Arrestment At Ibrox

In an exclusive for this site I can reveal that the following missive has been sent to all staff in a major retail bank. As I am unable to copy the original document I have chosen to transcribe it word for word:

” If any of the parties has a connection, kindly inform Arrestment Team Customer Delivery immediately by telephoning 01475- xxxxxx (I chose to withhold the full number).

Give details of types of accounts and securities held, quoting balances of any joint account holders.

If there is any doubt about the extent of funds to be attached, withdrawals should be stopped pending further instructions from Arrestment Team Customer Delivery.

The arrestments below are for £10k or over:


The Rangers Football Club Ltd

Other Details Known

Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD”

Oh deary, deary me. Some of the banking natives are growing restless. Blowpipes are being greased as I write. If an enterprising journalist wishes to contact me I will happily furnish them with the redacted phone number.

However if the word ‘investigative’ is a foreign field in a foreign country, then take pause. If one prefers to solicit Yuanker Traynor to offer his first draft on your reportage, then don’t be surprised should I spurn any purported journalistic curiosity.

Are we about to witness Sheriff Officers beating a well-worn path to Ibrox?

Is this just the tip of a veritable iceberg of bad debts that could sink HMS Sevco?

Will the captain go down with his ship, or has he done walKing away?











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21 thoughts on “Arrestment At Ibrox”

  1. At long last I truly believe that there is some movement in bringing the cabal at Govan to face up to the fact that they are not the people they think they are, but just mortals like the rest of us , with the difference being that we all have to pay our way in life and they seem to think someone will pop up and give them more cash to carry on for another couple of weeks and then the roundabout goes back on the spin again for some other muppet with too much money and no sense to jump at the chance of a blue blazer and prawn sandwiches.
    King will bring them down rather than jump ship because he ain’t no martyr.

  2. Brilliant JJ…once again the site to go to for exclusives.

    Let’s see how this one plays out….could this be preparing for the cold shoulder or something deeper??

    I bet the folk down Govan way want the earth to open up and swallow them now…😂

  3. A terrific exclusive. Now THAT’S a story. If any journalist is brave enough to run with this in the Scottish press, it would wake up those gullible fans who continue to give King an easy ride.

    In today’s Scottish edition of The Times, Michael Grant (Michael reads this site) is running a feature story suggesting that Murty’s Job of securing the manager’s position on a permanent basis just got twice as hard following back to back home defeats to Celtic and Kilmarnock.

    Well, that isn’t the main story Michael. The team on the pitch is King’s legacy. A succession of failed and sacked managers is another aspect of King’s legacy. He took on CG’s basket of assets and traded them for a basket full of empty promises resulting in a basket case of a club.

    Graeme Murty may indeed have issues, as some suggest, when it comes to a game plan and adapting it during the course of 90 minutes. But he has been dealt a lousy hand by King.

    Dave King’s legacy is carnage on and off the pitch and a level of fiscal vandalism which is truly staggering.

    That’s the story, not Murty’s suitability for the job.

    I do hope that your exclusive is now being absorbed by the Rangers fans who swallowed his lies. And if this Arrestment Notice appears in the press tomorrow, I would expect King to be walKing away.


  4. The narrative on your blog has long foretold this sorry state of affairs. No doubt the Chairman will come to the financial rescue? Creditors be very afraid!!
    Expect the pace to move up a gear or three as the bottom of the biscuit tin appears to have been reached. No money= no club.
    Will the SFA/SPFL step into the breach through the form of advance payments to avoid the clusterf*ck of a team being unable to fulfill fixtures & avoid the ignominy of a club ‘to big to fail’ failing, AGAIN!

  5. JJ

    This before the shoulder gets cold, if so, then an ominous sign indeed – beware The ides of March (yes the 15th has passed, may not be the only death we witness this month)


  6. Board members at Ibrox who read this site have asked me to draft a press announcement with regard to Dave King’s imminent departure from Ibrox. Club 1872 have also been in touch with me. (Hey, cut me some slack guys: we are two weeks away from 1 April.)

    “Our Chairman, Mr Dave King, has decided to step down from his duties at Rangers due to increasingly pressing business commitments in South Africa. Dave simply feels that the scale of his workload with his growing successful businesses in South Africa will mean that he will have increasingly less time to devote to the club which he loves.

    When Dave took over his Chairmanship role a few years ago, the club was in utter turmoil. We had been unfairly demoted to playing in lower divisions in the Scottish league and the club was being run into the ground by officials who didn’t understand our proud traditions, our history and our place in football as the most successful club in the world. They were not Real Rangers Men and their tenure represented a very worrying time for the fans.

    And just what did Rangers fans want to arrest this slide into mediocrity under their control? Yes, they wanted a Real Rangers Man at the helm and Dave listened to the fans’ pleas for him to return and rescue the club.

    For the past few years under his stewardship, Dave has immersed himself in untangling financial problems and placing the club, finally, on an even keel. He got rid of Mike Ashley and his gang who were fleecing the club and the fans. Not many business folks of Dave’s considerable standing can say that they went into the ring with Ashley and scored a knockout victory. And in doing so, Dave returned absolute control to those who love the club and who have the interests of the club at heart: yes, Real Rangers Men.

    Dave leaves with out utter gratitude for sorting out the mess which was created by the previous board and he leaves us with financial stability and a cohesive business plan which will see Rangers back in the Champions League very soon. We promise you. That’s Dave’s legacy to us. A springboard to red, white and blue European nights at Ibrox: playing the elite of European football. That’s our heritage. That’s where we belong. It’s our future.

    That solid platform and our bright future is all down to Dave’s leadership, his incisive business brain based on years of success and his charisma which has swept us all away.

    One of Dave’s last acts of leadership was to secure funding with a global investment company who provide consulting services to Goldman Sachs. We have a massive injection of capital lined up with Close Brothers which will enable us to fund top flight players from across Europe as well as scouting for top talent in the EPL. This deal will propel this club, our club, back to the highest levels and back to those levels which our heritage and our loyal fans demand.

    Mr King. Thank you for saving this club during a dark time in our long and proud history.

    The Ibrox Board (and Club 1872).

    1. You are in the wrong job there Mensch….give Jabba a call…I’m sure L5pr have space for a person of your talent .. alternatively they can cut and paste as many others seem to do from this blog….

      Really enjoyed that 😂😂

  7. Ach The Wee Dick Wilson will be rolled out to make a wee dick of himself with another statement o’clock that this is no biggie and doesn’t affect trfc.

    Interestingly unless there are two metro banks a trawl through their business banking section finds everything trfc could need,overdrafts,term loans,business credit cards,invoice financing all at reasonable rates,why on earth did they need wee Benedict at close bros to keep lights on for another month.

    Ach it’s probably just another face painter jumping the gun.

  8. A move of this sort is not unexpected according to a family member who knows about these things. The only surprise is that it has taken so long, although perhaps given the rangers-leaning nature of the establishment, it probably took a while for enough pressure to build up inexorably.

  9. This is exactly why I read this site! Does this mean a debtor has got a court order and all banks have been asked if they have any of The Rangers funds in any accounts which can be arrested?

  10. This is a highly significant move by the bank to reduce their exposure to bad if not toxic debt. It is a move made when there is a huge probability of default A prudent bank has issued this missive to ALL staff. It will be common knowledge soon. If you have loaned money to this company then you have lost that money. If you have supplied pies and crisps then get to the stadium and pick up your goods as the invoice will not be paid. If you are a club expecting transfer instalments you will be shafted. This could spread like wildfire as no one wants to be left as an insecure creditor. You would be throwing away good money if you were stupid enough to buy a season ticket and expect it to be honoured. Your money would be snapped up by the avaricious creditors and in this financial pass the parcel game the one holding the debt when administration is announced is the mug. This could be over in days.

  11. Wonder if wee Benedict at close brothers has an arrestment as a default event in his secruref loan documentation that could trigger more bad news, st Etienne bike for sale for example

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