Legends of The Living Dead

The post-apocalyptic scenario at the Sectarian Speakeasy is reminiscent of the bloodletting one might find in Legends of The Living Dead.

The Sevco Project is collapsing like a pack of cards. The chutzpah and hubris of a financially-doped ringer club are now little more than cue cards on James Traynor’s desk. As I exclusively revealed in what has become known as Craig-Whyte-Gate, the Bellshill Bounder was advised to repeat the mantra that Rangers were a global club playing on the world stage. A few months after his tenure Rangers were being consigned to liquidation with a facsimile club Sevco Scotland competing against Brechin in a pawnbroker’s tournament.

We then had ‘the journey’ and ‘we don’t do walking away‘ as the only full-time professional club in their respective leagues prevailed against teams with players who had to change from overalls to strips after a shift at the yard. When they eventually played against a fellow pro-club on their journey, Motherwell sent them down for another season.

Given this backdrop did anyone honestly expect that Lite could usurp Celtic in the new club’s debut two seasons in the top tier? What fuelled these delusions of grandeur? Step forward arch criminal Dave King. A man with 41 convictions and more lies than his 323 indictments. A man who stole 28,000 bottles of wine from a Winery that SARS repossessed. A man who kept moving his cars to avoid them being auctioned off. He received a three-months prison sentence for his ‘little games’ which was suspended for three years.

King was conspicuous by his absence at Hampden on Sunday. Even the Gullibillies are beginning to question how a reputed Real Rangers Man could miss the game that would define their season. A game where Celtic were so far ahead that had Scott  Brown brought a picnic hamper and deck chair and watched play go by Celtic would have still prevailed. Men against boys would not go far enough. Bhoys against infants would be more apposite.

As Morelos and Docherty were fighting like feral alley cats in the Hampden tunnel, Murty walked into an ambush. The Suited Supergrass that is captain Lee Wallace was first to stick his brown brogue in. Unlike others who claim to have a fly in the boardroom and dressing room, I can but speculate on Wallace’s choice of epithets. Would anyone be surprised if he reached for Halliday’s concatenation of ‘clueless’ and ‘cunt?’ Did Miller, who was next to put the boot in, have a swing at Murty? The Scottish Sun is stating that he has played his last game for Rangers Lite. This is indicative of a more serious offence than parroting Wallace’s invective. Wallace who will be suspended will almost certainly be shipped out in the close season. A season of being Declan John’s understudy would not have been to his liking in any case.

The Legends of The Living Dead are falling like ninepins.

Murty is not to blame for this omnishambles. The architect of this clusterfuck is none other than Dave King. Kris Boyd  – who is earmarked to replace the cheerleading charlatan with two bastard children that he has never acknowledged – at Radio Clyde had the following to say about King:

I have been saying it for months but, in my opinion, Dave King is guilty of gross mismanagement. If you ask me, it’s high time he had some major questions asked of him. Maybe someone on that Ibrox board should just pay him the £20million he supposedly lost to David Murray and watch him go. I just don’t think his chairmanship of Rangers has been good enough.

He sanctioned the appointment of Pedro Caixinha — which was doomed from the very beginning — and was then to blame in the negotiations with Derek McInnes.

Now Murty is being left to carry the can for King’s incompetence.

Here we are three years on and the club hasn’t moved forward an inch.

And for me, those supporters who are paying their hard-earned money for season tickets are being appallingly short-changed.

All they’ve done throughout the years is plough their money into the football club.

I’d question where exactly their cash has been spent — and they should too.

It’s time for them to open their eyes and see what’s going on because what is happening just isn’t right. Their loyalty in turning up every week, no matter what, has been remarkable in the last few years, genuinely incredible in my opinion.

But there’s definitely an argument to say they’re TOO loyal.”

Some of their money has been winging its way to James Blair’s Andersen Strathern as King uses badly-needed club resources to fight legal battles that he cannot possibly win.

The Takeover Panel  Executive (TPE) petitioned the Court of Session last week. Lady Wolffe was presiding. In jj: passim I laid out the scope of their petition. As it was an ‘unstarred’ motion counsel had no need to attend. At that hearing King’s ‘advertisement’ would have been discussed. Dentons for the TPE would have argued, I contend successfully, that King is continuing to obfuscate by linking his ‘offer’ to an equity dividend contingency at Laird. Dentons would have requested for a hearing to be scheduled where King will be tried for not complying with a court order. My Legal Eagle in Edinburgh pointed out that Dentons would have also argued that James Blair/ Andersen Strathern should be served with a summons in King’s absence.

This is why King was not at Hampden on Sunday. He was avoiding a summons.

As for Derek McInnes, the source who apprised me of the Lite eleven prior to the Ibrox Glasgow Derby, informed me months ago that the Aberdeen manager was keen to join Lite in the close season. I published this over a month ago. McInnes had one caveat. If King does not step down McInnes won’t be taking the pre-season training at Auchenhowie in June.

As the TPE’s net closes, McInnes may well have his wish.


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9 thoughts on “Legends of The Living Dead”

  1. Why not just keep reporting as you do so well from obviously good, well placed sources rather than once again indulge in petty point scoring against another blogger. You should be better than that….then again….

      1. JJ is correct. It is quite eveident that info in Sitonfence is being syphoned off and being rebranded as “a well placed source” on another blog.

    1. i dont see any point scoring agenda against any other bloggers here today why dont you just jog on mike,if you dont like the superb reporting of historical proportions go back to following the blogger(s) on other sites,you know,the ones who steal from this gent and use as their own

  2. So lite have 5 games left in the season and might gain a few points. That’s the least of their worries. They face having to pay $4,000,000 to Close. They face having to pay April May June and July wages with no money. They are ineligible for Europe and need a new manager and a new squad.

  3. At least in JJ is open about his contempt for other bloggers.

    Pmcgb is very sleakit and cunning .

    Not good qualities.

  4. Exclusives come from this site on a consistent basis. As does quality, insight and researched pieces. This site doesn’t do lazy heresay. It hits the mark with facts. That’s why we support it.

    King is on the last lap of his publicity fuelled race. His legacy is a shocker. No leadership. Lies. Pathetic both on and off the pitch. He will be gone soon but his mendacious stewardship is matched only by the appalling cowardly Scottish sports journalists who have avoided this narrative.

    Jackson’s assassination of Murty yesterday was shocking, shameful and cheap. He reads this site. What a shallow writer and a vacant vessel.

    As for Rangers fans who read this terrific site and who want to find out what REALLY is happening at Ibrox, here is a bit of advice. Don’t buy a season ticket. Agitate for regime change. Boot out the RRM who have lied to you.

    If that change at the top level doesn’t happen. Yes, a complete clear out of charlatans, then Rangers will fade and die.

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