Eat, Sleep, Treble, Repeat

I was planning to run with the title “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” as I contend that this is precisely what ensued from the cage fighters of Motherwell FC. They went out to bludgeon and maim their way to a cup final win and when this did not work they reverted to a deft pull of Dembele’s shirt with the left hand while using one’s body to shield their cheating from a weak referee. It’s the kind of professional cheating that is coached. One can envisage Robinson barking out instructions on how to cheat like a pro while directing others to pull up trees; interrupted by trips to his favourite salon to stare lovingly at his reflection while directing his agent on his mobile to score a media deal with BBC EBT Scotland.

I did not watch the BBC’s coverage as it was not available south of Hadrian’s Wall but I caught up with Alex McLeish’s comments later, prising my eyes open with matchsticks after the tedium of the FA Cup Final. Alex McLeish EBT (£1.7m) is a tax-evading cheat who would not know a level playing field if one was presented to him with his Parkison’s medication. His slow delivery and slurring of words rendered him unemployable until the desperate SFA, on the rebound from a Walter Smith (who has similar symptoms to McLeish’s malaise) knock back,  came calling.

The audacity of McLeish, who fielded a complete team of EBT unregistered tax-evading cheats to win a title at Easter Road, to opine about level playing fields is unconscionable. His upper moral ground is built on sand and shot to fuck hubris. One can but hope that HMRC rag doll this slurring head on a stick as The Tartan Army and the BBC Licence Payers line up to pay his tax evaded dues. Given a choice between Chocolate Robinson and someone who does not know what day it is, I would choose the coach of the Cage Fighting All Stars on any given Sunday.

As to the game itself, Celtic had so much of the ball that someone should have introduced another one to give Motherwell a touch. Celtic dominated from start to finish. When they  scored their second courtesy of the unsung but outstanding Ntcham, they took their feet off the gas. Motherwell, temporarily abandoning their baseball bats and wrenches, flattered to deceive. Had they scored with a free kick that had beaten Gordon but rebounded off the bar, Celtic would have moved up a gear and scored another.

Those at Hampden Park would not have been able to travel to The Celtic Way on time for the parade. The public transport arrangements on London Road have not improved since Brother Walfrid was feeding the poor in 1888. The thought of walking from Glasgow Central, along Argyle Street, through The Barrows and on to the faeces throwing hate fest of Bridgeton Cross would take a smile off one’s face. A razor has that effect.

Horseback would probably be one’s best option but even the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse would have to face the incoming faeces from the Bridgeton tenements. One wonders if they are engaging in their very own dirty protest to rail against the ongoing liquidation of their former club?

I digress. Celtic’s History Bhoys’  (jj:passim) achievement has not gone done well with the currants. The grapes are of the sour variety. However when it comes to our deluded friends their sense of  self-entitlement is always bubbling under like hydrochloride in a sewer. Apparently when they achieve 55 their party will make the open top bus parade seem like a SAGA holiday in Butlins. Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath. Should the new club ever ‘honestly’ acquire 55 league flags most of us will be long dead or the most senior passengers on a SAGA mystery tour. Just like Alex McLeish’s drive home from a BBC EBT gig.

As for the FA Cup, the best I can offer is that I enjoyed the build-up. The actual game, where Chelsea parked the bus and Mourinho’s team got bogged down in midfield, was coma inducing. I had a quick glance at The Glasgow Scale on my phone to ascertain whether to continue to the second half.

It was so bad I almost turned over to watch the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry, who for a giggle turned up for a fancy dress party in his grandfather’s Nazi uniform, played it safe with an understated military ensemble. Did Prince Edward, caught in flagrante delicto with a male NCO (no one can deny that Eddie has the common touch) lend him his old uniform?

Harry going 4-4-2 with his coke snorting old Etonian friends would have been much more interesting than watching MU. Friends who inherited £500m from their deceased father’s estate. Friends who can prop up the bar sipping Cristal from champagne flutes at Annabel’s every night of the week. Miss Markle was the odd one out. She was the only individual in the wedding party who worked for a living.

It must have been an eye-catching spectacle for the great unwashed. I hope they enjoyed it as they paid for it.



In Praise of Celtic & Man Utd

It’s cup final day in both Scotland and England and I from a foreign field in a foreign land cannot wait to watch both. I have never been a betting man even when I had the disposable income to have a punt or two. I at one time ventured £10 on a horse in The Derby and watched my selection glide through the undulations of the Epsom Downs and romp home by six lengths. A Celtic & Man Utd double will be irresistible to many.

In some ways my horse is analogous to the Celtic thoroughbreds who will take the field at Hampden this afternoon. The park will probably be rutted and more conducive to a Highland Gathering than a game of football, but at least it won’t be kept long as is the case at Tynecastle when superior teams come calling. The hammer-throwers of Motherwell stand between Celtic and an unprecedented back to back treble. A clean sweep of all domestic honours in two successive seasons.

Cédric Kipré who has been sent off once in the Scottish Premiership and once in the League Cup this season, and booked nine times in same, is an unreconstructed thug from the Ivory Coast. I had to check to ensure that he was not from the Barbary Coast. Can he deny Celtic by fair or more often than not foul means? I doubt it. Moussa  Dembélé  has the strength to take his limited football skills to task. Kipré’s ‘uncompromising’ approach may favour Celtic should he make his time-worn way to an early shower. However as it’s a cup final Kevin Clancy will be loath to issue a straight red card.

Rogic, whose intricate footwork has me searching for sequins in his wake and other telltale signs of an evening spent ballroom dancing, has signed a new five-year deal. He is a big game player whom I fancy to find the net today. I would not begrudge  Dembélé scoring in what may well be his last game in the Hoops.

Celtic are negotiating with PSG to sign Edouard, who is currently on loan. A significant part of any Moussa Dembélé bounty would be required to secure his services. Edouard does not have the physical or aerial strength of Dembélé and cannot shield the ball quite so well, but going forward he can at times be unplayable.

The conspicuous absence of white smoke over Lennoxtown apropos Dembélé suggests an inexorable exit. If I were in his estimable boots I would sign up for a minimum of three years with Rodgers. He will only be 22 in July.

McGregor is justifiably keeping Sinclair on the bench. The choice between Forrest and Roberts has been decided in the former’s favour. Roberts plays like a pre Brendan Rodgers’ Forrest. He does not know when to pass the ball. No-one can deny that under Rodgers’ tutelage Forrest is a better team player and a more potent goal threat,

Had Scott Brown not have been so imperious in midfield, I would have selected Olivier Ntcham as my player of the year. Rodgers does not always get it right -Compper and Hayes were clearly not good enough – but the Cameroon born French U-21 international has it all.

In defence, Tierney is a cut above the pack. Ajer and Boyata are beginning to gel leaving only Lustig as the weak link. Rodgers probably would not risk Ralston and cannot select Hendry as he is cup-tied.

Should Dembélé leave the option of Griffiths up front would be a poor man’s compromise. I would allow him to return to Hibs. I would recall Christie and Allan and try to give them some game time. This in itself will not be enough to guarantee a Celtic hegemony on domestic titles in 2018/2019. They will have to open their cheque book to improve. Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Forrest, Rogic and Edouard (if secured) are as good as it gets given CFC’s £90.5m turnover. They are 4/5 players short of being formidable at home and abroad.

My prediction: Celtic 3 – Motherwell 0.

The Chelsea v United game is much more difficult to call. There is only circa 4 Million € between the value of their squads (€746.75m & €750.5m respectively). Their goalkeepers, both valued at €60m, could possibly command more in an inflated post World Cup market. Hazard at €100m just shades Lukaku and Pogba in price. The latter, who was a colossus at Juventus, is not guaranteed his place in the first team. Rashford’s speed takes one’s breath away. Sanchez at 29 is au point. Martial cannot even get a place warming the MU bench. Would it be too ambitious of Rodgers to solicit a loan deal?

One player more than most catches my eye amongst this constellation of stars. Scott McTominay has been outstanding. Mourinho is wrongly accused of not promoting young players. McTominay is Job’s answer to God. It might seem somewhat incongruous coming from an atheist, but this is my favourite reference to Job:

Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me.”

Will Mourinho ask a question of Conte at Wembley today? Will Conte brace himself and answer? On balance I just favour Manchester United. They have too much gunpowder upfront and flints like McTominay to ignite their fire. It’s a close call and in choosing MU I am cognisant of the fact that N’Golo Kanté – one of my favourite players of all time – might be on the losing side. In my eyes he will always be a winner,

My prediction: Manchester United 2 – Chelsea 1.

The New Jews

“Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people…

In this, the “Gaza Spring,” the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] has killed more than 80 Palestinians and maimed and wounded 10,000 more. Not one Israeli casualty, not a scratch. No guns on the “other” side just burning tires and “deadly” kites. Why do I have images of David and Goliath (except this time Goliath is winning)?

Why do I have images of people who after 70 years of exile, want to go home, to return to their homes? Are the Palestinians, in the face of the Israeli Goliath, the new Jews?

… We as Jews who remember the Holocaust and the victimization of the Jewish people stand in solidarity with the new Jews. If we don’t stand up and say no, we are complicit in murder, plain and simple.”

The foreword in bold typeface was written by an American Jew to his local synagogue. In a comment apropos his letter (published in someone likened it to a rich fat American beating up a man in a wheelchair. The IDF is one of the best equipped and most technologically advanced armies in the world.

The following from The Atlantic in September of 2016 is instructive:

The United States and Israel have made it official: The two countries signed a new 10-year military-assistance deal on Wednesday, representing the single largest pledge of its kind in American history. The pact, laid out in a Memorandum of Understanding, will be worth $38 billion over the course of a decade, an increase of roughly 27 percent on the money pledged in the last agreement, which was signed in 2007. The diplomatic and military alliance between the two countries is longstanding.”

America provides circa $4B per annum of military assistance to Israel. It’s analogous to giving the IDF a black Amex card and arranging first class travel to the military trade fairs where weapons of mass destruction can be procured. The Amex card has a $4B limit. The kicker is that it does not have to be repaid. This military assistance is free.

Why does the state of Israel require arms alms to defend its burgeoning borders? Its arsenal includes nuclear weapons.

When John Crossman revealed details of Israel‘s nuclear arms build-up to the British press in 1986 he was lured to Italy by the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, where he was drugged and abducted. He was secretly transported to Israel and convicted in a trial that was held behind closed doors. He was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. He spent eleven years in solitary confinement. He was subsequently imprisoned for a further seven years for a trumped-up parole violation. This is how the state of Israel deals with nuclear whistleblowers. The last thing Israel wants is for the U.S. House of Representatives to form a select committee to question why American tax dollars are being used to advance nuclear arms proliferation in Israel.

Israel has recently been flying deadly incursion into Syrian air space with impunity. America has its back. When a radical cleric in Iran engaged in sabre rattling apropos Israel, Hilary Clinton stated that the U.S. would obliterate Iran. She would wipe Persia off the map should they attack Israel. American foreign policy is predicated on the whims of Jewish billionaires who bankroll U.S. Presidential campaigns. They can afford to back both horses in a two-horse race. Jewish billionaires pull Trump’s strings. Should the hard line hawks in the Knesset wish to confer more legitimacy to Israel’s land grab in Jerusalem, a call state side will lead to the U.S. relocating their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

What we have in Palestine today is a pogrom. The Holocaust was also a pogrom. Prior to the genocide, European Jews were rounded up and forcibly relocated to gated ghettos. They had to pass checkpoints with their papers to travel to work. The Nazis did not build a wall when creating their Jewish ghettos. The Jews have gone further than their pogrom predecessors.

I accuse Israel’s right wing hawks and their American backers of illegally imprisoning Palestinians in what can best be described as internment camps. I accuse this warmongering coalition of killing innocent unarmed civilians including mothers carrying their infants in their arms.

Those like me who railed against Apartheid in South Africa should initiate all night vigils outside the American and Israeli embassies in London. Boycott Jaffa oranges and all Apple products. Hit them where it hurts the Jewish billionaires the most: their wallets.

Playing a blinder

On 19 September 2011, Keith Sharp, financial accountant at the SFA, wrote to Ken Olverman, Financial Controller of The Rangers Football Club Plc, with some heartening news:

First the good news – we have had verbal confirmation from UEFA that they are satisfied with the submission in respect of Overdue Payables as at 30 June. This means that Rangers do not have to provide updated information on Overdue Payables as at 30 September, and also do not have to provide updated Future Financial Information.”

Sharp continued:

In view of recent media reports, could you provide us with a brief written update of the current situation re the amount due to HMRC, as required under Article 67 of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. UEFA will be aware of the situation and a brief statement should satisfy their requirements.

There is no indication that this will result in any follow-up action from UEFA as the Club Financial Control Panel already has a large number of cases to consider at its next meeting.”

I have emphasised Mr. Sharp’s advice to Mr. Olverman. What he is effectively saying is:

Just scribble something down. Pay lip service. Your article 67 declaration will pass without any oversight by UEFA.

Had it not been for Administration on 13 February 2012, Rangers’ friends in high places would have taken them by the hand to ensure UEFA participation in 2012/2013.

Collusion between Rangers and the SFA has never been in any doubt. When HMRC came calling in 2009 to examine Rangers’ registration declarations which must include all emoluments paid to personnel, they knew that they had the Ibrox club bang to rights.

When HMRC first challenged Rangers on the £1.3m (£2.8m with fine) liability in 2005, Rangers’ executives obfuscated and lied. These lies were exposed by a City of London police raid. London’s finest were pursuing a line of inquiry in regard to irregularities (bungs Graeme) apropos the Boumsong transfer. When HMRC incontrovertibly proved that Aberdeen Asset Management’s use of DOS/VSS was an exercise in disguised remuneration and an unauthorised tax avoidance instrument, the jig was up for Rangers.

Andrew Thornhill QC,  Rangers’ tax consigliere, advised making a deal to pay in full as their lies in 2005 would not play well in court. Evidence under oath at Craig Whyte’s trial proved unequivocally that Rangers DOS/VSS liability had crystallised on 21 March 2011, ten days prior to the SFA cut off.

Donald Findlay QC representing Whyte, asserted in his summing up that the DOS/VSS had been appealed. He was being disingenuous. The £1.3m overdue payable was never appealed. There was an internal paper trail about appealing the fine quantum of £1.5m. In the final analysis £500,000 was frozen by HMRC in August 2011. This was subsequently allocated to HMRC as part payment of Rangers’ VAT and PAYE obligations. The ‘Wee Tax Case’ was never settled. No payments to this overdue payable were ever made.

The obvious questions to ask are whether the verbal assurance from UEFA is backed by a written assurance and in either case whether this is being used by McGlennan to exonerate the SFA?

McGlennan, who is an experienced solicitor, has very cleverly shifted the focus from the SFA’s watch to UEFA’s monitoring period. We have seen this tactic before in Scottish football inquiries, viz the illegal DOS/VSS being excluded from LNS’ considerations, which gave Nimmo Smith license to assert that Rangers had not acted dishonestly.

Hugh Adam blew the cover off the cheating in 2002. Gordon Smith was fully aware of the cheating as he was party to it. As Chief Executive of the SFA in 2009 he had prima facie evidence of registration irregularities. He ignored the cheating and let it fester.

The UEFA Application by Rangers was a tissue of lies. However McGlennan by changing the scope of the complaints to cover his compromised employers and his odious colleague Dickson, is setting Lite up for no more than a ticking off.

It’s an outrage. The SFA is not fit for purpose. When will the other clubs act to disband what has effectively become a defender of an Ibrox hegemony of fraud and mendacity?

McGlennan is playing a blinder.

As for Rangers Lite, when an individual approached them in regard to allegations of historical abuse by a former Rangers coach, he was referred to the liquidators of the old club.

Lite are as always, how can one put it, “acting the cunt.” When it comes to honours they are the same club. Apropos tax, debt and any other liabilities they are a new club. It’s unconscionable. As they and the corrupt cabal who govern Scottish football consistently promote the lie of Continuation, they have turned their back on a young boy who was abused under their care.

I can understand the growing consensus to strip the bastard offspring of a bastardised club of its UEFA licence in 2018/2019 as any application, aided by the corrupt SFA, is bound to be bent.

On a final note I highlight the fact that Hummel will not be in a position to supply replica tops until January 2019. Can this excuse of a board get anything right?

Same Old Rangers Always Cheating

Notice of Complaint | Rangers FC

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Alleged Party in Breach: Rangers FC

Date: 15 May 2018

Articles of Association and Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached:

Charge One

Article 5(2) of Scottish FA Articles of Association 2010-11

5. All members shall:-

(2) be subject to and shall comply with the Articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board or by a Standing Committee, committee or sub-committee thereof, or by FIFA or UEFA or by the Court of Arbitration for Sport;

Article 5.1 (a)(2) of Scottish FA Articles of Association 2010-11

Each member shall procure that its officials and its players:-

Observe, submit to and comply with the Articles and the statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by (a) the Board or by any Standing Committee, committee sub-committee thereof, or (b) by FIFA or (c) by UEFA or (d) by the Court of Arbitration for Sport;

Charge Two

Disciplinary Rule 1 (Scottish FA Judicial Panel Protocol 2011-12)

Disciplinary Rule 2 (Scottish FA Judicial Panel Protocol 2011-12)

Rule 1

All members shall:-

(a) observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play;

(b) be subject to and comply with the articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board, the Professional Game Board, the Non-Professional Game Board, the Judicial Panel Protocol, a committee or sub-committee, FIFA, UEFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport;

(f) behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.

Rule 2

Each member shall procure that its officials, its team officials and its players act in accordance with Rule 1.

Principal hearing date: Tuesday 26 June 2018

Response date: Tuesday 22 May 2018

Rangers in the dock: 1



I have  faithfully transcribed the notice of complaint from the SFA website, adding red typeface for emphasis. RIFC Plc, the equity hold-all of which the member club is a subsidiary, issued the following in response:

THE Rangers Football Club (“the Club”) was informed today by the Scottish FA (“SFA”) that, after an eight-and-a-half month investigation, the SFA will not be proceeding with a Notice of Complaint in respect of the submission made by the Club to the SFA at the end of March 2011 with regard to the issue of the Club’s UEFA licence for the following Season.

The Club is unsurprised that it has now finally been accepted by the SFA that the accusations made against the Club were groundless. The Club questions whether the time, cost and expense of this investigation was justified and was a good use of the SFA’s limited resources.

Disappointingly, and presumably rather than accept that the investigation was a waste of all parties’ time and resources, the Club has been served with a new revised Notice of Complaint relating to the monitoring period subsequent to the grant of the UEFA licence. This new Notice of Complaint neglects to properly capture the provisions of prior agreements made between the Club and the SFA.

The Club will fiercely resist this reconstructed Notice of Complaint. Unfortunately, monies that should be available to Scottish youth and grassroots football will be diverted into another rehearsal of seven-year-old debates on the rights and wrongs of events that the SFA should have prevented at a time when doing so would have served a useful purpose.

It seems that Scottish Football is, once again, being directed by individuals intent on harming the Scottish game, Rangers Football Club and its supporters by pursuing a course that has no sensible purpose or reasonable prospect of success.

Rangers in the dock: 2

My initial take on this is that either there is an adjunct to the formal notice of complaint or that Messrs Blair & Traynor are flying a kite on behalf of the glib and shameless Limpopo Liar. There is nothing in the formal notice which exonerates Rangers from making a fraudulent application.

Let’s call it what it is. It’s a multimillion pounds fraud which should result in a custodial sentence for all the perpetrators. However given the disarray of  Police Scotland’s Economic Crime Unit it will probably be settled by a rolled up trouser leg, a bare nipple and a knuckle shuffle.

Andy Coyle of STV who broke the story suggests that the UEFA statute of limitations applies and that UEFA will take no action. However as last season’s application -which also transgressed FFP regulations – was also within Tony McGlennan’s purview does it not behove the Compliance Officer to advise UEFA of any misgivings he may have? Furthermore when the ball of wax is passed to UEFA on the 31st of this month one would anticipate the estimable Mr. Traverso to be suitably exercised. He will probably keep his powder dry until 26 June, but should the complaints be upheld I cannot foresee any circumstances where he won’t punish this fraud. He could expel Rangers Lite from all UEFA participation for a period of five years.

Barcabhoy on Twitter put it succinctly:

Rangers Directors admitted under oath in a court of Law that they lied to get a Uefa licence Everything else is just noise. Lied, cheated , charged.”

The fact that the mendacious bastard that is Stewart Regan – who is as slippery as a box of frogs in an oil slick – is no longer with us, is a boon. His ‘crystallisation‘ tennis with Peter Lawwell in support of the cheating was reminiscent of the last days of the Nixon administration. Regan was cut from the same cloth as Tricky Dicky.

When the news broke the first thing I did was to congratulate Auldheid and the Persistence beats Resistance team. Their advertisement in a Swiss newspaper given the reluctance of the SMSM to run with it, was a master stroke. However prompting Peter Lawwell to act was not the game changer. Evidence under oath at the Craig Whyte trial was compelling. Counsel for the SFA asserted that ‘Rangers’ had a case to answer.

Prior to the notice of complaint being published I contacted Charles Green with a request for a copy of the final draft of the Five Way Agreement. He did not have a copy. The original document is under lock and key at Ibrox. However we may not have long to wait for this document to be presented in an open court. If these complaints are upheld all roads will lead to The Court of Session. King is nothing if not inordinately litigious. King won’t play nice and take it to CAS. The Baron will dust down his Masonic apron and his Glen Clova heraldry to ride into battle. Tricky Dicky The Lyingheart if you will.

If there is an adjunct to the published complaint in regard to the monitoring period i.e. Rangers executives failed to advise the SFA that the £2.8m was outstanding, then it is a binary situation. If said executives acted in good faith it will be a matter of written record. No written record, guilty as charged.

Same old Rangers always cheating believe they have a get out of jail free card, viz:

This new Notice of Complaint neglects to properly capture the provisions of prior agreements made between the Club and the SFA.”

The Five Way Agreement now raises its ugly head. When Craig Whyte bought Rangers the price when news of the £2.8m liability broke – which Sir Bribe & Lie excluded from the data room – was reduced to one pound.

In drafts one, two and six of the 5WA in my data room ( removable back up hard disk)  Sevco Scotland agreed to accept liability and any punishment coming down the pike apropos tax and registration irregularities committed by Rangers Plc. The LNS fine was deducted from their SPL broadcasting disbursement.

Sevco Scotland were exempt from any Craig Whyte malfeasance, as both Whyte and Rangers had been dealt with by a Disciplinary Panel. One wonders if Rangers ever paid this fine? Are the SFA creditor 277?

If the mendacious beleaguered board can prove that Whyte directed Dickson and Olverman not to volunteer information during the monitoring can this be considered a CW exempt act?

I would pay good money for a seat at that hearing. For reasons that will be apparent to regular readers, funds notwithstanding, I could not comment about any plans to attend.

Rangers The Holy Ghost – The Ethereal Entity – The Engine Room Subsidiary – is the juice. Bottle is just an empty container.

The Court of Session in the full flush of a Scottish summer is irresitible. One wondera whether to wear my Sou’wester on the plane or chance its ‘integrity’ in the hold.

The Resolution 12 Requisitioner were pursuing the SFA. If as we are led to believe the alleged transgressions occurred during the monitoring period, it gets the SFA off the hook. Rod Petrie who chaired three of the licence committee meeting is either incompetent or bent. Andrew Dickson’s abnegation of his duty to inform his SFA employers during the monitoring period renders his position untenable.

I predicted that Tony McGlennan would not throw his employers to the wolves. The Monitoring  Manoeuvre is a deft trick.








Paper Tigers

Tuesday 15 May




P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers & Mergers for orders sec955


The Takeover Panel’s solicitors, Denton’s, will submit yet another section 955 petition to order King to comply. The inveterate criminal does not intend to do so. Ringfencing some money in a South African bank, and then claiming that he was prohibited from transferring this quantum, is just one of the many lies told by King. As for his fallacious assertion that it takes time to open a bank account in the UK and that he would take the Panel’s decision ‘under review‘ he is lying through his back teeth again. He could transfer funds from his BVI trust fund to his solicitors account. James Blair could accommodate these funds in a thrice.

Is it any wonder that he insisted that his Club Orange Coterie of hand-picked journalists did not go to print until he was safely ensconced on a plane to Johannesburg?

The court action taken by the Takeover Panel is unprecedented. The Panel only received enforcement empowerment just over a decade ago. King’s cavalier criminality must be taken to task. However as things currently stand The Panel’s actions have all the bite of a paper tiger. They have not even inflicted paper cuts on the career criminal.

Today’s petition which is unstarred will be considered by Lord Doherty in chambers. On the balance of probability it will be approved. But then what?

I contend that The Cold Shoulder would be more effective. It beggars belief that this has yet not been executed. King is a pariah in The Square Mile. The City bible, The Financial Times, has reported on King’s reluctance to comply with the provisions of The Companies Act of 2006. Each and every company persuaded by Charles Green and Cenkos Securities to invest, now want out. The Easdale Brothers want out. Twenty pence per share is the best offer they will ever receive for the distressed equity.

King fears The Cold Shoulder. In a rare outbreak of honesty (fatten a sacred calf) King asserted that it would not impact him. However it would impact RIFC Plc as having a Chairman in financial purdah would have an adverse domino effect on RIFC’s supply chain and all the financial institutions that RIFC rely upon. To use one of King’s own metaphors:

The Cold Shoulder would lead to the collapse of the Sevco house of cards.

It’s high time that the Panel took the gloves off and invited the FCA to close down the prospective rights issue, or at the very least carefully scrutinise all transactions.

Of particular interest should be King’s stated intention to convert £10m of the loans to equity. Loans from the concert party who are expressly forbidden from participating in the rights issue. £10m that must be transferred to be UEFA FFP compliant.

Compliance seems to be a taboo word with King. However should he not keep the Gnomes of Nyon sweet, any recalcitrance on his part would most certainly have an impact on Rangers Lite.

If I were in charge of Kilmarnock I would initiate pre-season training early as Lite’s UEFA application, which hangs on the conversion of loans to equity, is far from home and hosed.



Is 8 in-a-row Inevitable

It is never a good idea to encourage fascists with displays of cowardice”

Phil Macgiollabhain 

When Terry Martin enquired whether the aforementioned was an original quote or the paraphrasing of another, Macgiollabhain responded:

It is my coinage. Do not steal it, but use it and acknowledge the source.”

If found this exchange interesting on a number of levels. Mr. Macgiollabhain was a staff journalist with An Phoblacht from 1999 to 2006. This title is published by Sinn Féin. Mr. Macgiollabhain wrote under the pen name Mick Derrig in deference to the republican roots of his maternal grand-uncle.

Is it just me or does anyone else not find it somewhat ironic for an individual so quick to denounce others as ‘heroically anonymous‘ to hide behind a pen name of his very own?

The following in italics are two excerpts from my recent blogs:

I am reliably informed that UEFA are asking for invoices to support Lite’s burgeoning submissions apropos redevelopment costs. There’s a gnawing suspicion that they are gilding this lily.” JJ passim – The Gnomes of Nyon –  10 May 2018.

The individual who provides many millions of pounds in scaffolding – pro bono – is the kind of RRM he suggests that I have a close look at.”  JJ passim – King Q&A – 8 May 2018

My exclusive on the extensive scaffolding at Ibrox being provided pro bono is very much my coinage. My assertion that the beleaguered board have over-egged the redevelopment costs pudding is also my coinage.

I have long advocated that Mr. Macgiollabhain, when Jim Spence is having a well-earned day off, ventures into social media to avail himself of the low-lying fruit in my site and the SFM. Prior to my arrival on the social media scene Mr. Macgiollabhain plagiarised Scotzine with impunity.

I invite readers to have a look at his latest opus. I don’t see any acknowledgement of the source. How remiss of him. I would prefer to rub along with my social media peers, to as it were work my side of the street as they work theirs’. However when Mr. Macgiollabhain crosses the street and engages in a smash and grab, I’m going to call him out on it.

At the SFM there is a small man with erectile dysfunction who hangs on my every word (Homunculus) who will be quick to castigate me as being of a similar animus. Criticising this site is his limp-dicked attempt to get off. What this imbecile fails to realise is that when I lift a piece from any site I acknowledge the source. The only original thought in his tiny mind is when he reads one of my pieces. I look forward to his next ad hominem blunt stick from behind the skirts of Big Pink and Trisidium. Is it not about time they lanced this boil, and the maudlin Jesus-freak Scouser, from an otherwise informative site?

I digress. Now that I have that off my chest and I brace myself for the concomitant drop in contributions – which are running so low that I may have to close our site during the close season – I will throw it open to my readers to decide whether I should continue with a series of special features which may or may not be password protected. Topics of interest include:

1. Palestine

2. Brexit & a united Ireland

3. Syria

4. Trump

5. Maradona

6. Madeleine McCann revisited

Today’s piece deals with one question. Is 8-in-a-row inevitable? They say the table does not lie. If one proceeds with this premise what can one extrapolate from the data? A comparison of 2017/2018 and 2016/2017 is instructive:
2017/2018 : Celtic 38(P) 24(W) 10(D) 4(L) 73(F) 25(A) 48(GD) 82 points

2016/2017                        34 (W) 4 (D) 0 (L) 106 (F) 25 (A) 81(GD) 106 points


In 2016/2017 Celtic finished 30 points ahead of Aberdeen. The gap to Rangers Lite in third was an incredible 39 points.

In the season just ended Celtic finished nine points ahead of Aberdeen and twelve ahead of Lite. Has the gap between CFC closed due to the improved performances by Aberdeen & Lite? The tables suggest otherwise. Aberdeen are three points down on their 2016/2017 total. Lite are three points up on their previous  quantum.

The unequivocal conclusion is that Celtic have gone back to the pack.

Should one suggest a causal link to the renascence of Hibs under Jumbo Jet Lennon and the stunning work of Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock, the negligible points shift of Aberdeen and Lite refutes this contention.

For further evidence of CFC’s drop off in standards last season the embarrassing 12-1 aggregate loss to PSG is not indicative of a team going forward.

The Liar of Limpopo who will soon have his collar felt by the FCA would have us believe that should no-deposit Bottle in the guise of Prometheus steal fire from the gods of Mount Florida, Celtic will collapse like a house of cards. There may be a grain of truth in his mendacity.

Ceteris Paribus, should Gerrard fashion two wins against CFC, and convert one draw into a win, then his team will be in the Champions League at the first time of asking with CFC’s ambitions for 8/10 in a row kicked to the kerb.

The Hoopla surrounding an unprecedented clean sweep of the domestic trophies in two successive seasons should not disguise the fact that Celtic are a team in reverse. A team that scored 33 goals fewer than they did in 2016/2017. One can but hope that Rodgers or one of his team have a statistical bent as the numbers make grim reading.

Despite the fact that Scott Brown is the Scottish Football Player of The Year – as voted by both his peers and sports writers – and Kieran Tierney has scooped the Young Player accolade, there is something amiss. Is it Lustig who has lost a yard? Ajer or Boyata? The data which reveals 25 goals conceded in both seasons is indicative of a defence that has stood still.

The biggest underperformers in the CFC ranks this season have been Moussa Dembele and Scott Sinclair. Last season Dembele scored 32 in all competitions, with 17 in the SPFL. This season he has scored half this amount with only 8 scored in the SPFL.

Last season Sinclair found the net 21 times in the SPFL. This term he has only scored on nine occasions.

Twenty-one of the thirty-three fewer goals scored in the SPFL this season can be attributed to Dembele & Sinclair.

If Rodgers does not address this decline, the league flag may not be flying at Celtic Park in next year’s close season.