Credit Where It’s Due

I published yesterday’s article at 07.30 a.m. (UK). In this piece I wrote:
The word has clearly gone out to Lloyds and MBNA whom have withdrawn The Rangers Credit Card.”

By 18.00 Video Celts ran my exclusive and passed it off as their own. Now ordinarily I would be oblivious to anything posted on this site as I would be of anything posted on the largely irrelevant Kerrydale Street, but when James Forrest of The Celtic Blog/On Fields of Green writes an article and gives a chapeau to Video Celts and not this site, I begin to ask questions.

When I exclusively revealed that King has health issues I later find a common contributor to SFM giving their site the credit as ‘he could not recall where he read it, probably here (SFM)’. Is the johnjamessite the site that dare not speak its name?  I have read everything written by James Forrest. His piece on ‘Smash a Fenian Day’ which exposes the Herald’s Sports Editor as an apologist for what Neil Cameron deemed to be ‘dark humour’ is a must read. It was so well-written that I mothballed my half-written piece on this disturbing leaflet that was doing the rounds. I may choose to revisit the issue on May 1st which has been set aside as the day to engage in targeted violence, murder and arson. Welcome to Scotland 2018.

I would prefer to get on with my social media peers. When I set out on my blogging journey I never missed a piece by Phil Macgiollabhain. I was fulsome in my congratulations when he won The International Award at the FBA gala evening at Old Trafford in 2016. I planned to introduce myself and buy him a drink. However he did not attend. If I were to speculate he probably had more pressing NUJ business elsewhere. However I have seen a change in his output. When he is engaged in writing a book and under time constraints, as is currently the case, he ventures into social media, selects the low-lying fruit and presents it much better than the original author. I have also seen him cast his spell on my output. All I ask is a hat-tip. However he steadfastly refuses to do so.

Some have come on this site and attempted to create a feud. They have stated that Phil Mac looks down on me and is dismissive of my output. I have been assured by someone in his confidence that this is not the case. There is no feud and I won’t be tricked into retaliation. Someone of his acquaintance, whom I contend is ‘Rugger Guy’ with the real name Tom Cassidy, wrote me a personal message in which he asserted that ‘I was a sick joke.’ He also mentioned that Mr. Macgiollabhain was in good humour. I invited Mr. Cassidy to repeat his assertion to my face. My RSVP went unanswered. It did not stop him coming on to this site in an attempt to post a comment as Swiss Tam. I chose not to approve his comment.

Given that Lloyds have acquired MBNA and they know what was under the bonnet of the former club that plied its criminal trade at Ibrox, it may be as simple as Lloyds washing their hands of Ibrox. However my contacts in The Square Mile have recommended that I look at the ‘big picture.’ I prefer not to use industrial language and I can usually find a form of words which suffices, but there is no better way of saying that King ‘is acting the cunt’ with the City Watchdog.

His name, and that of Rangers Lite, is mud in the City. Some of the leading lights of the Financial Services Sector were pressed into action by King’s appeal of the original findings of the Takeover & Mergers Panel. They summarily dismissed King’s appeal and ordered him to make an offer by 12 April 2017. Almost one year later he has yet to make an offer. The Financial Institutions in the City are a tightly-knit group. In bygone days a shyster like King would be denied access to the gentlemen’s clubs in St. James. If King turned up at any of these private clubs he would be bundled to the gutter. Everyone knows that he is thumbing his nose at the City. Everyone knows that he is a common garden criminal. Everyone knows he will be crushed. Metro Bank are fully aware of King’s aberrant behaviour. How they respond will be instructive.

On a final note a word or two about Scottish football. The question that springs to mind is how can Neil McCann’s (EBT £500,000) Dundee team deny Celtic three points on a Wednesday yet ship four goals to Rangers Lite on the following Saturday?  I’m not suggesting anything sinister as was the case when Jimmy Calderwood and six of his players in the Dunfermline team were intent on throwing a title-deciding match at Ibrox. I’m suggesting that the Champions elect have become stale, predictable and easy to muzzle.

If the Celtic team of last year were playing a game at Hamilton, I would have no hesitation in predicting a comfortable win. However this season’s vintage is much thinner than last season’s Lennoxtown cru. Is it confidence? Or is it the prosaic fact that Rodgers insists on playing Dembele who is clearly a yard short and is firing blanks?  The title is all but won but if Wednesday evening’s dull as ditchwater performance is repeated at Hampden, Bobby Madden’s eleven will prevail. Rangers Lite’s finances are so precarious that the SFA will do anything in their power to ease their path to the final. Appointing former Rangers season-ticket holder Bobby Madden, who last travelled to Ibrox on a supporters bus from East Kilbride in 2010,  will do nicely for an organisation which informed Andrew Dickson that UEFA would not look too closely at their application. A Scottish Cup win would warm the cockles of McRae’s heart, or would that be his tie in his soup course again?

Only Madden would deny a penalty for a waist-high challenge on Griffiths that would not be out of place in a cage fight.

Griffiths is about to pull the trigger. It’s a clear goal scoring opportunity. He is cynically fouled from behind. Red card and penalty all day long. Madden cheated by ignoring the incident thus denying Celtic a deserved win. Having gotten away with it once, what’s to stop him doing so again?

For readers who missed this article stay tuned at Video Celts for the repeat.



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14 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due”

  1. JJ

    Many of us only come to your site to get the detailed analysis you provide, the regular exclusives and for a shared view of the world – where through the speakeasy we can engage in serious debate.
    It always amazes me to see your work being copied elsewhere, without so much as a nod in your direction.
    A simple hat tip is not that difficult, o continue (as many others on here do) to be a paying contributer / supporter…. without the work you do a lot of these other sites would lose a huge chunk of their content.

    But as ever the best place to go – is the original detailed source.

    Thanks for all you do

    And if you are reading this as a fellow blogger of JJ, then it’s not that hard to point folk in his direction. I like reading your stuff too…there’s room for everyone you know. 😏

  2. Madden is a bigoted cheat. We all know this. He is not stupid however. He will only make a glaring “mistake’ if the game is close. Celtic have to take him out of contention by being clearly ahead. His blatant inability to give a clear penalty to Celtic was because the game was tied at that moment and it was late in the game. If Celtic are cruising he will develop excellent eyesight and even award a penalty. He plays the long game and will only cheat when it really matters. It is astonishing that such a blatant cheat with a track history of favouring a Rangers is given the tie. It could only happen in corrupt Scotland.

  3. Hi JJ, Keep up the good work this is always the first site I read on a daily basis and is second to none. I have made a contribution and have set it up monthly.I would appreciate the password to access all your work.
    Tom L

  4. Hi JJ ,
    Even Barcelona at times fail to break down the flat back ten.
    Spot the difference between McCanns tactics versus Celtic and Sevco.

    34% possession and 1 shot on goal at Celtic. Nil Nil result.

    51% Possession and 12 shots at goal at
    Sevco. Lose 4 nil.

    Do you think if he had parked the Bus at Sevco he might have made them look stale, predictable and easy to muzzle.
    The question has to be asked why he didn’t given the point gained at Celtic.

  5. Jj I read most of James forrests blogs .

    Not sure if it was his or the other guy hugh ( who I find biased and bitter at times) for Celtic quick news .

    But one of them definaletly gave the credit for the article to you and named your site in the blog .

    I had already read your peice, so knew exactly where their info came from . But they did credit you with the info .

  6. It’s your exclusive JJ. Your reported facts are routinely purloined by cowboys masquerading as oracles and prophets. Tuppence ha’penny propagandists reared on internet trawling and trolling, with neither moral compass nor confidence, scarcely removed from SMSM. Ignore them. Just continue to relate the truth to your increasing body of subscribers. Thank you.

  7. JJ, your status is assured. CQN and Phil Mac (both great sites), and plenty others, read you daily. You get more exclusives than most and you give on a daily basis. If you don’t get the (deserved) hat tip, you are big enough to ignore it. Readers know where the info is coming from.

  8. Jj,I am a regular contributor financially to this site but not a regular poster.i had another look at videocelts and saw that their article on the easdales was attributed to you so not a total rubber for homunculus don’t get me started.keep up the excellent’ve got my vote.

    1. It was maybe this article I read ? I knew in the past week there was an article which was accredited to you jj.

  9. Tremendous read once again!
    It must be nearing the final curtain for all of the cheats in Scottish football……or perhaps I’m deluded!
    Monthly donation made but still no password and I need to read all of your work!

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