The Football Blogging Awards 2018

Prior to writing two pieces today I would like to take this opportunity to throw my hat into the ring apropos The Football Blogging Awards 2018. I would hope that those who were kind enough to vote for our site in 2016 (Best New Football Blog) will continue to support The Sitonfence Speakeasy. The most appropriate category given my enforced exile is The Best International Football Blog award. In 2016 the judges passed me by. Everyone (including your humble correspondent) expected one of the three Liverpool FC blogs to prevail. There was also a very strong showing from the charming young lady who runs a Manchester United blog. However the supporters of our site confounded expectations. If truth be told I would be happy to be on this year’s shortlist. This year’s venue is Alexandra Palace in North London. It will be a gala evening. I will continue to shamelessly promote this evening and their awards irrespective of my eligibility or wherewithal to attend. Voting opened yesterday.

In my protected piece today I will provide an exclusive insight on DCI Robertson that will make one’s jaw drop. I will also provide a take on King that no-one has considered. However in this piece my focus will be Scottish football.

The biggest game of the weekend from my perspective was at Cappielow where Greenock Morton played host to Dundee United. Prior to this game Morton were a point to the good in the battle for a play-off place. A 59th minute goal from the visitors put my nose out of joint; disappointment comes with the territory when one supports a small provincial club. Dundee United wanted it more. The odious Stephen Thomson, who sold out to American interests and lies through his back teeth to deny it, deserved the 93rd minute equaliser. I stand by my exclusive as my source was at the boardroom table when the deal was signed.

The biggest talking point from the weekend was the attempt by the Ross County captain Andrew Davies to geld Scott Brown. It was the worst tackle I have seen since Graeme Souness (who likes an EBT bung) was in his playing pomp. To his credit Souness would drop-kick you when facing you. The hammer-thrower that is Davies stamped on Brown when he had been felled by one of his colleagues and was on the ground. Davies should be charged with assault and banned for the remainder of the season. If Ross County go down it will be deserved as they gave this unreconstructed thug the captain’s armband. Former referee Steve Conroy opined that it merited considerably more than a two-match ban. Celtic should make a formal complaint to Police Scotland. Taking this savage out of the game would save the career of other players. It would also improve their chances of reproduction.

Everyone, save the one-eyed knuckle draggers, who witnessed this cowardly assault recoiled. One of these one-eyed knuckle draggers Billy Dodds (EBT 190,000) is so compromised by tax evasion that he should never inhabit the upper moral ground. Only a Scott Brown hater could cut Davies any slack for a stamp that would be illegal in a cage fight.

Scott Brown is a divisive character as he gives as good as he gets. However there is no better player in Scottish football and I would contend one of the best defensive midfield players in world football. He has almost single-handedly kept Celtic on track for an unprecedented back to back treble. Should the Paper Tiger forwards that let Celtic down last night continue to draw blanks, he will need all of his mettle to keep his hands on the Scottish Cup.

Dembele and Sinclair are a shadow of the players they were last season. Edouard is not much better. Griffiths needs game time to be effective. McGregor offers more going forward than Rogic or Armstrong and should always be first pick. Last night was the most recent in a series of lacklustre scoreless draws this season. If they wish to finish this season with a flourish they had better up their game.

Rangers Lite have friends in high places and will face one of their rivals for a Europa League place at home. Three home games out of four. The system has been subverted to their advantage. Colour me surprised. There is even discussion at the SPFL to spare Lite’s blushes from a possible title-winning encounter at Celtic Park.

A semi-finals defeat followed by a Celtic title party would be too much to bear for the recidivist klan who use their wives as punch bags when losing to Celtic. When former club Rangers won the title at Celtic Park no special dispensation was made to spare Celtic’s blushes, but on balance if A&E have a quieter night it’s probably for the best.

I welcome the Football Blogging nominees to have a look at Scottish football. It might surprise them. In the highly unlikely event that I won an award in a highly  competitive field I will read out a statement on Sir Bribe & Lie’s industrial tax-evasion and the bogus UEFA application that dare not speak its name. I, or my nominated representative, will put their corruption on the map.


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44 thoughts on “The Football Blogging Awards 2018”

      1. I will vote for you -and with great pleasure.
        Will ship another top up next week.
        Dont waste it all on necessities-if you can get some decent Scots ale where you are divert some of it to tha

        JJ: As much as I would like to raise a glass I’m writing from my bed suffering from the most pernicious virus of my experience. Thank you.

    1. I don’t pay the £20 monthly at present due to being made redundant however I do pay £2 which is all I can afford at present . The full payment shall be forthcoming asa yours tryely secures another joab…👍

  1. You should certainly be in the running for recognition. This site is more a forensic detective agency than a single man blog.

  2. JJ, it was your beloved Morton who scored the late equaliser – through an own goal. Totally undeserved too by the way !

    1. Duly noted and corrected. It was an honest mistake. When I checked the BBC website for the result it stated that the Arabs were in front at 93 minutes. I assumed that they had scored then. I’m delighted to have been proven wrong.

  3. Good morning JJ. As always I look forward to your articles and will certainly cast my vote in your favour. However I still await that password to access your encrypted articles. Yours in hope.

  4. Hi JJ, another great article. I sent April’s contribution on the 3rd (ending 9315), any chance of emailing over this months password? Cheers Tom

  5. Your stunning articles and exclusives mark this site as UNIQUE and provide insights into the rather dark and murky world marked ‘Scottish football and governance of the game’.

    Your pieces are now widely read by the timid Scottish journalists who cut and paste what they think they can get away with.

    Vote submitted. I would expect you to be on the short list of not outright winner.

      1. I realise you had mentioned this as your choice… But (probably my interpretation) was taking ‘international’ to mean – covering international football matters rather than being read internationally – which this blog clearly is , although the nature of the Internet makes any blog potentially ‘international’ in terms of readership.

        Anyway… Hopefully the weight of the readership from here will take it over the line.

        A recurring banner/link to the nominations/voting page with each article will keep the matter to the fore.


  6. You have received so many complimentary pieces today and that should raise your spirits.

    This site is unique and the quality is stunning.

    Your readers are all supporting you and thank you for your terrific articles.


  7. Voted. Best of luck. As has been stated by others, this should be a slam dunk as this site is by far the most informative and informed. It’s shining a light where some are pushing to maintain the darkness.

    On a slightly different note, interesting but not surprising that the authorities have chosen not to punish further the thug responsible for the on-field assault on Scott Brown

    1. This was an assault masquerading as a tackle. Brown was just too good for the hammer throwers at County. Davies took one for the team. Thanks for the vote.

  8. Vote registered with pleasure buddy. Your cause is pure and I only wish your efforts get duly rewarded by your rapidly expanding band of readers. Keep rattling the cages and outing the shameless. You’re a tonic for the masses, remember that. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    JJ: I have a real empathy with Aberdeen fans. Readers Willie & Jim have become friends. Thank you for your vote and kind words.

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