Dave King – The City’s ASBO

Prior to another discussion of Takeover Panel activity a ball was kicked in anger at Ibrox.

John Flanagan, who is adept at kicking women, had a relatively quiet debut. Would it be unkind to suggest as quiet as a night in custody chez Merseyside Police? Flanagan should take some tips from Gerrard on how to avoid custodial sentences. Gerrard and six of his fellow Huyton hard men rained punches and a glass on a less than accommodating DJ. One would like to believe that witnesses were not intimidated nor received inducements as is the wont of RIFC Chairman Dave King. Gerrard and Flanagan are continuing the tradition of thugs at Ibrox. Huyton thug patriarch Joey Barton must be proud of his legacy.

’Rangers’ were unconvincing in this first qualification round match. Had it not been for a blatant but well executed dive in the box by Murphy, Shkupi would have deservedly started only one goal behind in Tuesday’s second leg in Macedonia. However every cloud has a silver lining for the Macedonian minnows as The Rangers preferred mode of air travel, Easyjet, does not fly to Alexander The Great Airport. History repeating itself, I refer readers to ‘I will always know what you did Last Summer’ is a distinct possibility. I did not see anything in the new players to write home about. Old player Lee Wallace was not even in the squad and lost the captain’s armband to Tavernier. One could say that he was kicked into the long ‘grass.’ On this showing Bottle & Mad Dog McAllister, in their incognito sports apparel, will do well to finish fourth behind Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs. Fifth if Kilmarnock continue to improve. Stephen Clarke of the latter club would have been a much better choice. The SMSM were lining up to call him Steven until King plucked Bottle & Mad Dog from the Silver & Gold Hospitality Tables at Anfield.

A few hours prior to kick off the absent chairman continued his frivolous and vexatious persecution of  Charles Green at The Court of Session. No-one bothered to turn up, including King, Blair and the estimable Mr. Green. Is King pursuing a consolation goal against the run of play?

One week from today, Friday 20th July,  Lord Bannatyne will preside on the following:

By Order

Between 9.30am and 10.00am


P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers or orders sec 955 Dentons Lindsays

The key takeaway, lost on other court stalwarts, is the first two words:

By order – hearing of a case put out for the hearing at the instance of the court and not on the motion of a party.

Lord Bannatyne, when presented with the facts about The City’s ASBO Dave King, will be compelled to act. The TPE initiated contempt proceeding on the 27th April. Mr King has not complied. It is high time for a legal sanction. King is fast running out of rope.








12 thoughts on “Dave King – The City’s ASBO”

  1. The second goal should see them through, though VAR would have spotted the ref’s error.
    Lots of chances made and missed with Morelos and Windass at their wasteful best.
    A gutsy performance from the Macedonian minnows enjoying their first ever European tie.
    Apart from being an upgrade on last year’s squad it’s difficult to gauge Rangers performance against this level of opponent.
    Perhaps the likely Croatian opposition in the next qualifying round will provide a better guide.

  2. What’s that creaking noise?
    Gerrard’s Geronimos gearing up for the new season

    What’s that creaking noise?
    The Ibrox roof on the verge of caving in

    What’s that creaking noise?
    The wheels of Scottish justice

    What’s that creaking noise?
    The perpetual grinding of Dave King’s teeth

  3. Whilst the fans will be delighted to hear that Stevie G hasn’t finished adding to his squad whoever is looking after the pennies must be sweating blood.
    If the Millwall lad is signed there won’t be much left of ST monies.
    Alves has mutually agreed to terminate his contract which indicates he received a pay off.
    Pena, Cardoso, Herrera are all still on the payroll, amongst a number of others who will be nowhere Stevie G’s team. One of the senior goalies has to go, Hodson, Dorrans, Docherty, Wallace, Forrester still picking up a wage.

    The share issue mooted by King to his media inner cirlce is dead in the water.
    Some of the soft loans were due for repayment on the 1st July as stated in the last accounts but there has been no confirmation either way.
    Close Bros need paying £4m in February otherwise the fans will need to bring in their own food.
    Court cases stacking up but hardly a mention in the Scottish media.
    So everything must be a okay?
    Windass and Morelos are wasteful in the extreme and no doubt will be moved on at the earliest opportunity, though the odds of the latter attracting a £12m bid is as likely as King complying with TOP/COS orders.
    The merchandising contract, remember King’s glorious win over Ashley, could be the tipping point with Hummel and JD Sports, in addition to Sports Direct, looking for recompense for loss of profits or reimbursement of costs incurred.
    I wonder who ran the rule over the SD contract signed by King and Murray?

  4. Airport no longer called that – [Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran] Zaev also said his government has renamed the main airport and a key highway, which had both been named after Alexander the Great. That riled Athens as Macedonia was also the name of an ancient Greek kingdom ruled by Alexander. (Reuters via Wikipedia)

  5. JJ, Whats the Charles Green court case about? Thought this was all over?

    King will be caged for 2 years for contempt unless he coughs up the money. No doubt about it.

    1. I corresponded with Charles on Friday. He was guarded as the matter is being dealt with by his solicitors. You will be the first to know how this frivolous and vexatious matter pans out. King is desperate to pin the Ashley clusterfuck on the estimable Mr. Green.

  6. I’m amazed at the negativity amongst a large section of the Ibrox fans following their return to European football.
    One game in and Stevie G’s tactics are being questioned.
    Fast forward a couple of months with a visit to Celtic Park and three points required to keep in touch.
    A rookie manager, team full of players with no Glasgow derby experience, 59,000 home fans, Dembele and Eddie hot to trot.
    Stevie may have a 4 year contract but a 4 or 5 goal reversal will see his star plummet just like those who have gone before.
    Patience will be thin on the ground at Ibrox with Celtic in sight of 8 IAR.
    This season is make or break, it’s shit or bust.
    There will be no second season for the ex Liverpool staff, 2nd place is last.

  7. Was amazed at how unfit some sevco players looked on Thursday night sweat and flab dinning out on quite a few of them.

    Alfie Moremiss looked a bit more toned but still blank firing. Amazing news that waghorn going to go for more than offer they “turned down” for alfie from Beijing,maybe they have a sell on clause for waghorn, unlikely that would have been a GOOD FOOTBALLING DECISION OUT OF GOVAN……

  8. JJ – Just sent my usual monthly donation – 4743. Apols for the lateness but been back in my Auld Reekie haunts for a while.

    JJ: Thank you

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