Jeux Sans Frontières

I have never hidden my admiration for Peter Gabriel. Genesis during his tenure in the band were one of the most innovative progressive rock bands of their time. They became a bland chart-chasing band after his departure. It was an odious sell-out. Gabriel as a solo artist did not shirk when he tackled the serious issues: Apartheid (Biko), Vivisection (Shock The Monkey) and Unemployment (Don’t Give Up).

His body of work includes Jeux Sans Frontières. Some of his lyrics are instructive:
William builds a bonfire, Eugene plays with it
It’s a knockout
If looks could kill, they probably will
In games without frontiers-war without tears

Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games
Hiding out in tree-tops shouting out rude names
Whistling tunes…

Fellow Gabriel fans will note that I substituted Adolf with William and Enrico with Eugene. Referring to one of the celebrants of Protestant Ascendancy as Adolf is akin to drawing comparisons to the ‘Up To Our Knees in Fenian Blood‘ male voice choir with a klan. The patron saint of blogging, Phil Macgiollabhain, was recently taken to task on the SFM for his use of this particular term. The underlying message from some eloquent commentators was that he was a part of the Sectarian problem; not its solution. He left the site in a fit of pique.

It’s not the first time that Mr. Macgiollabhain has been taken to task on his more strident perspectives. When some of his oeuvre was sent to the individuals behind ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ they moved quickly to distance themselves from the Donegal based blogger. His work includes ‘The Incubator’ which I have reproduced in full:


Professor Struth had waited a long time for this day.

“They laughed at me in the institute. Laughed at me. AT ME!!!!!”

Now it was time and soon the world would know their folly in underestimating his genius.

He had, ahem, acquired the sperm of a criminally insane murderer doing a life sentence.

His decision to use a ten thousand pound gorilla as mother was inspired.

Struth was convinced that these two were close enough to breed and he was correct.

Once impregnated it just sat in the corner and didn’t say much, but he was always aware of its presence.

He was betrayed by a colleague and the ethics council had rescinded his licence to work in the field of genetics.

And they said he was mad!


However, it wouldn’t have worked without the new type of incubator.

That was the key in all of this.

It was a cultural womb.

That was his breakthrough discovery.

Dodgy DNA just wasn’t going to make what he imagined.

The carefully selected genetics weren’t enough to fashion this creature.

His creature!

The music of Ulster flute bands was piped into the sealed unit.

He knew this could cause hearing damage, but it wasn’t in his plan that this creature would do much listening anyway.

Contained within this artificial womb he would nurture his baby Billy Boy.

Struth pumped in a unique food supply comprised of cheap lager and liquidised burgers.

Growth would be rapid due to the infusion of more steroids than in the Loyalist wings at Long Kesh.

It was important that no intellectual distraction or moral dilemma be allowed to contaminate the controlled environment.

The creature would come ready made with a series of responses that would appear inexplicable to ordinary humans.

The thing was shown images of Catholics Schools, Priests, Celtic, but most of all NEIL LENNON!

Each time an electric shock would be administered.

Concepts like tolerance, pluralism, and a benevolent curiosity in other people and other cultures would be anathema to this creation.

He knew his creature would be perfect.

This one was a prototype, but it could be programmed to hate any ethnic minority they just had to change the toxic mix in the incubator.

Soon he would have a modern production facility capable of churning out thousands of them.



Once cloned his beast could be exported to any regime that wanted to inflict chaos on a neighbour.

This was a truly horrible weapons system.

Sending several thousands of these hybrids into a city would paralyse it for days.

Suddenly and without warning policemen would be attacked for no discernible reason and normal riot control methods wouldn’t work.

Rubber bullets would simply be lost in the rolls of blubber.

The creature had been designed to have wrists so fat that they would be too thick for a regulation police handcuffs.

Even police dogs would contract diseases if they got their teeth into them.

The creature was also a platform for chemical warfare.

It had urine that was so toxic that when deployed in public places, like war memorials, it could spoil an entire city.

Struth had a contact in the Spanish interior ministry who wanted to stage a riot control exercise and use the system in Barcelona.

The professor was convinced that when it came to asymmetrical warfare his creature would have no equal.

The illiterate, drunken, urinating brain dead rioter would define urban combat in the 21st century.

In the age of the smart bomb his creature would now allow a commander to deploy weapons grade stupidity onto the modern battle space.

The thing had a microchip inserted into the back of its thick neck.

This meant that a rudimentary message could be sent at the same time to thousands of them

The communication could not be complex, but basic information could be processed.

This allowed many of them to be deployed using simple commands from one person of only average intelligence.

It was perfect!

The Hybrid Unique Networked System would make Struth famous.

Once this creature would be seen in action then the contracts and the orders would roll in.

It was now time, because if he left it in there any longer then the creature would be too big to get out of the incubator.

Using a block and tackle on the roof he pulled on the rope.

The plastic womb was tipped over, the bin bags were split open and sludge ran out all over the garage floor.

The huge creature was revealed to the world and it rolled out and rolled and rolled.

It was only stopped by the garage wall and it started to stumble to its feet.

Agility and grace was not part of the design specification of Struth’s creature.

The huge hulking abomination then stumbled towards the professor.

It opened its large mouth and the smell hit the scientist like a slap.

Struth stared and trembled slightly in awe of what he had created.

Finally it spoke:

“We are the people!”

Shock The Monkey comes to mind. A pedant could argue that the use of a number of exclamation marks does not add emphasis but other than this obvious flaw no-one could argue that it’s not well written.

Many of us have met a close relative to Professor Struth’s creation. Some of their ilk wish to assassinate your humble correspondent. That being said one would not add it as an appendix to one’s resume if one was applying for a position with an inclusive pluralistic charity such as Show Racism The Red Card.

I probably should not cut anyone any slack who described your most humble blogging servant as ‘Heroically in exile.’ There is nothing heroic about saving my parents lives. However in the interests of balance I should point out his work with Amnesty International apropos depression and his own struggles with this ailment. It was courageous. His detractors of whom there are many use his ailment against him. They dismiss him as ‘Ill Phil.’

Mr. Macgiollabhain and I concur on more topics than he would probably care to admit. There are those that suggest we work together for the greater good; that we pool resources to rail against Sectarianism. He was brought up not far from where I was raised. We have both borne first hand witness to the bigotry that has been inextricably woven into the cultural fabric of The West of Scotland.

It has been my long-held conviction that the bigotry at Ibrox, which I refer to as The Sectarian Speakeasy,  is so ubiquitous that it’s now an intrinsic part of the match-day experience:

Here’s your macaroon, spearmint chewing gum and Protestest Ascendancy.”

Those of a WATP mindset were once described as 90 minute bigots by one of their apologists; none other than ‘Papal Smoke Gets In Your Eyes‘ Donald Findlay. However the bigots who assailed Scott Sinclair at Glasgow Airport’s BA Lounge were not engaging in extra time. These individuals, many of whom are from the DUP, fly in for an opportunity to denigrate the Irish n****** ( tip of my hat to PMGB who coined the term) in the south of their divided island and those whose antecedents fled to the West Of Scotland as their very lives depended on it.

Ibrox is a citadel of Hatred. Sectarianism is its common currency.

When Rangers imploded in a financial cesspool of their own making, Charles Green fashioned their distressed assets into a new club and set out on a journey. Forty thousand individuals turned out as Rangers Lite played against teams followed by one man and a one-eyed dog. Were they attracted by the football or the opportunity to chant vile anti Irish/ Catholic epithets? I could make a compelling case for the latter.

So what if anything is being done about it? A piece by Chris McLaughlin of BBC Scotland – whom is banned at Ibrox for reporting the truth – cuts to the bone of the problem:

Scottish Football  accused of sweeping sectarianism under carpet.

Celtic and Rangers fans have been accused of sectarianism in the past
Scottish football is not doing enough to tackle sectarianism, according to some of those employed by the league to help identify it.

A number of current and former match delegates have told BBC Scotland of their dismay at reporting the problem only for no action to be taken.

“It was so frustrating,” said one.

“And I know that some of the delegates who are still working today are absolutely appalled that nothing has changed.”
The former delegate continued: “It seems like the Scottish Professional Football League is content to sweep the issue under the carpet.”

The SPFL says it condemns any incidents of unacceptable behaviour and works closely with the police and government in a bid to tackle the issue.

The complaints come as the Scottish Parliament prepares to repeal legislation set up to fight what was once described by a sitting First Minister as Scotland’s secret shame.

The SPFL employs delegates to help enforce league rules during matches and identifying sectarian singing is part of that brief.

But, under the current rules, if clubs can prove they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent such behaviour, they will escape any sanctions.
“We had numerous meetings with the police, who told us which songs to look out for, but it was pointless because when we reported them, nothing was ever done,” said the former match delegate.

BBC Scotland has also learned that delegates have reported at least four clubs to league bosses this season alone for fans singing offensive or sectarian songs.

MSP James Dornan has been a vocal supporter of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, which is expected to be repealed after a final debate in Holyrood.

He believes football’s governing bodies need to be held to account properly if things are going to change.

“I would like to say I’m shocked by this, but I’m not in the slightest,” he said. “The footballing authorities have proven that they are not willing to take it on.”

‘This is Scottish football’s dirty secret’

The Scottish Government has asked for the SPFL’s figures relating to sectarianism to be made public, but so far the league body has resisted.

“Secrecy is the way that they run their business,” said Dornan.

“I’ve seen them in action in committees in parliament and they seem to think we have no right to question them and they believe secrecy is the way to hold power.

“This is Scottish football’s dirty secret and it’s time Scottish football stepped up to the plate.”
A report last year suggested 81% of Scottish fans believed sectarianism is an issue for the game
In 2007, league bosses said they were getting tough on the issue and announced a sliding scale of sanctions, including financial penalties, point deductions or even closure of stadia.

Those sanctions are no longer in play and clubs have always resisted a European model of strict liability.

Under those rules, clubs are held accountable for all unacceptable conduct within their own stadium.

BBC Scotland asked the SPFL to answer specific questions regarding sectarianism and offensive behaviour, including a request for figures relating to this season.

The governing body declined but released a statement saying: “In January 2017, SPFL clubs voted to approve updated guidance that encourages clubs to develop proactive programmes and make progress towards raising awareness of the prevention and, where present, the elimination of unacceptable conduct in stadia in which matches take place.

“At the start of this season, following agreement with the Scottish Government, we started to collate and share information with both the Scottish Government and Police Scotland regarding incidents of unacceptable conduct at SPFL matches at regular intervals throughout the season.

“The SPFL condemns any incident of unacceptable conduct and our collaboration with the Scottish Government and Police Scotland demonstrates the SPFL’s ongoing efforts to work with key stakeholders and help Scottish football address effectively any instances of unacceptable conduct at SPFL matches identified and reported by SPFL match delegates and Police Scotland.”

Neil Doncaster, who has climbed the SFA’s greasy pole from his former position on the Professional Game Board to the corrupt cabal of eight who are entrusted with policing the game, does not need an MBa to know that the Ibrox brand of bigotry sells. Where else can you wade in Fenian blood and refer to Celtic supporters as ‘paedophile cunts‘ and get away with it? You cannot get away with it several miles away at Glasgow Airport so why is Ibrox immune?

Doncaster has always been an apologist for Continuation. His new appointment at the SFA, who bend over backwards to promote a strong Rangers (in any guise) is a marriage made in Five Way Heaven.

McLaughlin is sufficiently cute to include Celtic in his article, but apart from some idiot hanging an effigy in the Jock Stein Stand and some distasteful banners in the section of Celtic Park which formerly played host to The Green Brigade, incidents are few and far between. The occasional flashes of sectarian rhetoric are more often than not retaliatory. The allocation of a safe standing area dedicated to The Green Brigade was a smart move by the Celtic Board. When The Green Brigade step out of line, as they did with a green flare display at the last home game of another winning season, the board banned them and closed down their safe standing area for two home games.

This pro-active action will never be emulated at Ibrox. The recidivism is so widespread, the bigotry so deeply inculcated, that one would have to close the entire ground.

‘The War without tears’ at Ibrox is an easy sell for Doncaster. The blue pound currency of hatred is legal tender at the SFA and SPFL.





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20 thoughts on “Jeux Sans Frontières”

  1. It does not matter what laws are in existence, OBFA or whatever, if the police won’t use them then nothing will change. The buck is passed so quickly it is over heating. Blame the police, blame the SFA, blame the SPL,blame the clubs, blame the fans……well ok blame the fans who sing and chant words and lyrics that are offensive to decent people. In almost any other country such behaviour would not be tolerated sonwhy here? Sadly nothing will change which is why my interest in Scottish football is an occasional watching brief and that doesn’t include our national team. The whole system is rotten and corrupt with hardly a choice raised against it part from a few bloggers and a couple of fans groups. As an oft quoted phrase says, when good people do nothing the evil flourishes. Where are the good people?

  2. Hi JJ,
    thought provoking article as usual.
    I am completely fed up by the sectarianism within our county, and dismay at seeing both side point score.
    I know we don’t agree on the political landscape in Scotland, I firmly believe in an independant Scotland, and I feel sad that so many people withing our great country do not believe in this, but do it because of loyalty to the crown.
    I also firmly believe in democracy, and the way the SNP went about the stupid criminal bill was a scandal. Luckily democracy won in the end.
    What i’m getting to, is the governement should now take an active lead in this area and force the SFA to act.
    We have also got to accept the other clubs within the league are culpable themselves as they can easily ban opposition fans, but that will cut their income, double edged sword.
    I cannot accept in this day and age we allow sectarianism to be in our life.
    I’m also fed up being given the line about schools being the problem.
    I was never taught sectarianism in the school I went to, but my family encountered it in the job market…what school are you from…st. Thomas, sorry position filled.
    Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing any time soon, I only hope it can be eradicated over the next few years.

  3. Excellent stuff JJ – The laugh is those poor deluded bigots that accuse Catholics/Celtic fans as being paedophiles should look to the people organisations that they are loyal to first before accusing others. For one they haven’t got a clue as to why they covered up for Jimmy Savile for decades and still do because he was supplying children to members of the Royal family. Same as the mainstream media is totally silent about the Queen being found guilty in the International Common Law Court with regard to this :

    All religions are Satanic Paedophile organisations including their “Protestant” one although that does not mean that every single person in these religions is involved in this are they are not. Religions are used by the Elites to divide and control the people and you can see how much that works here and in Ireland. They use the Political Parties and Secret Societies for the exact same purpose all of these being controlled by them as well and as usual with CULTS the people in them too stupid to realise.

    As Mark Twain said ” Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool” and as he also said “It is easier to fool the people than convince them that they have been fooled” and that is why these Elites have managed to build this corrupt SLAVE system in the last few thousand years because the masses are happy wallowing in drivel than actually run their own lives – bread and circuses while the Elites build their prison and steal all their wealth and resources while the idiots are proud to be loyal to their MASTERS that are shafting them and their families.

    1. James Houston, exactly and well put but…… please change Satanic to Luciferan as Enki is the father and Marduk (Satan) the son.
      JJ seems unable to go beyond football when his work exposing the truth on other subjects is basically brilliant.
      Maybe JJ is actually a mason……… ha ha

    2. It really doesn’t take much searching to understand that the so called court exists only in the deluded mind of a single bloke who lives in Canada.

      Whilst I realise that for a few people it is somehow comforting to believe we live is some sort of giant yet incredibly secret society controlled by mysterious and unnamed elites, but thankfully most people realise this is fanciful nonsense.

      Ignorance, incompetence and lack of belief in standing up fot principles is much closer to the truth.

      1. Fanciful Nonsense Grab the grass? Then explain to the world why our countries are corruptly running under Admiralty Law using Fraud and Deception and TREASON instead of under Common Law. Explain why our countries are running corruptly under Fractional Reserve Banking where the Elite PRIVATE Bankers lend us absolutely NOTHING and then we own them that NOTHING back plus massive interest instead of our countries printing our own Debt and Interest FREE money with NO Debt or Interest or taxation the way the US was when they gained independence from this SCAM system and the way Hitlers Germany was when they did the same. Explain why they do NOT teach us any of this in our schools/Universities etc and why they do NOT teach ASTROTHEOLOGY in the schools/Universities etc as well – the answer to this is that the people will then realise where all of the religions are ripping off their MYTHS and STORIES from and how they have been lying to the people for thousands of years.

        “Football, Beer and above all gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult” George Orwell – who was a 33rd Degree Freemason knew exactly what was going on and what the agenda is and you can see how desperate these Elites and our corrupt controlled Governments as they blame Russia for everything now that Russia has put down the US/UK set up and funded ISIS and as more and more people are exposing their corruption so got to keep the fear going as they try and find a way out of this even if it means starting another world war.

    3. I have no problem with an alternative viewpoint. But I do have a problem with a conspicuous absence of donations. Going forward only comments from those who contribute will be approved and published.

  4. JJ,
    You dare not mention the sectarian vitriol directed by two morons at Russell Martin while out shopping lest your donations would dry up. Amazing really, when you are so anti sectarian. It happened before Mr Sinclair’s experience which I don’t condone, meaning this incident was not reataliatory !.
    I turn into your blog at my break and to be honest, I find the one sided issue of your blog so funny. You are intelligent JJ, but that doesn’t mean you’re graced with common sense.
    Time to come off the magic potions you appear to delve in and show more objectivity.

    1. I note that you have never made one contribution to this site and are happy to express your opinions for free. This will be your last comment on this site. Goodbye.

  5. Fantastic JJ. One of your best yet! I agree with everything you have said. The mealy-mouthed statement from the SPFL says it all. They’re not even willing to mention the ‘S’ word, specifically when it’s so pervasive in any game the Ibrox club participate in.

    Football is filthy, look at Carragher spitting the other day! In what other professions in the country would someone retain a job in those circumstances – one can’t go around spitting on people, regardless of the pressure you’re under? Just another example of the dirty, lawless game.

    The depressing thing is that we all know that Donkey’s appointment at the SFA is principally designed to obfuscate, delay and continue the profitable (for him) corruption. It’s good to see the Govt. starting to rattle their cage a bit.

  6. The bigotry and hatred that pours from the Ibrox stands and manifests itself in airport lounges isn’t really what offends me most; they will always have their whatabouttery when it comes to any Celtic song referencing the IRA, which although distasteful is absurd when compared to hatred on 1.2bn Catholics. But it allows them, and their apologists in the media, a cover story for their open racism and hate. No. What offends me is that Sevco Scotland Limited were able to buy a basket of assets and rename it Rangers FC and claim they were the same club as the one that died (no CVA) owing £90m in social taxes and £50m to creditors. Same club with 54 titles and a £250k slap on the wrist. The mere act of this blatant deception on truth also gave a pass to the bigots to continue wading knee deep in fenian blood. Ridding Scotland of the curse of Rangers would have ended sectarianism within a generation but despite liquidation and death Scotland’s Shame continues with its disgusting sectarian mutations like the paedophilia label. I hope for Scotland’s sake when they die next time there is no return.

  7. Read the following: ‘The governing body declined but released a statement saying: “In January 2017, SPFL clubs voted to approve updated guidance that encourages clubs to develop proactive programmes and make progress towards raising awareness of the prevention and, where present, the elimination of unacceptable conduct in stadia in which matches take place…” ‘

    Then ask: ‘Why are these bastards speaking Latin to me?
    Why can’t they just speak plain English?’

    The answer, of course, is that if they spoke plain English
    their lies would be easily observed and understood.

    Donation made for extra Java ‘n’ Baklava.
    You have earned it. Kali orexi, JJ.

    JJ: Thank you.

  8. I’m concerned this site has neen hacked, due to unexpected occurrences!!
    JJ, My laptop’s crashed……it’ll take days to be replaced….point is, my direct email to you is reliable and I’ll maintain my unquestioning support of this wonderful site…further content lost! Pour Quoi? Je n’est ce pas.

  9. The Incubator piece that caused so much offence is just hyperbolic sarcasm. First time that I have seen it. Surely no one with a brain believes it to be realistic. What makes ironic hyperbole enjoyable is the grain of truth at its core.

  10. JJ

    Will anyone Rise above the parapet and call them out for what they are worth. I know you and some very limited others have tried and tried but their house does seem to be falling down, I think perhaps a bigger and smarter wolf is required.

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