The Fit, The Proper & The Fraudulent

As is the case with all news from the SMSM it’s important to read between the lines and highlight the lies. Andy Coyle is the latest to ante up for STV with a slew of 5-way lies for our delectation. There was no Oldco operating RFC PLC. RFC PLC was renamed to convince the lame of brain that the ethereal entity RFC continues whereas its operator RFC 2012 Ltd is being liquidated. It’s simple to understand when you tell the truth.

After a poor start Coyle asserts that Alastair Johnston’s application for a place on the board of member club The Rangers has been put on hold until the Compliance Officer’s determinations are at an end.

Former Rangers Chairman Johnston and his executives, primarily Andrew Dickson, engaged in a fraud to facilitate his club’s path to participation in UEFA tournaments. Johnston’s club, which had an overdue payable of £2.8m owed to HMRC, was not eligible to participate in any UEFA tournament until the shortfall in its social taxes had been addressed. Johnston went on the record one day after the end of the initial March cut-off day to state that he had no idea how the £2.8m would be paid. This can was kicked down Edmiston Drive. It was never paid.

During Craig Whyte’s trial it was revealed that the Rangers board was fully aware of the overdue payable in November 2010. They knew full well that they were not eligible so they engaged in a fraud. Can one imagine the fallout from The People if their team’s application had been vetoed? They would have vented their fury at Sir Bribe & Lie. They would have had to be quick off their marks as Murray had one foot out of the door.

Now if you prefer you can read my analysis on another site, tied in a cryptic bow. 

You can choose not to donate to this site and deny this site your support. It’s evident that many would prefer it went under if their 16p per day does not give them unfettered access to premium articles. Some are paying as little as one pence per annum and demanding access. Spend a penny on PMGB’s site and be sure to make a comment three months after this site’s demise on how the end of his best go-to source has left him with less to say.

Rugger Bugger, an increasingly comic device, will indubitably provide his take and his supporters will be suitably dazzled. My entire blogging ‘career‘ has been dogged by others plagiarising my work. Andy Muirhead endured ten years of this artifice. Does one think that the rise of PMGB was a coincidence? Perhaps one should contact his alma mater which he purports is Trinity College and inquire whether he has a post graduate masters degree in journalism or actually engaged in media and publishing seminars provided by Cork Institute of Technology? I posit that if former social worker Mr. Macgiollabhain had successfully graduated on two occasions he would not hide his academic light under a bushel.

He writes better than I do, supports Celtic and is a zealous advocate of a united Ireland via the backdoor of Scottish independence. What’s not to like?

I digress. If Johnston and his executives are guilty of fraud, will Police Scotland do the right thing and arrest them? Will COPFS prosecute them?

Gaining a considerable pecuniary advantage through deception is a criminal offence, but as we now know the Economic Crime Unit at Police Scotland is a clusterfuck of an omnishambles. DCI Robertson and his pert assistant Jackie O’Neil left no stone unturned, no per diem unclaimed, and no ‘selfie’ opportunity with their board heroes missed as they travelled the world on a wild goose chase that was devised by Career Criminal King.

Where would one be without my exclusive that King procured Whyte’s hacked data base for £25,000 and created a conspiracy via leaked Tweets? A conspiracy that Robertson and O’Neil fell for hook line and sinker. Has no-one ever thought of charging King and his co-conspirators Paul Murray and James Traynor with perverting the course of justice and a slew of Telegraph & Communications Act transgressions?

Where would one be without my exclusive on David Whitehouse’s excoriating takedown of DCI Robertson and Jim Keegan, with the former singing The Billy Boys to intimidate witness and the latter taking silk while concealing a murky corporate past of being suspended as a company director for three years.

Where would one be without the actual minutes of the SPL meeting where the LNS recommendations were discussed.

Where would one be without my exclusive coverage of the Craig Whyte trial?

Where would one be without my exclusive that David Murray paid a $1m cash bribe to Lawrence Marlborough to secure his controlling interest in Rangers?

Where would one be without my sources?

So by all means drive this site under. Who needs this site when the narrative at PMGB’s site is better crafted and the customer service is superior. You will miss out on the exclusives but that’s a small price to pay to drive home your petulance for not receiving a password despite stepping up with 1p-16p per day.

David Whitehouse accompanied by David Grier was in the Court of Session yesterday. The former was pursuing a Summary Decree against Police Scotland. The proof hearing, scheduled for next week, has been postponed and is now slated for four days in May although this may be extended as both Police Scotland and The Lord Advocate will be in the dock.

If Whitehouse is successful Grier’s hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court will be a slam dunk. Police Scotland and The Lord Advocate are being funded by the public purse.

Dave King created this omnishambles. But he could not have foreseen how incompetent Robertson would be and how duplicitous Jim Keegan would follow suit.

If a £16m bath is coming down the pike The Scottish Executive’s oversight of Police Scotland should be subjected to scrutiny.

The arrest and conviction of Johnston, Dickson et al should be the tip of an iceberg that sinks the hand in glove relationship between Police Scotland and COPFS and takes the captains of both down with their respective ships.












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36 thoughts on “The Fit, The Proper & The Fraudulent”

  1. This site, our site, is in jeopardy. I have tried everything in my power to make it tenable, but I have been defeated by keyboard warriors throwing their weight around demanding passwords for their 1p to 16p per day donations. I’m tempted to leave it behind for 4-6 weeks and let the password deprived fight it out between themselves. Should I prohibit comments? I have lost their war of attrition, quite possibly for good. It’s ironic that those conspiring to murder me were unsuccessful in silencing me yet the enemy within prevailed.

    1. It would be a shame if the site folded due to poor contributions, I cannot understand the free loaders not contributing.

      Shame on them.

  2. JJ I hope you do what is best for you my friend. If a short break is required then so be it. I would much rather all your readers would just support this site. For the same price of a coffee and a sandwich a month surely it is not too much to ask to support this site.

  3. Just a thought but constant attacks on fellow bloggers and constant demands for money is very off putting. It makes you come across as petty and damages a lot of what you try to achieve. Sorry to be so negative and I don’t mean to be insulting. I do not know you and have never met you but your articles have a purpose especially in exposing corruption in Scottish football but you seem to be your own worst enemy.

  4. Hope you find the will to go on JJ, my 1st go to site for exclusives & sourced info…. £10 donation sent today..
    Good luck & hope to read your fantastic, accurate blogs for more days to come..

    JJ: Thank you TM. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  5. JJ, you’re obviously having it hard! I guess I’m one of those you speak of but I have been donating £10 per month almost since I first discovered your site. I have been retired for over a year now but continue with my monthly remittance (much to my wife’s annoyance). I’ll give you the benefit of the break you wish to take and continue to support. However, should 4-6 weeks not see a password then sorry to say, I’m out.

  6. Any thoughts on Mr Doncaster bring appointed to the SFA board as club rep.?

    Nothing much in media to be heard on it. Maybe innocuous but seems like a conflict in terms of power and position. He is one of the original ‘Hun Luvin’ Criminals’ so is going to be right where the RRM men want him. In both pro football governing bodies.

    I’m a born cynic but I can smell something in among the existing stench.

  7. I’m a long time reader and zero time contributor either by financial means or by comment. When I came across this site I was really impressed with the content and insights purely on the subject of the skullduggery at Sevconia. The other stuff that you are passionate about I don’t necessarily agree with but then I don’t read it and that’s entirely up to you what you wish to put on your own media platform. However I have to say I’ve increasingly been put off by the way you constantly deride your reader base as lurkers, tourist or that they spoil the comments section for everyone. Not to mention the ongoing talk about money and the fact that lurkers like me get a free ride and are parasitic in nature. When I go read Phil’s or James Forrest’s blogs they don’t make comments about free loaders or lurkers. They value people like me. The more the merrier. Word of mouth promotes sites like yours. But when I discuss this site with other people who used to be readers, they too have been turned off in a similar manner and the comments are less than favourable. Introduce adverts. If you’ve a high enough site hit rate then it could be much more productive than to vilify people who chose to visit your site. Welcome them, Welcome us. Value the visitors, don’t make derogatory remarks while then putting your hand out for assistance. James Forrest’s site is chronically bad for adverts but I still want to go to his site. If you find a slightly better balance then you won’t need to ask anything of your readership other than to continue to visit the site regularly. Or maybe try this: “thanks everyone of you for visiting this site, you truly make it worthwhile. If you wish to contribute to the running of the site then any donation, however small, is so gratefully received with humble thanks.”

    Hopefully you can sort something out so you can concentrate on the fine work you produce.

    All the best

    Dave The Lurker

    1. Interesting perspective. I should thank you for reading? I should riddle the site with adverts so that you can read for free? Your attitude is killing this site. Should I also thank you for your comment?

      What about some thanks for my efforts? Nothing? Colour me surprised.

  8. JJ, I’m not a contributing subscriber so this may not get printed. However, at the risk of incurring your wrath, I don’t think you make it easy for people to contribute.
    For the last month or so the message on how we can contribute has been muddled, to say the least. Talk of recurring contributions, or paying 1p, via PayPal, or not etc.
    To someone not totally au fait with making online payments, I find this confusing.
    On a more positive note, maybe it would be worth having clear instructions on your site that can be referred to, for people who want to contribute? New readers are frequenting your site, and a ready guide on how to contribute might be helpful. I, for one, would be more than happy to contribute £10 a month (from my currently limited income) to help to maintain your site, which is first class.

    1. I agree. I have tried my utmost to be inclusive. Going forward I will try to make it easier. Three choices:

      1. Blanket Paywall as of 1.4.18
      2. No password protection whatsoever.
      3. Walk away.

  9. JJ
    I have been reading you articles from day one I also
    contribute more than £10.00 per month plus extra donations
    when i can I have not received my password but I will still contribute because our site deserves it for the information
    we receive from you its the best thing that has happened to
    me getting someone to stand up football plus other things
    being the old coward that i am willing to let you ask the right
    questions and have the courage to see them through
    you are a very brave man without doubt
    and long may you continue
    keep safe I dont have say strong for you have that 100%
    I will send on an extra donation this month my friend

  10. I have noticed that all the ex celtic players who tend to have little digs at celtic, are not on the pictures around parkhead. Obviously they did not merit being there, and are probably a little annoyed, and hurt.

  11. Hi JJ,
    The stench of desperation still reeks out of the bigotdome, as for that awful man from over the pond, just another chancer. Your sounding mighty pissed off my friend, the way I see it is, I try and support your excellent site as I find your articles very informative and Ted & Lady bear are a nice touch of humor. I don’t know you, but I would not swap my current situation with your enforced exile from family & friends. As for passwords, if I get one great, if not I fully understand you are a busy man and have much to do, but all your other articles more than make up for this. Stay safe mucker and maybe a wee sabbatical is required, only you know, cheers.

    Small donation made.

    JJ: A donation with a request for a password. I will express my gratitude by looking one out for you.

  12. In terms of content and exclusives your articles are unparalleled and I don’t support any other site.

    I understand your justifiable frustration with other bloggers and SMSM effectively plagiarising your content and passing it off as their own, but I see little to be gained by using the site to attack them. I don’t believe they will change and you are more likely to lose potential support by calling them out on a public forum.

    PMCG may follow the same team as me but I’m not that one dimensional that I’d support a site based on that criteria alone but perhaps some others are. His style may be florid and humorous but I far prefer your focus on facts and analysis. I don’t wake up in the morning and wonder what topic he will cover but I do with this site. It is an inherently unfair situation but it is a compliment in a way, although clearly it would be a genuine complement if your content was acknowledged/referenced. I’d completely understand if you walked away due to financial reasons and threats but I’d urge you not to do so on the basis of plagiarism.

    I don’t know what the answers are to the issues you face but I’m beginning to wonder what you’d actually lose by putting everything behind a paywall. If your content is then plagiarised at least some form of payment has been made. This also has the advantage of weeding out the haters that you have to endure. Your policy towards the unwaged/disadvantaged is noble but it is clear from the daily hits you report that many readers who could pay don’t pay, and this may ultimately lead to the site folding.

    1. I am not using our site to attack PMGB. He stepped into a situation that he had no knowledge of and had a go at me. It came out of the blue. I decided to change tack. He, much more than anyone, is plagiarising the work of others and is quick to take the plaudits. If he wants to have a go at me I will retaliate. If he continues to copy and paste I will point it out. His actions more than the lurkers and the haters is my rationale for a paywall. If he chooses to rip me off he should pay for this privilege. He can afford to do so.

  13. I echo Mike’s comments JJ. Your site is valuable and your work appreciated but no need to deride other bloggers as it does not enhance your output.
    You comment on donations between 1-16p per day. I have been donating significantly more than that for over 14 months and I like others haven’t been provided with your password. If you are going to offer a premium service then you have to deliver.
    I thought long and hard about continuing my donations and emailed you personally and via 2 separate PayPal donations but you failed to reply.
    So, I wish you well but I see a part of your drop off in donations as being down to poor management of your supporters.
    Far be it from me to tell you what to do, you’re more intelligent than me by far but I feel a bit used by not receiving what you led me to believe I was entitled to.
    As always, stay safe.

    1. As you have a distinctive email address I would recall any recent contact via PayPal. There has been nothing using this email address. You may be one of my readers who make up a new address for this site, or the fault may lie with PayPal as I have noticed a change in notifications – they are not sending any.

  14. Fascinating article once again sir,whilst I know that everything you state is fact,I must admit to having a gnawing suspicion that nothing will happen to the guilty parties,despite all the evidence the only person so far banned by the sfa is Craig whyte,ironic doesn’t come close to describing THAT fact.

  15. Jj.
    Thanks for your continued writing. Your comments on the connections and context around Scottish Football’s recent relationship with governance are interesting and for that reason I have donated today for the first time. I do also however agree with Mike Annis that you are likely doing yourself a disfavour by the berating of competitors and readers. I hope your insight flourishes. Good luck.

  16. I’ll be back tomorrow to read the free article again thanks 🙏🏻 I don’t see the point in paying if it’s free

    1. I note you have never made a contribution to our site. But here’s a newsflash for you. You will never write another comment on this site. Enjoy your period of mute lurking.

  17. The SFA is about to find themselves front and centre in the same club debate all through their own doing.
    The UEFA licence application was ubdoubtedly fraudulent.
    Oldco made the application so who is the SFA going to sanction?
    Forget the club/company thingy. It was the football club that applied and was granted the licence.
    If we adhere to the same club argument then there is no way that a club who lied previously can be granted a licence.
    I suggest that just as they walked away from the massive debt, that was Oldco’s, the very same trick will be tried again and they will claim that it’s nothing to do with Newco.
    Horses for courses apparently.
    With AJ back on board all the old faces are back.
    I trust the Compliance Officer is passing his findings to Police Scotland fraud squad and if not, why not?

    1. So Joe, you are happy to read the articles for two and a half years, make copious comments, and not contribute a red cent. Going forward only those who donate will be eligible to make comments. I look forward to reading your daily output on PMGB’s site.

  18. You have allowed comments from several people including me who have (politely) mentioned that they still had to receive passwords. At least one of those names is well-known on this site, so that it is why I assumed some form of glitch. I detailed my payments for this year which clearly met your requests. As yet I have still to get my password(s). However, as I said in a recent post, I’m keeping faith.

    To prove it, I have just made a £10 donation

  19. JJ, I wish to make a few unrelated comments here:

    (1) I wholeheartedly agree with everything Mike Annis wrote above. Begging for donations multiple times per week has got to be one of the least effective methods for monetizing a website, and it also degrades the otherwise high quality work you do. If you want to put up a pay-wall, just do it already. Several publications succeed with that model, and if your content is good enough your site will succeed as well.

    (2) semi-related to that, a subscription based startup in North America, The Athletic, announced plans to expand into Europe to cover football (or as we Yanks like to call it, soccer). They are quickly becoming the go-to website for sports content on the internet. If you’re looking to pay the bills, doing some freelance work for them would not be the worst idea in the world.

    (3) Please lay off Phil. It’s not doing you any good. Most, if not all of your audience reads and appreciates his site as well as yours. But more to the point, I suspect most of your ‘sources’ that are feeding you the inside scoop on what’s going on over at Ibrox are using both you and Phil for their own ends. It’s pretty clear to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together that there is a power struggle going on, and at least 1 high ranking official at Ibrox wants certain, embarrassing information about DK (and others) made public, and since both the mainstream media and Rangers blogs are disinclined to publish such information, your source is turning to the ‘enemy’ to get that information out to the public. But I do think that not only are your sources the same as Phil’s, I think you would also find that your sources would continue to leak to one or more ‘Celtic’ blogs if your site ceased publishing such information.

    (4) there is a lot of proverbial *stuff* that’s going to hit the fan in the next 90 days on the south side of town, and I think it would be helpful for you to lay it all out there in one article. I don’t have any inside ‘sources’, but it’s pretty clear to me what is likely to happen based on the constraints they are operating under and a little bit of game-theory. I’ll type up a separate message in the next couple days, but they have a lot of moving pieces to solve in the next 90 days regarding (1) DK and the takeover panel, (2) UEFA license in regards to FFP compliance for next season, and the need to issue fresh equity to come into compliance, (3) the projected cash shortfall for the remainder of the season. Those 3 issues are all inter-related, and it seems clear to me that DK is on his way out and the club may be sold to someone with both the means and willingness to solve all 3 of these issues.

  20. If you fancy going down a different route to run a healthy profit making site,funds are available if required.I’m sure TM and others would be willing to invest as well.KTF

  21. JJ I have had a recurring donation of £10 per month for about the last 4 months or so and several individual donations as well. Despite several requests have still not received a password and am starting to feel unwanted. I have said previously that I am unlikely to stop the regular donation as I fully realise that you have many comments to deal with. Please tell me what else I need to do to be sent the password. Still my go to site. Please keep going.

  22. JJ sometimes i just want to rate the comments, just like you do on twitter. Thats why you get a lot of hits. People value a quality opinion. That is why we come. We dont all need to say the same thing twice. But you do need to pay to have an opinion. I have payed previously btw but things seem to be in a bit of a flux at the moment with the password thing. Maybe if a good comment passes your muster we could pay to rate? good or bad! Always liked your output but mostly becase of the debate it stirred.

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