Is 8 in-a-row Inevitable

It is never a good idea to encourage fascists with displays of cowardice”

Phil Macgiollabhain 

When Terry Martin enquired whether the aforementioned was an original quote or the paraphrasing of another, Macgiollabhain responded:

It is my coinage. Do not steal it, but use it and acknowledge the source.”

If found this exchange interesting on a number of levels. Mr. Macgiollabhain was a staff journalist with An Phoblacht from 1999 to 2006. This title is published by Sinn Féin. Mr. Macgiollabhain wrote under the pen name Mick Derrig in deference to the republican roots of his maternal grand-uncle.

Is it just me or does anyone else not find it somewhat ironic for an individual so quick to denounce others as ‘heroically anonymous‘ to hide behind a pen name of his very own?

The following in italics are two excerpts from my recent blogs:

I am reliably informed that UEFA are asking for invoices to support Lite’s burgeoning submissions apropos redevelopment costs. There’s a gnawing suspicion that they are gilding this lily.” JJ passim – The Gnomes of Nyon –  10 May 2018.

The individual who provides many millions of pounds in scaffolding – pro bono – is the kind of RRM he suggests that I have a close look at.”  JJ passim – King Q&A – 8 May 2018

My exclusive on the extensive scaffolding at Ibrox being provided pro bono is very much my coinage. My assertion that the beleaguered board have over-egged the redevelopment costs pudding is also my coinage.

I have long advocated that Mr. Macgiollabhain, when Jim Spence is having a well-earned day off, ventures into social media to avail himself of the low-lying fruit in my site and the SFM. Prior to my arrival on the social media scene Mr. Macgiollabhain plagiarised Scotzine with impunity.

I invite readers to have a look at his latest opus. I don’t see any acknowledgement of the source. How remiss of him. I would prefer to rub along with my social media peers, to as it were work my side of the street as they work theirs’. However when Mr. Macgiollabhain crosses the street and engages in a smash and grab, I’m going to call him out on it.

At the SFM there is a small man with erectile dysfunction who hangs on my every word (Homunculus) who will be quick to castigate me as being of a similar animus. Criticising this site is his limp-dicked attempt to get off. What this imbecile fails to realise is that when I lift a piece from any site I acknowledge the source. The only original thought in his tiny mind is when he reads one of my pieces. I look forward to his next ad hominem blunt stick from behind the skirts of Big Pink and Trisidium. Is it not about time they lanced this boil, and the maudlin Jesus-freak Scouser, from an otherwise informative site?

I digress. Now that I have that off my chest and I brace myself for the concomitant drop in contributions – which are running so low that I may have to close our site during the close season – I will throw it open to my readers to decide whether I should continue with a series of special features which may or may not be password protected. Topics of interest include:

1. Palestine

2. Brexit & a united Ireland

3. Syria

4. Trump

5. Maradona

6. Madeleine McCann revisited

Today’s piece deals with one question. Is 8-in-a-row inevitable? They say the table does not lie. If one proceeds with this premise what can one extrapolate from the data? A comparison of 2017/2018 and 2016/2017 is instructive:
2017/2018 : Celtic 38(P) 24(W) 10(D) 4(L) 73(F) 25(A) 48(GD) 82 points

2016/2017                        34 (W) 4 (D) 0 (L) 106 (F) 25 (A) 81(GD) 106 points


In 2016/2017 Celtic finished 30 points ahead of Aberdeen. The gap to Rangers Lite in third was an incredible 39 points.

In the season just ended Celtic finished nine points ahead of Aberdeen and twelve ahead of Lite. Has the gap between CFC closed due to the improved performances by Aberdeen & Lite? The tables suggest otherwise. Aberdeen are three points down on their 2016/2017 total. Lite are three points up on their previous  quantum.

The unequivocal conclusion is that Celtic have gone back to the pack.

Should one suggest a causal link to the renascence of Hibs under Jumbo Jet Lennon and the stunning work of Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock, the negligible points shift of Aberdeen and Lite refutes this contention.

For further evidence of CFC’s drop off in standards last season the embarrassing 12-1 aggregate loss to PSG is not indicative of a team going forward.

The Liar of Limpopo who will soon have his collar felt by the FCA would have us believe that should no-deposit Bottle in the guise of Prometheus steal fire from the gods of Mount Florida, Celtic will collapse like a house of cards. There may be a grain of truth in his mendacity.

Ceteris Paribus, should Gerrard fashion two wins against CFC, and convert one draw into a win, then his team will be in the Champions League at the first time of asking with CFC’s ambitions for 8/10 in a row kicked to the kerb.

The Hoopla surrounding an unprecedented clean sweep of the domestic trophies in two successive seasons should not disguise the fact that Celtic are a team in reverse. A team that scored 33 goals fewer than they did in 2016/2017. One can but hope that Rodgers or one of his team have a statistical bent as the numbers make grim reading.

Despite the fact that Scott Brown is the Scottish Football Player of The Year – as voted by both his peers and sports writers – and Kieran Tierney has scooped the Young Player accolade, there is something amiss. Is it Lustig who has lost a yard? Ajer or Boyata? The data which reveals 25 goals conceded in both seasons is indicative of a defence that has stood still.

The biggest underperformers in the CFC ranks this season have been Moussa Dembele and Scott Sinclair. Last season Dembele scored 32 in all competitions, with 17 in the SPFL. This season he has scored half this amount with only 8 scored in the SPFL.

Last season Sinclair found the net 21 times in the SPFL. This term he has only scored on nine occasions.

Twenty-one of the thirty-three fewer goals scored in the SPFL this season can be attributed to Dembele & Sinclair.

If Rodgers does not address this decline, the league flag may not be flying at Celtic Park in next year’s close season.



36 thoughts on “Is 8 in-a-row Inevitable”

  1. After the triumph of the 2016-17 only those wearing green bottle spectacles would have anticipated a similar procession in 2017-18. Yes, Celtic have regressed, but there were no significant improvements to the squad, and once the psychological bubble of invincibility was burst, the short-comings of the team was exposed at domestic level. The form of some key players, due in some cases to injuries, has tailed off.
    Other teams in the top six have improved, some significantly. The quality of managers at top six clubs, ignoring those temporarily occupying the home dug-out at Ibrox, is as good as it has ever been, and tactics has evolved to negate the attacking prowess of Celtic while exposing weaknesses in their defence.
    Player recruitment among other top six teams (again with the exception of many of those domiciled at Auchenhowie) means that teams have better quality players to compete at a higher level. The fact that Celtic are prepared to splash the cash for players from other Scottish clubs suggests their coaching staff see potential to play at a higher European level. It has the secondary benefit of weakening a direct opponent. Rangers have tried to do the same but lack the finances to pay transfer fees so have to rely on targeting those out of contract or whose clubs are willing to accept payment on the never-never.
    While Celtic have ultimately won the league convincingly, this season for the neutral has been better viewing with a number of competitive fixtures between the top six teams and uncertainty until the final weekend as to the final minor placings.
    Rangers, had they recruited a competent manager before the start of the season and supported him, would have likely come a close second. The dis-functional board were not prepared to learn lessons from the likes of Aberdeen, Kilmarnock & Hibs of living within their means. Finishing third, with what the club has spent this season, is a disaster.

    1. Should have added that I expect Celtic to rebuild significantly during the close season, as much to protect their domestic hegemony as to facilitate their progress in Europe where they will come up against better funded teams by the group stages.

  2. Spot on JJ about Jill 33 double barrel names. As soon as he is took to task he is right on the defensive. It’s not the first time I have seen copy someone else’s work and put it out there as his own . He likes to spit the dummy out at people when they write something which is good but he missed the chance to do it himself .I think he sees this as someone stealing his thunder and only he can or is allowed to produce strong meaningful points . There was someone on his blog yesterday making a point about the SFA he gave the guy a yellow card for what he wrote watch how in the coming days he bans this guy from posting again .We can’t be seen to outdo our Jill.

  3. I think you have failed to recognise a major factor in Celtic’s apparently poorer season compared to 16/17. Of the 27 players in the first team squad no fewer than fourteen were injured for lengthy periods of time. For a long stretch of that time the manager was having to cobble together a make-do team and still managed to have a successful season. Given a more injury free 18/19, I am sure the true pecking order will regain its equilibrium.

    1. Well reported Jocsoc. Celtic players are being savaged, week in and week out. Scott Brown’s body could be mouldering in the grave and match officials would ignore the stamp. Keiran Tierney has been assaulted on every ground in Scotland and the flankers, from wing back to wingers have been dispatched from the pitch with the approval of all signatories of the Primrose Pledge. I don’t mind if my team loses. I expect it sometimes, but never is it expected on a level playing field. The number of hammerings dished out by Celtic dropped this season, but they increased remarkably against the lodgers and tax dodgers, floating down the Clyde like drookit wee rats. It is a good idea to have two excellent sides, but not to make six or seven changes for one match. The Celtic Hospital eleven would have won the league just as easily.

    2. In full agreement Jocsoc – our injury list this season has been the worst I have ever seen. We had a whole team of heavy hitters out at one point, so fair play to Brendan for being able to manage this and still make it 7 In-A-Row.

  4. Celtic will just open the cheque book not the ones that bounce there will be no challenge from sevco they are in free fall not got a pot to pee in

    1. The financial advantage held by Celtic over their league rivals does not assure success-though it makes it very likely.
      Complacency is the enemy more like.
      Europe being theoretically a given for the near future the question is no how we stack up vs the league but rather how we compare to our likely Euro rivals .
      compared to the resources of the major European powers our resources are modest.
      It isnt likely we can recruit top talent from major euopean leagues (no Neymar,Messi or Suarez for us !)so we need to find the required talent from lesser regarded sources and develop them.
      Weve done this before with Wanyama and Foster to name two we sold and Larson whom we didnt.
      Goes without saying we could certainly use a Larson clone now!
      Track record of Brendan should also be considered . Seems to me he bursts out of the gate strongly and then recedes -certainly this was true at Liverpool and the club we took him from (Watford I think working from memory) and we are in danger of seeing a repeat here.
      As regards your listed topics
      1-Palestine- absolutely no sympathy for their plight
      2-Brexit-my views are opposite yours of course but yours are of interest to myself and others. One thing certain in a footbaling sense exit from EU means it will be more difficult to get players from Europe that can acquire work permits and conversely opportunities for Scots players to move to even lower leagues in England never mind abroad will disappear.
      3-Syria over here talk is always about refugees flooding in with fears some are terrorists.
      Leaving aside the racial thrust of such thought seems to me there are easier and more certain ways to ensure entry of terrorists in foreign lands that putting out to sea in flotsam and jetsam.
      I am shocked that people cant see the clear desparation of folk who wd leave their homelands in such a risky venture.
      The very definition of refugee looks like to me.
      4- Trump -please dont we hear entirely too much of him here.
      Our neighbours to the south are welcome to him.
      They will regret it when he is gone.Aside from incompetence and criminality and vulgarity the legacy of broken treaties in alliances and trade will hurt them for years.
      I will send a top up later today to help a bit.

      1. I’m sure the post season suggestions are a joke, but your take on world affairs will be proven to be wrong on so many facets, soon enough.
        As for DJT, HE is the hero of the year, as HE is hammering the Masonic Disorder globally.
        Brexit would have been better received if it was honestly reported. Do not think Planet Fitba is the only place overrun by Beilderberg’s puppets on Fake News.
        Indyref and Brexit were defrauded of millions of votes and Independence was stolen from Scotland.
        The saddest thing about the closed season is the lack of anything decent on all forms of MSM.
        Social media should continue to destroy the Fake News completely then witness the burial of the Propaganda Factories across the globe.

      2. “The very definition of refugee looks like to me.”

        You are aware that Palestinians are refugees?

    2. Correct Spuds.Some Celtic players have played 60 games this season,even helping out Scotchland by providing over half the team.All other teams failed to qualify for Europe,probably happen again next season.Rodgers is no idiot unlike Gerrard,there will be big changes in the close season.If the SFA won’t Strip the Titles then Celtic should deliver a GTF to Scotchland.Celtic first and last forever!GF8
      P.S.Phil is a Shay Logan…..

  5. I’ve become more uncomfortable with bloggers stealing others work, and passing it off as their own. We are all adults, and it’s a bit naive of some to think we only read their blogs. Like TM said, JJ you are the broadsheet of bloggers, providing in-depth reasoned, well researched articles time and time again. If folk are stupid enough to believe that some fellow bloggers have this mystic autonomous live feed from Ibrox, the SFA etc then they are bonkers.

    In terms of 8 in a row, the young team are growing better and stronger, a few in and a few out and we’ll see the team go again. The failure of the club’s below is to beat each other. Celtic can only take 12 points off of 1 team. If an Aberdeen or Hibs get their act together and beat the rest of the teams, the Celtic games will take care of themselves. I see no case for Lite challenging, the overhaul of the team will require at least 2 transfer windows to sort out. I believe Moussa will be off over the summer, and French eddy will be a suitable replacement. We’ll need to see a better return on the shots to goal ratio…some games we’ve been awful up front.

    It’s onto this weekend…a double treble (hopefully), and then rest and rebuild!!

    In terms of subscription, happy to continue to support and through the Close season, I assume lots will be going on that will come out….moonbeams everywhere!!

  6. See there is a lucrative legends match betwixt Chelsea legends and inter forever remiss of knave Dave to not use his bridge exec box connections to get an invite. They could have entered as rangers then the rangers the noo and banked a cool million or two from a wee tourney.

  7. I beg to differ JJ, but there is no realistic possibility of Celtic losing next seasons SPL title.

    A quick squint over at Oddschecker, shows that the bookies have already set prices at 1/10 against for a Celtic win and 8/1 on for Rangers.

    The Celtic odds of 1/10 against are less favourable than those of the previous two seasons since Rangers gained promotion to the SPL with prices of 100/33 against and 100/12 against for seasons 2015/6 and 2016/7 respectively.

    The league is a marathon and not a sprint and over the course of the season class and the benefits of having a far superior income will show even if the gulf has been reduced.

    The bookies don’t often get these things wrong.

    Generally speaking, I’m not a betting man and don’t frequent bookies in the main. But these odds are better than money in the bank with very little risk if one is prepared to make a medium investment to make the returns worthwhile.

    On a side note, despite Aberdeen finishing second in the past two seasons, their best odds are still a high 33/1, effectively a punters bet and throwing money away.


  8. Very good and sobering article JJ.
    Too easy to get carried away, but please lets be honest and keep perspective.
    Celtic have it too easy in Scotland………way too easy. Its not difficult to dominate and beat lesser teams with lesser resources. Great strides have indeed been made by other sides, but they are still lesser teams with lesser resources.
    Rangers are as bad a side as I can remember and I have been watching Celtic since the 60’s !!!
    Europa league success should be within the grasp of a Club like Celtic, but it would require serious investment in the playing staff.
    No doubt BR is a significant investment by the Club, but he has to be given meaningful funds to avoid further European humiliations.
    I say we are nowhere near as good as some fans think we are.
    Champions League qualification and then Europa League remain the real test for me. This is ultimately also where BR will be judged.
    Perhaps Steven Gerrards arrival will prompt a flow of monies for Brendan.
    If he’s not worth investing in
    ……who is?

  9. JJ….whats going on with my posts? They seem not to be making it to the speakeasy? Long time contributor

  10. JJ,

    Any news on the mystery press conference at the crumbledome? And is there any truth that Arfield is on upwards of 35k a week?

  11. I think if you look at the top 6, every team beat celtic once apart from sevco. That’s 15 points which weren’t lost last season.
    The defense has been all over the place, with a lot of that down to injuries. I would have to agree with you on lustig, he has slowed right down, not just in his legs but also his match sharpness and thinking.
    I think over the summer there will be a good few players going, the team needs freshened up. I think celtic showed their quality domesticly when they had big games to play, like Aberdeen away, when they blew them away. For that reason alone I think celtic will win the league next season no problem.
    Take celtic’s disappointing form this season out the equation, I think this has been the most entertaining seasons for a long time

  12. I read this must-visit site for many reasons. Apart from JJ’s research, diligence and eloquence, I find out what is happening on the pitches around the Scottish game. Football coverage of the game in Scotland is a mere footnote in England although SG’s appointment has raised the profile here somewhat. But you ask whether Celtic are migrating back to the pack. I can’t possibly comment as there are contributors here who are much more qualified than me. But a quick glance at the final league tables in Scotland shows that a poor (apparently) Rangers team actually scored more league goals than Celtic. Yes, I know, it may be a statistical fluke. But it’s worth noting.

    Dembele seemed all the rage a year or so ago and several EPL teams showed an interest. West Ham were mentioned but the only serious offer can from Brighton who offered £9.5 plus £3.5m add on clauses. The £28m transfer was purely fictitious and made up by the Scottish poorly briefed journalists. (I am on good terms with the owner of Brighton who has transformed that club and we shared footie chit chat at a recent Bar Mitzvah.)

    I would expect Celtic to go from strength to strength and, as I commented yesterday, BR’s real priority is keeping Celtic RELEVANT to European football and being invited to sit at Tier 2 when the CL is revamped. Losing 12-1 on aggregate to PSG gets noticed and was a humiliation. As are regular hammerings by the titans of European football. BR’s job is to make Celtic credible as a club which will grace the second tier of European football. Qualifying for the group stages this year is of crucial importance.

    Being invited to the top (second) table will enable Celtic to achieve stunning royalties which will dwarf the current CL payments.

    As for Rangers, relevance in Scotland is their priority. Celtic’s eye needs to be on the main prize. The new European revamped CL.

    With regard to topics for discussion, I would give the following a body swerve: Palestine and by association, the only thriving democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Syria. Trump. None of these topics are for the faint hearted and debate centred around them is generally short on facts and insights but long on emotion and a lack of perspective.

    I shall be back in the UK this week and shall support this unique site in the manner which you have become accustomed to.

    1. Totally disagree TM – Palestine is a huge topic that needs to be spoken about and what is this democracy you talk about in the Middle East – The one that is deliberately destablising the entire area as part of their Greater Israel Project – Google it – by getting their puppets in the US and other governments to do their dirty work for them – not happy with just stealing the Palestinian lands but all those other lands as well. Funny how “Islamic” ISIS is operating in and attacking all the Islamic areas that just happen to be in that Greater Israel Map Area and they NEVER attack the non-Islamic Israel a country these Muslims are supposed to hate. Of course the US and UK are the biggest funders of ISIS along with others and now that Syria with the help of Russia has practically wiped out ISIS now we have had all of the LIES and DEMONISING of Russia who were the next target if our corrupt TREASONOUS Governments had managed to take out Syria and then Iran. General Wesley Clark in this link exposed the aganda and contrary to what he thought it was NOT just about oil :

      The trouble is the TRUTH is coming out all over the world about EVERYTHING and just wondering if JJ is going to cover this as part of these subjects as well as it is all part of a bigger NWO One World Government DICTATORSHIP agenda. I’m just wondering how far JJ will go in his topics regarding Palestine, Syria etc.

  13. Could I mention Cold Shoulder,Takeover Panel,Administration,Liquidation,Roofs etc etc.Now we are led to believe Celtics’ March could be halted? Which club/company are going to be responsible for this miracle?…..

  14. Back in NZ and looking forward to watching the cup final. We cannot foretell the future. I cannot tell you when the Sevco experiment will run out of money but I can predict that Bottle is not the answer and is merely a focus shifting exercise for the next few months. Celtic are not in reverse they are merely treading water. They are 90 minutes away from a historic double treble. Only 8% of transfer rumours are true but I fully expect that Celtic will continue to outperform in the transfer market. They will have to play well to reach the CL group stages again and to progress from pot 4 would be beyond expectations. We can but dream. Scotland is a football backwater with limited access to funds. Enjoy each success of your chosen team Dreams are free

  15. “the only thriving democracy in the Middle East”

    Palestinians living in the non-annexed portions of the West Bank do not have Israeli citizenship or voting rights in Israel, but are subject to movement restrictions of the Israeli government.

    In other words some subjects have democracy – some don’t. A contradiction in terms.

  16. I note that the maudlin Scouse Jesus freak, who adds nothing to the debate at SFM other than encouraging Rangers Lite fans ( or anyone) to engage with him is suggesting he has some insights on an anti-CFC agenda on my part. He is lying. He has nothing. I found his broad Scouse accent almost impenetrable. Mark (a Celtic fan on my table) and I got on famously. He bought champagne to toast my success. Tony (another Celtic supporter) and his delightful wife dropped by to wish me good luck and later congratulate me. A charming and informed Aberdeen fan was also at my table. The major topic of discussion was title stripping. I contended that when the Supreme Court made the final judgment on EBT, there would be a consensus to remove the illegally won trophies at the FORMER club. I stressed former at all times.
    I regret having this individual at my table. Given his broad Scouse accent I thought that he might have been more at home at Anfield or Goodison. Is his CFC support a ruse to get noticed on a site to discuss brass bands and Jesus? Should he wish to discuss a security measure – there were three on the night – then he will make himself look even smaller than he is, and put my parents at more risk.
    As for Auldheid, with whom I have a much better relationship than I have ever had or ever will have with you sir, he continues to be more than welcome on my site. Fanning the flames of Rangers Lite fans who despise me on SFM should be beneath you.

  17. I am more than happy to debate the Middle East, Israel and the Palestinian ‘issue’. Or indeed any of the other topics which JJ mentioned.

    I will happily share a platform with those who are informed, reasoned and measured.

    1. using this space to respond to Martin particularly so pardon Mensch.
      No they arent refugees as long as they dont go to another country.
      They are a victimised people yes-victims of failed wars started by their erstwhile allies yes and they certainly are second class citizens in their ownhomeland.
      Thats true even if the conditions for that are likely better than if they were absolutely independent. On that point I have an uneasy conscience granted my views on the English in Ireland.
      Two state solution is best -although that necessarily involves population displacement-think India ,Pakistan. No one wants that though ,not the Palestinians,The Arab neighbours or Israel.
      Thats all I want to say on this issue as this debate has no place on a football blog.
      Any Palestinian who gets to our shores by any means deserves the same support as anyone fleeing from any other oppression-we are bound by treaty to take in any person who is fleeing from an unsafe land which theirs unarguably is.

  18. I read the blog every day. Your stories on Rangers and SFA are entertaining and enlightening. I’m not really interested in your views on Palestine, Brexit, Ireland, Syria or the McCanns so those articles will go unread. I might read the Maradona one. I thought when you were contemplating various pricing models you said you planned to separate these articles from the main blog? I’m probably mistaken.

    1. Yes that was my intention but I was defeated by the PayPal HTML widget. I assume that you financially support our site as you have made a number of comments, in which case your opinion matters. Should I position these articles behind a password and you do not contribute, they won’t in any way impact you. The close season is a challenge to your humble correspondent. I had hoped to solicit measured debate in other areas. The alternative is closing our site down and taking a well earned rest from posting and moderating 365 days per year.

      1. You assume correctly that I am a contributor. As a result of fat fingers I actually have two recurring donations exiting my account on the same day each month. Inertia has stopped me cancelling one of the donations. My comment wasn’t a suggestion that you shouldn’t write about other things. It’s your blog; you, rightly, determine the content. I just won’t be reading those articles (well, maybe the Maradona one).

        It must be tough in the close season. I would happily continue to donate if you produced , say, one weekly round up. Better that than a daily article when there is very little to say. The problems with that suggestion are myriad eg
        -readers may get out of the habit of visiting the site,
        – you publish on a Saturday morning and news breaks/ you get a tip-off on Saturday afternoon etc.
        -your source(s) may not approve.

        A couple of negative points. The sniping at other bloggers is pointless. Rise above it. Also, you considered various pricing options and (I think) settled on a minimum donation model which kept certain articles available to donors only. Presumably that was the model which best met your need to generate income and also keep readership numbers high. It’s seems reasonable to assume that long-term readers who donate will continue to donate and long-term readers who don’t donate will continue to refuse to donate. It feels like the request to donate/ threat of closure is a fairly constant theme in your writing.. The only new donors will probably be new readers and they will/won’t donate in the same proportion as current readers.

    1. Mensch -very decent of you to say so but perhaps not entirely deserved. At any rate a footballing blog not the appropriate forum for discussion of this issue.
      Should you like further discussion on these matters -from a canadian perspective and like as not a mainstream one! ,id be happy to oblige.
      You can contact me at my email address . Not sure if it shows up otherise but if not jj has my blessing to give it to you.

  19. Hello JJ,
    new to your site and pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of your posts on the unfolding sporting scandal that is Scottish Football corruption at the highest levels in the game. On another matter, check out this link (I hope it is ok to attach links). I live near Manchester and even here wearing a Celtic jersey in public can lead to abuse and the verbal diarrhoea of Billy Boys, knees and Fenian blood wading..

    I will send a donation in the next day or so once I figure out how to! Keep going and stay strong.

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