Playing a blinder

On 19 September 2011, Keith Sharp, financial accountant at the SFA, wrote to Ken Olverman, Financial Controller of The Rangers Football Club Plc, with some heartening news:

First the good news – we have had verbal confirmation from UEFA that they are satisfied with the submission in respect of Overdue Payables as at 30 June. This means that Rangers do not have to provide updated information on Overdue Payables as at 30 September, and also do not have to provide updated Future Financial Information.”

Sharp continued:

In view of recent media reports, could you provide us with a brief written update of the current situation re the amount due to HMRC, as required under Article 67 of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. UEFA will be aware of the situation and a brief statement should satisfy their requirements.

There is no indication that this will result in any follow-up action from UEFA as the Club Financial Control Panel already has a large number of cases to consider at its next meeting.”

I have emphasised Mr. Sharp’s advice to Mr. Olverman. What he is effectively saying is:

Just scribble something down. Pay lip service. Your article 67 declaration will pass without any oversight by UEFA.

Had it not been for Administration on 13 February 2012, Rangers’ friends in high places would have taken them by the hand to ensure UEFA participation in 2012/2013.

Collusion between Rangers and the SFA has never been in any doubt. When HMRC came calling in 2009 to examine Rangers’ registration declarations which must include all emoluments paid to personnel, they knew that they had the Ibrox club bang to rights.

When HMRC first challenged Rangers on the £1.3m (£2.8m with fine) liability in 2005, Rangers’ executives obfuscated and lied. These lies were exposed by a City of London police raid. London’s finest were pursuing a line of inquiry in regard to irregularities (bungs Graeme) apropos the Boumsong transfer. When HMRC incontrovertibly proved that Aberdeen Asset Management’s use of DOS/VSS was an exercise in disguised remuneration and an unauthorised tax avoidance instrument, the jig was up for Rangers.

Andrew Thornhill QC,  Rangers’ tax consigliere, advised making a deal to pay in full as their lies in 2005 would not play well in court. Evidence under oath at Craig Whyte’s trial proved unequivocally that Rangers DOS/VSS liability had crystallised on 21 March 2011, ten days prior to the SFA cut off.

Donald Findlay QC representing Whyte, asserted in his summing up that the DOS/VSS had been appealed. He was being disingenuous. The £1.3m overdue payable was never appealed. There was an internal paper trail about appealing the fine quantum of £1.5m. In the final analysis £500,000 was frozen by HMRC in August 2011. This was subsequently allocated to HMRC as part payment of Rangers’ VAT and PAYE obligations. The ‘Wee Tax Case’ was never settled. No payments to this overdue payable were ever made.

The obvious questions to ask are whether the verbal assurance from UEFA is backed by a written assurance and in either case whether this is being used by McGlennan to exonerate the SFA?

McGlennan, who is an experienced solicitor, has very cleverly shifted the focus from the SFA’s watch to UEFA’s monitoring period. We have seen this tactic before in Scottish football inquiries, viz the illegal DOS/VSS being excluded from LNS’ considerations, which gave Nimmo Smith license to assert that Rangers had not acted dishonestly.

Hugh Adam blew the cover off the cheating in 2002. Gordon Smith was fully aware of the cheating as he was party to it. As Chief Executive of the SFA in 2009 he had prima facie evidence of registration irregularities. He ignored the cheating and let it fester.

The UEFA Application by Rangers was a tissue of lies. However McGlennan by changing the scope of the complaints to cover his compromised employers and his odious colleague Dickson, is setting Lite up for no more than a ticking off.

It’s an outrage. The SFA is not fit for purpose. When will the other clubs act to disband what has effectively become a defender of an Ibrox hegemony of fraud and mendacity?

McGlennan is playing a blinder.

As for Rangers Lite, when an individual approached them in regard to allegations of historical abuse by a former Rangers coach, he was referred to the liquidators of the old club.

Lite are as always, how can one put it, “acting the cunt.” When it comes to honours they are the same club. Apropos tax, debt and any other liabilities they are a new club. It’s unconscionable. As they and the corrupt cabal who govern Scottish football consistently promote the lie of Continuation, they have turned their back on a young boy who was abused under their care.

I can understand the growing consensus to strip the bastard offspring of a bastardised club of its UEFA licence in 2018/2019 as any application, aided by the corrupt SFA, is bound to be bent.

On a final note I highlight the fact that Hummel will not be in a position to supply replica tops until January 2019. Can this excuse of a board get anything right?


26 thoughts on “Playing a blinder”

  1. an individual approached them in regard to allegations of historical abuse by a former Rangers coach

    1. This is a speakeasy but a slur like that on a former legendary captain of Rangers is not on. I bounce those who venture a Stein/Torbett slur. As I know you I will let this go on this occasion. You are better than this!

      1. My apologies JJ – it was a cheap joke I had picked up from some football fans (not fans of a Glasgow club- hint: baaaaa!) which had amused me. But I see that this was inappropriate in hindsight. Wont happen again!

  2. I have always had the view that football in Scottish administration terms are and have been corrupted for decades and for reasons known only to the SFA and refereeing cabal intent on protecting Protestant supremacy.

    Yes, the board can get at least one thing right … Resign

  3. JJ, this article is incredible. It shows insight, grasp of the intricacies of the phrasing and the butchers knife behind the carve up. I didn’t want to launch into what I want to say without acknowledgment and a hat well doffed.

    I’ve been reading in bemusement to the sheer silence greeting Craig Leveins criticisms of Celtic’s contribution to the national team quality. What he said was utter idiocy and came across as petulant tunnel vision. It was simply accepted though.

    Even from my foreign perch I can see that the strongest Scotland squads in recent months have a core of Celtic talent. If the team didn’t include Brown, Forrest, Gordon, Tierney, MacGregor, Armstrong and Griffiths then it wasn’t at full strength. Hendry played well when called on in his best position too. Levein specifically referred to the development of young players and it’s clear to see from the squads that the cream of young Scottish talent come through the Celtic youth set up. Tierney, MacGregor and Forrest all cut their teeth that way knowing they had to put it all together to make it. Forrest’s game came on leaps and bounds when competing with the prodigious Roberts. MacGregor battles successfully for a place with the best of Australian talent and the future of the French midfield. Even those that arrive at Celtic – like Griffiths or Brown or Armstrong learn to raise their game and play a better standard of football against better opponents.

    Those that can’t compete right away get the chance to do so elsewhere. Christie and Ralston for example, while those that are considered unlikely to keep improving enough can leave with extra motivation to prove the decision wrong. Often they do, like Robertson and Mulgrew – two other features of Scotland’s strongest line up.

    Scotland owes Hearts for their work with Berra and Gordon. It’s a drop in the ocean to what Celtic do for the national game right now. Hearts football style is rank rotten and unbefitting of getting the best out of players other than in a backs to the wall defensive smash and grab. Games in which both Berra and Gordon would probably fare well too.

    Lewis Morgan might well go on to bigger and better things playing with faster, sharper players that make him perform consistently well or fall behind. Competition for places improves players at the top end.

  4. Capt Scarlet , The Champions , Dr Who, Ironside , The Avengers, Patrick Jane and the likes if you get my drift could never get to the bottom of these blue white and Red Johns in a million years, or one hundred and forty five years! what chance us then!!

  5. JJ

    From your blog the other day about Transfers into Ibrox, i’m very surprised to find that RFC 2012 are linked with Jermain Defoe,Martin Skrtel and Dominic Solanke, seems like it is just more made up spin from Traynor to provide the Daily Rectum with “Rangersness” excitement, how can they afford Defoe’s wages of £80,000 a week if they can’t afford to pay a transfer fee up front for Conor Goldson who is a reserve player at Brighton?

  6. Honestly the BBC will have to announce flood warnings in the Ibrox area the amount of PISH emanating from SEVCO.
    If Jabba keeps this up,Ibrox will be like Atlantis, drowning in its own pish.

    1. I think you’ll find that the EBT Corporation are fully in on the proliferation of ibrokes generated pish.

  7. Celtic,where’s your PR? We’ve got an historical Double Treble to play for and all we’re seeing is news about who the Sooside Crooks are bringing in,supposedly.C’mon Celtic,the main news should be about us…….GFDT

    1. Rogic on a 5 year deal……thats how you release news. The more pish that comes out of Ibrox the better in my view….just means they folk will fall further when the house of cards does actually fall down.

      Now onto a double treble, pass the jelly and Ice cream, and hit the donate button for JJ, and the rest of you speakeasy lunatics. (And even to the Sevco fans who come here for the real news)

  8. Same club when it suits, new club when it doesn’t.

    Utterly shameful.

    And as for those tasked to report on these matters…..

  9. Keep going JJ, you can rest assured of my continuing monthly contribution. This whole saga is stranger than a Flann O’Brien novel. I keep thinking that the end is nigh but they continue to stagger on from one calamity to the next. I expect more twists and turns. I do wonder to what extent the Scottish Govt are involved, behind the scenes.

    All the best and stay safe

    JJ: Thank you.

    1. It’s like Dick Barton, Special Agent. One episode ends with our hero at the foot of a hundred foot mineshaft with a boulder (of almost the same diameter as the mineshaft) hurtling down on his head, and the next episode begins: ‘With one bound, he was free!’
      And the (DC) King is certainly a bounder, par extraordinaire!

  10. The collusion between the SFA and any version of a Rangers is truly staggering. Your forensic skills are impressive as I’m sure the correspondence above was never meant to be seen by the public. Watch for the SFA granting a UEFA licence based on a wink and a nod. In 24 hours we will know which team will be denied their rightful place in Europe. Your work is excellent. Keep shining a torch on this attempted cheating.

    1. It’s probably going to be Hibs that miss out..

      Much as I’d like to see Sevco denied, I will not sympathise with Hibernian. They made their case as a ‘move on ‘ club (on the dodgy titles issue) some time ago. IT was a shameful acceptance of corruption and collusion by the governing body and its pet club.

      I hope they look back on their compliant stance and weep as they watch another team go out at the first qualifying round instead of them.

    2. What I find truly puzzling is the meek acceptance of the teams that are consistently screwed over. Why don’t they legally challenge the flawed decisions? That’s what the GASL and his cronies would do if he was in their position.

      All I can think is that someone must have pulled a collective Black Adder “baby eating Bishop of Bath & Wells” frame-up on the movers and shakers in Scottish football

      There’s probably an incriminating skin flick video involving dwarves, donkeys and rohypnoled senior football dignitaries hidden in someones drawer that is occasionally referred to when flawed decisions are challenged….!

  11. Nice to see you getting credit for your exclusive on the replica tops not being available until after christmas from James Forrest. Keep up the good work JJ.

  12. Does anyone know how much a season ticket for the various courts cost to Keep up with Deid Rangers/Sevco continued appearances in front of the judges

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