King’s Hamster Wheel

Prior to the main thrust of this article, I take pause to reflect on another one million hits milestone being breached. The Sitonfence Speakeasy has been accessed on 19,004,000 occasions. The comments on this site are the best bar none. The SFM comments on a particularly weak guest blog range from maudlin from someone with alcohol dependency and mental health issues, to those who cut to the chase such as Easyjambo. I would not trade any of them for The Mensch, whom the maudlin one thinks is my alter ego. When they engaged with Steerpike under his German philosopher alias Ernest Becker, they had evidently lost the plot. In fairness it was preferable to the maudlin one’s predilection for brass bands. How can anyone take them seriously when they pander to the alcohol-soaked whimsies of a maudlin malcontent?

Someone who takes this site seriously is one of the men pursuing justice for Hollie Greig. Having accessed their website my interest was initially piqued. Was Hollie raped by her father. Indubitably. Her uncle walked in on one of her father’s rape sessions. Was she targeted by a paedophile ring in Aberdeen? Investigative journalist Mark Daly and his colleague at Panorama had a good look at the allegations. They did not stand up. Too many inconsistencies and no evidence. A shot was fired at the home Hollie and her mother shared in a Shropshire village, but the likelihood is that it was someone from the self-styled Hollie’s Army trying to solicit more police interest. Two police investigations did little to satisfy them. I won’t be running with this. When Mark Daly dropped his interest he was abused online. If my decision sparks a backlash then they can join the queue of haters who circle this site like planes in a holding pattern at Heathrow Airport. However unlike Heathrow the haters are not allowed to land and are diverted to Spam International. On a final note if one is alleging that a local sheriff raped Hollie in his sister’s house it would pay to check whether he had a sister. Despite the prosaic fact that the sheriff does not have a sister these campaigner’s came up with a name for her.

I digress. When one looks at the career of James Blair prior to the point when he started riding shotgun with the South African outlaw Dave King, the overriding impression was that the conveyancing solicitor was going nowhere fast. However since the King Coup D’etat of March 6 in 2015 he has never looked back. He now finds himself as a partner in Anderson Strathern’s retail division. Was his promotion to partner due recompense for Blair’s rain-making activities apropos the inveterate career criminal? One could make a cogent case for a causal link.

When King was threatened with imprisonment in regard to being in contempt of court, the corrupt consigliere was by his side. Did Blair draft King’s mendacious affidavit? If nothing else he stood behind it at the Royal Courts of Justice.

When King was playing NOAL and mouse with the  city watchdog for takeovers and mergers, he despatched Blair to his appeal hearing. King’s appeal was summarily dismissed. King was instructed to offer 20p to the shareholder outwith the concert party. King, who would steal a blind man’s cane and sue him for jay-walking, then appealed Lord Bannatyne’s opinion that the city watchdog should have a legal redress bite and not just a ‘King is a pariah‘ bark. His appeal lasted just over four hours before it was kicked into touch.

James Blair is both the secretary of RIFC Plc and the sole shareholder of Club 1872 CIC. He owns the latter lock, stock and smoking barrel. The latter’s board was formerly the preserve of King activists such as Halloween Houston. It’s a closed shop of King lickspittles who in a ‘Turkeys for Xmas’ decision voted for the dilution of their 10% holding.

King, whom they fallaciously described as the chairman of Rangers when he is merely the self-appointed chairman of the holding company, has apprised his lickspittles that he wants them to continue running on a hamster wheel and to pay handsomely for the privilege.


If all goes to plan Club 1872 CIC will forever be playing catch-up as they throw good money after bad at every opportunity. Their 7,800 contributors who pony up £40,000 per month have been told to recruit family members as King’s wheel of fortune needs more hamsters. In the dark Hades of the Rangers social media sites one notes that there is no absence of hamsters.

As to the price per share, with no AIM listing or NOMAD and no recourse if these proposed Over-The-Counter transactions go south, a price of in the region of 1p to 5p would be apposite.

However James Blair demurred. Hot from the TAB appeal hearing where 20p had been set, he instructed his CIC board to buy at 27p per share.

Blair knows full well of the corporate carnage wreaked by the rogue board so how can he possibly justify a 50% uplift on the 18p buy-in that was available in March 2015?

This was a blatant act of share price manipulation by Blair. He was acting in the best interests of RIFC Plc to the detriment of those who pony up their hard-earned by monthly direct debit.

Blair is party to this long con. His fingerprints are all over it.

King lied to the auditors. He did not pony up £7.2m. He pawned the family silver and went cap in hand to his right hand man’s CIC. King was pushing against Blair’s open door.

Will this con succeed? Anyone stupid enough to wear bread wrapping on their head in a show of solidarity with a former manager’s surname can step right up. Those who dressed up as rats will be entertained in King’s laboratory as long as they check their frontal lobes at reception.


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17 thoughts on “King’s Hamster Wheel”

  1. another masterpiece jj and what a follow-up to the club 1872 con,the gullibles will just keep on giving and blair and his pal king will keep on taking,these two b,strds should be in barlinnie

  2. Before I start this post, let me state that I come from a family of addicts, whether it’s gambling or drink…the terrible nature of an addiction can and often does have devastating consequences. My heart goes out to anyone battling an addiction…it’s a tough place to be.

    Addiction is at its worst when the addict loses a “sense of rationality” – when they are so deep in the addiction that their behaviour and the effects of their behaviour are no longer seen by the addict as a problem. Organisations such as bookies and the alcohol industry do everything they can to make their product seem glamorous. They use a range of marketing techniques to draw in addicts, and create a conveyor belt of future addicts. They don’t really care about the individual – putting betting machines in bookies that allow £100 bets in not aimed at the ordinary punter.

    Club 1872 have convinced a few thousands of fans to regularly part with money – on a promise of a golden future. The club uses words like “loyal” “WATP” and “real Rangers men” to continually draw in people. But how Loyal do you have to be??
    At a time when wages are growing more slowly than prices it’s harder for the ordinary punter to maintain the considerable costs of going to the fitba.

    Take a family of 4:
    Season Books – £1000
    Replica tops – £200+300
    Sevco Lottery
    Pies and food…

    How much more money can the club draw from these people?

    The club 1872 members are now caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they continue to plough money in? Or do they become Disloyal and walk away – thereby raising the question are they real Rangers?

    Or are they just Addicts? Hoping that the next bet will be the one?

    I pity these people… they’ve lost the sense of reality and the club have marketed them onto a corner.
    Best thing to do when battling addiction…seek help, and quit.

    I’m just an ordinary bloke – and hope that I’ve not affended anyone fighting an addiction.

  3. The ‘Peepul’ are the Govania Sectarianism Worlds equivalent of Pavlov’s Dogs. A combination of indoctrination and induced dependency has them willing to do anything when Mr King rings the bell or blows the flute. Their willingness to do anything even when their monthly £18-72 is being devalued by half is a devotion not to the football at iBrokes park every two weeks but to the garanteed outlet for preaching hatred of others and self declared superiority. It is clear to anyone even taking a casual glance at the goings on – that ‘the peepul’ are being used.

    They will never learn. It is already too late to save them for themselves. All is well in Govania apparently.

    On another note. They do love to put on these ‘LEGNEDS’ games when there is a period of ahem, ‘low footfall’ through the wrought iron and brick gates.

    A memories filled day of reminiscing in the exploits of an extinct club was had by all I believe.

    Awww! Lovely!

    I think I know which charity case will be getting the proceeds though.

    Is that a bell ringing?

  4. Down under the sports pages are dominated by the premeditated cheating by the Australian Cricket team. In this part of the world we are outraged by cheating in sport. Will the SFA follow the UEFA rules and exclude Sevco from Europe or will they continue to cheat.

    1. They will continue to cheat. Don’t you know that the SFA are committed to a strong Rangers? Cheating for Rangers Lite is the SFA’s raison d’etre.

      ps predictive text changed my correct French (I’m fluent) to raising. Thanks for heads up Fisiani.

      1. Moi aussi (not for publication.) C’était obligataire a étudier un autre langue a l’école en Ecosse. Moi, évidement J’ai choissi francais . Mais Ils a plus de quarante ans. Je ne desire pas mutile ce belle langue encore. Au revoir mon ami.

  5. In fact I think hamsters are fairly intelligent. Turkeys, on the other hand, will vote for Christmas soon as look at you. I have heard sevconians described as amoebas. Much too generous.

  6. As always the goings on of RIFC and the SFA must be viewed through the Prism of this is Scottish Football. No rules apply to Rangers and the SFA’s support and acquiescence of all contributory factor which aid the RFC cause and position. Anywhere else this would simply not be permitted. The financing of a Football Club which precludes UEFA competition would be highlighted and action taken that this clubs finances would be investigated. However this is Scotland. Where else would a commercial business, HOMFC be allowed to have “Annoymous Donations” contributions to their company. As you say, there will be no investigation from the Corrupt Cabal running Scottish Football. Rangers will play in Europe next year, of that there is no doubt.

    1. In any different country, the other clubs would not sit back and watch their governing body do this. It would be highlighted and pressure applied (if even necessary) to adhere to the rules.

      You really HAVE to ask why all the other clubs in Scotland will watch on and allow it to happen without a peep.

      Are they ‘in’ on the scam? Or just apathetic about doing anything as they know how it works?

      Either is unacceptable.

  7. Hamsters sounds perfect , they tend to be in huts with dodgy roofs too !!

    Aussies might tamper with their balls but govanites tamper with their taxes . Weird .

    1. I recall sending you the generic password which will open all password protected articles from 28 February onwards. Check your spam file. If nowhere to be seen please contact me on the appropriate PayPal forum.

  8. Hi JJ, I’ve just set up a monthly donation (instead of once off contributions every month or so). I understand that I need to email the PayPal transaction code to receive a password for the restricted articles. There doesn’t appear to be an email option on the site (understandable I suppose). Should I just post the code in the comments then?

  9. Hi jj I am trying to send you my £15 monthly donation, paypal is playing silly buggers it will only let me type in the pence column not the pounds one, any suggestions buddy?

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