Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

1211.This section provides a mechanism by which the Panel may, if necessary, apply to the court in order to enforce Panel rule-based requirements as well as requests for documents and information under section 947. The Panel may apply to the court either where there is reasonable likelihood that a person will contravene a requirement imposed by or under the rules or where a person has failed to comply with such a requirement or with a requirement imposed under section 947.
1212.It is expected that in accordance with usual practice, the court will not, in exercising its jurisdiction under this section, rehear substantively the matter or examine the issues giving rise to the ruling or, as the case may be, the request for documents or information except on “judicial review principles”, where there has been an error of law or procedure.
1213.The court is given a broad discretion as to the order it may make to secure compliance with the requirement; but aside from the power granted to the Panel by this section, there is no right to seek an injunction (or interdict) to prevent a person contravening, or continuing to contravene, a rule-based requirement or disclosure requirement.


The Takeover Panel were compelled to return to the Court Of Session yesterday to deal with a career criminal. An individual who has spent more days in court than he has at the club he professes to love, in both its guises.

I have proven in my archive that David Cunningham King will stop at nothing to avoid prosecution. When he and his partner in crime Greg Morris faced racketeering charges, King enlisted an underworld figure to intimidate witnesses. The Crown’s case collapsed.

He also solicited the same underworld figure to facilitate a bribe to the assistant commissioner of SARS and had the audacity to present the ensuing inordinately lenient settlement in a court for ratification. King was found out.

King hired the highest ranking Freemason in Scottish Legal Circles viz the estimable Baron of Glen Clova, to appeal to Lord Bannatyne’s sense of brotherhood. Bannatyne would not be compromised.

King is cut from the same cloth as David Murray. The latter sent a MIM executive to the U.S. with a suitcase containing $1,000,000 to seal the deal which acquired Lawrence Marlborough’s equity in Rangers. This bribe was in addition to the £6m formal purchase price that he borrowed from the bastion of Freemasonry that was The Bank Of Scotland, which is now just a trading style for Lloyds Bank.

The difference is that David Murray spent some time at Fettes prior to his walk of shame through the gates when his fees could not be paid. His father was sent down and served two years for some tax evasion horseplay. The apple does not fall far from the tree in the Murray household. Murray’s mother, a Roman Catholic, has never fully recovered from the shame.

Murray is connected to the Edinburgh bankers who run Scotland. King as is the case in the City, is a pariah in Scottish banking circles.

Murray may or may not have been inculcated in the ways of tax evasion by his father but he certainly learned fast leading HMRC a merry dance from 1999-2011. The received wisdom is that the illegal EBTs stopped in 2009/2010. Craig Whyte however confirmed that he put an end to remitting cash to a trust for disbursement to sub-trusts.

King engaged in a war of attrition with SARS, the timeline of which matches the time he was on the board at Rangers when EBT’s were in their pomp.

Murray has been smart enough to avoid convictions. King has 41 convictions excluding the suspended sentences he has received for contempt of court.

At this point it’s important to dispel a common misinterpretation. When a court makes an order one has 21 days to comply. Was King advised to run with 30 days by the conveyancing consigliere that is James Blair?

On the topic of James Blair one of my deep moles at Ibrox has informed me that Blair and Andersen Strathern have been buying up any properties that they can get their hands on in the environs of Ibrox and wrapping each in a tax efficient CIC. Edmiston House is just one of their current portfolio of twelve. Is King planning a nice little earner by flogging old Govan machine sheds to GCC when the gentrification of Govan eventually rolls out, or is there more to be made from a Govan Village of condos built by property developers? 

David Murray with Gogarburn Village. David King with Govan Village. Didn’t the bribe merchants do well?

When I revert to section 955 which I have reproduced at the beginning of this piece, one should note that yesterday’s hearing was unstarred i.e. counsel were not required to attend. However given King’s clear breach of a Court Order Lady Wolffe could, worst case, issue a warrant for his arrest. Best case there will be a sentencing hearing coming down the pike. It would be interesting to note whether King turns up at Hampden on Sunday.Would it not be apposite if King was forced to listen to the game from a holding pen in one of Police Scotland’s excellent facilities? He could then join in with some fellow recidivists in a lusty rendition of The Rangers National Anthem, The Billy Boys. 

With King and Murray every criminal cloud has a silver lining.

On a final note please consider this site for your vote in the Best International Blog Category:

Website: https://www.footballb loggingawards.co.uk/about/vote -now-football-blogging-awards/

One of my competitors for this award is, we are led to believe, a fully-fledged NUJ card-carrying professional journalist. However he seems to have missed out on this important story. It’s surprising that a self-styled investigative journalist with a 30% accuracy rate is so lauded in social media. I look forward to my salient details and my Blair exclusive being passed off as his own. It’s what he does best. Just ask Andy Muirhead of Scotzine. My Ibrox mole informs me that the last time Mr. McGivery was discussed at board level was prior to the King contempt trial. His follow-up pieces alleging Board upheaval at his blogs is an exercise in fantasy. Traynor reads his blogs  but never kicks them upstairs.

Cue howls of protest from his 33,000 Twitter cheerleaders. If there was a creative writing category he would have my vote.


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26 thoughts on “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

  1. Morning JJ, vote cast this morning. All the very best. Take care and stay safe.

    Best regards,

    JJ: Thanks buddy

  2. This article sums up precisely why you deserve to be in the running for this year’s award. It sums up why contributors to this site will vote for you and hopefully you will follow up your 2016 success with another prize winning award.

    Your attention to detail is quite stunning and a combination of due diligence coupled with terrific sources makes this site a must read for Scottish sports journalists. It is also read by Rangers fans who want to find out what is REALLY happening at the Ibrox club.

    This site is knee deep in facts. It is on intimate terms with the truth and a stranger to heresay.

  3. JJ I enjoy reading your articles for the information factor alone.
    It’s very interesting to see what doesn’t get reported.
    I’m not sure, however, the relevance of pointing out that David Murray’s mother was a Roman Catholic? Is that relevant to the story?

  4. So they buy up land or property on whose behalf. Themselves or the lying king? Are the gullible about to be fleeced again? There must be an end in sight. To gentrify Govan will take more than a dozen buildings. It’s a dump and would need substantial sums spent on it.

    Vote cast JJ and recurring donation set up. Good luck at the awards, you just never know

    JJ: Thanks.

  5. Maybe you won’t win an award this time JJ but by Christ you ought to. This week’s articles have been the best yet, miles ahead of the pack with regard to all things Ibrokes. Club 1872 members have been throwing their hard-earned dosh at hopes and dreams, totally unaware of the nefarious activities of Big Daddy Bear Blair the property purloiner…until JJ lifted the lid. They know now! Comedy gold!

    JJ: Thank you.

  6. Don’t always agree with some of your homophobic quips but there is no denying you deserve to at least be nominated for the quality and accuracy of your writing (well above 30% to my reckoning). Vote placed and good luck!

      1. Because some of them read and support your site and have done you no personal injury.
        Personally i found it a hard lesson to learn but the fact is what is offensive can only rightly be judged by the victim (or target)
        Grew up myself amongst a diverse group and all sorts of slurs were use amongst friends and no offense taken between ourselves.
        I recall once however telling a gay joke which was found to be excruciatingly funny by some co workers.
        Came out of my colleagues office and first thing I encountered was one of my colleagues who was well liked and respected who happened to be gay.
        My first thought was “god I hope he didnt hear the joke”
        I wouldnt have hurt that mans feelings for the world.
        Learned my lesson from that -if the joke wont pass in any company dont tell it.
        At any rate thats my view .
        I didnt notice Phils repeat jibe in his recent output but thats maybe because I wouldnt have seen it as a jibe (you obviously do) and that brings us back to the original position.
        You feel Phil is taking gratuitous shots at yourself he may or may not I wouldnt know but the point is how you feel not anyone else’s intent.
        I dont myself care about anything else but information. Whether that is exclusive or regurgitated is no matter sobeit its true.
        That said if my livelihood and credibilty was at issue I wd be taking another view.
        Long term I suppose when Rangers Lite,New or Old or even Rangers whatever disappears what will you be doing and how will you make a living? Will you be able to return to yr birthland?
        It may be not possible .
        In such case wd it be possible to use your legal training in another jurisdiction?
        Like others I wish you well ,stay safe and when the end of the month payouts come in I will send you another modest top up.

      2. Thank you Richard for your eloquent and measured comment. The odious Mark Dingwall, a bigot’s bigot, has been the butt of my gay jibes. The actual target is his even more odious Follow Follow which ran a thread on free sanitary products at Celtic Park where a character called Bernadette would forego addressing her menstrual cycle until she attended Celtic Park and could avail herself of free products. It was so offensive on so many levels.

        As for your second point a seasoned media observer with a former communications remit at Ibrox assessed his decade of output as more miss than hit. He came up with the 30% accuracy figure. Mr. McGivery lacks sources on the blue side of the divide which is hardly surprising given his former status as a staff writer (with no experience at that time) for Sinn Fein. He does not have a line to the board and if he ever did which I doubt Traynor would have plugged the leak a long time ago. He ventures into social media, selects the low-lying fruit, and adds his cryptic take. His politics opened the door at Sinn Fein and will garner thousands of votes, but in the absence of the late Paul McConville and the former daily output of Scotzine all he has is this site and SFM. He evidently has a good relationship with James Forrest whom I prefer to read as he does not engage in fly on the wall boardroom fantasy. His arrogance beggars belief. Those who comment on his site take every word as gospel. If Irish Politics is your forte he’s your man. As a Celtic supporter be sure to ask him how many matches he has attended at Celtic Park this season, last season or any other season since his move to Donegal, or does he only come to Scotland on NUJ business and to promote independence so as to isolate his Unionist neighbours in Ireland?

        There will not be any return to Scotland while my parents are still alive. There is nothing heroic in my exile. It’s pragmatic. I have had a good hard look at his output. Stripped of his political rhetoric I see nothing that warrants a football award.

      3. I have voted for you JJ not only because your output is far superior to Phils but because of the comments of his sychophants over on his site re yourself.

        Sometimes I wonder if he is controlled opposition with what he comes out with regarding Scottish and Irish politics/Independence. He loves to keep slagging off Mhairi Black the local MP here in Paisley for her plastic paddy/Irish whatever comment. Now whether this was a comment taken out of context I do not know nor care as I do not care or rate her or anyone from Renfrewshire SNP because it is such a sack of backstabbers, bullshitters and wafflers that all the ferrets have left that branch because of all the infighting. Mind you most branches in all the parties will be like that with mediocre people trying to climb over each other to get their snouts in the trough.

        As for Phil and his eagerness for the EU and Remaining he is just typical of all of the Plastic Nationalists both Scottish and Irish who are happy to get out of the British “Union” and into the EU one and too stupid to realise that this is EXACTLY what the Establishment wants and is manipulating the countries into ready for their United States of Europe where all countries will disappear into as REGIONS and will be run from Brussels with NO national governments.

        JJ: Thanks for your vote James. No-one could ever accuse you of sitting on the fence.

  7. Isn’t Ed House part of the close loan agreement with TRFC/RIFC? How could this be put up as collateral yet owned by another company. Pardon my ignorance.

  8. Vote cast and small donation made (540U), have enjoyed your stuff this week.

    JJ: Thank you. It’s been tough as I have contracted an air borne virus which has all but floored me.

  9. Well, you get well quickly.

    A morning start to the day begins with a read of your fabulous site and a coffee. You simply cannot ask for a sick note!!

  10. Great writing once again J.J. Have voted for you. Keep up the great work, always interesting, always accurate is your output.

    JJ: Thank you.

  11. Maybe planning on calling the next ‘same club’ govan villa or Crystal govan palace or govan garden city , govan meadow could be a possibility . Something fishy going on,

  12. “RANGERS International Football Club Plc (“RIFC”) is pleased to announce that Douglas Park has become Deputy Chairman of the Club.
    Mr Park has kindly made himself available to adopt a more prominent position within the Club. The role allows Douglas to assist the Club by providing an important local interaction between RIFC and the executive running the football club.”

    They are surely doing it on purpose, but when they write “Club” – I reckon they mean “RIFC” or “Rangers International Football Club Plc”… the “holding company” (…ahem).

    When they write “football club” they mean the “The Rangers Football Club Ltd” (the “engine room subsidiary” thingy…).

    So, Douglas Park is to become Deputy Chairman of the RIFC… and he will continue to lend the best Hamilton FC players to Sevco for free, gratis and for nothing.

    Hope that clears that up…

    Not that the SFA will bat an eye about Douglas Park having interests in Hamilton FC and Sevco…

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