A Fugitive Running Rangers Lite

“Rangers International Football Club Plc (“RIFC”) is pleased to announce that Douglas Park has become Deputy Chairman of the Club.

Mr Park, now based in Scotland, has kindly made himself available to adopt a more prominent position within the Club. The role of Deputy Chairman allows Douglas to assist the Club by providing an important local interaction between RIFC and the executive running the football club.

This appointment was requested by the Chairman who believes that the position of a Scottish based Deputy Chairman will assist him in the ongoing implementation of the Club’s business strategy.”

Was it only last week that King was telling anyone who would listen that he was planning to spend more time ‘hands-on’ at the debt-addled club? Read the last sentence in the statement again. What King is saying here is that he knows that he’s in contempt of court and that he is going to run Rangers Lite as a shadow chairman from south of the Limpopo.

The TPE were at the Court of Session on Tuesday to point out that more than 30 days had elapsed since the court order and that King has summarily refused to make an offer and has not established a verifiable quantum with an independent financial  adviser to effect such an offer.

He is in contempt of court and he knows it. Would he have the audacity to turn up at Hampden tomorrow and publicly thumb his nose at the TPE and The Court of Session? Typically a punitive fine and a suspended sentence are the norm for first offenders, but King has forty-one convictions each of which carried a tariff of two years imprisonment. His rap sheet in South Africa should be presented to the Court of Session by Dentons acting for the TPE. I would not be surprised if this has already occurred and that a port alert is in place apropos King.

Methuselah Park is not fooling anyone. King will be pulling his strings. King could take a £7m-£9m bath on RIFC’s toxic shares. If he does not step foot in Scotland again we will have a fugitive at the helm of RIFC.

Will a fugitive be deemed fit and proper at the SFA?



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6 thoughts on “A Fugitive Running Rangers Lite”

  1. Congratulations to the North East bottlers,again and again….How does McInnes not come under severe scrutiny? Never mind,a nice new stadium and training centre on the way.Check out Moving on Milne’s business results,seems to remind me of someone……

  2. A terrific and clever article which made me smile. King is clearly preparing his exit route out of Ibrox and his legacy is shameful. This is a club in crisis with no leadership, no funds, wallowing in debt and a fans who have been taken for mugs.

    The signature song at Ibrox, ‘Simply the Best’ should be replaced by something from Wings. How about ‘Band on the Run’.

  3. Tomorrow’s Celtic team from the source who provided a Lite team with 100% accuracy. Gordon,Lustig,Boyata, Ajer, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Rogic, Forrest, McGregor, Dembele.
    Would it surprise anyone to learn that Murty has been running drills on how to dispossess Boyata and how to go down in the box should his attempts at recovery include a pull. Lite are banking on a red card and penalty.

    1. If that’s the starters then Brendan is showing Strachanesque levels of stubbornness…

      Boyata should be told the games cancelled due to waterlogging of the pitch due to Aberdonian tears.

      Griffiths must be wondering what he has to do to get a start! Use of Dembele and Griffiths wouldn’t be too bad but we all know any change will be after 70 mins or more and could be too late if the 12th Rainjuur has engineered things as planned.

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