Panel Takedown – Gerrard Sold A Pup


King would have us believe that his rights issue will yield £6m for Bottle & Macca. However as Paul Murray and Barry Scott are fully aware, King is lying through his back teeth. The following is instructive.


One wonders what part of:

During an offer period, the offeror and persons acting in concert with it must not sell any securities in the offeree company except with the prior consent of the Panel. The Panel will not give consent where a mandatory offer under Rule 9 is being made.

does King not understand. His invited guests today were easily misled. Murray warned against King’s recklessness.

As for Gerrard, how does it feel to be sold a pup?


18 thoughts on “Panel Takedown – Gerrard Sold A Pup”

  1. But does this stop RIFC issuing shares in lieu of debt and new shares? It would seem to stop DCK and his pals from selling their shares to someone to get under the 30% but is there a loophole that allows the company under offer issuing a rights issue?

    Of course if you buy shares at 25p you won’t sell for 20, but if you wanted to get your loan back at only 80 cents in the dollar….

    Nope. Whatever is going to happen won’t be in time for the transfer window that’s for sure. The world cup delays a lot of the transfer activity until later on in the window but if you’ve stayed playing games by then it gets harder to get good players in and integrated.

    But SG will surely now beginning to understand what a shit storm he and his ego have let themselves into.

  2. Pity none of the smsm will bother to read that let alone report it!

    You really have to wonder what DCK Dastardly has whispered into the ear of Sevvie G.

    6 million that has itself spoken for many times over…

    King must know the reaction to such a pathetic (and doomed) fund raiser. And he admitted that there was NO incoming external investment. Anyone would think he was looking for an ‘out’.

    Ohhhh if they’d only taken the 15 million for Morelos (BFDJ still thinks that was a genuine deal, shows how disconnected he is from things Rainjuurz) they could then afford to pay the loans, running costs and wages with only a 3 million season loss.

    Brendan must be struggling to sleep tonight.

    A treble treble seems very likely as the tally goes to 8 in a years time.

  3. How would it be to see the influx of season book sales only for SG to demur and decide the deal is off due to broken promises. Where then does this leave the fans who’ve been lied to for so long??

    1. ‘Caveat emptor’

      ‘Never give a sucker an even break’

      ‘One born every minute’

      ‘You can fool some of the peepel all of the time’

      GASL doesn’t give a flying f…

  4. Brilliant.

    My letterto you this evening was widely read by the SG management team.

    It was satire, of course, but based on harsh realities and desperation within team SG to find a way out.

    My letter is instructive.

  5. It’s been said time and time again that anyone who believes King’s word without supporting documentary evidence and proof is an idiot, and yet it seems that some people (Scottish football hacks, Gerrard, etc.) swallow King’s guff without even asking a serious question.

    I predict that Gerrard will never become the Sevco manager. If he does, then he’s more stupid than he looks.

    1. that has been stated by a few on here.

      As far as I’m aware, there is as of yet, no signed contract (for football management, SG may have signed some others)

    2. In another great blog (Google ‘The Great Steven Gerrard Swindle,’ the author describes the SMSM as, ‘the most ignorant and unscrupulous shower of supporters that have ever covered any sport.’ Perfect description.

      Will SG ever again slip on the polished size nine brogues? I think it depends if contracts have been signed. I think he’s cute enough to want his money so won’t want to be the one to break the terms of the contract – though this may be the ‘out’ GASL is ‘banking on,’ if you’ll pardon the phrase.

  6. So no possible share issue means no additional funds. Season tickets are paid in instalments and the first $4,000,000 has to go to Close. Bottle cannot read a spreadsheet. King made reference to needing money to satisfy the SFA re Europe. Oh dear!

    1. JJ,
      Am I missing something or does CCK not have a track record of simply ignoring the rules? If he wants to, he’ll simply issue shares to the gullible , take the money and wait for TOP to advice him he is in breech, at which point he will simply say he didn’t know the rules, obfuscate, delay and avoid responsibility at all stages, including every legal avenue available. He will use OPM to fight everything as he will be doing everything on behalf of SEVCO. Ultimately, when all else fails he will retreat south of the Limpopo and leave the authorities to try to put things right, but only to find that is the gullible that they are able to punish- the very people they’re there to protect. Sounds a bit cynical but I have observed this case study for some time and I don’t believe this leopard will change his spots.

  7. Correct KD,the phantom V flicker rides again.Rule 4.2(b) states after the seller that or other party,namely gullibles,to the transaction,as long as they aren’t an exempt principal trader or connected with the offeror then it could be possible for a share issue.The Cold Shoulder has to be applied toute suite to discourage corporate purchase of said shares…..

  8. And Celtic will fold like a deck of cards, he must spend days thinking this nonsense up. I can never remember Celtic reliant on Euro monies, I can never remember them in such good financial shape or putting so much effort into infrastructure and future new revenue streams. king the green eyed monster with hoping to live hand to mouth.

    Most things are cyclical but when you hit rock bottom you need to get back to base to start building. Sevco have never been there for long and running before you walk is never a good long term strategy.

    King said so much at that presser that should have been questioned but hey he had his cohorts in attendance so no danger. The guys at these pressers must feel so inadequate that they cannot raise a question without jabba spitting at them.

    It is more instructive as to Dave’s pal leaving the company, mini Murray had the golden knee pads to prove that he was a pal and RRM.

    History will show that jabba got rich and fat off the supporter’s misery and King did more to facilitate Celtic double-digits IaR than anyone else. Replace an U20’s manager with an U18’s. Lmao.

    Jam today is the sevco way.

  9. Perhaps for SG it’s a case of “been there, done that”.

    Does this sound familiar? The blurb on a book about Liverpool FC – An Epic Swindle: 44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys includes the following.

    “Players Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher tell of their anger at the broken promises, as well as their pain at watching loyal fans in open revolt.” and

    “…. the inside story of how Liverpool FC came within hours of being re-possessed by the banks after the shambolic 44-month reign of American owners”

    Broken promises, fans revolting, re-possession, shambolic – couldn’t happen here, could it?

  10. It would seem that DCK’s interpretation diverges from your own –

    “I just said to James [Blair]: ‘Let’s accept the fact the Takeover Panel will not be resolved in the next couple of weeks. Let’s just go ahead with the rights issue as it is with the restrictions that I have currently got on participating.'”

    I foresee a PTM request for judicial intervention.

  11. Jj, being over here in Australia things get lost in translation sorta thing. I have just read the herald online re Kings IV on all things rights issue loans ECT and I see he thinks the greatest acheivment was get a facility out of close brothers .

    Am I missing something or is it completely lost in translation? I mean there was no follow up question when he broke the rubber band of credibility.

    Jings crivins helpmaboab.

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