The SFA’s Achilles Heel

My readers are now alive to the artifice of PR companies. To all intents and purposes only three have any influence in the cesspool that is Scottish professional football. The biggest and by far the best is Media House International. They are a multi-million dollar international operation with a presence in London, New York and Dubai. Their clients include James and Sandy Easdale. Despite giving so much to the Sevco Burlesque, and taking nothing out (not even their petrol expenses) the Easdale brothers were derided by the pond scum which infests the bottom of the RRM barrel. They even received death threats. Their crime? Sandy was sent down in 1989 for the reset of stolen goods. The reset of stolen goods is common currency in the scrap metal business.

Compare and contrast Dave King’s forty-one criminal convictions, each of which carried a tariff of two years imprisonment, and how this was spun by Level 5 as a favourable result. Only in Planet PR can one drop £45m and change to avoid 82 years imprisonment and have it deemed a positive outcome.

At one time King, the apartheid opportunist, was facing 323 indictments. Fraud, money-laundering, share manipulation, exchange violations, bribery, corruption and racketeering. Type ‘career criminal‘ and ‘South Africa’ in your Google browser and note the links to King. Many of these links  were written by your humble correspondent. I saw right through this East End wide-boy from the get-go.

Last but not least is Frame. Darryl Broadfoot, the former SFA Communications Director, asserted to John Clark that in the context of a meeting hosted by tie-in-soup McRae that he was the SFA. Broadfoot would not let the catatonic imbecile talk. A Glasgow Scale Coma would be a step up for McRae.

Broadfoot now plies his trade with Frame and acts as the account manager to the SFA.

A cynic would raise his hat to Broadfoot and his Resolution 12 rebuttal that the DOS/VSS debt of £2.8m had not crystallised.

Sandy Bryson may have mouthed ‘imperfectly registered but eligible’ but I contend that this phrase was concocted by Broadfoot.

What will Broadfoot come up with to sugar-coat Tony McGlennan’s Compliance Report? Will it be released at 9pm on Thursday evening when only a skeleton crew will be manning the desks of the broadcasters and print copy vendors? When Manchester United won the title on Easter Sunday some years ago no-one from the BBC was present to cover it. The TV/Radio hacks were on holiday with their kids. One would not have to colour me surprised if it’s slipped out under the cover of the night.

I have many sources. C Level sources on both sides of the Glasgow divide. The pond scum may wish to assassinate but I’m trusted for my accuracy, honesty and source anonymity by the movers and shakers who do not kick with their left feet.I’m also trusted by those who prefer their team to wear green hoops as they occasionally cast one eye upon an Emerald Isle. One of the latter is either close to or more likely an active participant in Resolution 12. He impressed upon me to focus on this issue. He insisted that it was the SFA’s Achilles Heel.

Broadfoot is renowned for having a predilection for bench pressing his ‘squeezes‘ but casting him as Achilles might be a stretch. One would like to think that Achilles had more luck with with the Greek ladies than jumper-fit Darryl whose only connection with Greece is his ubiquitous bottle of Grecian 2000. He never leaves home without it. Darryl’s knockbacks, dizzies and rubber ears are the stuff of legend but he’s not one to Mone about it.

The fact that it’s now the best part of seven months since SFA counsel gave the Rangers’ UEFA licence investigation a green light to proceed has elicited some suspicion.

To my mind it’s a binary issue, viz:

1. Did Rangers’ executives lie about the £2.8m overdue payable in their UEFA Licence submission.

2. Did the SFA collude in their fraudulent application.

If the former charge is upheld, King’s heir apparent Alastair Johnston is in the dock. Andrew Dickson will also be thrown to the wolves. This to me is a slam dunk.

When I turn my thoughts to point two the fact that Dickson was quite incredibly on the licence committee stinks to high heaven:

” Should Rangers get a licence Andy?”

” Absolutely Rod. What’s not to like?”

What is known about this process is that Petrie chaired three licence committee meetings. If charge one is upheld he is guilty of incompetence. By allowing Dickson to adjudicate his employer’s application I contend that he is also guilty of charge two.

The fundamentals of any enquiry are the 5 W’s:

When? Where? Who? What? Why?”

The When timeline is clear cut. Evidence given under oath at the Whyte trial instructs that the overdue payable had ‘crystallised‘ prior to the 31st March initial cut-off date. Johnston, covering his arse, briefed the Daily Record on 1st April that he had no idea when it would be paid. It most certainly was not paid by Whyte as he had a penchant for not disbursing the PAYE, NI and VAT due to HMRC. When Messengers At Arms turned up at Ibrox in August any idea that Whyte was negotiating with HMRC was quickly kicked into touch.

The SFA submitted the RFC application on April 16, 2011.

The Where is simple. 150 Edmiston Drive and Hampden Park Glasgow.

The What is also straightforward. Licence fraud.

The Why is more challenging but not impenetrable. Who gained most from this licence fraud? The prevailing narrative is that the member club had more to gain than any other party, but this is not the case.

Sir Bribe & Lie had the sale of the toxic club, £18m and change, and a half share in MIM riding on it. Whyte was planning to engage in UEFA roulette to keep the club afloat long enough to punt it in an IPO. No licence no sale.

Would it be beyond someone prepared to pay a $1m cash bribe to have a word in Campbell Ogilvie’s ear and remind him that his £95,000 EBT would not play well in the court of public opinion? Did Murray impress upon Ogilvie that pressure must be brought to bear on Petrie ‘to do the right thing.

Would Petrie’s ascent up the SFA’s greasy pole gone as seamlessly without the help of Ogilvie? And at What price?

The Who in this imbroglio is the most interesting.

McGlennan is a solicitor. If a fraud has occurred he will be alive to the possibility of criminal charges. One could also argue that every application for a licence during the EBT regimen – where incriminating side letters were purposefully excluded from SFA submissions – were also fraudulent.

It’s my firm conviction that Petrie and Dickson sat down to work out how best to subvert the rules for the benefit of Rangers and Sir Bribe & Lie.

If McGlennan’s  report points to fraud and blackmail by SDM, UEFA will take a dim view. They might suspend the member clubs of the SFA from competing in Europe.

Celtic who lost out in the initial fraud might well lose out again.

My source was correct. The SFA does have an Achilles Heel. The Resolution 12 Requisitioners flighted their arrows with deadly precision.








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32 thoughts on “The SFA’s Achilles Heel”

  1. Your point about UEFA action being taken against ‘the clubs’ for the wrongdoings of the SFA and Rainjurz is one that has worried me for a long time and has not been openly discussed by those who SHOULD be discussing it.

    As you mentioned, Celtic have been the main losers previously (in the scam) and would be the main losers in any future action. A ban from Europe is hardly going to put fear into the likes of Partick Thistle or Ross County.

    A lot of us….. Celtic supporters, onlookers and genuine football fans have been asking …

    “why the silence from the clubs?”

    “Why are Celtic saying nothing?”

    The sickening silence is made worse by the ‘move on’ stance of the likes of Hibernan.

    Some argue that Celtic can’t be seen to lead the questions and the probing…. It would be seen as a one team agenda.

    Well that’s the very reason that Celtic should be leading the way and asking the questions.

    Celtic and their fans are the ones who have lost out most and who will lose out most yet again if and when UEFA wake up to what’s going on.

    Rather than maintain a modest ( would like to say dignified but I fear the word has been appropriated elsewhere) silence, Celtic should be shouting about this in every outlet and legal channel available.

    1. Take that line a bit further though DDT…. if Celtic are prevented from participation due to underhand and potentially illegal activity at the Regulator; where does it lead?

      Celtic putting a loss of earnings claim in against the SFA. In the legal disclosure process lots will be bared to light that’s been hidden. More than the Whyte trial unveiled. With the stink of corruption already prevalent there’s a lot of coals ripe for a raking.

  2. Great article JJ. I note that the Australian Cricket scandal with the same degree of complexity was uncovered , investigated and adjudicated within one week. How can the Compliance officer for the SFA possibly take seven months on an issue which is simply following who put their name to documents and whether what they entered was true?

  3. And that’s why we are lucky to have bloggers like yourself JJ.

    I ask everyone reading this imagine a world without the bloggers…run by PR companies, making it up to suit their agenda.

    We wouldn’t know half what’s going on….

    It’s easy to dismiss the bloggers and to put down them for asking for support for their site…but it’s an essential service without which the PR companies would rule…a narrative run by Jabba ergh

  4. McGlennon must have reached the conclusion of his investigation by now. Why is he delaying publication? He is obviously under pressure from some direction and that can only be those who are most likely to suffer the consequences, given that the findings are honest and true. He will eventually have to resolve his dilemma. Will he do the right thing or succumb to the pressure and fudge the result? If the latter, will he join the ranks of the corrupt or fall on his sword and resign?

    1. Perhaps he is waiting on the 2018/19 application being waved through by the SFA so that when the lies, deceipt and fraud around the 2012 licence are revealed Petrie, Bryson or Broadfoot will quickly squash any talk of retrospective action by claiming different company/club status, despite the current board boasting many of the same faces as the old board.

  5. On reflection I’d happily accept and probably even EMBRACE UEFA sanctions against all SFA member clubs as it would publically and Internationally expose once and for all the vile corruption that exists in our game. The world would see exactly what went on, who perpetrated it and to what scale. Our MSM would also be brutally exposed for being the charlatans that they are.

  6. Perhaps this explains the reticence of Mr P Lawwell in pushing Res 12 as he is aware that Celtic will be tarred with the same brush?

  7. The idea UEFA will punish the victims of deceit/fraud is highly unlikely.

    It goes against natural justice and would be challenged in either the courts or CAS by Scottish clubs.

    Such an appeal might reveal UEFA weren’t exactly as diligent as they should have been in 2011. UEFA won’t want that.

    Nor do we know their response to the Celtic letter of 20 May 2012 to SFA copied to Infantino at UEFA.

    Reminds me of Watergate that starts with a burglary and ends up at the President.

    1. Yet another terrific post. If only we could see the end in sight and a just ending too.
      Auldheid, your analogy with Watergate is an interesting one. If only the whole of the UK media had unearthed two journalists of the honesty, bravery and quality of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, then this whole rotten saga would have been history and a cleansing of Scottish Football would have been well underway. Even the deceased club which caused it all, along with the disgusting scum that permeates Scottish Football, would have, by now, been punished and well on the way to recovery. A great chance lost because of the likes of the despicable James Traynor and his ilk. Shame on ALL of them, regardless of their allegiance. All we ever asked was for the Truth to be told and the necessary punishment to be doled out. Alas it was a ‘club’ too far. Of course they’d have no more hollow boasts about being a world-leading club but at least they’d have earned the respect which accompanies honesty. For me this wont be over and there’ll be no ‘moving on’ until the whole Truth is out there and the adjustments to historical records and punishments have been applied. Some call this “title-stripping” but really it’s nothing of the kind; merely the application of the rules of football. Come on some of you in the media, show the character and bravery of bloggers like JJ, and it MUST be said many others too, and get all the Truth out in the open.
      Then, and only then, can we consider moving on.
      Keep up your tremendous output JJ and I sincerely hope enough of us are willing to pony up a few bob and that your site continues for many years to come and we are treated to the Truth across a wide area of the doings of folk, or mostly wrongdoings.

  8. The longer the delay in publishing the report (or summary) the more one is led to believe that matters of substance have come to light, and senior officials within the SFA are trying to influence the report findings. Many of those involved in the original process are still embedded, or have influential friends, within the governing body and will be fighting tooth and nail for their existence. A power struggle is underway, I would suggest. If Petrie and his acolytes were in full control any ‘little difficulties’ would have been magicked away by now. One can only hope that those who recognise the need for transparency and change are not inclined to fudge on principle and allow those responsible for wrong-doing to leave without sanctions.

    1. HB, matters of substance and little difficulties don’t do the licence issue justice.
      A criminal fraud has been perpetrated. It should have taken 7 days to review, not 7 months.
      Actually with a new CEO waiting in the wings, and SFA transparency a hope rather than a reality, would anyone be surprised that McGlennan was stood down months ago, on who knows whose orders, all for the good of Scottish football as it’s time to move on and leave the past in the past.
      A serious criminal fraud has been perpetrated of that there is not a shred of doubt.
      No one at the SFA or Newco will want this exposed to the general public especially those who have signed off on the paperwork or colluded to wave through the licence.
      We are in the exact same situation as 2012. Just as Oldco had to have the licence otherwise SDM might not have found a buyer, and that buyer would need European money to survive, then King desperately requires European competition otherwise he is totally goosed………..leaving aside COS/TOP matters.
      Statement o clock tonight anyone?

  9. You deserve every credit for your refusal to abandon your tenacious investigation.
    I get the feeling that we may be approaching the end game for determining the extent of the corruption that pervades our game at both SFA/SPFL/SEVCO and RANGERS.
    I won’t hold my breath however.
    I believe that you have continued and increased support for your outstanding work.
    I have remitted my intermittent payment to you earlier.
    Keep up your outstanding work.

    JJ: Thank you.

  10. Can’t believe what the resolution 12 guys have put their club through, my club has given me way too much joy over decades to put it in the position the res 12 guys have Celtic in.if they end up with all Scottish clubs being banned from Europe will they accept financial responsibility for their misguided actions.Not to mention internationally . But hey UEFA have never banned a whole nations clubs or threatened to from their competitions before !!!!

    1. As I posted earlier that is not going to happen. Had it been even a distant possibility ,Celtic whom Res12 guys dealt with regularly , would have used it to have them back off. It never came up.

      It is idle uniformed speculation on your part with no factual basis whatsoever.

      Nice try though.

  11. Hi JJ, March donation late, so April early- £60 via PayPal transaction no. ……0609. Cheers, GERRY

    JJ: My heartfelt thanks GB.

  12. Off topic. I received an email this morning saying that this year’s Football Blog awards will be presented on 17 May in London. Voting opens up on 4 April. Various categories to vote for but what would you prefer?

    Best overall football creator?

    Best football influencer?

    You would qualify for both.

  13. Douglas Bader was shot down during ww2, He had both legs amputated and new legs fitted, He was back flying for the RAF quicker than it has taken Mcglennon to publish his conclusions re the uefa licence fiasco, wtf he is playing at, Surely he is not concerned about the credibility of the SFA…. They don’t have any, None at all.

  14. Does anyone else think the SFA are waiting for Davo to take Sevco down and the cold shoulder to be applied with Close brothers stripping assets to time their findings?

    This would probably not be the headline…a bit like when the Government hide bad news behind disastrous news?

    Or are they simply not that clever?

  15. It certainly feels that we are just a few hours away from what looks like a confluence of consequences 1.the McGlashan report on the old Rangers ought to expose collusion and cheating to gain a license. 2. Failure to submit accounts for Sevco leading to another attempt to cheat 3 Dave King failing to comply with his Court Order. Draw up a seat and get a good view. Will football grow a pair and kick out this affront to fair play. Give us justice.

  16. Was a bit shocked to read a poster on one of the Newco blogs actually stating that no licence would be forthcoming for participation in UEFA tournaments next year because of the state of the club’s finances.
    That won’t make him very popular with his mates.
    Any idea when the SFA will release the names of the clubs who meet UEFA licencing criteria for next season?
    This has to be put to bed before the new SFA Chief Exec takes up his post.
    This is not his dirty work to clean up plus the can would be kicked down the road again with the excuse that the new guy has to settle in, then get up to speed on the issue.
    Not a squeak from the media on this, Level 5 has them by the short and curlies.
    What a story this would be for an investigative journalist to get his/her teeth into.
    Also not a mention anywhere on King’s wee problem with COS/TOP.
    Another great story body swerved as the clock runs down.
    How does Level 5 exact such control over the Scottish media?
    Is the threat of being left on the outside looking in enough to deter them from bringing their audience the truth rather than rehashing the PR puff, even when they know deep down that it’s just crap.
    Did any of them believe that Morelos could have gone to China for £11m when within days of breaking that news Robertson was signing up for the Close Bros loan secured on infrastructure assets that can be removed and sold if repayment terms are broken.
    No PA system, no catering, no WIFI, no big screens, no access to parts of the stadium!
    I know some of these journos. Not all of them are stupid, not all of them get their Firhill and Fir Parks mixed up in the same article.
    Not all of them get Martin O’Neil and Michael O’Neil confused, thats a reserve of Batman and Robin at the Evening Times.
    I suppose the answer is that they are telling their audience what they want to read or here.
    In doing so paper sales have plummeted and most of these journos will never work again when their rags shut their doors for good.
    They won’t be missed.

  17. Would Rangers be further forward if they had accepted the reality, taken the blame,apologised to everyone affected by their cheating.
    Showed some humility and viewed this as a fresh “dignified” start,an opportunity to jettison the past.
    In my humble opinion they would have attracted blue chip investors, not the criminal scumbags of the past came back to haunt and fleece them.
    Or does Rangers only exist to service the worship of a gay Catholic Papal representative from the 17th century?
    Surely not?


  18. The first club that ‘Rangers’ defeat in Europe should be primed to thump a protest onto UEFA’s desk the very next morning and the whole corrupt endeavour would unravel that way.
    I’m sure there are Internet Bampot bloggers who would pass on all the relevant bullets for such a club to fire.

  19. I think there is a very good reason why the other SPFL Premiership clubs (excluding Aberdeen and Hibs) are not publicly clamouring for the proper investigations to be carried out. Unless there was a joint statement issued from all of the clubs, none of them will put their heads above the parapet individually. Why? Because to do so would immediately put them at a serious financial disadvantage due to the inevitable boycott from Rangers fans. Imagine one of the bottom 6 clubs suddenly losing considerable income compared to their competitors. Things are so tight in the bottom half that the loss of income would be enough to possibly guarantee relegation.

    I think they were all hoping the Neil Doncaster request to the SFA for an enquiry would have got somewhere, but we all knew Regan was never going to go for it.

    Here’s hoping that somehow McGlennan’s findings find their way into the public arena somehow soon, and the massive pustulating sore that plagues Scottish football is finally lanced!

    1. I agree with what you say regarding other clubs’ fear of losing the ‘blue pound’.
      On the other hand, if things go south for the CFC participating in Europe because of sevco, these same clubs face losing in the region of £350K per season.
      It’s time for bravery and honesty from all of Scotland’s premiership clubs. It’s time to get this resolved once and for all.
      Do the right thing chairmen!!!!!!

    2. A fear of a boycott of away grounds by Newco fans and the consequent loss of income is the only explanation for the ‘silence of the lambs’.
      No doubt someone has had a quiet word in the ear of the Chairmen of the other SPFL clubs, hence the moving on messages from Petrie. Milne and their ilk.

    3. Not even the risk of a boycott. Just a shitstorm of hassle would be incoming to any club that questions Their Imperial Majesties. Everybody opts for the quiet life and with the Bearz track record, who can blame them.

      1. They started in Div 3 and all clubs survived…I’m not sure the blue pound is worth as much as it once was 😏

  20. when the ball tampering story broke at the week-end the bbc in london devoted the first five minutes of the 60 minute news broadcast to this story. some cricketer had been caught scratching a ball and this is not allowed. they call it cheating.
    rangers football club were caught cheating. they deliberately, knowingly and systematically broke the rules on player registration over an eleven year period and they were aided and abetted by the sfa. they also used an illegal remuneration scheme which has resulted in a bill to hmrc in the region of £100M.
    the bbc in london is yet to comment on this matter.

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