Carnage At Central Quay

My Twitter followers, all 6,233 of them, received my exclusive that Allan Rennie of Media Scotland had been summarily dismissed some fourteen hours ago. Rennie was the Supremo of Trinity Mirror’s operations in Scotland. Rennie’s purview included all the digital and newsprint output of The Daily Record and The Sunday Mail. Record/Mail editors will now report to Mirror editor Lloyd Embley in London.

Regular readers will note that I predicted in jj:passim that if average daily sales at The Daily Record breached the 140,000 threshold (now 134,087) there would be blood on the walls. My source, a top-drawer industry insider, was on the money. Average sales of The Sunday Mail have plummeted to 140,743.

Rennie’s dismissal will result in 12-14 redundancies. Trinity Mirror are no longer prepared to allow these Scottish titles to run themselves; or to put it more bluntly run themselves into the ground.

If Embley were to go after the fat at The Daily Record his first port of call should be Darren Cooney’s modernist office. Cooney spends all his waking hours on Twitter. I chose ‘waking’ in preference to ‘working’ as Cooney’s position is a sinecure. £150,000 per annum for old rope.

Keith Jackson’s Monday article is widely read, but when Ralston and Waddell (of the Sunday Mail) opine very few are paying attention except when the latter reverts to being a ‘shock jock’ and has a go at Celtic. Ralston seems unduly concerned apropos his relationship with Rangers Lite. He should not bother. If Follow Follow is indicative of The Purple Pound (Blue combined with a Delmonicas Pink) there is a full scale boycott in place. Yuanker Traynor, who has his very own handle on this site, is feeding Ralston so many red herrings that he could be mistaken for a Billingsgate Fish Porter.

The consensus among my Celtic-facing followers on Twitter was that these titles are an irrelevance. Many of their number are pro-independence. When these titles hitched their political wagons to the Labour Party their readers deserted them in droves. This allied to two decades of succulent lamb journalism put paid to their sales to the Celtic demographic.

Record polls on whether to sack or retain Murty are pointless as everyone tuning in for the latest episode of The Sevco Sitcom will vote for the comedic effect of his dismissal. Just another excuse to laugh at the facsimile club.

When my father came home from the shipyard I offered to hang up his jacket to ensure I had first dibs at his Record. I had a go at the cryptic clues that had stumped him in their challenging crossword and paused for a glance at the comic strip, Garth.

In common with so many other readers I read from the back pages to the front. The outrageous sinking of the Belgrano as it departed from Las Malvinas territorial waters played second fiddle to a story on the Old Firm.

Other than Jackson’s column there is nothing in this rag to commend it. Their  recent news included a Z-list celebrity that I have never heard of putting a Rangers Lite scarf on a monument in Exchange Square. Within hours it had been replaced with a traffic cone. If this was an attempt to curry favour with the Lite demographic it did not register.

Cooney is far from popular in Govania. He tweeted in 2011 that Rangers were on their knees and that he could not get enough. No-one could ever accuse him of being impartial.

When he allowed Jackson to print the most mendacious and ludicrous excuse for two hundred Lite thugs attacking the celebrating Hibs fans, Cooney had clearly lost the plot.

If it were not for my sources, you would not be aware of this cull. Trinity Mirror are trying to keep it quiet in a vain attempt to retain advertisers. If these organs continue to haemorrhage sales I give them little more than a year. Less at The Record if Jackson chose to jump ship. Their decline is terminal.


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14 thoughts on “Carnage At Central Quay”

  1. New to your wonderful site JJ, still cant get my head round all cheating going on in Scottish Football, maybe I am just a bit naive.

    Anyway, happy to provide a £10 donation (papal ending 531R) if that is the going rate.

    JJ: Thank you.

  2. When you put that bit about the sinking of the Belgrano playing second fiddle to an Old Firm story I had to laugh. Not at that story but one (probably apocryphal) from the Press and Journal with the banner headline “Aberdeen dog lost at sea” and underneath “Titanic sinks”. Still makes me chuckle because, true or not, it encapsulates the ethos of that August journal.

  3. This, in a nutshell, indicates why the media barons are determined that “Net Neutrality” drives should be killed off and control regained by the few. They have not lost their grip on the media (yet) but there is a sense that grip is loosening as micro journalism in the form of social media, intermittent commentary from everyman and occasional one-off blinding two hundred and eighty character insights and revelations all join with the bloggers like us whose levels of commitment, like our levels of relevance, are anything from ‘very occasional’ (that’s me) to ‘daily’ and every intermittent time scale between those two.

    I wrote an article for a business technology magazine back in the early nineties stating that “Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village was an imminent likelihood” and that “the internet will step up to become the fifth open communication media taking it’s rightful share and place in the pack”. I underestimated. The digital revolution is not over. I am beginning to think it has barely begun.

    The need for bloggers and followers to stand firm in the face protectionist actions will become greater as the media barons’ grip slips. They will fight like hell.

  4. Daily Record going down?
    Who gives a flying one.
    They don’t even hide their bigotry, if you watch the wee ditty they produced after Celtic’s 10 men gave them a showing up at Ibrokes, the pain was running down the walls, you would have thought the world was about to end and all because they think they are the people. Well they are ‘the people who will be signing on soon’.
    My usual will be with you as soon as I get paid later this week.
    Still never had a password thou’ btw

  5. Rangers 1872…died in no small part as a result of the crash of 2008 and the bank being run from London rather than Edinburgh (see Paul Larkin’s excellent work on this).
    Sevco 2012 will no longer rely on the papers based in Scotland to smooth the Klan. Once editorial control moves down south many of these puff pieces will never see the light of day. Papers may even start to print the truth.

    An interesting development….

  6. If the rag is clinging on by advertising margins there is only one route for it to go.

    It’s not as if sales can be shown as a ‘dip’ that will recover…. The trend in sales for daily printed hotseshite is clear and forecastable with precision.

    The question for me is whether it will last longer than the club it is dedicated to preserving?? It’s a bit like putting your own oxygen mask on in an air emergency before assisting others. Problem is the ‘Daily Rager’ is in no fit state to fit it’s own mask .

    Ideally they will write an obituary on a Thursday for the ‘Rainjuurz’ followed the next day by an obituary for themselves.

    Some time around late May would make a hell of a party weekend.

  7. The first newspaper to admit the lie, discuss the 5 way agreement and hold people accountable will survive.
    They could also go further with an apology and recruit bloggers such as yourself and ask the relevant questions.
    Maybe if London are in charge, probably wishful thinking?

  8. JJ, excellent commentary once again. Should the Record and those other rags die, I for one will celebrate the demise of fake news by opening a bottle of The Glenlivet 25-year-old which was given to me recently on the occasion of my 75th annual trip around Solar System star.

    However, may I point out that some of your readers are placing too much faith in the readiness of English journalists to ferret out the truth. For instance, in the recent Skripal nerve agent case they are all parroting the government’s line that “it was Putin what done it”.

    On a different matter, I thoroughly enjoyed your previous article on the odious McCanns. If any of your readers are interested in following this up, I recommend they visit where they can download a free e-book by a retired Police Superintendent detective who served for 28 years with the Nottinghamshire Police.

  9. This blog and a few others is were I get my news about Scotland. I cannot access truth when looking online at Scottish media. Where in the media can I learn the following:
    In 7 days time Dave King has to come up with $11,000,000 in an escrow account. He has no intention of doing so.
    Phil MacG has asked some probing questions of the SFA last September and the SFA are refusing to answer.
    Sevco have no audited accounts and are ineligible to play in Europe.
    Sevco have asked for even more money from Close Brothers.
    Sevco creditors have not been paid and have taken legal action.

    There are tipping points in life after which there is no return.
    The Daily Record is sinking. Sevco is sinking. The SFA is sinking They have not sunk yet but they are doomed.


    Your exclusive is being followed up.
    “The Scottish reporting lines which Rennie presided over, such as finance and circulation, will now report directly into Trinity Mirror’s group finance and circulation departments.”

    However it seems that control over clickbait output will remain at Central Quay: David Dick, the digital editor promoted to replace Murray Foote “will now have full editorial independence and control of our Scottish national titles and websites”.

  11. Cooney was spoonfed the story that The Offshore Game covered about HMRC letters describing Rangers use of DOS Ebts as fraudulent or negligent and not disclosed to LNS.

    Spoonfed as in provided with detail, discussed it then had it broken down into short paras filling less than a page.

    The item did not get past his boss so it’s little wonder that when you do not print the news, folk stop calling you a newspaper and stop reading.

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