a extra 3 hours overtime, and who picks up this tab, is it Ibroks, I believe they still owe money to the constabulary,
    Has the government made Glasgow labour or SNP accountable for the collection of this outstanding debt or should there be 25% increase in charges, till all debt is recovered from them, or through their rates.

  18. Murty is toast if they lose the cup game.
    The points gap at the end of the season could be 20 or more.
    King is mired in trouble with TOP and COS orders.
    There is not a peep about King sorting it out despite his email promise to his board and the COS that NOAL will step up to the plate.
    Next years ST monies already has a huge hole in it with Close Bros and the Docherty fee set to take the best part of £5m from the pot.
    The Newco support however is expecting a further influx of players in the summer with some serious money being spent.
    Because of the wonderful job that TMSM does in hiding any bad news and repeating statements from the likes of Robertson that they are well funded the fans think all is well when nothing is further from the truth.
    How anyone could try and sell as a positive a loan secured against parts of the infrastrucure that can actually be moved and taken away is beyond belief.
    Thank goodness there are a number of Chinese clubs out there willing to pay £12m for Morelos otherwise they would be in real trouble.
    I can only guess the reaction of Celtic fans if the board announced a loan, secured against the car park, the Celtic shop, catering equipment, wifi, PA system and big screens, as a positive step!
    They would be laughed out of office and quite rightly so.
    Has the Newco fanbase been so tranquilised by Level 5 pish that all common sense has gone out of the window?

  19. Fed up with the 6 month plus review of the UEFA licence thingy.
    Suggestion for Tony to cut to the chase.
    Name the person who made the application on behalf of Oldco.
    Ask him to publically explain why the £2.8m wee tax bill did not constitute outstanding social taxes.
    There you go, done in 5 minutes. My guess is that the person responsible is still on the premises at Ibrox and also has a gig with the SFA.
    Now embarrassing as that is no amount of deflection will change the facts.
    The Compliance Officer, with his line manager now fired/resigned, should be jumping in his car, driving 10 minutes to Dalmarnock, banging on Police Scotland’s fraud squad door and providing them with his findings which will kick start a long overdue criminal investigation.
    This is the biggest fraud, that we are aware of, in the history of Scottish football.
    Those responsible should be brought to account and made to pay for the stain left on Scottish football by their actions.

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