A Good Friday For King?

The City’s Watchdog has never encountered an apartheid opportunist like David Cunningham King. The clue is in his name. King has led them in a dashing white criminal all the way to the Inner House of The Court of Session. It’s time to pay the piper.

The next statement o’clock – I drew 9 p.m. on Friday evening in my local’s sweepstake – will be definitive. The feathers will fly at The Sevco Burlesque.

If King does not make an offer he will be in contempt of court. On the balance of probability he would receive a punitive fine and a three months prison sentence. The latter would be suspended for two to three years. Should he continue to ignore the TPE edict he would be subject to a custodial sentence.

The ornithologists in our midst might suggest that the King genus is a flighty bird which will indubitably migrate to south of The Limpopo. I would proffer that King is a bird who has been happily paddling with a gaggle of Scottish Lickspittles while blissfully unaware that The Exxon Valdez is heading towards him and despite what the mendacious Stewart Robertson would have you believe the effects of the spill will be devastating.


If King is sentenced in absentia his inability to sup from The Loving Cup and attend the supremacist bigotfest that is Forces Day will be the least of his worries. I exclusively revealed that one or more creditors is engaged in arrestment procedures. Shoud the Cold Shoulder kick in while King is still chairman of the holding group, The Sevco Project will come to a shuddering halt. RIFC/TRFC will be up to their knees in sweet light crude, if you will.

King has prepared himself for the worst by stepping down from the board at MicroMega. Is this the action of a man who intends to conform with the TPE/COS edicts?

The smart play would be to step down. Yuanker should pen a valedictory. King could contend that it was always his intention to give the club back to the fans and that his positive talks with Club 1872 will inexorably lead to a club of The People run by The People.

However the fly in his crude oil ointment is his NOAL loan for £6.7m which deems that King has a significant interest in the unraveling Sevco Burlesque.

I have it on good authority that the Easdales would bite King’s hands off if he offered 20p per share. Each and every corporate player would join the queue. Ally McCoist would put his one million penny shares on the table. The response would be overwhelming.

James Blair’s CIC – he exclusively owns the equity and provides the limited guarantee – is set up to buy, not sell, and will demur. The Gullibillies will continue to store their shares under the sink with their kitchen roll and marigolds.

However up to 40m shares will be in play. King could be facing an £8m bath. On the balance of probability he will leave Rangers in the detritus of his man-made disaster.

HMS Sevco will be cast adrift on an oil slick.




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8 thoughts on “A Good Friday For King?”

  1. Another £50 monthly dues paid JJ. Keep it going pal. Always refreshing to read your exclusives. You’re worth far more than a monthly subscription to any other daily broadsheet. All the best.

    JJ: Stunning effort MAB. My heartfelt thanks.

  2. The good ship RIFC is indeed reaching a critical point on and off the pitch
    The Scottish Cup tie is a lifeboat and a cup will stay any baying voices for investment and will allow Graham and Red Hand another year on a 12 month rolling contract at slightly higher money. I expect RFC to beat the 10 men champions, Brown to exit the game before half time and a penalty in the opening minutes.
    King comes undone this week but watch as he ignores the deadline with no mention on the SMSM. You are straight on the money regarding Robertson. A Spiv amongst spivs. Regarding Friday The Laptop Loyal have their instructions, there will be not a murmur…..

  3. Hi JJ, Hope you received my monthly donation of £15-15p, thanks to smiddy for the help with paypal it came to late to stop me blawin a gasket!! Trying to donate to your fantastic site, Keep doing what your doing sir you have my continued support.receipt ending in 5318.

    JJ: Thank you.

  4. Another terrific piece which outlines the gentle decay and fall of the house of King. Not a word of this greets the Scottish press who seem to be more interested in whether Scott McTominay has ‘run away’ from the national team rather than more serious matters involving corruption, the SFA and the imminent departure of Dave King from his Ibrox throne.

    Do you recall, all those years ago, when you ‘outed’ King on the LSE site and all that abuse on the poorly moderated site? Goodness, the pelters we got! Cambridge Blue and that lot?

    You called it right from day one. King is a crook. He has done untold damage to that club and, when he departs, the club will be in much poorer shape than the one he inherited. His Ibrox project was doomed from the start and was full of broken promises, an inept board, non stop spin and topped up with utter mediocrity. His legacy will be a ship on the rocks and no life belts for the stricken sailors.

    The question is…….then what? Fan ownership will not happen, and nor should it. Can you even begin to imagine the Follow Follow folks anywhere near the top table? People like Dingwall? Forget Simply the Best! The players would be running out to songs by Erasure and the fabulous Pet Shop Boys.

    They have been strung along and have been incredibly foolish. King has played them for mugs and got away with it.

    As for Friday, this is a religious day for Christians and Jews. The crucifixion and all that. Fleeing, Egypt and all that. Passover is my favourite traditional time of the year. Pesach this year is on Friday. Lady Mensch prepares a wonderful Seder meal for all six of us. Chicken, herbs, matzo ball soup and gefilte fish. We recite things in Hebrew but often don’t have a clue what we are saying. Kosher wine helps (but I cheat by nicking into the kitchen for a glass of French). And this is my favourite festival of the year. It’s all about family. We enjoy and respect Pesach as a key part of our approach to life as a family. It has silly traditions, like eating bitter herbs. But like the coming Easter weekend, these too involve silly things. Rolling a painted boiled egg down a hill? Are you serious?

    But yes. It’s those things, those little ‘silly’ things, events which are massively important and need to be treasured.

    Happy Easter.

    1. I would like to wish all my Christian and Jewish readers a happy Easter/Pesach. The Sitonfence Speakeasy is open to all faiths and those like your humble correspondent who does not believe in an all-seeing eye.

  5. I suspect with the deadline falling on Good Friday the repercussions of King not complying will not become obvious till Tuesday. That takes us into April and still no audited accounts or any accounts that would stand the scrutiny of UEFA. Friday will be Good, but next Tuesday will bring Bad news for the Bears.

  6. Hi JJ

    Monthly donation made last week (transaction ending in 883E). The Follow Follow blog is more laughable than usual today – they are talking about which top class manager they want to bring in – apparently Alex Neil is not good enough (compared to Pedro + Murty I assume). They are also talking about the clear out of players who aren’t good enough and the signing of top drawer replacements.

    Even better – there is a link to the latest piece on the “4 lads had a dream” blog – according to these chaps (Je suis Graham is a contributor I believe) – TRFC are well regarded in the square mile and big investment is coming in soon. Apparently next season’s shirt sponsorship will bring in big money – funny that as they are already signed up to 32 Red for next season.

    It honestly beggars belief that the SMSM are deliberately ignoring the tribulations of King and the Gullibillies are pretending that none of this is happening and the focus is on “going for 55” next season.

    Thanks for your fantastic insight into what’s really happening – keep up the good work.

    Happy Easter

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