The Beautiful Game Being Usurped By A Lambeg Drum

I have just been informed by an impeccable source within the SPFL that Doncaster with one eye on the commercial imperatives presented the first post split game as Celtic v Rangers. Police Scotland however vetoed this as there was an Orange march booked for that day.  They asked that their rationale be kept quiet.

What we have here is a sporting event showcasing Scottish football being usurped by a racist KKK fringe mob marching through the streets of Glasgow

The Famine Song in Sotto voce is the choice of Police Scotland.


If one has enjoyed my recent exclusives and the other narratives that I have exclusively broken (e.g. SPL minutes on LNS) I would greatly appreciate your vote.

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15 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game Being Usurped By A Lambeg Drum”

  1. Just voted and donation sent.The unusual amount is to even out an average monthly donation.Keep up your good work.I’m always interested in your non-football related articles.

    JJ: Thank you. I enjoy writing my off piste pieces.

    1. Really enjoy it all.dont donate but I won’t bore u with the details..keep up the amazing work.It takes up enjoyable part of my day.

  2. Sadly neither Police Scotland or our beloved Councils seem able or willing to stop the Walks. One day they will wake up to the reality of the 21st Century and leave 1690 well behind them, well the myth of it not the historical reality.

  3. JJ

    Excellent article as ever. Have voted for you and if there is any justice you will rightly win the award for your unstinting output.

    JJ: Thank you.

  4. I think Police Scotland have a strong case As long as Orange Walks are legal they have to be policed and risk assessed Stands to reason that the police are not happy to cover this and a Celtic / sevco event at the same time

  5. JJ

    I would venture that a sizeable portion of the winning team’s fans yesterday, whilst happy to win were surfing on their mobile phones early in the 2nd half. That was as big a no contest as anyone should have to witness.
    The (headless) chickens are coming home to roost at Lite – will they go under soon? – who knows? / Season ticket money may keep that wolf from the door / but considering Close need paid back by summer, some of the current players may have to be paid for, there’s no doubt other short term loans due, I don’t see how Lite have much more than 5M to fund the whole of next season / so their losses are mounting – The SFA will behave exactly as they have for the last 100 years, so only market forces can prevail & with this business model they surely will – the only question is when?
    Amazingly, this doesn’t even take into effect the criminal chairman and the temperature of his (lite’s) shoulder.

    Vote cast / donation made


    JJ: Thank you for both. Very much appreciated.

  6. Vote cast. You’ve got to give us a clue whats happening re King JJ. If he’s been found to be in contempt he’s in serious trouble. Can you imagine if ST sales fall to 17,000?! I can see it happening with the fans getting sick of this board and their sheer incompetence. Thats what happens when fanboys run what are ultimately businesses.

  7. Voted JJ. Sadly been unwaged for couple of years now. Do however enjoy your insightfulness and candour. Good luck and many thanks

    JJ: If one cannot contribute a vote which costs nothing is the ideal way to support our site. Thank you.

  8. As a medical practitioner I am always concerned about the mental health of sports supporters. 10 years ago when NZ were cheated out of a Rugby World Cup by a myopic English referee it was 4am on a Sunday morning. As I drove into town I was struck by the sheer number of heavily muscled young men out for a run to burn up their frustrations and hurt of their loss. The All Blacks are not just 15 athletes in black, 5,000,000 Kiwis soar or sink psychologically in synchrony. The last decade of incredible widespread national confidence coincides with 2 World Cup victories. Each year we play Australia in the Bledisloe Cup and no one has ever tweeted “Australia win the Bledisloe” for the last time that happened Twitter had not been invented.
    Similarly in Scotland the psychological strength of supporters rests not with the National squad (that would be disastrous) but with Club sides. The Celtic team coached by Brendan Rodgers has played Rangers 10 times in a row and never experienced defeat. I observed something yesterday when I was able to review the match. I saw Celtic dominate possession and exude near complete authority. I saw one half of the stadium in raptures and the other side experiencing ignominy. I saw the tipping point. Never again will a Rangers squad cheer at being drawn against Celtic in a Cup match. Pandora has opened the Ibrox box and Hope is now gone. I write this post not with schadenfreude but with concern when they realise that their condition is terminal. Simply chanting WRTP is just wasted breath. Now that we are past the tipping point season ticket sales will slump. No fresh footballing talent can be afforded. A flicker of success now and again again a Falkirk or St Mirren might raise a brief glimmer but now that Hope has gone it will be tragic.

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