More Thoughts on Kieran Tierney

In a previous blog I wrote:

One of my well-placed sources has informed me of discussions at Lennoxtown in regard to Everton’s interest in Kieran Tierney. He is of the view that should Everton step up with a significant bid the Plc might be minded to accept it.

I disagree. The game being played here is to solicit Tierney’s interest. To turn the boy’s head if you will. He could triple his salary and play in Liverpool’s shadow for a number of years. Liam Miller tried to make it at a bigger club. He took the £25,000 per week on offer ( more than triple Celtic’s final offer of £8,000) at Manchester United and could not break in to the first team. Within five years he was without a club. He was signed by Hibs, then played for a couple of clubs in Australia, Cork City and finally Wilmington in the U.S.

Miller felt unloved at Celtic and considered their offer desultory. It was. Tierney on the other hand is loved and under Rodgers’ tutelage could play for a much better club than Everton. He might even follow his gaffer to Rodgers’ next club.

As for the Mega Bid with prices of £25m being bandied  about I don’t believe any of it. £14m with add-ons would be closer to the mark. Celtic would naturally include a sell-on clause.

Unless a firm bid is on the table, this is an agent briefing the press.

I would be inordinately surprised if Tierney went anywhere. However he might get a better contract and an agent vying for his business.


In the first paragraph I referred to a source who knew that Tierney was on his way to Everton for £25m. As is evident I did not accept it. I apologise to my source. When a second source, a much valued member of the Sitonfence fraternity, stepped forward with precise details of Kieran Tierney’s representatives thrashing out a deal for £85,000 per week, and a fee of £25m being finalised, I realised that this transfer is good to go.




23 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Kieran Tierney”

  1. Lunch pre the big match with friends who are quietly confident of their teams progression conversation turns to my home city. The wonderment is staggering as they can’t contain their merriment at the annual marches taking place in Glasgow today. Just as bad as Belfast? Really? Do all Rangers fans take to the streets? Do Catholics get beaten up in the streets? One friend commented that in Belfast it’s not an uncommon site to see drunks passed out in the Street. I despair

  2. Tierney is a class act and I always saw him ending up at a top six EPL club. I have only seen him play live once, the Scotland v England 2-2 WC qualifier at Hampden. Tierney and Kane were the stand put players. (Craig Gordon was hopeless as was Joe Hart.) Tierney looks such a talent and he needs to get out of a provincial league, and soon. He will be an instant hit in England and if he starts off at Everton getting regular playing time, he will end up at United, Liverpool or Spurs. He is a class act.


    Hot here in Samara. Incredibly friendly, inquisitive locals, great beer (please, not another free vodka from a charming local), grey hog roast barbecues, color and the very best of what football CAN represent. This is the first time I can recall English fans AND the players being a credit to the game. Every player is cheered not jeered. Every player is cheered for giving everything and by putting the team above self interest. Southgate has been terrific and donations to children’s charities everywhere England play have gone unreported because they want it that way.

    I know that many who follow this site of excellence want England on the next flight home. And over the years, with really ugly fans and an ugly team, I wished the same.

    This England squad is different and the fans, so far, have added to this sporting celebration. This is not the most talented English squad by a long shot. But it’s the hardest working and they are doing their level best. Unlike many previous England squads.

    Today will be an incredibly difficult game and I expect Sweden to prevail. Most fans do.

    But this lot can come home with their heads held high.

    Time to join some Swedish fans who are insisting on getting the next round in…….

    1. well Mensch you called that wrong.
      Never thought Id see the day when England is the surprise of the tournament and fair dues to them.
      Personally want Belgium to win but has nothing to do with anti England (my usual stance)
      This iteration is hard working group of solid pros and deserve support because they have earned it on the pitch not by being anointed by tabloids.

  3. Yup. The silence from Celtic is deafening. They haven’t been slow to shoot down false rumour in recent times so the evidence is becoming compelling. It defies logic for this to happen at this time, I see no reason for Celtic to sell unless the player is persuaded by his advisors and perhaps his family, leaving the club having to make the best of it. In KT’s case though that is more difficult to believe than any other player. I expected more patience from this likeable young man.

    1. Kieran Tierney is a professional football player. He evidently loves Celtic and will probably support them for the rest of his days. He has an opportunity to triple his salary. Two inside sources assert that at £25m with a sell-on clause the Celtic board will monetise this asset.

  4. Not a surprise result to be fair. England deserved it., It seems that Tierney will be leaving Celtic for a considerable sum. I for one wish him well. Will be interesting as to what Celtic do with the money. Peter Lawwell is not known for splashing the cash so is this Stevie G’s debut season best opportunity to break the Celtic run? Lawwell and Celtic do have a strange habit of not investing when Rangers require titles. Celtic are even in the transfer market so far. Can’t see them giving Rodgers £20 million to spend

  5. Tierney does look like a player that can operate at the highest UK level. It is a pity that Scotland currently has two exceptional left full backs though I think Tierney is better than Robertson for the National Team. Celtic has a core that may just enable qualification for Euro 20 but I expect big EBT will revert to type and add value to RFC players and ignore CFC players as best he can.

  6. Great to hear your insightful comments from the World Cup TM and hope you enjoyed today’s performance and result. You sound like you are having a whale of a time.

    The Group loss against Belgium opened up the easier half of the draw, but the last 16 & 1/4 final matches had to be won. A semi-final awaits and is eminently winnable, but whatever the result the whole team have conducted themselves with dignity.

    Meanwhile on Radio Shortcake the commentators and pundits try to ignore the fantastic tournament unfolding across Russia. No effort to analyse how football is evolving, but rather navel gazing and kailyard parochialism.

  7. Remember when Kenny Dalglish went to Liverpool for less than half a million and jaws dropped universally agog at the record breaking fee? Now a promising young defender can earn King Kenny’s transfer fee in six weeks and CFC can reap the bounty of the agent-driven transfer market. Meanwhile another promising individual, Justin Kluivert, goes from Ajax to Roma for little shy of 20 million euros. In the face of Arab, American and Asian laundered money funding the beautiful game this is solid business by well run clubs that unfairly are forced to qualify, qualify, qualify.

  8. World Cup Diary

    This article won’t appear on a plagiarist site or a ‘journalist’ described by my chum at the Daily Mail as a ‘usfeful idiot’.

    Tonight at Samara was terrific. England thoroughly deserved to win and the semi final with a talented, more talented Croatia is intriguing. I shall be there for that one.

    But more than the result, devoid of English thugs, this has been a joy. I have spent the night with English, Russian and Swedes and a few folks from Panama and Iceland. It has been fun. No malice and the English fans have played a huge part in a celebration of mixed cultures brought about by football.

    Tonight was a terrific night and we are celebrating the occasion and one doesn’t need alcohol to savour the moment.

    The Swedish fans have been as magnificent as the English.

    Apparently it’s my round…….

  9. Any chance,we can all take a breath,JJ you do a great job and many of us enjoy your blog.but can we draw a line where the bloggers are giving us great in side news,are now bickering and squabbling at each other,the more people blogging this news,is surely the better,and yes I’m sure there are times stories overlap,but let’s keep an eye in what the common goal is.

    1. A C Level source provides me with an insight. Mr Macgiollabhain takes this insight, adds some invention of his own, and passes it off as his own work. It is unconscionable. It’s all very well asking me to play nice but I will continue to call him out should he continue to plagiarise and add his mendacious narrative. He evidently believes that he can act with impunity. You can find this trait in King.


    The day after…….

    Good natured beerfest underway and the Swedes are winning easily and no VAR required. The Icelandic warriors are putting up a great show with vodka shots from close range. They hit the back of the net (neck) every time. The English look a bit jaded and surprised just to be still on the pitch. Meanwhile, the Russians provide terrific hospitality and they are Olympian drinking athletes. They are the winners despite losing to Croatia last night.

    Some things go unreported.

    When Brazil got knocked out by Belgium, the players trashed the dressing room.

    When Japan lost agonisingly to Belgium, they left the dressing room in tidier when they left than when they turned up.

    Both the French and English players have made substantial donations to local children’s charities.

    The Columbian fans were regarded by the Russians as vile and a very bad bunch.

    The Panamanians are top of the friendliest fans according to the Russians. The English fans are in third place after the Russians.

    The hardest drinking vodka fans were the Iranians. Followed by the Saudi Arabians.

    Looking forward to Wednesday.

    Your roving reporter………


  11. This is my third attempt at finding out how I go about gaining access to the articles on this website. I have tried registering but just get diverted to an unrelated website . Can the site creator, anyone tell me how I do is there some dodgy lodge esq handshake required? My email has been attached each time I have posted should an admin wish to enlighten me?

    1. The only way to access password protected articles is via PayPal. With any donation of your choice, and a short message, I will apprise you of what’s required.

      1. Actually thats not true, I have sent a few quid and still no contact from jj. Bad form old boy.

      2. When did you send a few quid and why did you use a different email address on PayPal? I can find nothing whatsoever using the email address provided. Bad form old boy.

  12. Can anyone advise how I get a password to access the protected content? Im kinda new to the whole blog thing, so apologies if im missing something obvious! Thanks.

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