Defending The Indefensible

Gary McAllister:I feel that it was unacceptable, most definitely. It was unacceptable and a really poor decision that he made in that episode. But he deserves a second chance. He showed remorse, he put his hand up and has taken his punishment. He wants to get on with his life and his football.”

A really poor decision? Which one McAllister? Was it the picking her up by the throat and slamming her head against a wall? How about then aiming a kick at her slumped body? A poor decision? Are you having a fucking laugh? A poor decision is not giving up your seat on the underground to a senior citizen. Kicking the shit out of your girlfriend is a criminal offence McAllister. What’s your view on the Holocaust? Was that also a poor decision?

As for showing remorse had it not been for CCTV and being caught bang to rights he would have gotten away with it until his next girlfriend suffered a prolonged assault. Flanagan did not put his hand up other than to assault his girlfriend.

He wants to get on with his life knocking the fuck out of girlfriends? Just like his mentor, Ibrox legend Paul Gascoigne?

Gascoigne then, Flanagan now. Beating up partners counts for nothing at Ibrox as long as they beat Celtic.

Where was Gerrard? Surely it was his decision to snap this thug up on a free transfer as Liverpool, who have standards, washed their hands of him. Is Bottle too dyslexic to read Traynor’s prepared statement?

We are Rangers, super Rangers, beating the shit out of women, we don’t care.”

Lite could not even afford La Manga. A low rent field in Malaga was the extent of their budget, unlike STV who are covering every blade of grass for their viewers back home. The Celtic support should boycott this station. Their once latent Rangersness is exposed for all to see.

As for Flanagan, is he a sight for the sore eyes of his victim?




16 thoughts on “Defending The Indefensible”

  1. STV has a joint branding / Marketing Agreement with Rangers. The daily bulletins and all area access to players and daily interviews I assume is part of that agreement. More desperately needed cash into Ibrox.

  2. Strange that Stevie G was nowhere to be seen to publicise his new signing and the capture of his former team mate from the ECL finalists, one can but wonder why? As for Macca- he makes Red Hand Nicholl look balanced. A true RRM, bitter to the core. I expect him to take up the reins when Bottle goes the way of Warbo, Pedro, Murts etc.

  3. Well expressed jj, over here we knew jack all about this lads crimes. You called out lite so let’s call out the rest of the spl/ sfa who by silence condone the crime. I get that its a free country and decision to make but Jesus is there no end to this desperation?
    If the proposal to stick the support in the corner is still on then fuck it let’s ALL not attend ibrokes! The lads can flog a team built on criminals, free loans and dodgy deals any day of the week.
    And on that proposal I see that James reckons there are plenty of red in the stands still vacant. Memo to lites support, get king et al out of there before the bells toll.
    Ps, I note that the last 4numbers that contributors quote are from PayPal, u will get a twenty to make the fifty later.

  4. Hi JJ,
    It really is in their DNA.
    If you type in “Willie Waddell(Rangers manager at the time) on wife beating” on youtube you will be enlightened as to their mindset.
    As ever,stay safe,Irishboy.

  5. Lite are desperate. Simple as that.

    They will ignore any and all criminal activity if they can get a cheap addition to their roster. Their chairman leads by example.

  6. Off topic I just read the herald report on katic , the words used re Gerrard and the “biggest club” are identical to those attributed to Flanagan, !!! Wtf! Is traynor writing the script for every man and his dog?? Christ!

  7. The financial situation of Rangers is well known but unreported. King requires capital to save the club from bankruptcy. The desperation in signing a character such as Flanagan shows the moral bankruptcy of Kings Rangers. These both aspects of a trading company have only one ending. There’s a crash ahead

  8. Mark Allen, by definition of his position, is a central figure in Gerrards transfers and the new arrivals. Interesting , unreported circumstances in which he left Manchester City.

  9. Another great article. I have donated £20 would be good to get password for other article’s as previous password issued no longer works. Keep up the good work.

  10. Just go on to your tv and remove both stv and bbc Scotland I watch bbc news London and itv London you’ve stopped buying there newspapers now stop watching there tv channels full of middle class crap if you want a bit of comedy listen to bbc radio Scotland absolutely bonkers

    1. Even when ITV had the CL, I did not choose STV. Channel 4 News is superior to their local follow follow of ITV’s network news. It’s easy to give these amateurs a miss if one has cable/satellite. I did likewise with the BBC, with my feed coming direct from London.

  11. Hi John any idea when ill receive login.Cheers

    JJ: I have just sent it Alan. Thanks for your support buddy.

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