The Celtic Monopoly

Those of you who follow @sitonfence on Twitter or dropped by our site late on a Saturday will note that I exclusively revealed the Celtic starting eleven at 9 p.m. BST yesterday:

Gordon, Lustig, Ajer, Boyata, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Rogic, McGregor, Forrest, Dembele.


My source, who also provided me with the Lite team prior to a derby game at Ibrox with 100% accuracy, is usually on the money. He also exclusively revealed that McInnes had shaken hands on a deal with Robertson. King’s call to McInnes and his desire to take the issue of compensation to court was a deal breaker. Did an unsettled McInnes leave Aberdeen’s season in tatters? I could make a cogent case for a causal link. After yesterday’s comprehensive 0-3 reverse in the first Scottish Cup Semi-Final one might expect McInnes to be shown the door. However this would allow Lite to hire him on the cheap. Can anyone envisage even the gullibillies accepting someone whose stock has fallen off a cliff?  Chapeau to Motherwell nevertheless.

If all eleven Celtic players turn up  The Celtic Monopoly of domestic trophies will continue. Six days later, three points will deliver their 49th title. If they extend their winning title run to twelve in a row, they will surpass the former Rangers as one of the latter’s titles was shared with Dumbarton in the late 19th century. The former Rangers domestic supremacy, with five overtly bent wins, will be usurped.

Celtic are in a different paradigm to a team of loanees, over the hill mercenaries and the first ever DFS player, Greg Docherty, who cost nothing up front with the first payment to be made in August. It’s the kind of business that must warm the cockles of Douglas Park’s heart with his equity in both clubs. Is it not high time that the SFA took him to task or are they too busy buffing his brown brogues to notice?

All eyes will be on the Lite Directors’ box to see whether King, who is now in contempt of court, turns up. As the TPE V King petition was the last in Lady Wolffe’s itinerary on Tuesday, her written judgment may be being written up as I write. It’s now obvious that King has no intention of making an offer and will retreat into the Limpopo shadows while still pulling the strings at Ibrox. If Robertson thinks that RIFC will escape sanctions by having a shadow chairman I suggest he thinks again.

As King contemplates going directly to jail and not collecting £200, Matron Murty will have his last ever meaningful roll of the dice. Lee McCulloch fancies Lite’s chances after extra time. I demur. Celtic will win this game by three clear goals on a level playing field.

My Auchenhowie mole has apprised me of an unusual training drill apropos Boyata, whom Murty & Nicholl believe is Celtic’s weakest link. The drill – Press, Dispossess, Dive in the box – speaks for itself. Even the lightest shirt pull by Boyata as he flounders to recover will result in those in light blue having a close encounter of the green kind.

A red card, a penalty and a Tavernier free kick give Lite a puncher’s chance. This is the best they can hope for. I don’t anticipate it being enough.




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16 thoughts on “The Celtic Monopoly”

  1. About the only thing that can stop Celtic is Dodgy Decisions Dodgy Linesmen with Blue tinted Specs and duly sworn in Orange Lodge Brothers.
    The Celtic are up against the SFA officialdom today to stop the Celtic canter through the Trophy 🏆 Records

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if the written judgement comes out tomorrow, Kingbhas one last day out to watch the champions, and the warrant is issued late tomorrow, just after he’s jetted out.

    I hope Celtic of last season rock up at Hampden, and slay any talk of Rangers coming.

    Let’s hope this week starts with a bang…

  3. I note that the malcontents of the amuse-bouche of blogs viz SFM are not taking too kindly to my retaliation apropos pejorative comments about your humble correspondent. Bitter little men who don’t have the first idea of how to create or run a site of their own but are quick to criticise those who do.
    They even ran PMGB out of their site when he deigned to answer their questions. They go after individual targets mob-handed as they lack the personal courage to take on their targets singlehandedly. As for mental health is this the best you can do to shoot the messenger? You little men pale to insignificance when compared to my mental strength and fortitude. I have stared down death as you stare down your morning cereals, so don’t think for a second that you are superior. I have fast approaching 19.5m hits and an award. What have any of you achieved? I contend the square root of fuck all. As for John Clark I thought better of you. I won’t be back on your bitter poorly supported amuse-bouche nor will I listen to your amateur hour interviews. CQN do it much better. If one of my readers would be kind enough to keep me apprised of Easyjambo’s comments, and Allyjambo, then I won’t have to sift through the dross to get to the nuggets.

  4. At Sydney airport getting my JJ fix. Superb writing. The Celtic team you have described should be 3-0 up at half time. All will be revealed soon. I hope the game is not marred by the refereee and that the better team wins. Keep well. We live in interesting times.

  5. A terrific comment.

    Your articles are so far ahead of other ‘related’ sites that you might as well be in a different time zone. Your exclusives, analysis, insights and sheer quality remain unsurpassed. You also attract regular contributors who add further insights with well written and measured views. (I simply cannot imagine the scale of abusive comments which you moderate out.)

    As for the game today, the best outcome for Rangers today is not a small margin defeat to Celtic. No. The very best outcome for that club would be an absolute thrashing by Celtic. Let’s say 6-0 to the Hoops. That would, perhaps, finally convey a message to the fans. King has consistently lied to the fans and his legacy is shameful.

    A thrashing may waken folks up a bit and hasten his departure.

  6. Kings fucked. He’s using a bucket shop called Alexander David Securities to tender his offer. Alexander David is on the verge of liquidation and on the FCA’s watch list! They’ve not completed any transactions for about 2 years and Alexander David’s CEO, David Scott, wouldn’t be able to get a job in Woolworths let alone a decent financial institution! King certainly moves in the best circles 😉

  7. It is really grim stuff over on SFM . Hommunc is really funny with his wrong end of the stick posts but the way they pander when he has Fox pawed is equally comical.

    The jamboes on there complaining about their fixture list wtf they didn’t have a fit and proper ground to start got all sorts of dispensations even had 30000 plus gates with monies attached turn out the second worst playing surface in the league and still ‘entitlement’ fixtures split.

  8. Men v boys

    We’re completely fucked watching this shyte. I don’t know may even need more than £50m for parity with celtic. Bucket shop boiler room stockbroker Alexander David Securities for a bucket shop football club, RIFC. Utter embarrassment

  9. Well… I hope that’s the gulf in class issue boxed for a while!

    I feared ‘Bombscare Boyata’ starting, but credit to him, he had a decent game. BR worked it to get the right outcome so praise there.

    Bobby Madden will be getting blackballed out of the brotherhood after today!

    Any news on whether ‘Skint One ‘ turned up to have a squint at proceedings?

  10. An outbreak of 20-20 vision on SSB this evening. Talk of “Rangers” debt, King as an absentee landlord, doubts cast on the Chinese whispering of 12M.

    There was no mention however of Close Bros. Keevins was hammering home the 17M owed in “soft loans”………..even BFDJ mentioned monies owing converted to shares.

    My world ceased turning…..for a moment………then speeded up.

    This, all of course is to be ahead of the curve, the perfect shitstorm that is imminent.

    “Why did no-one warn us ?” they will wail.

    Keevins will say “I did”……..on Sunday

    JJ. You are the Peter Pumpkinhead for this time……….I thang you!

  11. Celtic turned up today. There was no contest. It was like watching a training drill. The fools in the blue corner are either blind or idiots. My contention is they are both.

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