Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise


Everyone in Christendom will be looking forward to a hard-earned rest tomorrow. Those who have retired will be looking forward to spending time with grandchildren. Jesus Christ, who was born a Jew, lived his life as a Jew and died as a Jew; was crucified on what has become known as Good Friday, two days after Good Wednesday, with ‘good’ signifying a day of religious observance. Those of faith believe that this man rose from the dead and joined his father in Heaven. Those of my ilk attest that his cadaver was moved by one of his acolytes.

There are those who contend that Rangers rose from the dead and continue to this day. However this is a myth that has been laughed out of court. Counsel for Charles Green stated that the myth of Rangers only lives on in the hearts and minds of those who need the swaddling of supremacy from which to spout their anti-Catholic invective. Charles Green did not buy Rangers as a going concern. He bought a basket of assets.

I won’t be resting as I will be keeping a close eye on proceedings at Ibrox. There are three items that are going down to the wire, viz:

1. Interim accounts to satisfy the SFA and UEFA that The Sevco Burlesque is a going concern.

2. A statement by Dave King that he is prepared to offer 20p per share for equity held by stakeholders who played no part in his concert party carpetbagging.

3. UEFA Licence Fraud.

Let’s deal with the last item first. I have it on good authority that Tony McGlennan has completed his report. It is the first item in Ian Maxwell’s – Stewart Regan’s heir apparent – in tray. Those expecting a new broom to sweep The Augean Stables clean will be disappointed. Maxwell will toe the party line. If Petrie and Dickson are exposed they will be deemed to have acted in ‘good faith.’ Those anticipating justice from the corrupt organ that was one of the instigators of The Five Way Agreement will soon be disabused of this notion. At this point Peter Lawwell would be compelled to act with The Court of Arbitration for Sport his first port of call. McGlennan cannot throw his employers to the wolves. Should he recommend punishing Rangers they will press the Corrupt Consigliere into action and litigate so vigorously that McRae’s tie will whip up an eddy in his soup. CAS is preferable to COS in the final analysis.

On the topic of the Corrupt Consigliere a source who has exchanged inside information with me for three years insists that Club 1872 is not the only CIC within James Blair’s gift. He is adamant that Blair is the beneficial owner of  Edmiston House and a number of other property assets in the environs of Ibrox Stadium. These assets are limited by his personal guarantee. A cynic might contend that Blair and his employer are buying low, transferring to a CIC for tax efficacy, and awaiting the gentrification of the area when the value of their assets will soar. It should of course come as no surprise as Mr. Blair when not kissing Dave King’s arse (more tongue James. Think French!) is a conveyancing solicitor by profession. Word has it that he has more fingers in pies than Sir Bribe & Lie did in his larcenous pomp. You heard it here first, but rest assured it will be pawned off as his own on another site, with a soupçon of additional detail, usually false, to help the medicine go down. The patron saint of plagiarism rarely disappoints.

As for point two, I have never been convinced that King would throw £8m in his NOAL trust fund after bad. He fought tooth and nail against doing so all the way to the Inner House of The Court of Session. He has all the control he needs. NOAL’s 6.7m loan gives King skin in the game. I will be watching the rolls at The Court of Session for the TPE petition apropos King being in contempt of court. If upheld as expected sparks will fly. The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive will need all the asbestos it can muster when ‘porno for pyros’ Dave is at his inflammatory worst.

As for point one something will surely be cobbled together. It will make grim reading. I doubt that Campbell Dallas will be as amenable to King’s assurances on this occasion. There will be numerous emphases of matters and going concern red flags.

The Anti-Prospectus  will be the prosaic counterpoint to any sugar-coated share issue. John Entwistle’s Led and Zeppelin come to mind.

Of course in the land of the one-eyed Gullibilly, King’s garden is coming up roses:

It’s fair to say the last few results have dented the run of positivity surrounding Rangers. From January Rangers had managed to string together a decent run of results and a real head of steam was being created as we approached the old firm game.
However the players failed to reach the heights they had previously set and we fell short, albeit not by the margins in games before that one.
It’s fair to say it was a better performance than previously and arguably we should have taken at least a point. However individual mistakes, on the pitch and off it, are the margins and the gap which we must close.
In January Rangers managed to recruit well and put a recruitment structure in place benefiting our club for the future. Young, hungry players were brought in and contracts renewed to set a solid footing for the club to build on. In that one window we managed to close the gap considerably, but that window must be the first footing for more to come.
As we have discussed on this blog before, Mark Allen has the keys to this club now both structurally and in recruitment. He has the task to get the right men both on the pitch and in the dug out. He had previously said he presented the board with a list of managerial targets almost immediately after the departure of Pedro, something which the board failed to act upon.
It has not been given such short shrift this time, as the rumours begin that we have began to cast our net managerially.
It has been said for a while that Dave King wants a man of ‘stature’ to lead us forward. Rumours of discussions with the Clarke’s, Martinez and De Boer’s of this world remain just that, but they are sure to intensify as the coming weeks progress.
Rangers have a massive decision to make and it’s fair to say the fanbase do have a level of trepidation about it, after all, this will be the boards fifth appointment in the dugout. The problem they have is there isn’t an obvious choice and outstanding candidate out there. There isn’t wiggle room, we don’t have more seasons to waste.
But the foundation is there for any new manager, the squad has a base to build on and whilst recruitment will once again be high in turnover, it has been bolstered by a positive January. We don’t require ten signings, it has to be quality over quantity, with a budget similar to last season we can be more confident Allen will ensure it is spent better than before.
The stadium is having serious money spent on it as previously discussed on this blog. The club have begun the initial stages of the share issue where previous loans to directors will be cleared and fresh working capital raised going forward.
The club are talking to potential new investors and those rumours continue to circulate, this is where the board will come into it’s own because we need that fresh boost of investment new faces could bring, so it will be up to them to make sure that happens. Resolutions passed at the AGM mean they can carefully choose this process.
Rangers aren’t the toxic brand they once were, London is taking the Club seriously again and despite the nonsense spouted, the club are on fantastic terms with the financial sector in the lands capital. Recent laughable rumours surrounding the club are exactly that, laughable.
With the club working hard and soon to be in a position to announce a new multimillion pound manufacturing deal for our strips, the club will be free of toxic deals negotiated before them. No longer will we be tied to the scandalous contracts handed out to Sports Direct and a supplier, which benefits Rangers, will be found.
Thus again making the club more attractive to anyone looking to come in.
But it all remains up to our board, this appointment must be right as the ground work for the club has now been done and it’s up to them to secure the right external funding going forward.
It’s interesting times ahead for Rangers and the club must get back to winning ways on the pitch immediately, whilst the board must grab this opportunity off it
For many it might just be their last chance
Ignore the Nonsense, the Irrelevant and the noise.”

I was tempted to drive a horse and coaches through this comment’s grammar and spelling but in the end I settled for adding bold typeface to the most risible of his claims.

The arrestment order was sent to all UK banks and financial institutions. No NOMAD is prepared to work with the rogue board and their listing on AIM has long been at an end. The munificence of the three bears is also at an end. The beleaguered board is £4.5m shy of the working capital required to finance the next eighteen months. As soon as the family silver was pawned to Close Asset Finance in Manchester (not the merchant bank in the City) anyone engaging in due diligence would run a mile from this most toxic of clubs. Your rumours of investors beating a path to your door are being circulated by Chris Graham and James Traynor.

Here’s an exclusive for you. Traynor leaked the Islamaphobic musings of Graham to the press. Traynor moved quickly to stop Graham eating his lunch.

Prior to the shit hitting the fan I prescribe John James to be taken once per day after meals.

Dave King is to the City what Harold Shipman would be to Saga Holidays. Rumours of goodwill in The Square Mile are built on sand.



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13 thoughts on “Ignore The Nonsense, The Irrelevant & The Noise”

  1. There’s a lot of rumours in that wee article on Sevconomics…

    It’s interesting how there are two types of rumour though.

    There’s the ‘nonsense’ rumours about financial gloom and nasty things that might happen to ‘Rainjurz’ . These must be treated with contempt….

    … and there are the ‘blue and orange lens’ rumours where everything is great on and off the pitch and the future is rosy and assured. These ‘rumours’ must be taken as truth and only a question of time before they become reality.

    There lies the Sevconian reasoning process in all its incongruously bi-polar glory.

    I can’t wait for the first pictures and quotes from outside IBrokes when the ‘second reckoning’ kicks in and one half of the ‘rumours’ are proved genuine.

    “Who has done this to oor club?”

    “Why weren’t we told what was going on?”
    (Seriously, someone will say this)

    “Who let this man take control of oor club?”

    Etc etc etc …

  2. Yep, JJ saw that the other day. The bit about being not toxic, on fantastic terms with the City of London boys etc is pure fantasy.
    Not sure about the multi million pounds shirt deal to be announced very soon……Sports Direct anyone?
    And of course as ever there are a number of high flying billionaires champing at the bit to invest.
    Lets not forget the imminent share issue, imminent being the status for at least the last 6 months,
    On the accounts required to accompany the UEFA licence application it’s fair to assune that Dallas Campbell will be nowhere near them given the lies told to them in order to sign off on the previous annual accounts.
    No doubt one of the many ICAS members in and around the Ibrox board will step up to the plate and produce a set of numbers, anonymously of course.

    1. Joe
      If Dave were to ask me, in consideration for a modest fee, paid into my offshore fees account, maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement re the presentation and sign off of the accounts…but then again…ICAS would be hunting me down…yet again…!

    1. I genuinely believe that the TPE response will be swift and punitive in the extreme. In as much as DK has spun things out, conversely the TPE bods must have had his measure for a commensurate timeframe.
      DK and his cohorts have spent too long basking in the dignified sun with their Teflon WATP Scottish veneers.
      From a TPE perspective, a precedent MUST be set here.
      As soon as the hammer falls on timelines, then must the axe follow…a large, sharp fcuker !!!

  3. Dispiriting but realistic analysis for someone who has followed the cycles of boom to bust around the Ibrox-based clubs. Post 2012 there have been any number of opportunities for alternative directions with favourable outcomes to be taken, but each time bad choices have been taken. I’ve come to the regrettable conclusion that there is something toxic at the heart of the SDM-era Rangers which has spread like some cancerous entity across the sport. Maxwell may well have been handed a poisoned chalice, filled with bile from Regan’s reign.

    Unless the RRM sympathisers within Hampden have grown a pair, equivocation and plausible deniability will prevail confirming the SFA continuing to be unfit for purpose.

  4. A great piece. I particularly enjoyed your cut and paste from some Rangers fan who is living in some parallel universe.

    “Rangers aren’t the toxic brand they once were. London is taking the club seriously again…….the club are (sic) on fantastic terms with the lands capital”. Dear oh dear. Where to start with this?

    I wouldn’t normally respond to such a risible statement but I am aware that some Rangers fans read this site. It is the ONLY window which provides access to the fiscal carnage at Ibrox and which presents examples of an utter lack of corporate governance at that club.

    I can assure the author of this statement that Rangers have no credibility here in the City. None. This is a corner shop operation which is poorly run, loses money, is propped up by ever increasing loans, has little capital value and operates in a provincial league which attracts scant interest. (An American investor wants to buy Burnley, yes, Burnley, for £200m. That sum would buy Scottish football.)

    The club can’t get a NOMAD and, to be blunt, this stock is rotten with no upside.

    There is no saviour out there. The fans wanted RRM at the helm and they got a cocktail of crooks, pompous peacocks and incompetent directors who have lied to the fans.

    SDM never had credibility here. He was regarded as a gambler, a shark, a boor and not particularly bright (he reads this site). He created a toxic brand. The toxicity remains to this day.

    1. Hi The Mensch, You seem to have some know how about “The City” and it’s workings. In your view does the “cold shoulder” apply to King as opposed to The Rangers or any “holding company”? If King disassociates himself from The Rangers etc other than as a shareholder then can everyone still trade etc with The Rangers etc? The takeover Panel’s remit is to protect smaller shareholders and it would be against their remit to punish innocent shareholders or indeed businesses rather than the individual or the “concert party”. If in your view it does apply to The Rangers etc does this mean that Close Brothers have to cease dealing with them and demand repayment of their “overdraft”. Any comments would be appreciated thanks A.

  5. I don’t believe McGlennan has been engaged in any investigative work whatsoever.

    If I stuck three tenners in a jar yesterday, I wouldn’t need to investigate the contents of the jar today. I already know it contains three tenners. His task has been to take the known facts and present them as sympathetically as possible in a report that exonerates his employers. No coals are being raked. They already know the license should not have been granted and that they are complicit in the cover up. You won’t read that in McGlennan’s report though.

    It seems likely that Lite and The SFA, through middle man Andrew Dickson, are waiting on King’s next move. Meantime, accounts of some kind must be produced or it’s bye bye Europe. I expect Dickson will have seen them already and will be busy trying to pass Lite fit for another license without leaving any incriminating SFA footprints. If the shit hits the fan then none of it can be allowed to soil Hampden’s front door. They will cover their tracks and pass the buck to UEFA who will have Campbell Ogilvie whispering sweet nothings in their ear.

    It’s inconceivable that Lite would fail to produce accounts and default on Europe.

  6. An excellent article. It is disheartening to see that that level of ignorance exists. Until which time the day dawns where the Big Hoose is yet again closed for football there will be gullible people who will continue to believe in The Parallel Universe which the Laptop Loyal, the Corrupt concert party and the career criminal have created and that everything is fine. Scary!
    CCK day of reckoning is near and the corrupt concert party who saw him as their ticket to the boardroom must be ruing the day they got him to front their criminal takeover.
    We await any mention whatsoever in the SMSM.
    I believe Andy’s boys report is done, dusted, discussed and discarded until which time it is forced out into the light. As was posted previously, everyone knows what went on, the question is when are the SFA going to admit it and that time may never come if the cabal are allowed to bury it.

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