An Inconvenient Truth

I will deal with a number of topics in today’s piece with a momentary pause to reflect on yet another one million hits being recorded. The Sitonfence Speakeasy has been accessed on 21,000,000 occasions. My thanks to my most valued readers, without whom this site would not be possible, for their support.

Today’s article marries several threads from L’Affaire Rangers. Their latest recruit is such an inordinately disgusting wretch of a man that he almost lionises Huyton hard man Joey Barton. Barton, whose tenure in Scott Brown’s pocket was thankfully brief, goes head to head with men. One should add the caveat that he will continue punching an unconscious man and then humiliate him by emptying his carry out meal all over him. One is somewhat surprised that he demurred from depositing the lifeless body of his victim in a dustbin. Had he done so he would have found Flanagan at the bottom in the sump.

Flanagan celebrated Xmas with his girlfriend by engaging in her prolonged assault. He throttled her, lifted her from the ground and slammed her head against a wall. He then decided to put the boot in for good measure.

If I found this cowardly cunt of a man under my shoe I would be of a mind to replace them. Does no-one at Ibrox have a scintilla of common decency? Why has Gerrard been allowed to sign a player as repugnant as Flanagan?

Liverpool were desperate to get him off their books. They loaned him to Burnley in the hope it would lead to a permanent deal. He was not good enough. Liverpool were then faced with the invidious prospect of Flanagan returning from his loan spell. Bottle, who has Liverpool FC striated through his genome, did his former club a solid by taking the unreconstructed thug off their hands. How low can the facsimile club go? Would electronically tagged players be acceptable if they helped end Celtic’s 10-in-a-row ambitions? The answer is obvious. One would not be surprised if Lite sent its scouts to watch games in prison yards.

If I or one of my readers were four pence short of the full shilling and set about our respective girlfriends, leaving them bleeding and cowering in a corner pleading for their lives, we would be sent down for six months. However we would not have a slew of paid-for affidavits extolling our virtues in the pre-sentence period. This guy should be behind bars. If Gerrard is this desperate it does not bode well for the new season.


Jon Flanagan warms up

Where is Laura Fawkes of Club 1872 CIC? Should she not stand up like Jessica Ennis and demand an explanation as to why a partner beater who can play a bit is welcome at the Hubris Training Centre? Loan got your tongue Laura? Not even ‘a gottle of geer’ from King’s ventriloquist’s dummy? Which leads one seamlessly to the following blog from Davie’s Left Peg (DLP) which caused a frisson of excitement in the fifth estate despite the prosaic fact that few had actually read it. The reaction to Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses comes to mind:


Flimflam, Monkeyshines and Boondoggle 
News is reaching us today, via a number of sources, on the topic of Club 1872 and the Rangers share offer. Despite trying various avenues to have the story verified, we have so far been unsuccessful. Whilst we genuinely hope it is not the case, we can only share the story in order that the matter may be cleared up. Over the past few months, we became increasingly worried about the manner in which Club 1872 were endlessly begging for contributions, one off financial gifts and attempting to raise funding by any means possible. We found it strange and something we might expect, not from an organisation associated with our club or it’s fans, but from our rivals.
The obvious use of emotional blackmail was thoroughly distasteful and reeked of desperation. Today, we are being told that Club 1872, unbeknownst to members, secured funding to participate in the Rangers share issue by way of a loan agreed several weeks ago. If there is any truth in this story, Club 1872 has to make its members fully aware of the loan, its terms and the financial implications therein. If you are a C1872 member, you have a duty to ask the organisation why, if this is the case, you were not informed. Why were you constantly asked for more contributions when funding was already in place? Why you were duped into thinking funds to buy the shares had yet to be secured? Why you were now being asked to hand over cash from the C1872 projects account to the shares account? We truly hope this story can be verified as false and that the Directors of Club 1872 have not deceived its members. Many individuals are now spreading this information over social media and it’s a matter that desperately needs cleared up. The fans certainly don’t need to be the victims of any further subterfuge after the goings on of 2012. It would be a thoroughly despicable act should any organisation embark on such a scheme of dishonesty, double dealing, duplicity and deception. Will Club 1872 respond to these latest accusations, or will they remain quiet as they did when questioned over Chris “The Muslim Baiter” Graham’s involvement a few weeks ago? God Bless Our Team.


DLP hastily removed this blog and replaced it with a backward glance at historical child abuse. The weaponizing of child abuse to score points is truly despicable. DLP would not have to cast his mind back too far for allegations against a former Rangers coach. The victim was  referred to Rangers’ liquidators,  BDO. With supporters like DLP the prolonged assault perpetrator may have found the perfect home.


DLP’s associates have uncovered an inconvenient truth. Chris Graham is on the CIC payroll and just as he did prior to the illegal concert party putsch he is squeezing the marrow out of Lite supporters despite funding being secured by way of a loan. There has been no rebuttal of this startling revelation. No ‘Statement O’Clock.’ The SMSM won’t touch it as it does not chime with their Gerrard feel good zeitgeist. The fact that the blog was hastily taken down was instructive. Club 1872 CIC were exposed as King lickspittles. No-one had to colour me surprised.


However at this juncture the narrative was interpolated by someone who is more than adept in this dark art. Note how DLP could not find a second source but within seconds of the blog being published the patron saint of blogging had his man, the bank and the quantum of £2m. I did not come down in the last shower. There is no uniform still hanging in what’s known as father’s room.I prefer to read James Forrest at the Celtic Blog as he writes better, has more to say, and does not make it up as he goes along. However even he was seduced by the fake news.

If the fifth estate is to flourish it must do better than wilful interpolation. Cue howls of protest. Go right ahead. I have no fucks to give.


Julian Assange – A Six Year Exile on Main Street

Prisoner of conscience (POC) is a term coined by Peter Benenson in a 28 May 1961 article for the London Observer. The term can refer to anyone imprisoned because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or political views. It also refers to those who have been imprisoned and/or persecuted for the non-violent expression of their conscientiously held beliefs. Source: Wikipedia.

I am writing this piece from exile. I did not choose to be in exile. Others imposed their will upon me. I’m not in the same league as Julian Paul Assange, but I have more than a nodding acquaintance with his plight. A plight that has seen Assange spend, as of tomorrow, six years as a political refugee in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Outside the embassy is a 24/7 British police operation that has cost the British taxpayers £22m. Should Assange step out to attend a dentist appointment, consult a doctor or require emergency treatment at a hospital, he will be arrested. The trumped up rape charges in Sweden were formally dropped in May 2017.

His solicitors argued that the warrant for his arrest in the UK should be dismissed as it had ‘lost its purpose and function.


 Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London
Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot presiding at Westminster Magistrates’ Court was not persuaded that the warrant should be withdrawn:


On a straightforward reading of the section: 1. Mr Assange has been bailed. 2. He has failed to surrender. 3. If he has no reasonable cause he will be guilty of an offence. Once at court, a defendant will be given an opportunity to put an argument for reasonable cause. And that is when Mr Assange will be able to place that before the court. I’m not persuaded that the warrant should be withdrawn.”


The British Legal System prides itself on the independence of its judiciary but I contend that MI5 are in the background pulling Arbuthnot’s strings. The U.S. wants to extradite Assange. If handed to the U.S. he could be flown to Diego Garcia and water-boarded. He could be tortured. One of his sources, Chelsea Manning, was tortured. Assange published a video showing a U.S. helicopter pilot gunning down innocent civilians, and murdering the Reuter correspondents trying to assist them. The pilot took their lives as one would do in a video game.

The world needs a platform for whistleblowers to take U.S. Foreign Policy to task. The War on Terror is a sham. The pretext of helping their ‘friends in Vietnam’ cost 60,000 American lives and 3,000,000 Vietnamese lives, with 7,000,000 maimed.

These murdering right-wing hawk warmongers must be stopped. One should never underestimate the political influence of the  multi-million dollar American War Machine. If Assange is incarcerated or executed who will stop their excesses?

Ecuador’s new president, Lenín Moreno, has deemed that Assange is an inherited problem; a stone in his shoe. Moreno has one eye on a renascence of diplomatic relations and trade ties with America.

Assange’s internet facilities have been withdrawn. He is prohibited from using a telephone. He is not allowed visitors other than his legal counsel. If Moreno kicks Assange to the kerb in Knightsbridge would one be surprised if the U.S. were to promote Ecuador as a preferred trading partner?

Buy Ecuador. Silence Assange.

Moreno is in conflict with the party, PAIS, that ran his successful presidential campaign. America is propping Moreno up. There is a price tag for their support.
Counsel for Assange have lobbied Theresa May’s government for written assurances that Assange will not be extradited to the U.S. No assurances were provided.
MI5 needs access to U.S. Intelligence. If May set Assange free, MI5 would be a pariah in the intelligence community.
Moreno is hell bent on assisting the American spy chiefs. May/MI5 will bend to U.S. will. If Assange is subject to rendition to Diego Garcia or suffers a worse fate it will be an indelible stain on the Mother of Parliaments. Democracy as we know it will be sacrificed to spare the blushes of an American government with the foreign policy of a rogue state.