Contemptible King

Court of Session

Tuesday 10 April

Lady Wolffe presiding.

P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers & Mergers for Orders Sec955

There can be little doubt that the Takeovers & Mergers Panel have had enough of  King’s antics and are petitioning for contempt of court. They were last on Lady Wolffe’s docket list today and are probably being heard as I write.

Developing story…..

p.s. I note that the patron saint of blogging has decided to solicit votes in the same category for a second year. With 33,000 Twitter followers to my 6,000 I don’t stand a chance but an honourable mention on the Best International Blog shortlist would suffice. Every vote counts.

Thank you.



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36 thoughts on “Contemptible King”

  1. Will be interesting to see if a warrant is issued tonight…

    And winning awards isn’t everything JJ, you’ve got a load of loyal followers in the speakeasy who value everything you do.

    1. Take it from me JJ, “King is a legend” is spot on! I’ve voted for you in the Blog Award, but forensic analysis, as is your forte, is more important. You should have received my modest monthly donation this morning, and it will continue on a monthly basis if you keep up the standard of your output.

      JJ: I noticed. Thank you for both buddy.

  2. Why the continuous attacks against fellow bloggers

    Take a step back and you’ll see it makes you seem pretty and insecure

    You lash out at phil one week,praise him the next then go right back down to the gutter

    1. Gutter? Referring to someone as the patron saint of blogging? If I want to go after someone you’ll know. I have a view and as it’s disparaging I’ll keep it to myself. If you want to be his cheerleader find another site. Here is a novel idea – try his.

    2. you want to get a grip mate if it wasnt for jj half of pms work wouldnt be commented by him as too busy writing a book,and other bloggers ,well shouldnt pinch someone elses thunder

  3. Sevco High Command man is distinctly second rate compared to yourself.How many Twitter “followers” do Trump and the Kardashians have?….meaningless……

  4. Terrific stuff JJ and your site goes from strength to strength.

    Your forensics are quite stunning.

    King is in BIG trouble. Not one Scottish journalist will run with your exclusive. But I am aware that they read your articles daily.

    And for the ‘Gers fans who read this site to find out what is going on at the club which they follow, well… is the message. You wanted King back at the helm despite his criminal record and the fact that he is, shall we say, a sandwich short of a picnic. This is his legacy. Court case after court case and now facing serious charges which could result in a custodial sentence.

    Are there ANY Rangers fans out there who can be proud of this shambolic club?

    This crook and fantasist has driven that new club firmly into the ground.

  5. JJ, I also voted for you last week and no matter who wins for me this site is the one that stands out. I made a contribution last Sunday and I have set this up on a monthly basis (I have also contributed on and off to the site since 2016). Would it be possible to send me a passport.
    Tom L.

  6. I’m voting for you. I admit I enjoy Phil Ms blog but it is not as frequent nor as cutting as your’s

    JJ: Thank you.

  7. Voted for you on the best international blog.
    I like Phil mac’s site but your content & regular output puts your site ahead of his.
    Keep up the good work

    JJ: Thank you.

  8. You may well be surprised JJ;- I too follow PMcG…as will many if not all of your followers.
    I assume however that (like me) they will have voted for who they deem to be “the Best”

  9. I’ve of course cast a vote for you in the football blogging awards. You deserve an award but that is out of your control. Whether you win or place is less important than your tenacity and forensic dissection and research. As we say in NZ “Kia Kaha!” (Be strong!)

  10. The King is dead … Long live the King … If this pans out JJ then could be all over before the fat lady sings … As always on the money, and talking of this, monthly donation made .. Payment ending 9613S and you’ve got my vote, another non Twitter user. Hopefully password will follow follow 😀

    JJ: Thank you for both.

  11. JJ I enjoy your posts very much indeed I thank you for some blazing insight.
    It is easier to copy and paste links and make one off payments to Phil’s site not for you though.
    Can you make it easier to make one offs please?


  12. Hi JJ

    Just voted for you. Hopefully, you will get the recognition that this site deserves – absolutely the stand-out site for real insights.

    JJ: Thank you.

  13. Kings is being sent down (finally + hopefully)

    Media can ignore this blog but can’t ignore courts. All eyes on a corrupt Police Scotland and corrupt Scottish Justice


      1. Her husband the Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC represented RFC Limited against Charles Green when Charles had his request for costs to be covered by RFC rejected against a black and white contract. This is probably why Charles is reluctant to sue Police Scotland. He knows he can’t win in Scotland.

        Back to Lady Wolffe this is not the first time this has happened.

        Her husband has represented D King and RFC Limited in the recent past.

        Therefor Lad Wolffe should be miles away from any case involving Rangers but its indicative of how corrupt things are in Scotland. The rich in Scotland get richer and the poor have to resign themselves to cans of Tennents Extra every morning – Scotland the poorest and most corrupt W European country in the world 😦

  14. HI JJ, the last few articles have been excellent. I voted for you so that’s another in the bag. Agree with others, you put the sporting authorities, the SMSM, Scottish ‘business people’, the Polis, to shame consistently and expose how bent and corrupt our wee country is, and how much it has to change, in the process. More power to your elbow, sir.

    JJ: Thank you.

  15. Hi JJ, usual monthly donation made,
    Vote has been cast
    Top quality work as always JJ

    JJ: Cheers RM.

  16. I too follow both sites JJ. But there is only one I would contribute to and vote for. Vote cast – and the best of luck.

    JJ: Cheers RAC

  17. My semi-regular contribution to the best international blogger (along with my vote) – irrespective of the actual vote outcome (which is based on extraneous factors other than the JJ USP: Quality and quantity. Peerless sources; flawless analysis.)

    JJ: Thank you good Doctor.

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