The Fourth Estate, The Five Way Agreement & The Chimp’s Tea Party At Ibrox

Below is a complaint that I’m about to send to the Scotsman. I’ve just re-vamped a similar complaint I sent to the BBC a week or two ago, for which I have subsequently received an acknowledgement pending a full reply.

In June 2012, the Scotsman, in common with all newspapers, television companies and other forms of media across the country, reported the death of Rangers Football Club when it failed to exit administration via a CVA. Below is a link to an article from your newspaper detailing precisely that:

“The club will now be liquidated and its assets sold to a new company which will aim to continue with football at Ibrox.”

I’m confused as to the Scotsman’s volte-face since reporting those events, especially given that your newspaper purportedly employs journalists to seek and report the truth, rather than merely replicate PR spin and propaganda like a professional stenographer. I’d be grateful if you could explain the Scotsman’s inconsistency in reporting the details since those early days, because it is evident that either the details your paper first reported were entirely untrue, or the version it espouses now is a complete fabrication.

No apology, retraction, or explanation has ever been given when the Scotsman began to contradict what it had hitherto reported as fact.

We were told, unambiguously, as a matter of fact, and in absolute unison, that the football club founded in 1872 was dead. This came as no surprise, because as we all know, Rangers Football Club (the club) had incorporated into a company in 1899, fusing club and company into one inseparable legal entity. The death of that entity, Rangers Football Club plc, in 2012 was identical to that of Gretna FC and others such as Third Lanark before it, and the death of Rangers Football Club was as incontrovertible as the deaths of those now defunct clubs.

Not long after the above article was published, and shortly after clandestine meetings were held between five parties of questionable intent and integrity, a new narrative emerged. This concoction was introduced despite the fact that there were no material changes to insolvency law in the period between Gretna FC succumbing to liquidation and Rangers Football Club also failing to agree a deal with its creditors and entering the liquidation process, nor was there a relevant change in the football authorities’ rules and regulations in the intervening period.

Those with the greatest degree of financial incentive in ensuring that a form of Rangers continued, ie the Scottish football authorities along with the purchaser of the assets of the deceased club, prompted the rewriting of history by manufacturing a narrative that club and company had been separate entities and that Rangers had merely undergone ‘a change of corporate structure’, which we were led to believe meant the club had simply been sold to a new owner, something which was completely at odds with what you had previously reported.

It wasn’t exactly an onerous task to separate facts from the obvious spin supplied by those football authorities protecting their vested interest. It was blatantly obvious that their solitary goal was that a form of Rangers must be preserved and promoted at all costs, ideally in the top division, and as they subsequently admitted, in order to avoid imaginary financial armageddon and civil unrest.

For a journalist, it was an open goal; a tap in even Chris Iwelumo couldn’t have missed. A real, objective journalist would have asked the SP(F)L’s Neil Doncaster precisely when, and through what verifiable process, club and company separated in order to make any alleged subsequent sale of the club viable. Any competent journalist, as a minimum, would have challenged how an incorporated club could conceivably be sold when it had massively failed as a business owing many tens of millions of pounds, and was as a result being placed in liquidation, and why that club wasn’t itemised as one of the assets purchased by Charles Green’s consortium if the ridiculous claim that the club was sold was to be believed! This was a club which lost its right to play in Scottish football due to its liquidation, requiring the new club founded by Mr Green to seek admission to the league set up.

Several judges in recent live cases (not retired judges on a lucrative pension top-up) laughed out of court the notion of an immortal, metaphysical club, entirely dispelling Neil Doncaster’s ‘same club’ myth and fable in the process. Why did the Scotsman deliberately choose not to pick up on these game-changing issues, electing to ignore critical factual information in favour of maintaining the big lie that the club currently playing out of Ibrox is the same as the one founded in 1872?

Your editor and every single journalist employed by the Scotsman knows full well that the club currently operating out of Ibrox is not legally the same as the one which was formed in 1872 and which died in 2012, despite the fact that our myopic football authorities are treating it as if it was. There is a world of difference between actually being the same club and merely being treated as the same club, a differentiation that your paper should be ashamed of ignoring.

It is difficult to ascertain whether the Scotsman’s avoidance of the truth in this matter is down to craven cowardice or a lack of impartiality towards a so-called establishment institution. Instead of challenging patently obvious propaganda, and despite having all of the facts at its disposal, your paper has deliberately chosen to side with those who have propagated a monstrous lie, those who are willing to see financial expediency trumping sporting and moral integrity.

The details I have provided above are factually correct and easily verifiable, even to an organisation whose journalists are evidently less than investigative. Although I shouldn’t have to, I feel obliged to point out that I am not simply an obsessed fan of Rangers’ bitter rivals, Celtic, on a point-scoring exercise, but a fan of one of our ‘lesser clubs’ who is fed up to the back teeth of all the verbal and linguistic gymnastics organisations such as yours contort yourselves through to avoid telling the simple truth that a football club died.”

The aforementioned comment is from a truly odious individual from another site. He is openly soliciting praise for how clever he is and sit back with a self-satisfied and smug grin. The kind of guy who would attempt to inflict love bites on his mirror. Forgive me if I choose to demur.

He intends to write to a title that only shifted an average of 19,792 newspapers per day in February. I chose ‘shifted’ in preference to ‘sold’ as The Scotsman gives away numerous copies of its newsprint to Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh hotels. The ‘bulk’ sales as they are known are used to convince advertisers that this title has a greater bandwidth than would be the case on sales alone.

By comparison my exclusive yesterday received 34,213 hits. Contributions netted £23.07. The causal link between advertising rates and title scope is long-established. There is evidently no causal link from the ten thousands of readers, who visit our site every day, to contributions. This is not news to your humble correspondent.

Tomorrow’s piece will be password protected and targeted at those who contribute £10 or more per month. I note some of my former £5 per month contributors have stepped up to £10 to guarantee access. Others have cancelled their recurring contributions. Tomorrow’s piece will be on the death of Madeleine McCann and the facts that the McCann’s have spent a small fortune trying to suppress. One individual who defended himself  in court was up against the most formidable libel lawyers in the UK, viz Carter-Ruck, and as costs were awarded against him he is now in hock to the tune of circa £300,000. If he does not pay this amount in full he will be imprisoned. The odious Gerry McCann asserted that he has no problem with those who report on the evidence. He may live to regret this statement as I intend to use the evidence to hang him. The evidence suggests that he did not kill his daughter. However he staged a mock abduction and moved her body. The unhinged and heartless Kate McCann who left her three years old daughter alone to  cry out for her father from 10.30  p.m. to 11.45  p.m. after giving her hell at 10.14 refused to answer 48 questions. What kind of mother leaves children of that age alone for several hours as she gets lashed in a tapas bar? The stench of guilt is stronger than the stench of death detected by the cadaver dog.

I digress. A title that once sold 300,000 copies to those who preferred their lamb so succulent that it fell off the fork has seen its sales plummet again in February to just over 137,000. Replacing Murray Foote as editor did not have the desired effect; not even a dead cat bounce. Replacing the piper on a precipitous slope, hoping for a reel, was a somewhat desperate strategy. Desperate measures are also required at The Herald where year-on-year average daily sales have dropped 10% to 25,869. Sister title The Evening Times  is down 12% to 20,874.

The SMSM is under siege. If the siege mentality at Ibrox led to a boycott, how long would it be until one or more of these titles went under? How long would it be before Darren Cooney, who is reputed to be pulling down £120,000 to £150,000 per annum, was shown the door?

The Continuation Lie is a business imperative. 

When Rod McKenzie came up with the idea that the indivisible RFC Plc was the owner/operator of an ethereal entity which they called RFC, all bets were off for sporting integrity.

The SMSM will parlay The Big Lie in the hope of arresting the general decline in sales and commensurate advertising revenue. Why jeopardise this by telling the truth to a demographic who blindly refuse to accept anything which challenges their credo that they are following the most successful club in world football? A lie which reinforces their WATP Protestant Ascendancy. A lie that gives them licence to denigrate Irish/Catholics with impunity.

If one buys a season ticket at Ibrox one buys into a world where the river Boyne continues to run red and the odious Orange Order choose to march in Kilsyth on St. Patricks’s Day.

They are the people. People such as former UDA and UVF assassins protected by Special Branch. People who participated in Ireland’s Dirty War. People on parole from HMP Long Kesh. People with outstanding warrants.

Do these ‘real Scots read The Record? 

The evidence suggests that less of their number do. Why read The Record when Yuanker Traynor has set up a soup kitchen serving lamb stew on Follow Follow?

Keith Jackson, who is a contradiction wrapped in an off the radar enigma, cast rose petals in Dave King’s path as he strode triumphantly around the cinder track at Ibrox. He and Chris Jack fell wanking to the floor as they ejaculated a narrative of milk and honey at Ibrox. A narrative where King would pony up one half of the £50m required to compete with Celtic. King was £18.3m shy of this target. The £6.7m from NOAL is in the form of a loan.

Keith reads this site. His articles are heavily influenced by my output. He does not go far enough. In the following piece he removed one glove:

There’s  a problem with the unflinching loyalty of the Rangers (Lite) support. It may be the greatest strength of the Rangers (Lite) support but when it’s offered up blindly it can also become their biggest weakness. A critical flaw which leaves them wide open to exploitation. And God knows they’ve allowed themselves to be exploited over the course of this arduous and at times excruciating journey.

King’s boardroom needs to be put in some sort of order. There are too many big egos and loud voices for it to function properly and there is also a reluctance to delegate or to give up any sort of meaningful power to any of the hired hands. That’s why in managing director Stewart Robertson they continue to take a knife to a gun fight where Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell is concerned.

Rangers (Lite) have lost seven Premiership games at home this season
It’s a mismatch of huge proportions but this imbalance is reflected down the spine of both clubs. From the boardroom to the dugout Celtic are winning the battles hands down. And King has played a huge part in this.

When Dermot Desmond needed a new boss he reached for his cheque book and delivered Rodgers for £2.4million a year. The rest of the time Celtic’s majority shareholder lets Lawwell rule the roost.

If King can’t match that kind of spending power then he should at least appoint a chief executive and properly empower him to run his club without constant meddling from above. After all it was King’s interference in the attempt to appoint Derek McInnes which led to that operation being botched.”

King is a mendacious criminal half-wit who resides in South Africa. Alastair Johnston is an unreconstructed pompous arse of a man who resides in America. One of the ursine benefactors lives in Spain. One other in Hong Kong.

It’s a United Nations chimp’s tea party at Ibrox.

Given that the SMSM have made such a good fist of The Big Lie, are they prepared to go balls-out in pursuit of King? Or are the big swinging dicks of the SMSM as limp as their sales returns?




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    Small donation made keep up the good work

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  2. Without bulk giveaways the real circulation of ailing organ The Scotsman is in fact a pitiful 14,978.
    How anyone could take this rag – whose circulation is less than The Teesside Gazette’s – seriously, is beyond me.

  3. I’m sure nobody is in any doubt that Jackson is simply paving the way for his latest ‘about face’. As you rightly point out, despite his recent revisions to history are risible. He cheer leaded every new emperor as they ascended the marble staircase no matter how dirty they were.

    _”Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. “Reality control,” they called it: in Newspeak, “doublethink.”_

    King is done. The only question is whether he takes (or at least tries to take) Rangers 2012 with him. His only gambit is to grab on tight until someone pays him to let go. In the meantime poor Keith is stuck as he has no MVP to cheer for. “Give me a ?’ !!” doesn’t have the same ring to it, but he’s trying, bless him.

    All the main outlets are guilty of pandering to those who controlled the narrative. Thankfully we won’t need to listen to their reality control for double long.

  4. Recently started viewing and love your work with which I am in full agreement with the policy recently proposed ref being recompensed for your considerable efforts .. I’ve ponied up as they say, (£10) and happy to make this regular donation but not having received a password I’m in limbo as to whether you rec’d my payment or not (although have papypal acknowledgement so guess payment has been made) If you could confirm and supply password then happy to make regular payment …. guess it also confirms to me that payment going where meant to .. cheers and keep up the great work you do

  5. Re: rules changes in 2012 someone should probably ask Jim Ballantyne why the SFA refused him the use of the old Airdrieonians FC name and badge for a decade following their liquidation until they changed the tune following the RFC liquidation. Was there a rule change or simply a reinterpretation?

  6. Stunning article yesterday JJ, keep up the great work.

    Usual £20 monthly contribution just made with pleasure.

    I sincerely hope others will contribute what they can.

    JJ: Thank you.

  7. As of March 15th, beware the Ides of March etc, the Daily Record audience data is now down to 131,802 a 14.18% annual drop and its sister paper the Sunday Mail, down to 139,638, a bigger annual drop of 15.98% (courtesy of the Press Gazette). In contrast, the Boston Globe has seen an increase in subscriptions and this has been attributed to investment in its investigative journalism, MSSM take note (

  8. Following trfc failure to beat ten man tic the takeover panel apparently have raised no objection to a Douglas Ross red card taking over from chocolate fireplaces as the no 1 in the useless charts.

    The bold Douglas was funny last night on tv in his 2nd job having failed to deliver for his constituency fishermen.his boss babe ruthi was even funnier having gone back on her word.

  9. JJ. Increased payment to £10 monthly, number ending …G79S. Please forward password. Thanks.

    JJ: Will do. Thank you.

  10. The “deadco” saga goes on and on. I find your knowledge on this fraud second to none, but fear it will not make the slightest difference. John you are doing a massive service for the the honest supporters of Scottish football and the smsm is choosing to ignore it. The only hope we have is for this abomination to devour itself from within.

  11. Hats off – I do not know who the complainant is, but i have to say that is the most succinct summation i have ever come across explaining the Rangers narrative.

    This complaint should be sent to every media outlet that has wilfully subverted the true story of RFC.

  12. Some industries are dinosaurs that are in the process of becoming extinct. For instance I used to get a massive Yellow Pages telephone book. Now its a few pages in a slimmed down phone book. I used to own a Kodak camera-all gone. I used to listen to cassette tapes. I used to play records on a record player. I had a fax machine. Does anyone seriously expect that they will be reading a Scottish newspaper in 2030? If so, I suspect you would use your monocle to read it. The past does not predict the future. How many horse drawn carriages have you seen this week? We have to imagine and predict the future. In 1900 no one had ever flown. How could you have predicted Heathrow airport? I believe that there is and will always be a desire by many for a team in blue called “Rangers’ to play at Ibrox every fortnight. There is an expectation that such a team ought to be Champions. Ought to be winning European trophies. 50 years ago you could read such things in the papers. Any team can win a Cup. Six wins and you have a Cup. A League championship is 38 matches long. That requires consistent sustained performance. The only way that there will not be 20 and more in a row for Celtic is if they are invited to join another league. That is the only way to prevent such a sustained success. Will you read that in a newspaper? Will there even still be newspapers. I cannot foresee how any Scottish team other than Celtic could possible win the Premiership ever again.

    1. The problem I have with Celtic leaving to join another league is the fact that it seems to always be discussed as a 2 horse package. All parties concerned seem to assume the dirty auld neighbour should tag along. I’m all for it (once ten is in the bag) but fear that Celtic wouldn’t be allowed to escape alone. Sevco being pipped to second or even third place consistently (as is the case so far) would reduce their leverage considerably. ….

      Maybe it’s why they cling on to the ‘old firm’ tag so staunchly!

      Of course , I’d much rather that they ceased to exist altogether and this wasn’t even an issue.

  13. First of all another outstanding article. Secondly sorry for the problems with the setting up recurring payment £10 a month now sorted, 494U,

    Keep up the stellar work

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    1. Apologies if going about it the wrong way now, but do I have to contact separately for a password or do you do this automatically? Appreciate you’re swamped with requests and happy to be patient, just wan to make sure I’ve not missed something. Cheers

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    Great work btw. I like your non-soccer work better. Very interested in the McCann story.

    I have a story I’d like you to look at someday. Biggest story in earth…not sports related.

      1. I see the button now.
        I’ll take care of that.

        I would like to direct you to a topic for your consideration at some point.

        It’s the only story that matters and makes all others distractions…in my opinion.
        I am sure based on some of your other stories you’d be interested; if you have not already stumbled onto it.

  17. John, Just set up a £10 monthly donation via PayPal. Keep shining the light. The truth is out there. Not that we will ever see it in the MSM.

    JJ: Thank you.

    1. JJ, here are the last five characters of the recurring payment id – B703G. In case this is the number that you see on your end and not the transaction id given above.

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